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: Adc Main looking for support main.
Your nickname scares me tbh xD
: Banned
To be honest, I think that you deserve this ban. If you saw that she is ignoring your speech, you could just mute her on chat not trash talk. Imo that's something you brought upon yourself.
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Myster10 (EUNE)
: Amen!Also in lane phase, try to look for the good engage, when you see enemy bot wasting skills or cc or when you see adc being alone cause support went for warding, try to engage or make a play. The bad thing is that adc won't always follow immediately but if he is good and sees that you read these plays, he might be more ready to follow next time. P.S by the way i am amazed that you have such a great mindset and you are only silver 1.
I don't play much rankeds due to lack of time and also the thing that I enjoy plaing then watching replays checking what was made wrong what could my teammates actually do better, what was the crucial point for the reason we lost the game or win the game. However this season I made a bet with a friend. Don't ask about stake xD. But I hope that platinum is going to welcome me with open hands xD
: How to climb as support?
You know, to be honest I disagree with the rest of people commenting here. I like playing support for the same reasons as you do. However picking Brand or other strict ap carry champions for support and go ignite everytime won't help you much. My advices for you are: - pick 3 support champs that u play everytimie. The best would be 1 ap support, 1 ad support and third one may be ur option. (for me its Taric, Lulu and tahm kench) - look in champ select what ur teammates pick, and try to find what they lack or what be best to improve synergy between them. Of course picking something from your champion pool. If ur teammates go full ad with some tank top, dont pick thresh, and try to find some ap champ. - Remember to focus your attention on your ad carry. Sometimes in fervor of battle when you play as Leona, Brand or even Bard in tfs you look for opportunity to kill, initiate or sth else but ur main attention should be focusing on what ur adc is doing and checking if there are no dangers waiting for him. - {{summoner:3}} or {{summoner:14}} that should depend on what you are up against. If u are playing against soraka, sona, nami u could pick ignite but in other situations when enemy support has strong cc u should go with exhaust. - remember to not always go all in 2 vs 2 bot lane fights, do it when you see that your adc follows your call, not earlier. - and for the last thing, I believe that as support u should also be supporting players in mental way. I mean usually all of your teammates have one goal, which is to win a match. So if you see someone's lacking some skills and starts to get more deaths, don't join others with flaming that guy and say something like "Guys after all we all want to win this games, remain calm and let's focus on objectives" or sth like this. Hope this will help you a little. I would appreciate some thumbs up if u think as me.
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