Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Is Azir Considered Too Strong?
Tbh he aint too strong just everything else got nerfed so hard he started to stand out. Since all assasins like lb zed talon fizz etc got pretty much forced out of competetive trough nerfs control mage meta took over and since azir is a definition of control mage he is doing well. Tbh i dont mind control mage meta but riots constantly giving a dick to assasins and introduction of cinderhulk made this game extremly boring to watch competetive. Althou it has changed for now a bit and at least lpl is hellova fun to watch now but it was boring for logn time
: You did not see him before the latest nerfs. Trust me, you would not have wanted to.
Last changes were a buff not nerf dude.
: Silver is way to good on EUW
Well the division / league player distribution among eune and euw is pretty much the same so its kinda BS. Also if euw seems more competetive at higher ranks then dia + eune players moving to euw gona probably climb fast to high elo aswell so noy much reasoning here. You just got a lil delusional bro
: My impressions of League as a quite new player
The reason why other maps feel neglected is cuz to make maps other than summoner rift somewhat balanced and competetive you would have to rebalance every champion acording to what map is he played. Thats not only huge drain of resources but confusion in terms how champions feel like cuz each map they would work difrently. There is just how competetive moba games are desinged. You really cant make multiple gameplays and expect to be balanced and balance is real key to FUN in this game since you see diversity in strategies, champion picks so every game feels difrent instead playing plain broken champs u are forced into if you want to win
cucisum (EUW)
: new idea for tryndamere´s ulti
I would rather see visual update of ult so i can acctualy see when it wears of instead clicking him and tracking it by a buff. Its kinda pathetic way of counterplay in game where everything is so telegraphed cleanly
kovaSLO69 (EUW)
: Jayce Nerf
Tbh i think hes quite toxic. He has pretty decent laning phase and its like impossible to stop him from hitting powerspike in midgame where hes a monster. He is fun has too interesting kit to end up being flat pokemonster its just doesnt make any sense. Strip his power from poke and give it elsewhere. He is picked in lcs and it has been proven even pro players struggles hard with dogin his projectile. Its simply too fast and hitbox is too big
: If you're not building a Trinity Force on Vi there is something severely wrong with the people playing her, that item is what defines her in my opinion, same with Udyr and Irelia.
Not really. If you invest 6k gold in offensive stats early on you might now have fun times in tankmeta and league of alistar. Does it work ? Sure, but does that item defines her? No. I think cinderhulk into black cleaver build is far more reliable nowdays on her so you can be more selfless about ur playstyle
: What lane to main? Really could use some help..
Play whatever you feel comfortable with but I would say dont touch botlane until low plat. Adcarries are in awfull spot right now and i feel like they have lowest impact on games even below support with acctualy can hard carry games if your carry aint complete moron. To carry as adc now you really have to outclass enemy by a league in lower elo cuz if you cant snowball nor get huge lead early you gona have fun vs all those fed rivens and rengars getting kills all over the map without any influence on stoping them. If you want to climb i think easiest way is to learn 1-2 champs for one role and truely master him to be level of skill ahead than your opponent. On the other hand if you play all roles you probably going to be good jungler since you got game knowledge of matchups. Its up to you bro. Just dont touch botlane unless you play ONLY adc in all games so you stomp like maniac but this is kinda like sadism. Im dia and even when i smurf on elo like yours on low lvl acc i used to feel helpless when i was adc meanwhile if i picked any champ in solo lanes i would snowball lead a mile and could carry game 1vs9
CalmN (EUNE)
: Vi is broken.
Lol no. Vi is only in ok spot right now. She has been nerfed during bruiser meta since she was strong against squishies and in pick meta and she fell utterly in tank meta. She is really item dependant and if she fall behind she is really useless nor getting ahead with her is easy now. Learn the game boy
Obide (EUW)
: I can't jungle.. I just can't do it...
Play easy tank junglers like gragas or naut. Try to observe lanes while you doing camps. You need to know how certin matchups goes so u can anticipate moment when u can make most sucesful gank. Watch out for enemy laners when they ward or just ask laners where its warded (generaly telegraph your teammates what youre about to do so they can follow). Dont randomly come to lane to gank, thats not how it works, ping it few times and let laner do the work. Good laners gona know how to setup gank for you if they feel your pressure. Try some unusual jungle path including lvl2 ganks if ur champ is capable of but dont roam from gromp just to kill krugs mindlessly. 1back ALWAYS buy sweeper unless youre lee sin or a farm type of jungler. If you drop low in jungle try to experiment on your jungle path or just take break for scuttle to regenerate. If youre against huge lvl6 powerspike jungler like amumu vi or rengar try to anticipate gank bot about they hit 6 so you can countergank. Learn what lane pressure is, if youre overall stronger lvl2-3 than enemy jung and your lanes are pushed you can safely invade but "telegraph" it so your teammates will know what youre about too. Try to NEVER give up any information about your position, dont walk trough lanes for nothing, dont walk trough taken scuttle, bypass wards if you know where they are. Always get at least 1 ward when you back and try to get pink controll aswell. Do not try to gank 3/0 lanes ubless youre 100% sure you can make it work. Avoid turret diving for no reason, if you make gank where you force flash or back on enemy sometimes is enough to win lane this way. Generaly jungler role is quite hard to play properly so dont worry. There is alot of information you have to process while your game since you can be present globaly. The more you play all other 4 roles the better jungler you will become cuz you will understand how matchup works and where its easiest to make a difrence in the gane or whats the safest most likely to work play. Write down your jungle champ pool so i might help you more specific way
: Kha'Zix late game Buff!
This idea doesnt make any sense. He is good jungler already and if he struggles anyhow its cuz of other reasons
: Sick and tired of these 35 - 40 death match games.
Idk what youre saying but im pretty much sure mid-plat + elo people start to coordinate more and make reasonable calls abd trades. Dont get me wrong they are still pretty meh but if u have any willingness to coordinate and make calls they usualy lisent to you and most of the times they are friendly about it. Ofc each few games you get "that guy" but higher you get people get kinda durable to flame and toxicity and they just ignore that one guy instead starting a flame war where everyone loose. If youre silver-gold player who just played few normal matches during event dont freaking judge people for just having fun during game. Nornal games are for fun. Normal games are for going ham deep 1vs3 and chasing enemy bard around map. Nornal games are for trying new stuff. Normal games are for learning, testing ur champ limits and generaly having fun. Want to play most of the games with people decently coordinated and focused on wining? Climb your ass up that 2-3% best players barrier. In aint really that hard to get to diamond
: Rengar is a toxic champion
Pick alistar/azir. Ask your team to group once youre out of laning phase. Move like unit, proceed to siege and take out all of vision and objectives, gg. Dont get me wrong. Im dia rengar main and i know how strong he is but tbh all his power comes from thriving on uncordinated teams. Try to pick him in ranked 5 on higher mmr. Enemy sup gona follow ur ass around the clock warding and not leting u suprise anyone and even if u pull off good ult youre going to be counterganked in few sec later with enemy toplaner cuting your way out. Im not saying its impossible to pull off good rengar game vs coordinated teams but its ten times way harder than picking freaking reksain and proceed to be everywhere on the map with safety of your tunnels, sustain and broken tremor sense. Hes broken cuz people in solo q are greedy of those sidelanes farm or last jungle camp. 75% kills you get as rengar jungle are just effect of enemies being sloppy underestimating rengar presence. Is he broken ? Yes once u allow him to get ahead there is not much you can do cuz even if he dies during fight he almost always will take somone with him keeping gettin bigger and stronger. Is he toxic? No there is plenty counterplay to avoid him getting out of control but its based on stuff people dont do in solo q ( deep vision, support roams, defensive pink wards, siege comps, comunication )
: Why this game has become a really a bad game...
Im playing since s3. Was dia s4,s5. In s3 when i was leveling my account i played most of the games as ap blitz. I was taking like half of my adc farm i havent bought any wards most of the times and i was geting most of kills for myself since how easy it is to just press r with blitz. I acctualy was doing good job since i brought mechanic skills from other games as i was fps/rts gamer before and that was my way of having fun and grinding up to 30. I used to get flamed and bitched plenthora times and guess what "i didint get why". I didnt understand why its important to funnel gold into your carry for long time basicly cuz on low elo THERE is no reason to follow the meta. Meta is shaped by high tier players and only already decent gamers can apply it properly. Fuck me if im wrong but i feel like it would be easier to climb trough gold playing botlane with just anything ranged youre good at than picking anything from meta basket. Stop crying about whats going on below 30lv acc. I know how it is to be on the other side. I was that ap blitz just having fun, exploring game and totaly ignoring fact people get mad cuz they didint force me to their playstyle they copied from youtube. I was like bitch plz im fablous
Emillie (EUW)
: Hey, at least now with Runeglaive I can jungle as Ahri.
I wouldnt be suprised if she outpreformed her in that role. Hey after all ahri has sustain aswell 😃
McAteer (EUW)
: Jungle pre level 30.
Dude if you say its not your only account then you must know already game is getting balanced around full runes masteries. There is no reasonable point to try balance out jungle for low levels. Jungle camps have to hurt, that was whole reason of changes this season to create diversity. Some junglers supose to drop low during first clears but numbers are balanced out around lvl30 accounts so such junglers like rengar might not get any reasonable clear at all. Just clear 1 camp and go into 2vs2 lane. No biggy. Get 3-5lvl, trailblazer and youre fine.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: PBE 5.13 Sated Devourer
Hurricane, Sated devourer, botrk, wits end, lw, black clever on Kogmaw W. 4 autos and proceed to deal nearly true % max health dmg to entire team. My life is complete. Also wild vayne tumbles out of jungle truehiting u each TWO autos. Fun times
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Devourer on PBE?
Oh there is one more thing. I wonder if it does "every third auto" spells to proc aswell. Imagine vayne trueshoting you ever TWO hits or gnar jungle having fun maxing w. Reddit or Moobeat gona enlighten us soon
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Devourer on PBE?
Every other attack means you get that bonus passive once per 2 autos. Its like yi passive but you count only up to two. As far i concern sheen tree items have internal cooldown so i really doubt it will proc it besides from desinger perspective it would be simply too broken. I doubt that lifesteal is calculated twice. Its not on hit effect. Its conversion of phisical dmg you dealt that is considered/coded as auto. You dont deal auto atack twice with this new sated devourer. You just proc on hit twice. Althou new bork onhit gives bonus lifesteal since few patches so i guess it counts. Abilities like yi wuju syle or irelia hinten style counts as on hit and they are considered in this new double proc. However stuff like aatrox W are considered as spells not on hits. They are just proced with autoattack. Same to yi passive, it doesnt proc the new passive itself unless the auto was that 2 attack. All i can think off is hurricane,wits end, botrk, hydra, black cleaver. I think it might proc twitch poison twice but i doubt it apply two kalista spears. Overall as somone who loved feral flare era and played alot of autoattack reliant junglers im not that hyped of this change. All it really does it gives u significant powerspike once you empower your devourer into sated state. If you assume that u hit 3x60 magic dmg in two autos you need 90 stacks on current version of devourer to outscale it so its definitly a buff. All im afraid of there are gona be a guys that on hit builds are just desinged for. Champs that higly benefit from building botrk + wits might end up strong enough to outshine those who wants to pick up devourer and swith to building other items. Its kinda like they want to make it into lategame item since its desinged for farm focused type of champs that pay price for building that item in ganks/duels/pressure early on without making it infinite scaling cuz its a bad desing. As cinderhulk somewhat enforces you to build more hp oriented items seems quite ok for me but why i have to buy on hit items in order to not loose power off this item kinda confuses me but since its a buff overall i cant complain
: Buff Bard!!!
Hes fine. Just his w seems a little bit akward as game progresses.
Sdars (EUW)
: I just go armor pen marks and quints, attack speed seals and cdr/lvl glyphs. They're weak for early game, but I can survive it without problems and they compensate later on.
Armor pen is stat for earlygame agressive caster-type fighters with high base dmgs. Yi is kinda opposite to that. As marks are best choice for him. cd redu is kinda meh on hin aswell at least early on. Its better to get extra mgresist on just more as glyphs. Later in the game where cd is more significat on him you can grab cleaver cuz its rly good item on him atm
: hmm.. so if i understand well you say to go full AS runes instead of seals? sounds pretty good for his Q
No im saying you can run pretty much whatever on him and he will still be a-okay. If youre 100% sure you wont be counterjungled nor you really want to get involved in any fight early on full as runes are fine. All im saying its just playing with fire not having armor seals especialy vs junglers going warrior as enchant. It doesnt really matter as long you adapt your page and items to situation and enemy team comp. Tbh its all insignificant cuz in higher elo youre pretty much forced to go lane with him cuz yi in jungle is far easier to play around. Yi in lane goes better with ad+as since of q harras and short trades i guess...
: Runes for Yi Jungle
Umm tbh yi is really flexible and all depends what youre against. 35%AS + armor is kinda optimal page if you only want to farm and scale while being safe in jung vs enemy jung having no ap in kit. Ad+as build works better if you want to make early ganks. You can build cinderhulk botrk tank yi, you can go devourer ghostblade botrk duelist yi or even full ham dou.ble pd ie yi. Everything depends what youre up to do in the game. Basicly the less threat is in enemy team the more glass canon you can go thats it. Oh there is just one thing more. You can go full as runepage as jungler and you wont have problems to clear jungo just i think its a little overkill in terms of risk cuz you will be hellova squishy 1 clear and if somone spot you got no armor runes you might get invaded. Yi is also dont really rely on summoner spells. You can run exhaust, ignite, heal, teleport,flash and all choices are quite fine and situational. Red buff lvl2 35% as yi with heal are so fucked up noone can fight you. People tend to play yi realy passive early on while he is one of the strongest champs before 1 item. Personaly i love cinderhulk-botrk-black cleaver into fulll tank. This way i still can somewhat duel with skirmisher sabre and in tramfight i can live long enough to get multiple q resets and still be meatshield zoning adc and even if i die before i get him i make alot of pressure ( similar style to heca / fiz tank top )
: Will I ever see an end to the chat restrictions?
Im sitting on 2,2k chat restriction from last season. I had 300-700-2200 increasment. I stoped to act toxic since 300 games restriction. Im not angel but currently i act rude i one per 100-150 games when i do have bad day but thats nothing really out of line. In majority games im positive and recived great teammate ribbon 2-3 times during my punishment. I stoped even considering my restriction ever end. I will probably get 6k punishment after finishing my 2k. Once you have more than 300 its impossible to quit this system no matter how you behave or what you do. System will flag you as toxic only cuz in one per those 300 games somone will report you for no reason or find sonething toxic in 300 games out of context. in addition how player suposed to become positive with 3 messages. If youre neutral youre not considered reformed and you recive more punishment.
: Protect the (melee) hypercarry comps?
2 reasons. No matter how protection ur team is going to provide there is no way to serve enough protection to somone who builds glasscannon facediving team to dish out dmg. He either gets killed very fast or he is zoned out / kited from dealing dmg. Its way harder to reach and control ranged dmg source and nearly impossible to kite and zone somome who is ranged from dealing any dmg. If that melee carry is forced to build def stats in order to survive he cant compete in dmg output with somone who doesnt have to build defense at all. The other reason is that melee carries are simply good duelists and they are better off split pushing forcing teamsplit/skirmishes/duels than relying on teammates to keep him alive. Ofc champs like yasuo are going to benefit highly from shields and heals in fights but if the whole comp relies on his dmg it make it simply way to easy to counter since teamfight win condition is pretty much served on golden plate each teamclash (just chain cc yasuo and cleanup). Thats why melee carries benefit at most from team comps that are capable to force fights and be enough threat as 4 so melee carry can enter fight when most of enemy team defenses are droped so they can flank backline for additional threat or they just serve assasin role to take down most valuable target and mby somehow get out alive. If your team entirely revolves around protecting the carry they are quite incapable to create threat on their own breaking major cooldowns or droping enemy team low enough to allow melee carry to do cleanup. Besides protect the carry comps are not popular now mainly cuz its tank meta and sole existance of champs like hecarim or tank fizz or any champs tanky or nimble enough to reach backline without much counterplay. There is simply no champ in the game that dish enough dmg alone to tear fast all those tanks in enemy team in reasonable time to be worth protect for. Its far more better do diversify dmg source among all lanes to avoid puting all eggs in one basket
: Smurfs
By all means im not really convinced bronze/silver level player can learn anything from diamond smurf unless he decide to queue up aftereards and give some advices. Unexperienced players dont even pay attention to their own positioning, map control, wave control, when to aplly pressur/force fight or stall and rotate lanefarm with jungle. I really doubt somone low level can observe and understand what high elo player is doing while he barely is capable of taking care of themselves having 2 eyes focused on last hiting minions since majority of attention of unexperienced playeres are focused on. Alot of exp comes from understanding champions limits/dmg output/powerspikes. Such stuff comes naturaly with time, it cannot really be learned by observing somone abusing that. I was d5 this and last season at top of my preformance and i do own smurf i recived from retired friend who end up silver last season. I use that account for relaxed type of play when im tired/high/drunk. No matter how sloppy i am i stil climbed to plat 5 from silver over long peroid of time but kinda mediocre games ammount played. Im not intending to create another account to grind hundreds of hours up to 30lvl just to feast on low lvl players so i can have once again that brief climb experience. That doesnt make sense. Is smurfing cruel? Yeah kinda. On the other hand ITS A COMPETETIVE GAME. You shouldnt get upset by getting beaten in video game where everyone goal is to get best at. If youre worse than bottom half of the playerbase in game where your preformances come sole from exp and knowledge you always going to be beaten/abused/facerolled time to time by somone who happend to land at your level for some reason. In lol confidence is really important. For high elo players tilts happen quite often. Sometimes loosing streak aint really your fault but they affect your next games hindering your decisionmaking. You start to play passive, youre not punishing mistakes and eventualy you get punished for it making ur tilt even bigger. At that point smurfing really help to get confidence back. Smurfing happens in all type of competetive games and you cant really do much about it. Its impossible to desing system thay is smurfingproof in competetive game. All you can do is you can make it harder and i think its already hard enough in lol. Having championless account without runes and masteries forced to grind hundreds of games before you can enter regular game environment is really huge gap that hold majority of people from smurfing
p3pik (EUNE)
: Good champion on Top
Well if you main top you should learn renekton and riven for sure as pocket picks. Renekton if picked into lanes vs squishy fighters like irelia,fiora,wu or riven is totaly devastating if played right and he can snowball and deny that lanes so hard that he pretty much makes 4vs5 for long time. He is really situational pick but if you can pull him of you simply have no way to loose lane or at least you will draw so much jungler pressure that you will make other lanes happy. He is still pretty okish in lategame after all changes but better make sure to close game with early advantage. Every top main has to be at least okish with riven. That champion is simply jak of too many trades and if you finaly get grasp how to play her effectivly you will quick find out you can win pretty much every lane with her. She does need some time to work with thou and if youre bad with her you gona simply be useless but maining her definitly plays of hard even thou u saw so many feeding rivens in ur life probably. She has like only 2 real counters teemo and heimer. All other hard matchups are possible to win by playing around enemies with her broken overloaded kit. She has everything solo q ask for. Extremly strong laning phase, powerspike at 6, flexible buildpath, flexible ability maxing route, great roams, 2 forms of cc, gapclosers to avoid ganks or jump walls, she can splitpush like god and if she flank flash stun ult backline in lategame she pretty much win fight. The only real problem is you really need to know every matchup well and not making mistakes cuz she is extremly unforgiving ( even small mistake can cost you a lane ).
: Opinions about Platinum
Its all about knowing the win conditions. Jungler has most choices in terms where to "make difrence" in the game. You always need to see biger picture as jungler. In short. Giving a kill to corki early on probably wont snowball a game but riven can snowball of single assist. Its just a simple example. Basicly look for actions that are risk free giving most of you can get. In some games is protecting botlane/mid and dragon controll skiping entirely top cuz its shen anyway. In other games you camp over and over top making enemy gnar useless and your irelia monster so even if rest of the map struggles you got way to carry rest of the team. In some games if your laners are already wining all you have to do is to get alot of wards and scuttle crab control jist to make sure there is no way to throw advantage and so on. One more tip. People that flame are usualy those that struggles and make mistakes by themselves. They just look for way to funnel their anger and redirect the blame and thats it. Good players dont cry or flame. They just play and win, thats it.
: What Bard ulti needs is a similar Ekko W
Bard ult travel time depends on range from it has been cast. Bard ult doesnt require bard to enter its cast zone in order to proc the effect so its way less oportunistic than ekko ability besides its already fairly ok in terms of reliability. Bard ult never meant to be easy to hit and if it gets too easy to hit it start to be toxic. Bard is fine as he is and suprisingly he already seen alot of play in profesional scene. The only issue bard suffers is his w being kinda questionable spell in terms of useability as game progress and it could recive minor tweaks or buffs and thats it
: Yasuo buff suggestion
Yasuo main here. Hes perfectly fine as he is now. You need to learn how to play around his passive more. Yasuo needs to be picked into matchup that is favorable for him so picking him blindly is a bad choice. He doesnt really need knockup in team and definitly building teamcomp around yasuo wombo doesnt work anymore. Yasuo is terrifing laner and is capable of dominating in lane vs many champs. The reason he has low hp is cuz his shield is part of your defense instead being another passive thrown on top of high defense. He does perfectly fine for those who comited to play him more than 125+ games according to champions.gg. Buffing him would make yasuo mains teryfing while those who got just few games on him wouldnt feel much difrence
: Is it just me or is yasuo really useless in this ( tank ) meta
Wukong fell of meta? You realise he is no1 toplaner in terms of reliability and winratio right now in solo q? . Back to yasuo. I used to main yas in s4 and now in s5 ive got over 150 games on him. I cannot say hes good pick now but he definitly does way better in tankmeta than he used to do in previous assasin/bruiser one. The only condition is he should be played toplane now into somewhat favorable matchup ( thats kinda condition of pickup ). He does well vs gnar,mao,vlad and he can lane vs rumble or heca fine. Tankmeta gives him nonopressive lanes to farm up his powerspike and junglers that doesnt entirely revolves around ganking. Back in early s5 where lee vi or j4 were popular yasuo struggled way more than vs champs like seju. Basicly yasuo ability to teamfight is pretty terrible compared to other champs but his skirmish/dueling potential is really broken still. Since in tankmeta you dont see many duelist in game you can end up splitpushing sidelanes while enemy team has no real answer to your pressure. Once you hit 2-3 items yasuo doesnt really give a fuck about tanks anyway due to his sustained dmg source. The reason why people fail with yasuo is not really his mechanical complexity but lack of knowledge when picking him acctualy can pay off. He is very fragile champ in terms of win conditions but once there are met he becomes monstrosity in midgame capable of carrying games singlehanded so being good at him pays of for sure. Acording to champions.gg his winratio rasies imensily 125+ games played (54%+) while being pretty low for anyone below 100 games (way below 50%). As somone having 150+ games with him i kinda can confirm that being expirienced with him changed my preformance on him. I started to have positive winratio with him after 100 games Oh there is one more thing. Wombos like malphite/wukong and so on doesnt work at all. Yasuo doesnt want to teamfigt like that unless your team is really far ahead and its hard to get ahead with toplaner like malphite. Basicly the only conditions when yasuo can dive into 5vs5 teamfights with wombo teams is when he has setup with janna/oriana/lulu/soraka (at least 2 of them). Yasuo is too squishy and too unflexible in his build early on to be able dish out dmg in 5vs5 teamfights without external survi help from his teammates. People dont understand that and they lock wombo team like wu and malphite and they expect you to play that sucide way that doesnt work. If yasuo teams work fine without revolving around your ult then yasuo doesnt need knockups in team comp cuz he will get time to set his own knockup anyway.
KirstyKat (EUW)
: I understand why people don't want to support
Well i personaly love to support but I think the threshold for being impactful starts from plat+. On higher elo people still are toxic but at least they know how botlane works and they cooperate more. On lower elo botlane is hell for adc and support. Noone want to play supporty support like janna thresh cuz u can end up with trash adc who neither can farm or trade so neither peeling for him nor making all in trades wont make much impact in the game so people play shits that can carry lane by themselves like velkoz annie or other high dmg champs. On the other hand if youre decent carry in low elo and u end up with support that aint really try to help you, he pushes the wave by poking, forcing trades when you dont want it to and generaly being a dick who play just for himself you cant get ahead as carry no matter what not mentioning you gona get oneshoted by riven or rengar cuz noone give a flying fuck to defend you during fights. On higher elo support role gives you feeling you can carry game. This is my order of highest impact roles plat + jungle/support/mid/top/adc. Problem with adc is that it aint hard role to play but it has pretty high mechanic/game knowledge threshold to acctualy be effective. On elo below plat you can pretty much pick apc bot like xerath/azir/oriana or whatever and you will probably do better than picking adc
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Upcoming buff to Liandry's Torment in 5.13
Welcome rylai liandry rumble. Flamespitter permaslows u for 40% just to make sure you cant dodge harpoons to eat ult afterwards. Idk but buffing most of his early core items doesnt sound like a good idea for a champ that is higly contested in pro play anyway
D0b3n (EUW)
: Khazix or rengar
Both of these champs relies on snowbaling. I mained kha in s4 bit eventualy swaped for rengar. Kha does fine now but he really needs lvl 11 before he gets strong and for me its way to late for what he offers pre 11. Overall its way easier to snowball as rengar than kha but it takes some expirience with rengar to use him in his full potential. Rengar is capable of lvl 2-3 invades, very little junglers can evade or duel him with 5 fero stacks early on and his empowered bola grants you great tool for ganking early on. If u managed to get early lead as rengar u get pretty much free kill once you hit 6 since if you learn how to use his ult properly u leave very little counterplay for ur oponents if ure even slightly ahead. Kha on the other hand is way superior in mid-late game skirmishes and teamfights since his ressets alow him to continously be a threat in fights. Rengar and kha seems similar but tbh their playstyles are completly difrent. Rengar works best if hes build full assasin like and keep splitpushing later on trying to look for 1vs1 fights or simply making relief for his team cuz of sidelane pressure. Kha on the other hand is better if built bruiser like so you can live long enough to get at least few resets. Kha is great if he has divebuddy like irelia fizz or heca, basicly a champ that will ignore frontline and go balls deep for carries. Ofc you can play rengar bruiser or kha assasin but from my expirience is just less effective. Overall i think rengar kinda outclass kha a little bit but kha is kinda easier to use. All kha needs is to stay safe, ward map and powerfarm till 11 and he gets strong anyway. Rengar needs to play agresive and play a little more risky game but he snowballs way harder andhe definitly got tools to do it.
Aingaz (EUW)
: anything should i know about shyvana ??
You dont get it what ive posted .
Aingaz (EUW)
: anything should i know about shyvana ??
Shyvana is ultimately resource champion. She dominated during feral flare introuduce and she came back to meta with tp/smite meta. As long shes unpunished for hyperfarmin with her tanky/duelist stats she will always emerge. shyv has no kit to get ahead by being good shyv. But once shyv gets ahead.. Welll ive seen this....
imbrus (EUW)
: Runeglaive
Any ap jungler that have been using magus so far wont really suffer from magus disapearance since they already overprio other items. Its going to end up fine for most of ap junglers. The question is will champs that have perfect usage of this new item will overshadow emergin jungle champs that would wait for this change? Idk. All i know i like this change. We gona have some fun yimr during its release
greatbow (EUNE)
: Miss Fortune's ult buff suggestion
Great job mate. This change seems interesting however mf have other issues goin around. Basicly atm mf seems really decent in terms of winratio in soloq and shes quite underated for how massive lane bully she can be and how tideturning her ult can be if used properly in midgame teamfights. However for me mf simply lack role identity and no minor changes aint gona change that. Compare her to carries ( with obvioisly have their own weaknesses) like vayne kalista corki lucian sivir and even new ashe. Every of those carries is picked for its own game purposes. Mf purpose is kinda missleading, she needs massive kit overhaul to be interesting for playerbase. I love her and i want to see her more but somehow even thou high winratio shes not polular ( shes easy to use also ). Why? No identity
Hay8 (EUW)
: How to win Promos
By shifting ur mentality away from achivement into self improvement. Basicly promo games doesnt really matter cuz they aint affecting yours personal mmr score. By conclusion you still play with folks with similar skill cap no matter if youd won promo or not. Take step back and simply enjoy the game bro. Hiting higer tier doesnt make your better player. Its a common misconception
: Twitch Expunge
Im really sceptical about this
cacarott (EUW)
: About the rumored new champion Tamm, King of the Rivers
Idk what are you smoking but im extremly hyped after seening teaser. Tbh besides bard and gnar recent champs havent got me much thrill. Im kinda disapointed on reksai kalista ekko releases. It doesnt mean i do not enjoy playing those chars, all im pointing is they are for me personaly disapoiting lore/identity wise. However this new champ makes me extrahyped after seening "bastionlike" teaser
: Explain To Me Something About This Varus Mid Build
Look. Ad damage consistent on trifecta of stats, as/crit rate/raw damage and it cross amplifies itself creating nonlinear curve of dmg output and ifs sole reason why teans funnels so much "teamcare" for carries scale getting as much gold is possible. Ad varus however is pretty much awful carry in terms of being aa reliant marksman and his playstyle revolves pretty much only on his insane q range. Conclusion is you want to maximise q output as much you can so as/crit items aint doing job for him. Even thou lw seems an overkill picked early on it STILL is an item to go for him since statwise its what he needs for his playstyle. There is more. Geting early lw means you already got needed pene before fourth item completion so you aint ending up starved for lw during completion of other . Why tear over reaver? Well tear solves sams issue but way earlier since reaver is such gold gated solution. Reaver itself aint bad item on him once you get there aspite being called terrible. The aquisition of it is the problem and the point that ER doesnt really outscale manamurne once you get gold to buy it since you would have already stacked tear anyway. Ghostblade is ok cuz brutalizer is op on him and it builds off avrice. Completing GB gives u fine mobility you lack on top of extra arpen to tear armor lackin squishies. It doesnt mean playing more aunto reliant varus mid aint viable. Its still ok. Its just he aint picked there for that reason by pros and thats it
TentacIe (EUW)
: Blue Buff Exploit :3!
Its funny you can bug buff like that meanwhile ranged leash resets got nerfed like 2 timss and even in lcs pro players reset it by accident without even being contested like all the time in every game....
: Can i get BANNED please?
Voice chat aint solution. It might sound counterintuitive but voice chat has been proved to create even more toxic and unpleasant environment. Riot already made a statement about that. They will never introduce voice chat in the game. Besides voicechat consume ridiculus amount of bandwith. Even blizzard struggled long long time before they were able to make voice chat in wow.
: Can i get BANNED please?
I think if i finish my 2300 restriction (got like 150 -200 left ) i will repost on forum. If i recive further punishment i will ask riot staff for logs.
: Can i get BANNED please?
Dont get me wrong. Chat restriction is good system and overall its positive phenomena. The problem is punishment is ridiculus. The ammount of games you have to be restricted shouldnt be BEYOND of human imagination. How i supose to motivate myself to not being toxic if you recive 2300 games restriction. I might not even have such ammount of games played during entire season! Wouldnt be reasonable to mark somone as toxic pernamently instead? I just dont get it. in my assumption system punishments are justified in 99% cases but there always few people like me (see post above). To solve issue i guess there should be a cap of restricition set on 75 games and it shouldnt be wraised furthermore. If somone willingly want to reform and stop act like a dick in solo q then few 75 games is enough to make impact. If he doesnt reform he most likely wont reform "ever" or even if he does it wont be related to type of punishment whatsoever
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Help with Morellonomicon and Athene's
In curent meta roa is better choice for her most of the times even champions.gg confirm that. Morelo is better on her. Shes not siege / poke type of champ. Extra ap and cheaper cost suits her in terms of midgame roams/skirmish. Cmon its not rocket science
: Can i get BANNED please?
Hello guys. When the chat restriction got introduced i was a flamer and i know it. I recived 3 in a row increasing punishments for 20-50-75 games more or so. After reciving 200 games punishment i really reconsidered my behaviour and i just stoped spreading toxicity. Basicly i used limited messages only for comunication and thats it. After 200games i got 600 games punishment. At that point i stoped to care about punishment and i learned to live with it althou i consider myself reformed and if im "just rude" in one per 100 games cuz i have bad day thats kinda it. On the other hand in majority of games im friendly and helpful. I work hard to raise my team morale and i try to chill people that have bad time. I recived like 2-3 ribbons trough my punishment but it doesnt matter, i recived 2300 games restriction afterwards. At this point im 200games away from finishing my 2300 games chat restriction i recived last season. Im plat3-dia4 threshold player and i consider myself friendly and cooperative. Im looking forward for my 5k games restriction. Basicly this system is desinged in a way where if you was toxic during time it got introduced you will never get out of it cuz its like system expect you not being reported for 2300 games. It doesnt really matter if youre toxic or not once you have 200 games restriction. You will just get reported anyway cuz there will always be somone pressing that button. I have 2 smurfs and i never recived any restrictions on them even thou i never restrained myself from writing nasty things on those accounts as i do on my main acc since third punishment
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Help with Morellonomicon and Athene's
Chalice is better if ure "siege-type" champ like xerath/ziggs/orianna. The extra regen pays there off. Morelo is better in terms of buildpath and helps assasin/burst mages get trough adc heal aswell. It speed ups ur 2item aquisition aswell since it has lower price. If youre runing out of mana in laning phase with morelo even on ori i think you're wasting too much mana creeps or you just hit too little of skillshots. In short morelo is better cuz it gives u faster midgame powerspike. On the other hand chalice regen is blessing for siege type champs. Thats kinda it
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