Stell (EUNE)
: Will be fun to play in gold as bronze 5 yes? if people carry you out that is
no not that what i meant, if i play in gold with ppl who at least ss missing + ward + ask for ganks when the lane pushed to them not to enamy + help at baron/dragon + pick something they can play with not just randoms who pick any thing just to play and make you lose .
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: Well my friend from my experience i have seen that if you are stuck in a division you deserve it so you better watch streams or use YOUR brain and not blame the others. If you do these things you'll get out of bronze for sure. Thats what i did and it worked. I stopped blaming others and i admited that im the one who's responisble for stucking here so thats how i got out of bronze.
ik i might be the bad one but i'm not talking by losing cuz of me its my fault, but when ur team sucks at all and i mostly try to pick the counter of the enamy in lane and even if he is my counter i kill him and win the lane and get fed and carry the whole team but somehow 1 of the team will just ignore all the pings/chat and go 1vs5 or lose baron/dragon cuz 0 wards or lsoe lane cuz 0 wards or a support who actually going ad while he need to be ap or full damage while he is a tank then how i deserve to be with those ppl?
Azooy (EUW)
: Even because of this attitude you don't belong in a higher division. If you have no tanks, play a tank. If you have a bad support, play adc and carry your support. Score ≠ Win Suppose you find someone who carries you out bronze V, you will get back into Bronze quite fast, because of your attitude. Flame doesn't help ANYONE.
so if i picked mid i should go tank instead and let the top go carry? is that what you mean? and if i pick support and i carried him to get fed i help him to kill every one, and the other team feeds top& mid then its my fault and i deserve this division?
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