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: Skins are the main income of Riot and systems that provide you with free skins hurt them alot. Technically it's obviosly possible to create such a sytsem... but it would cost Riot alot of money and will give them less income in return. In the long run they would dig their own grave with that.
I tought of that and i cant agree with you, cuz you can still buy skins and you can put only RP price for it so if someone wants to try that skin, he can but he needs to pay idk. as i said earlyer 20-50rp i would say, and that what you said it will cost them alot of money,i dont think so, but anyway its just my opinion, anyway ty for Comment :D And also to add to that, i am a person with 180+ skins so yeah i know what theyer income is
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