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: Is Autohotkey cheating?
you know how riot works. they will ban you for scripting lmao. dont use it.
: Is GG MF worth it?
nope not worth it
Zoulspook (EUW)
: The 5 Tricks to Climbing Ranked Nobody Told You
Dodge when your adc picks Jhin.This champ so useless in this meta.
turn the volume down lmao
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: Whoever did this, go have a serious talk with him.
C3jZi (EUNE)
: League Client Performance is really bad
client just bugged and i could not reconnect.lost lp for this sh*t.feelsbadman.
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: Game didn't start, had to dodge. Now i can't go into queue even though i can access everything else
i think servers are burning again. it just happened to me. still cant log in now. says cant authorize. lol always eune servers.
: The Truth Of League Of Legends
you cant win every game bro.even pros lose games.just dont take this game seriously and try to have fun instead of trying to win every game.
Sephibro (EUW)
: Minion Block is a joke
1 time I had to flash because of this bs.
: Just let us leave 4v5 games
why surrender when you can waste time? -kids who have a lot of time
Tsurupettan (EUNE)
: Why there is "GeoInfo" in in local preferences yaml?
Rito:Dont you fking move.We are coming now.
: Hextech Repair Tool erased whole E: Drive (1 TB of files)
: How is that even supposed to be funny? Nostradamus is famous for making predictions about the future, not for looking into the past.
then dont laugh.nobody told you to laugh or comment here.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: faren should be strong as darius
man garen is so useless right now.he needs buffs or rework.
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: The Easiest Champs for each role ?
easy champ for bronze? hmm... yasuo,zed,katarina,fizz edit:kids these days dont even understand what sarcasm is
Ulula (EUNE)
: When Riot decides to be savage
Ch3fKE (EUW)
: Is redmercy being boosted?
Richboi Redmercy using his money again
Pokchoi (EUW)
: Lucian top?
not in high elo
: Today i gave up my seat to a blind old lady on the bus...
: So you say most popular champion=OP? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
30 pick rate and 50 win rate mf win rate would be less than 50 if her pick rate was 30
: ????
wow you are smart. jk look at pick rates and you'll understand.
: Why is no one thinking?
or when 0/5/2 support says 'I am support' as if deaths dont matter if you are playing support.
Ruzeska (EUNE)
: This community's IQ is over 20000000
Play tank-'0 dmg wtf' Play Fighter-'no tanks wtf' omg these kids
: This is just as likly to save you from loss, remeber that :)
Solash (EUW)
: What do you call it when you're matched against the same Wukong player as last game?
: There are a lot of boosters out there. (RANT)
goes 1/12 in ranked *it is just a game* play freaking normals then you fegget
: nerf master yi
he is already bad wtf he needs a buff
: Wukong and Teemo, int + ruined game for fun
let me give you a teemo players.only kids play teemo and they are bad af.
EpsiloN L9 (EUNE)
: I can't even enjoy normals anymore...
I cant even practice a new hero in normals.Every game there is afk or troll just because it is normal.I am not saying that you have to tryhard just saying that pls dont feed or troll and let me atleast practice.So I use ranked flex for practice.Not everyone trolls there atleast.
: Nice snitching strategy Riot
i am on a win streak right now and i am scared af.i know one day bad teammates will end up in my team.oh god nooooooooooooooo.
: dodging queues should not result in a loss during promos.
agreed.what is the point of playing with a troll for 40 mins+losing promo?just give us atleast 1 chance in promos. EDIT: i just wanted to play my promos so i check opgg before every match.So guess what? adc draven 4 games 0% winrate,yasuo mid 2 games only 0% winrate,suport orianna and I am like 'well here we go again' and I dodged.Thank god i had 2 chances.
: ''Win a game with no ranged champions in your team as a premade of 5''
: [EUW] Frequent server disconnects all day for no apparent reason
: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
: i keep getting matched with low level players
yep.that happens to me too.I either win easily because enemy team is under lvl 30 or lose bcs my teammates are under lvl 30.
: Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose
i was s3 98 lp.i am s5 now.going for b1.
: When Riot finally gives you key fragments... | League of Legends
Shirosak (EUNE)
: but being douche is alright
he is b4 so what? he cant play ranked? it is okay to elo shame him? you are the only douche I see here.
Shirosak (EUNE)
: * b4 * precious climbing time * nanii?!
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Siląs (EUW)
: fix the %%%%ing server just suddenly freezes and the only fix is to restart,which might lose you the game.
: "blame the jungle"- one message from a pissed off jungler
*does not use wards and gets ganked*-report jg *uses wards and doesnot pay attention to wards*-report jg *always pushes and doesnot let you gank*-report jg 0 gank *you ping million times and gank,but they farm now*-idiot jg
: Looking for players invasion-eune
saltychampion silver 4 lol add me
: when the enemy nexus is free but your adc decides to fight...
had a game like that was just there adc is like 'nah lets get baron'.I could not backdoor because i was the only tank in my team.I swear I wont play tank anymore.Even if there is no tank.we lost.
BadBigus (EUW)
: Thanks Riot for making me a troll :)
'I am having a day.Better play ranked and ruin other people's days.'
Max0205 (EUNE)
: What Champion to buy with 4800 IP
maokai.great CC and almost unkillable tank.good for solo q.
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