Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft & Ranked in 2017
I said this before and I'll say it again. I'm completely against the removal of Normal Draft. This is maddening. I played exclusively Normal Draft because I hated the toxic crap that is Normal Blind. If I have the chance I'm leaving EUNE and never coming back. That server will become a cesspool of toxic players that argue about lanes and instalock. Fuck that.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: @Riot - Normal Draft Removal & Transfer
Absolutely agree. This is maddening. I played exclusively Normal Draft because I hated the toxic crap that is Normal Blind. If I have the chance I'm leaving EUNE and never coming back. That server will become a cesspool of toxic players that argue about lanes and instalock. Fuck that.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hi Riot is currently looking into the issue. Keep an eye on the [Service Status]( and if i get any more info, i will share.
That Riot is looking into it, is a no brainer . But it seems they are not doing enough, since this is the third time happening in the span of 2 weeks.
Lord Emp (EUNE)
: Locking
Why would you play with locked camera on the first place? It's terribly frustrating and limits the vision way too much on both sides.
Lord Emp (EUNE)
: You lose the only advantage Cait has.
What would that be? And why do you lose it on the purple side?
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Lord Emp (EUNE)
: Why not? I tell my adcs what to pick all the time. If you go Cait on the purple side you get no heals from me.
What's wrong with Cait on the purple side?
Santirande (EUNE)
: would love to join
MrGio (EUNE)
: add me !!! :)
No0ne (EUNE)
: add me in :D{{champion:35}}
Sure I will send you a request, IGN: Scarlet Firefly
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Riot tmx (EUW)
: 25/1 update: after performing some software and hardware changes to the Queue system we saw very promising load tests results over the weekend. We decided to re-enable Dynamic Queues in EUNE and monitor performance over the peak period tonight. If everything is fine we will re-enable Dynamic Queues in EUW, and all the remaining live regions early Tuesday. Expect more updates later tonight.
Will you be extending the Party IP Bonus? The champs select was down that whole time and it's not fair.
: Are you guys sure, that Twisted Fate's real name is Tobias Foxtrot? Because after Riot Reworked Gankplank, he got some new secret interactions with some champions, and one of them is for Twisted Fate where he says "Feast your eyes on the king, Jack" I got a link here, with one of Brofresco's videos that is about Gankplanks new secret interactions If you don't wanna see the whole video then it is in min 1:28 that he say it. Tell me what you think, because i really wanna know his real name.
That's a reference to the cards. As in Gangplank is the King and he is the Jack, making him someone lower than Gangplank.
: Silver 2 Support looking for ADC to go to Gold by the end of the Season (EUNE)
SpectruM121 (EUNE)
: Looking for a duo buddy :) EUNE
Hey there, I sent you a request. I mostly play Support (Leona/Thresh) but can also play effectively at Jungle or ADC.
Bimota (EUNE)
: Looking for s3 - g5 support EUNE
Hey bro I just posted a thread looking for a ADC to reach Gold. I'm also Silver 2. Main supports are Leona and Thresh. IGN: SCARLET FIREFLY
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: Favorite Artwork?
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Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: Things you say that make no sense, or make you look like a jerk
My favorite is the one when an enemy is fed as hell and dealing a lot of damage to our team, and all 5 of us focus him. Then he says "Wow took you 5 men to take me down, noobs".
SacredLie (EUNE)
: Need to control smurfing
As far as I know, there isn't a way to prevent smurfs.
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Ezreal or vayne
Vayne is highly dependant on her team, because her early game sucks bad, but if she can get fed, she melts faces. Ezreal on the other hand, if a bit out of meta imo, he can't deal with tank taht have 3k+ health and his damage is not reliant due to skillshots.
Sdars (EUW)
: She has a lot more than Yasuo. Why should Yasuo have so much less health, considering he's similar in role to Riven?
Because Yasuo has superior mobility to Riven and also a defensive technique (the wind wall) that can block all projectiles, Riven doesn't have one.
Godalor (EUW)
: Rengar needs some serious nerfs
I'd take an assassin jungler with one-shot capability than a tanky jungler who can CC chain lock you for days and deal quite a lot of damage at the same time like {{champion:113}} or {{champion:79}}
: Just nerf her base health like they did it with Kata.
Her base health is already awful. What's worse is her health regen. Minion aggro hits her like a truck if you're not careful.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: {{champion:81}} is the most broken adc.
1iMusic1 (EUW)
: On a support or tank it would be useless, as they usually don't get kills in teamfights. They're better off having a passive they'll get to put to use...
Her passive procs on assists also. For a tanky support with lots of CC (see {{champion:89}} ) getting resets on her skills during teamfights would be deadly.
T4underbolt (EUNE)
: Ok this is just one champion and what? Since when having counterpick means having counterplay? People do not understand that every champion has counterpicks and that doesnt mean the champions kit is healthy and balanced.
And nothing. He mentioned Renekton and I gave him my input in this. Also I see you in almost every thread about nerfing Riven or Katarina.
Tiasmoon (EUW)
: Soraka has a silence. One of the few things effective against riven. Soraka wont win against riven past early game, tho.
She doesn't have to, a Riven that was shut down in lane, is a useless Riven. She doesn't bring anything in teamfights if she is not fed. Even if she manages to get close enought to use W on the enemies, she would get blown up instantly.
Jabiru (EUW)
: That is sadly wrong ; when Riven has Bt + Hydra + maxed shield, all the burst from Renekton's combo is mitigated by her shield. Then she proceeds to heal any remaining damage that you can do with ult and basic attacks.
Still Riven can't even scratch him due to him building a ton of armor and health. Riven can't go through tanks with 3000+ health and high armor. Both at full build, she would give him a run for his money, but you would have to be stupid to let Riven go full build, Renekton shuts her down hard in lane. Her health regen sucks, and even minion aggro hurts her too much. Even BoxBox went 3/10 to Renekton.
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: Im not inbecile, i know what is he saying. I still dont udnerstand why its not fixed. Morgana is out since the beta. Her Q is broken - the skillshot =/= the visuals if you like it more - since the release, and its broken in 2015 too. She had even a visual update.
Because it cannot be fixed, it's nearly impossible to program a hitbox to a non-geometric shape, so the rectangular shape is the one that is closest.
: Reports as Threats.
If someone calls for report, I report them no matter if teammate or enemy for harassment or negative attitude.
: Is Gragas OP?
I look at him like a Sejuani 2.0. Less tankier (just a little) and a fuck loads of more damage.
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KamikazeSquirrel,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8g0mRqyi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-23T09:48:01.641+0000) > > The hitboxes are fine, its just that the models for the projectiles you mentioned cannot be enlargened, because they'd look stupid, and this way the hitboxes and the actual world models are out of sync. I still dont understand why is this so unfixable. For years now.
As the guy above said, the hitboxes are fine, it's just that the actual model of the skillshot doesn't match the actual hitbox. For example, visually you dodge Thresh's hook, but the hitbox is larger than the actual hook you see in game, resulting in you getting caught. The models are out of sync because the visual shapes are irregular and it's hard to program the hitboxes in that shape it so they just make it a rectangle that's a little larger than what you see.
: Even giving her something like a fatigue bar or something would be a good start. 20 fatigue for every q/w/e cast up to 100 where she then has to wait for like 6 seconds before casting anything else. Maybe tweak the numbers to be lower but it would stop her from spamming that shield over and over and covering ridiculous distance with her spells. She'd still have good burst, good engage, good escape but wouldn't be able to spam stuff in and then spam stuff to escape afterwards with 40 cdr which is extremely easy to get and utilize on a champ that doesn't require mana and doesn't have any penalties such as rumble, zac or the ninja champs who have energy. Even other champs who are manaless such as renekton and katarina have much higher cooldowns. Renekton even has less damage and cc to be honest in comparison to riven...
> Renekton even has less damage and cc to be honest in comparison to riven... Really bro? Renekton shreds through Riven like paper in any point of the game. He has superior burst, superior health and health regen and also his ulti deals a lot a damage to squishies like Riven.
: Skins for those who can't get any *monthly giveaway planned*
I would like to get a skin someday since I don't own any. Been playing for nearly 2 years and can't afford a single one. Unfortunately I'm from EUNE so good luck everyone, I'm happy that people are willing to gift strangers.
Nate Fiver (EUNE)
: Masteryi is a game ruiner
Let me guess, you were beaten to a pulp by a Yi and came here to ask for nerfs?
: It would be cool, but i think that it would make it a bit to good. Plus if a player is watching the map, they would know youre coming.
By that logic even with Rek'sai's ult, if a player is watching the map, he will know you are coming
Warderino (EUW)
: Change a word with bronze!
{{champion:80}} "They disgrace the art of Bronze." "Getting kicked into Bronze is the least of your worries!"
: People are too busy QQing about Riven and opening threads asking for more bans cause they s*k to notice that a lot of champs like Jax are infact perfectly good and viable. On the other hand, Jax currently got a popolarity of 8% with a winrate of 47%. Not really bad considering that LB got 47% too and it's suppose to be OP.
LeBlanc is OP in skilled hands. Players that are less skilled, still use her effectively, but not really OP. That said, her kit is cancer, regardless who plays her.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: dude it is not bugged they made it to be wider intentionally to make life easier for blitz players you arent supposed to run from skillshots you are supposed to side step them
That's the problem. you side step them and they still connect because of their wide hitbox, which is not reflected visually. So the player thinks that he dodged it, but nope, the invisible force from his pull will still grab you. We are not asking for a width reduction, merely fix it so the actual hitbox matches what the players see.
Bombardox (EUW)
{{champion:53}} The pull's hitbox is ridiculous. Now I wouldn't care too much, but a grab means almost always a certain death or at least a Summoner's burned. Same goes for{{champion:412}} hook.
acidvenom (EUNE)
: Upvoted. As LB is my main, i get very annoyed by this.
You are what's wrong with this community
: We deffo need more bans Riot, do not delete this
I agree with this. Until they come around to balancing certain champions that are a little bit overtuned at the moment, I think an increased number of bans would be great.
Asdone (EUW)
: No suicide on ARAM
First, members of both teams can potentially suicide so I don't see the problem here. Since you can't recall to base, it's an effective way to go back and get items. And second, there's suicide on Summoner's Rift also. When you start chasing a low health enemy he goes for your turrets and dies to them, denying you the gold.
MiniZav (EUW)
: Ashe is, waaaaaaaaaaaay too strong now
Ashe is not OP, not even close. Now she doesn't have mediocre laning phase and her mid and late game are actually not bad. Before she was only able to win under certain circumstances If you wanna cry about OP ADCs, go cry about Jinx or Kalista, leave Ashe alone.
Nyziffke (EUNE)
: What should I master? Lucian or Ezreal?
I'd say go for Lucian. He has a high skill cap to use correctly but is more rewarding that Ezreal if played well. Ezreal's damage relies heavily in skillshots and in teamfights your line of fire is obstructed by the tanks so it's hard to hit the carries with your abilities.
: Nidalee
So you just lost a ranked game as Lux (2/8 wtf) vs Nidalee and now you come here on the forums crying for nerf, yeah how about no?
Alnwick (EUW)
: As a support, when my ADC gets 2 kills for my 1 death... I don't see the problem. I would've just said gj and moved along.
Same here. As long as I get my 2 assists I'm ok with that xD
: i had a version with smaller teeth, eyes were lower, and the markings were the three dots like the default bard eyes, only red.But i settled for this one since it seemed more BloodMoon-ish.
If you still have it I would love to see it
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