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: It's Taric, his game play re-work is 90% done and they'll give him a vu / new effects for his new spells. Red on reddit said the gameplay side was 90% done and the rest needed doing. HOWEVER they said over a year ago Yorick was high priority for the next in line for the full re-work since then Sion/Tristana received a re-work and they've not mentioned Yorick.
But... but Poppy...
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Ruiisuki (EUW)
: Derp Garen (I Got Bored)
Could you make others too?
Sauas (EUNE)
: [BUG] Champion select icons
And that's my EUW account.
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CppL (EUW)
: What if you adc?
Still Zhonya's, why not? I once bought it on Draven when they had a Zed.
: Qss doesn't stop vi's ult???
You could use Zhonya's Hourglass.
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: the tribunal is closed since one and a half year now. who would ever fall for this?
: Why do people even accept friend-requests from anonymous persons, I don't get it...
I see no reason why I shouldn't.
: Picture removed, due to the naming & shaming rule.
But I censored his name.
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: Please add an invisible online option
Why would you need something like this?
Malardor (EUNE)
: You have to lvl up E to rank5 before you have 2sec stun. What makes Irelia OP its Trinity force.
And her passive... and her true damage, heal, stun, tankiness, mobility...
: Equilibrum strike. Stun duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2. And most people max W either way. But, even if they max E first, it means she will have a 1 second stun until level 3, a 1.5 second stun at level 6 and a 2 second stun after level 9. But meh, people on this boards will always overexaggerate the strengths of the champions they hate. Like all those people saying "OMG RIVEN AOE STUN" even when her stun has a pitiful range and only lasts for 0.75 sec.
I wasn't sure about her first rank of W's stun duration, but I know at some point it lasts 2 seconds. There are many champions that I don't like, thought Irelia is not one of them, I just brought her in the discussion because she's strong against Riven.
: Post your "When i was a noob"
I was clicking the abilities to use them...
: Irelia has a really weak early game. She's one of these champions that you can bully with almost anything you pick.
Try to bully that 2 seconds stun and true damage, I dare you.
: Client hurts my eyes
: "Wait for Riven to use her Cooldowns and then all in her"
Where the heck are you guys playing that you think Riven is so strong? I find it harder to lane against a Pantheon or an Irelia rather than a Riven...
Good Be3r (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sauas,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=YaeEuzZf,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-03-13T20:33:35.577+0000) > > What if someone wants to pick something for someone else? It's the same question as owning or not the Champion. Actually, you cannot pick for someone else if you don't own the champion.
Good Be3r (EUW)
: The "Champion Mastery" should be used to prevent players to pick a never played champion in Ranked
: I like the idea about giving Riven energy. Don't know where I heard it but it makes sense. All that jumping and never gets tired? Meanwhile Shen becomes tired from one simple dash.
Shen wears armor.
: Is Darius worth buying?
There are 3-4 more free Riven days, so yeah, he's definitely worth buying.
: The freaking new skins
I thought you guys stopped buying RP since the announcement of price increase.
Kauski (EUNE)
A little angry, aren't you? Riven is not that strong, unless you (and your team) let her snowball. If Riven loses her early game, she's equal to 0. Edit: Oh, yeah, downvote me because you can't play against a Riven. ._.
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: I tried Diana. Really fun champion! I tried her on the toplane, midlane and as support. Support doesn't work very well, but it isn't the worst either!
: upvoting for the hashtag
But it reads 'bringthehate', you're supposed to downvote me. {{item:3151}}
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Who have you been playing recently.
{{champion:92}} #bringthehate But also Nidalee, Alistar, and a few more, can't remember, last time I played League was about a week ago.
: what is the counterplay to TRYNDAMERE?
Teemo. No hate please!
: Overstaying ones welcome aka.: How to throw a won game. (And how to avoid that)
I feel you, I definitely feel you bro, too bad my pings are limited.
: Riot The FPS DROP after patch 5.4 needs to get fixed now!
I'm also experiencing fps loss since 5.4, so I had to set everything on lowest.
: #Decency: Why I started muting everyone from the get-go
Using only pings to communicate would actually make players more receptive to them.
AoSoul (EUW)
: What does Riot think about Akali right now?
'Well, we tried.' - Riot Balance Team
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sauas,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=btqOPVIN,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-02-28T17:14:25.697+0000) > > Shouldn't Akali's W skill (Twilight Shroud) be like Graves' W (Smoke Screen)? I mean, the same effects. > > Descriptions: > > **[Twilight Shroud](** - *ACTIVE: Akali throws down a smoke cover, which covers a 400-radius area for 8 seconds. While within this cover, Akali becomes stealthed and briefly gains bonus movement speed, which refreshes each time she re-enters stealth. If she uses a basic attack or an ability while stealthed, she will briefly reveal herself for 0.65 seconds. > * > **[Smoke Screen](** - *ACTIVE: Graves dashes forward, gaining an attack speed boost for 4 seconds. Basic attacks against non-structure enemy units reduce the cooldown of Quickdraw by 1 second.* You copied quickdraw's description :-P Here's the correct one: > ACTIVE: Graves fires a smoke canister at the target area, dealing magic damage upon landing and creating a 250-radius cloud of smoke for 4 seconds.
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QuetzaI (EUW)
: Please give Riven a resource bar; Energy or mana, SOMETHING!
All those who complain about Riven being overpower, did you even play her?
: It's 3,947,899 lines of code. It would take 3,947,899 sheets of A4 paper if you fit an average of one line per piece of paper
Wow, that's a lot, but how can you know it's that long?
: LOL im dieing of laughter atm
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SirSoap (EUW)
: QSS out of Bard's ult?
You can't QSS out of Zhonya's.
: the cycle of buffs and nerfs will never end. a game as diverse as big and as rapidly changing as league is doomed to be imbalanced. the only thing you can do is minimise these imbalances and riot is doing a pretty damn great job at that even tho they did better last season (imo)
In my opinion, they are trying to balance in a wrong way...
Agerune (EUW)
: create a new game type: "Savior Mode", where a player queue to fill in for a long time AFK/DC. make people get LARGE IP BONUS for winning a game they SAVED by filling in. and in any case they will get double IP for the time they spent there than they would playing a regular game. Saviors could choose a champ to fill in with, and will get the average gold and xp amount their team collected, which they could level up and build. that way there will always be replacement players available and willing to do their very best to save the game.
This is actually a good idea, but... 'dude you suck at adc, leave the game so my friend could join and carry', or what if leaving person wants to reconnect? The champion should be the same though.
: Kassadin is getting a rework Azir was announced to be buffed next patch Veigar is fine I guess. if he isn't, he'll get buffed.
Buff, nerf, buff, nerf, buff, nerf, will it ever end? It takes so long for them to 'fix' a champion, and these 'fixes' most of the time suck.
: Seriously, all those guys crying J4 didnt get a nerf..did you ever play him in the jungle? He got 0 sustain, the shield doesn't count at all, while VI, Lee, Xin heal themselves in the jungle between ganks, Jarvan always has to decide between trying a gank and fail OR taking 2 camps and going b to buy thereafter, cause he's at 50% hp. Now that he won't get the passive armor from E, it will be even worse. But hey, they nerfed the ridiculously overpowered AD item by 5, so balance is restored once again..praise morello, balance god!
Have you ever seen full ad Jarvan IV in the enemy team? I bet you didn't, though I just love how he delets our mid/adc and then walk away full hp. They nerfed his defense (as you said, he's got 0 sustain and now they removed his armor) while his broken side is his damage. No idea how those in 'balance team' think, but I think those 'balances' suck, why nerf Kassadin's R range? It already stacks mana cost and has a rather long cooldown of 20 seconds, **20 fuckin' seconds**.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: That's the point. If her mana drains, then she can't stay in lane 24/7 and she actually has to think when to use her abilities. I've seen so many Nidalee's that throw a Spear, then spam all the abilities in Cat Form (sometimes in no particular order) and get the kill. With the stacking idea, that could be something to consider. A big nerf usually comes with a small compensation so the Champion isn't killed in the process.
I think the stacking idea is better, because, imagine her cougar form using mana, she has 7 abilities, her passive procs from human abilities, then she has to change to cougar form to take down the target, so that wouldn't work out well. Stacking would still keep her powerful combo, but she won't be able to spam her W to escape.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: No, I will continue to complain about Nidalee until she is balanced. A simple thing would just make her second kit also cost mana. This would: - Make her think before using her Cat Form abilities during team-fights. - She can't Pounce 24/7. - If she runs out of mana in Human Form, she can't remain in lane just in Cat Form.
Then her combos will drain her mana pretty quick. Her pounce could use some stacks just as Akali's R.
: Riot just grabbed the wrong end of the nerfbat as usual, Jarvan's problem is the AD scaling PLUS high base damage PLUS high base damage passive PLUS being tanky PLUS having tons of utility making him able to burst down even bruisers when building AD and then just getting away safe, he's practically a tank assassin which is simply a joke. And 22 less armor won't solve anything, he should be just an utility offtank where 110% AD ration on Q and 150% AD ratio on ult is UNACCEPTABLE. Jarvan with 200 AD (which means {{item:3074}} and {{item:3071}} only) even if we ignore damage from his standard will do 400 dmg from passive (1 black cleaver proc), 250+100 damage from Q (2 proc), shreds 26%+6% (from masteries since J4 is 21/9/0 usually) armor, autoattacks one for about 150 physical damage (3 proc) THEN considering the armor shred it does like 900 damage from ult only where he can keep beating his enemy which if it's a squishy will have like 10 armor by then. Meanwhile he gives attack speed boost to his whole team, shields himself from everyone, can knock up a whole team, can slow everyone and can trap a whole team in his ult. Compare it to say, Nautilus, Nunu or Maokai and tell me again it's balanced.
So true, they are nerfing the wrong side of him.
: how is feeding soraca is better than feeding ap velcoz(that is a viable and very strong support imho)? anyway I just don't care if any of my teammates feed/misplay... the only person I ever rage is myself.
There's a reason for their 'support' tag.
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