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: The "GG EZ" thingie.
Unless they say shit in chat other than otherwise not likely at all at most what 1 person is gonna be pissed and report you every few games if you do it every game they're not gonna punish you for saying 2 words
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I just hope that SKT wont win this time. Not because I hate them or even because I am cheering for someone else but because I want some new championship skins that are not SKT related.
: Why noone play Leona?
Why would you play her over ANY ardent support she is useless garbage nothing but all in she has never been meta and will never be meta forever stay a low elo champion
: Knockout stage pick em
You're the delusional one probably TSM flair on reddit Both Fnatic and Misfits have a higher chance of winning the entire thing without losing a single game than Clown 9 winning against WE
Renold (EUNE)
: Support never respected??
Honor doesn't mean %%%%ing shit why do you care and if you play any of these champions : {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} AND ESPECIALLY {{champion:40}} you don't deserve any respect you filthy {{item:3504}} abuser
A8nton (EUW)
: Why is GAM 3rd, now you caught my interest. And this makes it even more confusing because they are shown as tied on
That's because both IMT and AHQ lost their games to the opposing team in week 2
: It's a bug with emotes/mastery level emote spamming
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Naralt (EUW)
: A Message for G2
go to reddit and hate there you moron G2 played well especially Perkz on Ryze they had to play against the 3rd and 4th best team and came close any other group they are 2nd and first in group D and Trick is leaving if you actually kept up likely because G2 got accepted into NA LCS or just a roaster change if you actually kept up with the team instead of spewing out bullshit
: Banned for saying %%% twice and didnt even meant it
: drastically increasing it for the trolls mainly, the issue regarding abuse to banish out regular counters to you is gonna be incredibly hard to keep track of in an elo with such a high playerbase so people probably won't even bother if they even know who to block. so what's left of the "issue" for low elo is that trolls won't get qeued as quickly which leaves longer qeues for those who blocked them and their teams, which shouldn't be an issue as when you have to dodge the game cus it's a troll anyway you'll have a double qeue time anyway AND lose 3 lp on the back of it. long story short in low elo this system would be great, high elo I have to agree with zantonny since the community is very small you'd be easily able to abuse it. however, riot does claim to screen whether reports are accurate or not and act accordingly so if they were to actually do that it would be quite easy for them to punish players abusing this system as well. especially in such a small community it can't be that hard to use the information you already claim to gather for a different system that could really use that information.
So now Riot should punish challenger players for abusing an idiotic system created because a silver player got triggered someone "trolled" in his game? please this is a joke also ever heard of Prisoner Island? Riot is heavily against that
Fathands (EUW)
: Is taking someones lane in-game a bannable offense?
No it isn't next time dodge or go with it autofill is a %%%%% and to a certain extent pick order kind of still exists if its taken to an extreme a %%%% thing to do but you know whatever
: I hope you dont think Singed support not doing what you want is a viable way to support because its not.
playing anything besides Janna and LULU ins't viable either by your logic
: I struggle to carry with Talon, what do i do wrong?
: Flex queue match making.
Flex queue is a joke don't play it unless you just want to troll and release some stress its not worth it
: So, it will be victorious graves.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: i'm ok with making this system works on low / mid elos only because high elo players have low trolls
so drastically increasing the queue times in the elo where most of the playerbase is for no real reason?
xGunna1 (EUW)
: GUYZ if someone want to prevent a legit player he will get long matchmaking (as a cost) he can always wait or unblock players it's HIS choice
Your suggestion would kill every elo slowly just because someone inted in your game doesn't mean Riot has to implement a system that completely ruins solo queue it sounds worse than dynamic queue what are you thinking want League to die and become 50 min queue times in 1 year even in silver where most players resign
xGunna1 (EUW)
: majority of players are not high elo
Yes and destroying high elo and killing solo queue past plat is exactly what Riot wants in a month it would turn into everyone blocking the person that does bad that game that's an idiotic suggestion
xGunna1 (EUW)
: Riot should make blocking someone => preventing to be matched with him in future games
1 that's idiotic and would increase queue times drastically everywhere 2 in 2 weeks Challenger will be nothing but 10 players wintrading each other to infinity 3 trolls? what do you mean by that
xGunna1 (EUW)
: yasuo is not hated because of his play style
Ahri hated? Riven hated? ( okay maybe Riven but that's only because most riven mains are super toxic ) Yasuo is an abomination that is a plague to this game having idiotic mobility 100% crit with 2 items a stupid %%%%ing shield on his passive a %%%%ing wall that blocks half the %%%%ing abilities in the game the most toxic playerbase out of any champion and good news the same %%%% who made Yasuo is making another champion so prepare for cancer
: is it allowed to instalock in normal games?
???? the rule is made up by the community a long time ago Riot has said they really don't care about this and they would prefer pick order over call order which basically means neither really matters but they would like pick order more
: honor5 too easy and not deserved ?
You get Honor 5 if you play enough it doesn't really matter
VikiPedia16 (EUNE)
: Another Permaban Thread
If you can't do it try AutoHotkey there's probably a video on YouTube about it basically disables the chat completely when you turn it on been using it for a while really helps
: Leveling up in this game is a horrible experience
Never seen a bot in normals besides a lucian running to gromp and dying over and over again that wast the only one i have seen one and it was last season its not really a problem at all besides in bots and it really makes no difference besides making the game longer by 1 min at most
sram27 (EUNE)
: why tsm last?
They are trash haven't performed in Worlds for years they looked like shit at MSI too until they prove they aren't a complete joke no reason to put faith in them
Ragnarjee (EUW)
: The new runes are horrible in my opinion
BabyRage change BabyRage please.. when masteries rework launch it was 6 thunderlords for like 2 months straight what's OP will get nerfed what's shit will get buffed its that simple this isn't the %%%% you we know better dynamic queue Riot
: Idk what wrong I'm doing on Nami...
Your first mistake was playing Nami
: Jungle could do with some real changes
Completely remove catchup xp you should not be rewarded for endlessly ganking or just falling behind also BRING BACK SMITE BUFFS pls riot i miss them so much also the small krugs on red and blue
sram27 (EUNE)
i like everything here besides group D TSM LAST!
: TSM will get %%%%ed so hard it will be glorious
EUPHORIA is a bit too strong even as an EU fanboy myself xd
: Pick'Em Picks _ What are your bets?


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