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Dadas (EUNE)
: Leaver Buster
The problem is because you talk with your friend via skype and you got high ping.Example,i played one game and my sister take her mobile and talk with her friend via skype and i had 350 ping.Only dont talk via skype with him when play and all will be good
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: What to pick against a Vladimir
I kill Valdimir with these champions {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:45}} .But its not important which champion is strongest,its important to know how to play against him.Search on Google for tips and tricks.
: What lane is nocturne
Jungle.Sometimes i see people play with him like ADC but go jungle.
Salito1311 (EUNE)
: Fizz or Rumble
Guys thx soo much.I think i will pick {{champion:68}} . I played with him when he was free and i really liked he.Thx for tips.
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: Go jungle, at any other lane you would lose because since the rework or his nerf I don't remember exactly what, he wasn't capable of playing full ap no more. He used to be the best midlaner once.
I watch Brofesco Gragas full AP and he said the best is for begginers with Gragas go Top or Mid and Pros to go in jungle.
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LordSquid (EUW)
: What should i buy???
Buy Kindred.She is the best.I have 90k with she.Go now and buy she
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Salito1311 (EUNE)
: Marksmans
I have Kindred,Twitch and Draven and i dont know which to buy next
: > [{quoted}](name=A Wild Zorua,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IdsbRxPX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-12-12T19:49:16.154+0000) > > Quinn Lucian and MF need to be waaaay higher. The Champs is in alphabetical order!
Then what
Kageryu (EUW)
: {{champion:117}} AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
Lulu is not a marksman she is mage
steef59 (EUW)
: lucian or jinx?
Lucian is better because jinx is always free and you dont need to buy she but if you want buy jinx but i think its better to buy lucian
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