: I just want someone to play with me in ranked and help me climb coz everytime when I play solo I end up with unranked people and eventually lose the game.
http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Sandro99 This is me playing on my another acc, this year I managed to reach promo to gold III from bronze without loosing too much... 67 wins 14 lost. Was also duoing with a friend and I didnt play with her until the season ended so she wouldnt get the undeserved rank. However, this is my tip for you how to get out of Silver: start roaming more, get used to these situations when roaming, start learning from it, what could you have done better, what should you NOT do? Eventually you will end up being able to see that things are going to happen in for example 20 seconds and take advantages of them! Boooom you're even out of platinum. All diamond players are good at this
: I just want someone to play with me in ranked and help me climb coz everytime when I play solo I end up with unranked people and eventually lose the game.
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: Prma banned
You realize you are super toxic, no? You keep telling your own teammates "%%%%ing noob" and trash. That's toxic dude! Who would want a toxic player in their own team? Nobody. Have you even read the summoner's codes? What you did there was totally against the summoner's codes and destroys the idea of teamworking. What you did also decreases your teammates' performance. Permanent ban was what we all needed!
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: can you blank the names you know naming people or showing their scores with their names is not allowed on boards
On my way! Don't delete the thread, just give me 5 minutes! Done. Ps... you're not a forum moderator... in case you didn't realize it yet
: 1st pic. So why would you keep focus on farming after full build anyway? Unless your team needs wave clear then ok, but imagine giving some of that to the Karma so she could've gotten a full build. Would've been better for you. 2nd pic. What even? Can you guys even draft? You lost that before the game even started. 3rd pic. Not as much you could've done on your side, maybe Botrk instead of BT but that's the most minor of details, maybe you felt you needed the extra defenses. Also after checking your op.gg you seem to be consistently getting matched with higher tier players then you even if only just slightly, now I know for a fact that a lot of them win through macro rather then mechanics, you on the other side seem to be a very gifted mechanical player, I can see how this could put you at odds with each other since your game philosophies are vastly different, at the end of the day this is a team game and not being on the same page can and will break a game anytime. You already know this but in League the win condition it's not reaching a kill limit, it's kill the Nexus.
1. pic. The game was 37 minutes long. All the inhibitors were down and the super minions were all close to the nexus. I was forced to kill the minions while my teammates often were dead. Before the super minions came, I was pretty behind so I had the right to kill them. Did not have full build until we were close to losing the game... 2. So what should I do? Dodge the champion selection? I was in promotion to platinum tier^^ Other than that, the game was super easy. We could have won the game easily if mid and supp did not get caught by lux's and morgana's Q all the time ^^ Guess everyone can have bad games 3. Unlucky game :D Yeah I'm actually not a kda-player. I tend to often have the highest kill-participation stats among the players in my games because... this is a team game right? And I priority objectives over kills Lets hope I get less unlucky games so I can actually climb to diamond on this smurf account >.<
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: I guess you're right, but it still feels like you lost because someone thought he was superior to everyone, but ended up losing the game for everyone on your team.
That's why you should go 1v9! Don't die to make sure the nexus will die
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
{{champion:3}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:55}} Old ones were much, much better...
: matchmaking extreme unhappiness
Damn dude... your match history is so RED! :-O
: Premades are ruining this game... Solo Q Normal pls...
Bro... if you just want to stomp players... then you will never become a better player! Those duos are doing you a favor - you become a better player faster!
: THIS is what is wrong with LOL
Hey dude... I see you're silver III and you have a winrate of 50% which pretty much means you belong in silver III. All you need to do is stop act like you deserve to be in gold tier until you ARE in gold tier. While you're in silver, you should be talking less and play more to become a better player. I use to play on my smurf accounts to learn from my "small" mistakes as I tend to do them quite often and I do lose sometimes in silver, and that's perfectly fine because as long as I'm winning more than losing, it should be fine. https://gyazo.com/62a75168812a352e615ad062bc25b3dd PS. I main ADC lul... If you can't carry like me, then you really don't deserve gold :D every gold player can easily hit gold!
Bíbs (EUW)
: How do I beat a lategame Yasuo?
By playing certain champions Kennen, Master Yi, Vayne, Zed, Swain, Darius, Malzahar, Fiora are good champions vs Yasuo late game
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Do honor levels below 2 also reset with the new season?
I doubt honor levels will be reseted, you have to earn those honor levels
PhantomBD (EUW)
: Game 1 ------: gg ------: zoe ------: why no cover top ------: zoe monogloid ------: report zoe ------: reset ------: let me buy ------: yep ------: unlucky ------: AHAH ------: AHAHAHAHA ------: pls ff ------: DUDE ------: HE ULTED ME ------: IDIOT ------: THIS IS BECAUSE ------: NO ONE COME TOP ------: wp pressing e + r LOL ------: tard ------: u are 3 4 ------: cuz ur champ is %%%%%%ed ------: as ur family ------: we cant win ------: they have malzahar ------: and a real support ------: i odont blame u ------: i blame ur pick ------: wh9o nautilus? ------: y ------: just report this fking idiot this is the chat logs
Yeah you were encouraging people to report Zoe (for nothing) and also you called her a tard and the fact that you said Zoe's champion's f***** as her family.. that'is toxic af. And then you kept on encouraging people to report Zoe while adding "fking idiot". This is bad behavior and only contrubites with negativity within your team However though, you only get banned for 14 days if your behavior has been like this before so riot games' system clearly thought that 14 days of ban was needed in action
: Lp gain
Welcome to Diamond 5 :D
PhantomBD (EUW)
: Yes man i have checked the e-mail and they didnt send me any email but they show you the "incriminate" chat logs when you log in and there is only 1 GAME where i typed "mongoloid" one time and "idiot" multiple times. I repeat my account was honor 4 never get punishement in my life , i didnt even type bad words like "nigg**" or "fa***t" is insane that i got 14 days insta ban without the chat restriction process
PhantomBD (EUW)
: No m8 trust me i have only the chat log of the game where i type mongoloid and "idiot" as "trigger words" and they 14 days banned me an account that was honor 4 never get any punishment or something...is just ridicolous
Have you checked your email? They use to show the chatlogs of yours from a game where you gone toxic
PhantomBD (EUW)
: Bro i got insta 14 days banned for typing "monogloid" yes literally monogloid instead of mongoloid (missclicks) like wtf i can understand if i type stuff like "nig**r" or "fa**ot" but mongoloid? hello?? i spend money on this fking game to see my account banned for a fking word?? rioters are just braindead ffs
I don't think you got banned for a word... I think it's because you're almost always negative towards your teammates. Note this message " you guys at riot games are really autistic and this is an offense for the real autistic people being compared to rioters :D". You think it's okay to say that? lol Continuing, being negative towards your teammates are against the summoner's codes as they tend to not play at their best and therefore they lose the game because of your bad behavior. If that was the case, then the ban was fully deserved. Also everyone has bad games, but if your behavior keeps going bad then you should be banned! If that wasn't the case, then you might have intentionally fed or been using bad words in many recent games About chat restriction, it is for minor bad behavior. I guess your behavior was worse!
: Okay this will be very disrespectful to a few people, so prepare yourself. 1. Any statistics for the leagues have nothing and i mean nothing to do with how LCS, Worlds or anything does, as they are filled with predetermined teams of the same people ... pretty much always 2. In LoL the biggest amateur can win against the biggest juggernaut and that's the beauty of the game 3. East Asian cultures, are always more involved in whatever they do and that's a historically proven fact, hence why anything which requires consistency or focus they will always be better 4. EU players and NA players, let's be serious we tend to decline on our interest in games due to girlfriends, life, parents, work, etc. no matter how pro you are. 5. Overconfidence in NA and EUW players is move than obvious (look at FNC and i will stop there) and then after the first slap things spiral down (same happened to SKT1 at the end of the final to be fair) 6. Good (or even normal) EUNE players play in EUW, because you don't want angry east European kids or listening/reading to Polish all day (I am saying it as someone who is East European and even while i was still living in Bulgaria i hated my own people, how toxic they are and the lack of English in everyone else) So stats are useless, and there is logic behind everything + let's be serious it's a game - anyone can be first, if they try hard enough and don't let Ego get in their way
1. Correct! 2. ? 3. Nah. The best players in CS:GO are swedish players imo 4. What do you mean? 5. What do you mean? 6. So basically, there's no good players in EUNE? Hmm... interesting! I don't think everyone can be first. Reaching a good rank requires true talent and working "long-term decision makings", as I call them, and good gaming knowledges, which takes time. Only 0.034 % of the playerbase can enter the master division! I know many people that have played a lot more than me and they're still in silver or gold and really not toxic^^
: Too many toxic people on eune :/
Haven't seen toxic players for a while here on EUNE, while I find toxic players everytime I play on EUW XD
Shiwah (EUW)
: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/YYdIgKum-bug-bugged-chat-in-client?comment=0000
Thanks! Finally they will fix it!!!
I would say EUW > NA And NA is almost the same as EUNE
Rismosch (EUW)
: Your research is wrong. In certain regions there are more Diamond players than in other regions, simply because they have more players in general. EUW is the second biggest Server and NA the third biggest.
Yeah, that's of course correct lol What I meant was how big amout of the playerbase in the region are diamond players :P
: EU players aren't worse than other players. It's just that a lot of pros and high elos migrated to EUW during server merges, and challenger series happen on EUW iirc. But as long as you're below D2, you won't notice a difference.
I do notice a difference between EUW and EUNE though. Plat 2 in EUW is equal to D5 in EUNE imo as I was stuck at plat 2 on EUW while I'm currently stuck at diamond 5 here on EUNE.
: Solo Q Normal Games PLEASE RIOT!
That's just gonna boost you to become a better player, trust me!
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: They know about it and will fix it at next patch most likely. Nothing they will do a hotfix for sadly.
Proofs? Because they said I should re-install league of legends and I've done that... still doesn't help
: We don't understand the concept of 'good players' in the same way, then. And no, I don't consider myself to be a good player - quite the opposite.
I consider top 10% players and above good players lol
: Depends on what you call 'good'.
: I've seen Silverinos reach Diamond in Flex. And they were *real* Silverinos. You don't need Diamond players to do that, you could even go solo in that queue and still reach it after like 200 games max. Good luck.
Yeah probably by going duo with good players
Sarokh (EUNE)
: Looking for diamond players to reach diamond in flex
You might be asking me why I play flex, it's because I'm currently practicing on my new way to AA and I need to get used to it. Not looking for a real team or so I don't want to use teamspeak, discord or skype etc
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Saur0n300 (EUNE)
: Where is f.... PROOF????
Why would you need proof for that? Your toxicity isn't going to restore automatically by setting your honor lvl back to 2? wtf dude, you have to earn it If all honor lvls would get resetted back to 2 every year then everyone can at least get banned/chat-restricted once a year, that's the wrong idea of keeping league of legend's community clean and less toxic
elin990 (EUW)
: Which champ do you ban often?
Depends on what I'm going to play If I play Yi jungle, then I'd most likely ban Rammus beause he can stop me from attacking his teammates and while I'm taunted, I lose HP because he has thornmail + W. If I play adc, then I ban Thresh because if you get hooked, you're dead. I also ban Rammus in case my support is a Thresh player. If my team has both these champions, then I'll ban Zed or Ahri because they can kill you pretty fast and in an annoying way
Rioter Comments
: I already did this when the new client arrived, I was in the same lag aswell. But thank you so much for trying to help me. I just hope some Rioter may help us all who need it about lag on the client. And as I said, its not just me so... Thanks again for trying to help.
Rip... no problems bud
Sarokh (EUNE)
: I heard they've deleted the old one. I also think that they'd rather focus on to fixing lags on the new client rather than giving you a chance to use the old one BTW I think I know why it's lagging for you! BRB
https://gyazo.com/5a7066ac3d95c11ec807b2887c2f4e39 Does this help? Because I remember the client lagged for me as well but then I marked something and then the client went super smooth Edit: Edited the printscreen
: I had 0 lag on the old client, but im not talking just about myself, but also about the other people and my friends. That why I say as "the players who need it", I just wish everyone can have the good as all the others have, also to they who need they can have the old client. Maybe the old client doesnt show the same information about the match as the new client does today, but, thats not like the most important thing when we ask about having the old client back again. but yeah its true, the new one is pretty cool, but it lags too much.
I heard they've deleted the old one. I also think that they'd rather focus on to fixing lags on the new client rather than giving you a chance to use the old one BTW I think I know why it's lagging for you! BRB
: I figured that a permanent ban is worse. Hence why Im asking you why you say I should get permanent ban? So again, what is the reason IN YOUR OPINION that I should get a permanent ban?
Are you blind or something? You're literally just spreading negativity within your team as according the summoner's codes, you should be showing sportmanship and be teamworking! You totally destroy the idea of teamworking when saying words like "mother fker, rtard, wtf are you doing in my team, autism" etc If you have nothing good to say, don't even chat man... When you said "pls lux knife ur own throat", that's deathwishing bro... You totally deserve a permanent ban but you're super lucky as for now. You better show that you're reformed after the suspension ends lol
: "We" need some help! Client For All
The old client was lagging as well lol but I miss a lot of functions that the old one had, for example ranked stats, how many minions you've killed, how many normal wins you have etc etc etc... The new one sucks really bad
Saur0n300 (EUNE)
: Will my honor get back at the start of Season 8?
gamebuster7 (EUNE)
: https://youtu.be/mMr8-SSw-tI I made a video
https://gyazo.com/d2b2e48097fa8f46081113387beb2bf9 So this is the chatlogs right? You said words like ky*, that's deathwishing bro, to your own teammates! And not even once... Are you serious? No wonder your team reported you. You also got reported for spreading negativity within your team, therefore your team can't play at their best as they're getting tilted of you. You totally destroyed the idea of teamworking, as the summoner's codes says you should be showing sportmanship. If you have nothing good to say, then you should not be using the chat at all! The ban was fully deserved and you should rethink of how to actually communicating with people. Super embarrasing bro! What should you do next? After the suspension ends, you should really be showing that you've reformed or your account will be permanantly banned almost immediately as your honor level will be set at 0. A single word that riot games rates as prohibited, your account will get immediately permanently banned. Everytime you join a game, you should be typing /mute all and play your best!
gamebuster7 (EUNE)
: I got banned for no reason
Show us ALL THE CHATLOGS. _ALL_ the chatlogs :) I double dare you!
: Thats the problem with the system, you can have people in gold, silver and plat are similar skill levels which undermines the league system. My last game had silver, gold and plats in it.
Exactly haha ^^ I find it funny how european people loves downvoting threads/comments without saying a word while NA is so good at it How depressing XD I bet it's because they got so bad MMR and still has plat V rank ^^ My further argument to why MMR-system replacing league point-system is better is that people would stop trolling at 0 LP because now it's all about your MMR (if we had the MMR-system)
The Dark1n (EUNE)
: Tribunal Will it ever be back in EUNE?
I think the tribunal system won't come back again lol No other regions has the tribunal system I guess
: Pick a League System or an ELO system NOT BOTH.
I agree with you. My MMR use to be much better than the average of the rank and I find it unfair that players who has better rank than me has worse MMR than me. They're in other words worse than me.
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