: That's the thing - you don't have a point. There's never any reasonable argument for it other than that you keep repeating that somehow if you pay Riot money the game treats you better... So my question is - where do you get that idea from? And do you have any sort of reasonable argument for it?
On the contrary this is exactly my point. .... Every time some guy like me tries to show the real face of Riot there are people like you trying to do the opposite. I have a valid proof from an ex Riot employee including "code and database" showing that all ranked games are rigged and sold. I will release that information in good time.They banned my main account "musique" for literally saying NOTHING AT ALL. I only said i will report a super troll and for that i got permanently banned. Riot does not like whistle blowers so they troll them with trash teams and then they ban them..... Very soon tho their time is coming.....
: Where do you even get that from? I'm always wondering. You aren't the first one to talk like that and I don't see what the likes of you could possibly be getting at.
The likes of me? Smart people? We usually have a point but some just wont get it.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Do I technically 'carry' these games?
Everything is SOLD in this game as long as you pay your monthly fee you can get all the boost you want ...If you dont pay up you only get trolled with trash teams...
sparpo (EUW)
: Making a come-back doesn't feel any easier/better than it did before
Everything is SOLD in this game as long as you pay your monthly fee you can get all the boost you want ...If you dont pay up you only get trolled with trash teams...
: Then make a full team. Or don't play ranked. It's so easy.
It's much more fun to play ranked upload my games on facebook and shame Riot.....i enjoy it
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MarcelaGamer988,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sHpb58rc,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-01-04T20:53:11.364+0000) > > After the placements, the only that will change, is that you lose LP if you lose the game, right? Or is it more changes after being done with the placements? LP gains are boosted (much higher) during placements. They'll normalise after that point.
Everything is boosted in this game as long as you pay your monthly free.If you dont pay up you only get trolled... The "secret" is out mate.
: > [{quoted}](name=SaulTight,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sHpb58rc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-04T20:37:06.211+0000) > > The most PAY TO WIN MONEY MILKING TRASH game on planet earth..waste of time... > 10 year old Customers get decent teams while the rest get troll trash teams.... play with friend then?
duo with friend + 3 random trash trolls.We are not Riot customers we dont get decent teams we only get trash trolls wasting our time.
: fix league with this simple tip
The most PAY TO WIN MONEY MILKING TRASH game on planet earth..waste of time... 10 year old Customers get decent teams while the rest get troll trash teams....
Ariin (EUNE)
: Harder to carry this season?
The most PAY TO WIN MONEY MILKING TRASH game on planet earth..waste of time... 10 year old Customers get decent teams while the rest get troll trash teams....
: Played 1 out of 8 placement games and somehow ended up in Iron 4
The most PAY TO WIN MONEY MILKING TRASH game on planet earth..waste of time... 10 year old Customers get decent teams while the rest get troll trash teams....
: Is honor level affecting who u get paired with in ranked games ?
No mate but your money level does....if you waste your money for skins you get very good teams. PAY TO WIN MONEY MILKING game
Surma (EUNE)
: Strugging to find reason to play
Remember when skills actually mattered? thats gone now all that matters is how much money you have spent in this money milking trash game. If you are still a free to play player all you will get is trash troll teams.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Too many boosted players!!
This is what happens when a company is boosting paying customers while trolling decent free to play players with trash teams... PAY TO WIN MONEY MILKING game
Marcua (EUW)
: What do you hope riot will do in 2019? (Season 9)
To finally stop selling ranked games to their paying customers while trolling all the rest with trash troll teams.... But they never will cause all they care about is money milking.
: I play since 8 years and have just started using money about 2-3 years ago and just payed about 200€ (which is about 2€ per month playing) I never had big problems with my teams. Sometimes I had good teams, sometimes I had bad teams. Nothing changed after I spent some more money.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Regardless of what number you claimed it would be, and regardless of how much you ended up spending: You'd have the same teams, and you'd find new reasons as to why Riot is targetting you with such "bad" teams. Like it or not, but you're matched up with people that correspond to yourself. If you're not getting good teams, then I suggest you improve at the game.
No matter how you try to cover it, it just won't happen.Riot is trolling decent free to play players with the worst trash troll teams you can find. Only money matters everything else is just bull@#$ for naive kids.
lazarlol1 (EUNE)
: Riot for the love of God fix your matchmaking!!!
improve mmr get better make better builds and shit like this,...IT IS ALL IRRELEVANT. MONEY gives you better teams,that's what it's all about money. Riot is one of the most TRASH money milking company on planter earth how can you be so naive? Good customers get decent teams and all the rest get trolled by Riot.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: How much does it cost?
Maybe someone from Riot can tell us whats the magic number since they are the ones who stage this whole thing? People still believe this is just a free to play game are just naive little kids.... This is a money milking business and like in every other business you only care about money.... Riot is one of the most trash money milking company on planet earth.
: 37
can i buy 10 skins and get at least a half decent team?
Rioter Comments
: look mom, another silly thread that will go -25 by the end of the week
You called your mama? manly
IzzŸ (EUW)
: My matchmaking is as bad as it ever was and I've spent over £250 on this game. Probably shouldn't've spent that money but boy do I love my skins
then you should pay some more. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I got 3 accs to gold without spending a single dime on them... But yeah, it must be your teams holding you back.
i have played vs many gold players like you...guess what happened.
: zanador basicly summarized all there is to say .. just try not starting the game with the atitude of "my team is made of monkeys with 1 hand on meth with 0.2% blood alcohol" .. very often just by giving out such an atitude to your team you are already demoralizing them and therefore will more likely make them play worse .. dont think you arent affecting the very team you play in ..
ok professor i will do all that....thanks
: Whatever, won't feed the troll anymore. You can't actually be this delusional.
truth hurts i know
Zanador (EUNE)
: On facebook you will see a lot of anti-vaxxer and flat-earthers too if you know where to look. But let me just ask you to explain my position then: my teammates are quite good on average, i don't play Yasuo or Zed and over the last 9 years in this game, i've spent 5 euros total. At this rate i would die before i pay the 60 dollar price of a full game to Riot. Do you think that's enough to get good teammates? Happy Snowdown!
: 1. Do you have any concrete proof other than your poor match history? 2. Same as the first answer. 3. I obviously do have an idea how to play this game since I'm significantly higher elo than you are.
1 facebook 2 facebook 3 divisions mean nothing to me i have played vs gold players in normal games and they played like iron so please save me the lecture.
: i excepted something like skins giving advantages or something .. but this is seriously messed up .. your teammates wont get better even if you put in 10 grand .. if you are stuck somewhere then try look for ways you can improve your playstyle/mechanics/gameknowledge/etc instead of looking for flaws in your teammates .. i mean everyone in your elo is just as likely to get your teammates as you are .. so in other words others can climb from the same place under the same conditions .. so why cant you?
Since i started posting about my situation the teams i get are now ever worse...I know Riot is trolling those who spread the truth about this rotten game because it happened to others too.Seriously there is A LOT of evidence on facebook if you know where to look. So to carry a really bad troll team you will have to be good with a really OP champ like yasuo or zed, thats the other side of unbalance in this game.
: Back at it since your last thread didn't do so well? > oh btw since i started making threads about how p2w this game is 5 games someone alf+f4.... Completely a coincidence. > How much money do i have to pay in order to get some proper teams to play with Riot? You don't need to pay at all. You get same matchmaking with or without paying. > check my history and the teams i get Already did, and you are a part of the issue.
1 Everything is calculated based on the money spent 2 You dont need to play but you will have to in order to play with proper teams 3 Then you have no idea how to play this game
wolf jade (EUNE)
: I am a living proof of thiz being not true. Using 150$ per month on this game
i pay 1000 eu per day....
: On your last 8 games you are almost always the lowest damage dealing person on your team? Sure trolls exists in every elo, but ultimately Bronze is just full of bad players who might seem like trolly. Buying RP from Riot won't change your teammates and your matchmaking experience one bit. If you think so you are delusional.
its totally pay to win...if you get trash team you dont wanna play you just stay back.this is what i do.
Darwinion (EUW)
: Sickening to see people claiming it's because of pre-season or christmas breaks.., the problem is the system, not the %%%%in season.
exactly everything is up for a sale....pay up and you get decent teams, dont pay up and you get trolled.. This is why league is getting rapped my Fortnite.
: is ranked truly fked
ranked is sold to the best buyer...thats how things work in here... If you arent a good customer you get trash teams and if you talking about it , like i do , you get even more trash. Riot is just a trash troll money milking company.
Smerk (EUW)
: Checked your history, looks like you're part of that problem you're describing. Support Jax? Annie with barely 3 minions per minute? Also lots of games where you had 0 or close to zero kill participation, do you even try to help your team or you just want them to win a 4v5 game with afk jungler?
check the rest of my team and you will understand why.....IF you team is a group of trash trolls superfeeding everybody there is no point in trying its just a huge waste of time...and since i dont waste my money in this trash game i ALWAYS get troll teams.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: The League of Pay To Win
oh btw since i started making threads about how p2w this game is 5 games someone alf+f4.... all random events ofc like the teams im getting all random.
: Mate, wrong category. I believe you were looking to post in [Games, Contests & Jokes](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en).
Oh i'm sorry i thought all this place was a joke...my bad
Rioter Comments
: You realise the system that would have to be in place to deal with this would be stupidly expensive for no pay off. Also a ransom doesn’t work if you don’t tell someone about it. As they’ve not told anyone nobody is going to spend money to pay the ‘ransom’ therefore they don’t get anything from it. Also I pay a lot of money on this game, I still get bad teammates... it’s not something unique to people who don’t pay everyone gets it... it happens in every single online game it’s just how things go. So instead of being paranoid maybe think about how you can improve to carry more games
truth hurts i know
: Go and do something productive with your life, troll.
This is me being productive...if you don't like it dont read it champ.
: Looking at your stats either you are a troll in the boards, or a KDA player who simply doesn't get it. If you aren't trolling, hear me out: You do realize you are in lower Bronze, people there simply play that bad, they don't troll. Since you have a negative winrate you most likely belong there, you have good scores but you aren't willing to carry due to not wanting to die for KDA. I have multiple accounts where I have spent no money, and I still climb just as effectively as on an account I have invested in. If you are a boards troll however, get a life. Btw your last Master Yi game: 21 minutes and you dealt 0 damage the whole game, that is considered trolling.
You might wanna check he rest of my team Sherlock first before trying to play smart.
Silisa (EUNE)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} If that makes you happy, then best luck to you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
it makes me very happy if more people learn about this....money milking pay to win trash game
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SaulTight,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dT9cFrb2,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-24T14:07:50.446+0000) > > Let's see some posts from the Riot forum trolls..... You qualify for that group. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
trolling denied check match history and funny thing is the more i post about it the more trash teams i get.... nothing is random in this money milking trash game...everything is pay to win...
Silisa (EUNE)
: Yes. I took a break for about 6 months, came back a month or so ago. I stick to normals, aram and nexus blitz. So I speak from experience when I say - take a break, go play something else, or take up another hobby. If you find yourself spending more time being angry about League than having fun, just stop playing. Go watch that TV show you've been planing to see since Season 1 came out. Read books. Read manga. Start training some sport. Whatever. Once you've cooled of and can think of League as a game again, and not just an endless circle of "must win LP", you might want to come back and play again. Or not. It's all good. There are enough things in life we have to do even when we don't want to, like school, work, cleaning the apartment, cooking, paying bills; it makes little sense for any one of us to spend our free time doing something we don't like. Just spend your free time on things that make you happy. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
No i will stay here spreading the truth....more people must know about it...also join a facebook group and im uploading my games proving the pay to win theory
Silisa (EUNE)
: Without any intention to rank shame, you are playing in Bronze during preseason. The game as a whole is a mess right now, and ranked is a clown fiesta, especially in low elo. I honestly have no idea why you would think this game is pay to win. League has a lot of issues, but keeping rank climbing behind a paywall is not one of them.
Everything in this game is completely unbalanced and i mean everything...
: aaah, i bought like 10 boxes the last 2 days and i'm winning alot! must be the reason i'm winning games
ofc you did, buy some more and you become a master
Rioter Comments
: The easiest way to test your theory is to buy something in the shop. Then see if you get better teams. Be sure to report back to us your findings.
Done that with another account....Gold 1
SaulTight (EUNE)
: Promo game again and guess what....SWAIN adc this time..... Of course i am not in the PAY TO WIN List so i have to get trolled, if i was i would be gold+ by now.
Trash team after Trash team after Trash team.....the more i talk about how this game is just a cheap PAY TO WIN business the more trash teams i get....You are trolling every decent f2p player in this p2w milking business...ADMIT IT
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Welcome to League of Legends
Welcome to the League of PAY TO WIN
SaulTight (EUNE)
: Promo games again and guess what....Ryze adc 44 farm 3-10 at 27 mins....another upload for facebook. Matchmaking is not just unbalanced it is completely rigged.
Promo game again and guess what....SWAIN adc this time..... Of course i am not in the PAY TO WIN List so i have to get trolled, if i was i would be gold+ by now.
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