Æon (EUW)
: So they gave into the trolls? Nice.
taking a champ first time on ranked is trolling and gamethrowing
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: While I Agree with most of points you mention in here. One is just wrong in my opinion. There will be games when you don't have much control over your stats. It's not 1vs1 only game. You and your enemy have a team. Sometimes no matter what you will do you will get tower dived by Evelynn, and killed on your way to tower, and then dived again cause your enemy is now 3 lvl ahead of you. Tower is not that magic safe space.
actually this is wrong, and the fact you think this makes me think ur one of those people who will die to eve dives and think they couldnt do anything about it. You can buy wards and put them to strategic places, you can flash her skillshot (or dash), you can spot when enemy mid laner is getting ready for a dive and leave the lane and go base, you can build tanky items, etc etc etc
Æon (EUW)
: I love the bit where you need experience playing a champ before you play in ranked. Most of my ranked games are people who play a champ for the first time and it really shows, as they are just obliterated. I think, in order to play ranked, you need five champs that are Champion Mastery Level 5 or something along those lines. I also think that Riot needs to disable the autofill positions that fill you in Jungle and Support. These two positions require more knowledge than Top/Mid/Bot and are the most influencial positions in the game. Anyway, that's my two cents.
i actually wrote a lot of posts trying to get riot to apply the "no first timing in ranked" on 2 or 3 of them rioters repsonded with either "lmao let people try out new things" like they cant do that in blind, and in one a rioter said "we tried and pitched that but the board doesnt like it" so appearantly someone at riot feels with us but they got shutthe%%%%uped
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I read this as I'm queueing up for ranked
Checked ur match history, u seem aight, got a lot of inting teamates on your couple last games. But if you are a player who learns from his mistakes, and doesnt mute people who give you advice how to be better, then go ahead queue up, good luck on climbing
: In order for you to do well someone on the other team has to 'not so so well'. This whole mentality of 'you inted and ruined my game' makes no sense. The enemy team is trying to win, its a pvp game and you need to fight. If I lose a 1v1 then get ganked by their jungler, who then keeps return ganking and diving me, I am not 'inting'. They are simply playing well. I'm not wasting anyone's time, it's a game. The game as a whole is not less enioyabme just because it says defeat instead of victory. If you play well you still enjoy the game. Climbing is about proving you're stronger then other players, afk farming and hugging turrets doesn't prove anything other then you can play safe which doesn't differentiate skill on any level. These types of posts are made by people with cognitive bias, who think that 1 person playing badly is a reason for an entire team to lose. It's not.
im not gonna repeat because Mostly Bad here explained perfectly why what you say here is wrong look at LCS, its 5 amazing people vs 5 amazing people, so how does one of the teams win? its simple, you can play good, and if the enemyes play slightly better, or have a better team comp, counter you, or etc, they can win, or vice versa the point is that not every loosing team has to have a 1/13 top laner or a 2/15 mid. Good players lose games, but what they do is learn from that. Thats the diffirence that makes them good players that 20 games from now on, they will be better, and not do the same mistakes
: Why do you reply if you don't even understand basic English. Saying that someone has to do 'not so well' is implying that he can look like he's playing badly just because of the circumstances. A simpleton can understand what I meant. > you get dragged back and need to spend more time winning that LP, otherwise you'll have assholes like you constantly bragging about how they're higher elo than you Nobody has ever dragged anyone back since your elo is based on multiple games, not 1 or 2 unlucky games. > Again, as I said in another post, you literally didn't have a single hard feeder in all your ranked games on that account And as I said before, I have people getting terrible scores all the time, I just bring up their scores by carrying games. You look at league through brown coloured glasses acting the victim think there is some conspiracy theories. Truly believing that you're just more unlucky then anyone else LOL. Gold 4 Pyke eune players thinking their opinion holds value, love it.
oh hey, LGSummoner012 i remember you from older posts. Ur that guy who doesnt play league, has 0 ranked games on your account in past couple seasons and disputes balance issues, thats cool
: It doesn't matter if a player ends up feeding (soft inting) with 0/8 - 0/12 stats or if he goes straight up running it down to 0/20 - 0/30 since the value of a kill on that players falls down quite rapidly. Sure everyone can get a bad game, it happens to me, you, everyone. But some people need to face facts. If you end up with feeding stats consistently, then you should overthink what you're doing wrong. Tho I can understand players complaining about being stuck because of dum-dums I do not understand feeders who try to blame others. There are players who consistantly get a 3+ Kda with a huge farm advantege in their game and sometimes get one or two bad games within 10 - 20 games. On the other hand, there are players who go straight up 0/3 in the first 5 minutes and end up with 1/8 or something like that consistantly and end up with the exact opposite 10 - 20% games where they pop off. Such players keep ruining ranked games by not admitting they are at fault, it's always someone else (jungle is very popular to blame). How can someone do consistantly bad and have the audacity to blame others? Since it's clearly possible to do consistantly well. If you think about it deep enough, such a person has the same value as a hard inter, the only difference is the "bad player" just destroys the game in a bit slower pace. Refusing to admit his own failures and to try and correct them is just intentional feeding with extra steps.
If saying the 0/8 in a sence of "huge underperforming" as in getting that score before 15minutes or something, you figure it out. If i had a 0/20 malphite who still tanks fights and does sick ults, or a 0/10 Miss fortune that still does the dmg with her ult that she needs to do, nothing wrong with that, even if they struggled on lane, they made the most of what they could, and thats self improvement, thats a good ranked player in the making. Players im talking about here are a diffirent things. They dont want to improve, they dont want to hear about their mistakes, they dont care about fixing what they messed up, they dont listen to the team trying to save the wreck of a game. Aka, they dont care, they are just chilling. And nothing wrong with that, but as explained in the post, its a behaviour that does not belong on ranked. For their own sake its better if they dont play ranked, on blind they meet lees tryhards so they can have easier game and enjoy more, even try troll builds for the sake of it, and also the wont get flamed as much cuz in normals win doesnt matter. Its a win win for both parties (and then there are players who say jungle diffirence, but only god can help those creatures)
: Theres a huge difference between feeding and inting. Dont use them like its the same thing please.
what i mean here is that it doesnt matter. I personally as an opinion dont think a person can go 0/8 unintentiionaly but, to each their own. What im saying here is that people who go 0/8 unintentionaly dont care, they dont say sry team for feed, they dont try to learn from their mistakes, they just go next and do the exact same things they did with 0% self improvement sence. And that is fine for casual play, as i said in the post, for those who dont want to invest time and effort into getting good at a videogame and rather spend it on something else, nothing wrong with that, but dont queue up for a game mode thats all about having stats and performing as best as you can. Thats the message. Even the said players will have a much better time on blind, either meeting more casuals who wont flame them, or having worse oponents because they wont be against tryhards like in ranked
: Reporting players Does nothing
Let me give you a bit of an inside on this Years ago, way back in old client, im talking season 2-3, there was a lot of report options, it wasnt compact like now, and one at the bottom of the list was "unskilled player". Yes, that was a report thing. Some people were concerned or outraged by its existence on boards and like "can u rly be banned for that?" (which i personally say fk yeah go at it), but basically, the only reason for the existence of this button was, it was a punching bag. The report did not actually do anything. Maybe getting reported for unskilled a lot made u match with lower elo/mmr players, but in term of affecting your account, it did absolutely nothing, it was just a venting thing for tilted players so they can report their teamates and feel like HELL YEAH THAT WILL SHOW YOU. People think that riot removed this pointless report button that only served as a joke, but they didnt, they simply RENAMED it, to what? **Unsportsmanlike Conduct Intentional Feeding Cheating** yes that is right, there is not 1, but 3 total useless buttons on the report list, that serve as nothing more than venting points for players. You can run down hundreds, and i mean HUNDREDS of games in row (tested, account stilll not banned at 442 consecutive games ran down, also done with a script to prove cheating report does nothing). Reporting someone for unsportsmanlike conduct, aka griefing, does nothing. The person in game can steal your cs, not help you, body block you, do that troll thing with tahm kench or anivia W or something, doesnt matter, not bannable offence, reporting wont do nothing. Intentional Feeding is also not a reportable offense, the only way in existence to get banned is be a famous twitch streamer, STREAM yourself inting, and then someone take that replay and post it on reddit, AND it has to get frontpage on r/league. That is the only way to receive a ban. A good example of this is ELAVE, a player exposed by LoLhounds, its a yi main who has ran down about 400+ games, rocking an astounding 0% win rate on tahm kench over 280 games and 2% win rate on nunu over 160 games. Elave has been at this for months or years even, and was only banned because someone contacted LOLHOUNDS and was like hey, this dud has interesting op.gg. If lolhounds (and some others) didnt make videos exposing it and post it on reddit, Elave would be here to this day, completly unpunished. cheating reports. Now there are a lot of exploits and cheats in league, one thats trendy right now is yummi script. Its basically a script that plays yumi since all you have to do to play yumi without having an afk kick, is W to someone. Its a script that plays yumii basically like a bot would in a coop vs Ai game, and it just Ws to people and hits perfect Qs and ults. You can let this %%%%% run on a pc and come back to it a month later only to see how many wins it ended up mining you, but at the end its a way to have your account play games 24/7 without a break for a second unless ur wifi or league crashes. But there is many other scripts or shits people can do to cheat league. And once again, its a gray area of bans being delivered So what does this mean?? is being toxic the only thing that gets you banned in league??? .....yeah....... yeah, it is. 200+ years boys
Hansiman (EUW)
: Because filtering them out is pretty non-effective, because people always find new ways to misspell something in order to get a racist remark across. The name you've posted isn't the exact wording they're trying to convey. So if you filter that name out, they'd just find some other method of spelling the word. You should submit the screenshot to [player support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to report it. They'll be able to handle these cases appropriately.
why not just let it go?? moment of honesty, WHAT even is the point of banning offensive usernames? what harm do they cause, what disaster do they bring, other than someone is having a bit of dank edgy fun. Sure, super hardcore names like Apocalypses old name (the one from disco heat video, look it up if u need to, its pretty xd) can be a bit too much, understandable. But this here? come on, who cares bro, what harm does it do
: > it's literally %%%%ing illegal. **Terms of Use Exist** JarouCobiTheOnE: https://imgur.com/a/ZWuEKfb
hey, blizzard tried that, and now they are on fire. You migjht have something here
: Takes minimal effort to reply to someone so stupid, Infact I enjoy waiting to see what kind of stupid response you come up with next. > U saw that i am right Yes that's why I'm agreeing with you! Spending all your free time leveling new accounts is totally worth arguing with a 12 year old for 15minutes in game!
no games on your account for years, so you literally just have an account to go on boards and vomit your positive warrior behaviour onto people who treat feeding teamates the way they deserve. Good job dud
Àssassin (EUW)
: Hahaha, i am banned permanently 12 times, ill never change. Because i dont want to, i am not a sheep to follow riot stupid bann system. I never been racist, never been sexism, never flamed someone for no reason. But there is moments that someone should say something about it, i will never shut up about it no matter what. I am not a dog to follow riot orders, there is something called fair. Riot has no right to take what is rightfully mine, u can take my account, u can take my chat but ill never let someone take my honor in the game or anywhere else. If i am played with xin top, kayle adc yasuo mid, while i play kayn, and i see mid coming to my jgl and kill me and yasuo never ping about her, i wont flame him. But if that same yasuo after being 0/5 he say report kayn piece of sht never gank. At this moment, not u or riot or police gonna tell me not to flame him. I am going to flame the sht out of him, even if it means perma bann. Its perma bann with honor in real life. If someone told me fk ur mother, or anything else. U have no right to tell me not to talk back, i am not a baby. I dont need a protector to protect my right in their own way, i revenge for my self by my hand. So bann me forever, ill never change. I would say u are right, if i ever was racist, sexism or if i ever started first. Other wise, ill never stop what i am doing, and bann chat that teaching me to flame more bec what i said was right. And the perma bann prove that i was in the right direction.
Riot thinks they can eliminate toxicity by banning toxic players, but what they really need to do is ban the 0/10 adcs who feed and say whoooops after dying in a 2v2 5th time or walking into an unwarded bush to die 7 th time in row Toxicity is not something that exists out of nothing, its always a reaction, a reaction to terrible players inting. Ban terrible players inting, toxicity will dissapear, its literally chemistry, ACtion and reaction, instead of trying to fight reaction, eliminate action (inters) and you get no reaction.
: Why 14 day ban when i had just my 10 games chat restriction before?
Riot is like that bro, bilions of dollars, 0% brains to get 10 games chat ban, ur supposed to have 3 games where you flame extra hard and those are supposed to be emailed to you and shown in-client. But sometimes it slaps you just for 2 games. Is that a bug? i think it should be registered as one, but the truth is that riot system will just ban you whenever it feels like it, no matter what you actually said skipped 25?? thats nothing my friend had honnor lvl 4, and had 1 game where he kinda broke and went really off, stil, no banned phrases, just a lot of fk yous and such, but pretty mellow rage. he never had any punishment but was hit from NO punishment honnor level 4 straight to 14 days ban. Bull? yup. Deserved? never. Did riot support help? not even a response you got a 14day ban because riot system felt like you should take a break. Next time you might get permaban for wishing someone good morning in game, its really completly random
Papa Muerte (EUNE)
: I feel like everyone is watching others make " mistakes " instead of playing them selves???
you know, your title makes my blood boil because it reminds me of the most hated phrase in league i have to this day "stop write/something and play" like you cant do 2 things at once, or whatever, it astonishes me how people can be so dumb they write something like that, but now to the point Watching others mistakes is good, if they are really mistakes, and not just your delusional imaginations. People dont know when they do a mistake, or they wont admit it to themselves, thats just how EGO works. When your ADC is missing all cs, your mid cant land a skillshot, your top laner doesnt see a jungler ganking when he walked over 3 wards, and you call out those mistakes, its a good thing, and 2 things can happen A: the laner will realize that you called out their mistake, and it really was a mistake. He will say sry and try to improve and learn from his mistakes. This is very rare, but is a good way to improve. The way i learned to play league is that i was flamed everygame, so i listened to the flame cuz obviously they had a good reason to flame me, and after i listened to what they think is my mistakes, i fixed them. This was in like S3 where banning for flame was lees frequent so it was good. now B: this one is the common one. People will say stfu, mute, dont write and play or some other bull, and disregard the fact they indeed did a mistake (we are ofc talking about them actually making a mistake and not u being delusional and flaming for nothing). This is the kind of player that should not play ranked, a player who doesnt want to improve, and wants to keep going 0/8, spam jungle diffirence and complain on forums that the champ he lost against is broken.
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: Had a game where 1 player from each team joined the other team, running around with them was a blast
thats called griefing, not a blast
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Shamose (EUW)
: Is league of legends a new release?
exactly!! its a 10 year old game, all these issues should have been fixed in season 4 or 5 at best when they got really rich, only bugs existing should be the ones that come with new champs, and those should be fixed soon too
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I believe we're looking at "League Of Legends " wrong.
The reason its frustrating is becuase riot doesnt care to fix at least some of the infinite number of bugs this game has, and because players who go 0/4 every game think that toxicity is a problem, and not their gameplay
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: impressive game balance
2 points PointA: You are absolutely correct. Riot is a scam company, right up there with Bethesda and Activision Blizzard, yet somehow not being boycotted. League players really are blind consumers, The game is inhumanly unbalanced thanks to champs like ekko, reksai and etc. And you got nobodys like TFBlade who can only play 3 champs who are currently meta abusing champs, if all 3 are banned, he has to pocketpick something he will go 0/4 with. Your points are valid PointB: A tutorial Bot can play better than you. From Gold 3 to Bronze 4, how that is even POSSIBLE. Thats actually impressive how much of a garbage you have to be. Your match history is you constantly inting and building wrong items. Fakin spam yi or ekko if you need to get out of low elo, i dont care, you are an abysmal abomination of a player, and you got no right to complain about others. If you went 10/0 every game and lost to team trolling, OKAY, bad, but understandable. PS:. Most of riots balancing team is rankwise about at the same level as you, being hardstuck in silver / gold, i think a while ago we were making fun of the highest placed riot balance team member being gold1 or something. Its insane that garbage players like that can even THINK that they are capable of balancing whatever they touch. They couldnt balance a straight line. I say, riot, hire pros, hire LCS players, hire L9 or something to balance your game, players who actually have something in their head and know how the game works because they frequently get top rank worldwide in the span of a month
: Bug splatting isn’t easy... it comes from hours of repetitive tests to isolate the bug, sifting through any code that could cause it (which is a lot of code) and introducing a change that won’t cause more bugs. That can take weeks or even months to do (or in some cases years depending on how buried the bug is)... pbe is for catching bugs but that doesn’t mean they can catch all bugs on there or even deal with all bugs on there (millions of people testing makes getting the bug isolated much faster). This is just what coding is... no way to make it any faster
As saying, doing some of it myself, i know how tricky and nasty programming is, but my point is that a multi bilion dollar company shouldnt release this disguised as a working product. Im not saying small bugs cant occour, but what you see in basically any lol or tft game is endless tons of not small bugs. Completly breaking bugs. In TFT im talking champions frozen by their own animations, or simply just champions not moving at all when game starts, and tons more, in lol im talking pathing and fog of war that completly defines any logic on a big scale. Fallout 76 next to this doesnt look half as bad
: Simply put, no PBE can be effective as millions of players. Both when it comes to fish for bugs and to have an impression of balance issues. So PBE is mostly only to detect and solve REALLY big and nasty bugs and to ascertain if some ners/buffs are really stepping out of the line. Lacking both these things, RioT simply release the patch and it is and wait for players to do the job.
thats my point, one of the things i said in the text. "if it was small ones, okay" but no, this is those "REALLY big and nasty" bugs, that just keep making it to the game without fix. in TFT you basically cant have a game without someone getting scammed out of a win by bugs and glitches. Your champions with full mana walking around instead of casting, your berserker jumping and then not moving, volibear using his melee bite through the entire map as if its a global ability, double cast mage yasuo causing him to be permanently stuck in air looping his animation........ all of these are just top of the head bugs im listing from my past 2-3 games of TFT. Last game i ended i kept spectating, 92health guy lost cuz his 5 3star champs after round started just didnt move, and then walked the entire map through until they started autoattacking a champions. Examples really
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Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Well I do truly understand players who go 10/0 and are legit mad, when everyone on their team goes 0/10 which makes game immpossible to carry, but looking at your game history and stats you didn't earn this right.
First of all, im a jungler, i give kills. Second of all, have you tought that maybe when i go 6/0 i start dying a lot because of enemy laners being 10/0 from my teamates??? yup thats the case. Went 6/0 jarvan jungle, ended 9/10 becuase my bot feeds tristana. Went 4/0 udyr, ended 4/9 because bot gave caitlyn 13/2. Did you look at the ezreal in my match history building yomuus and wits end?? went 6/0 udyr, ended 7/10 cuz swain feed annie and illoji with score 0/8. I depromoted from gold3 50LP to Gold5 17LP, in most of cases adc or mid were at fault. I bet you didnt even look at the game progress in my match history. Like when did who die, when did the game turn around, when did we kill drakes. For example kensei, do you think you deserved to lose that Leblanc game where you had intentional feeder xerath 2/12 and int yasuo 2/12 too?? no, well every single game of mine is like that. No matter what i do, how many kills do i secure for my teams, the ADC or mid always ruins it by feeding and throwing
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're kinda talking about 2 different things. Just because you played good, doesnt necessarily mean you improved. > in seasons before like 2 and 3 elo used to work good cuz you could improve even if you were loosing a lot, if you played good and only lost thanks to an afk or a 0/10 adc, you still got elo and eventually got better teamates. While i didnt play before then i don't think that's how it worked, as far as i know practially speaking the current league system is just a cosmetic upgrade to the previous one. I mean in the end things havent really changed. > So, it surprised me how elo dropped so much when in most games i went like 4/0 or so and only lost because of someone ragequiting. You're making some wrong assumptions here. Elo didnt drop, you're just not able to keep up with your teammates. While climbing it doesnt get easier to play, it gets only harder. > even if i ended with score like 5/9 that was a 4/0 be4 the super feed enemy adc did her thing. this suggests you don't know how to outplay enemy when even, only when ahead also you probably strugle to put your advantage to use.
The problem is, even if you are feed, you cant control one thing. Teamates. Feed game, 8/2 jungler, 9/3 mid. Lost. Why?? well because our adc decided to go top, and stay afk top perma, and only farm. Morgana support, since she is support and following adc is mandatory for support, had to follow him top. That leaves us 3v5. and as you can guess, our 8/2 and 9/3 scores mean nothing against a jhin yasuo velkoz and etc. We just lose because our adc trolls. And that my friend doesnt mean you didnt improve. I did dragons, i did barons, i did everything a good player does. Loosing because a guy trolls and refuses to follow team isnt about you not being improved. You have to understand, "CARRYING" isnt always possible because you cant control team. Ok, so you are... idk lets say 12/1 vayne, so obviously you are gonna do some dmg. BUT, your team doesnt wait you and suicide 4v5. Now you cant def turrets and cant go in 1v5, so you just lose half of your base. Thats the kind of thing im talking about. The unfair part of this is that, that top laner who did well, or adc, or mid laner, or jungler, is gonna lose LP and lose MMR just like the others who troll or suicide to enemy team. and that is not fair
Hansiman (EUNE)
: No, because that favors solo play in a team oriented game. It also favors certain playstyles that try to go for high personal stats instead of actually going for objectives and doing what is actually best for the team in any given situation. You complain that you lose MMR (elo is no longer used) due to your allies; but in the same boat, you also gain MMR due to your allies carrying you through games where you underperform. Would you want to lose MMR because you underperformed even if your team won?
well technically when i go like 0/6 cuz i have bad game and im litteraly just a minion walking around, and i win cuz i get carried by 20/1 vayne, im happy i didnt lose LP but at the same time i dont feel very good abouutu the win because i know i did nothing to help to achive that, in fact i made the game harder for my team with my missplays, so yes. I dont underperform that much, but when i do, even if i win, i think its deserved to lose my MMR.
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: 6 games out of that 9 loses: 5/15 - you had the highest death on your team 5/10 - second highest 8/8 - second highest 13/10 - highest 11/12 - highest 14/11 - second highest in none of these games people were int feeding on your team since everyone had normal builds and nobody ran into towers. Can you shut the fuck up next time about int feeders ? EDIT: You will argue that these deaths came after the feed person came from the int player. So you can't manage to die less then someone who does that INTENTIONAL?!
the death count is so high because of late game fights where feed enemyes were uncontestable. Or so. But the inting happened when they went 0/4 and ragequited for some ammount of time, or simply decided to ignore team and troll by not joining us, then late started tying again or jjust ksed kills and then afked. also in most of the games i was 3/0 before 8 min
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