: One bad game, 14 day ban. Seriously Riot?
You have way too much early game deaths. You may need to send a replay(if you have say playstv) along with the ticket or link to your match history and ask them to recheck the game in question. --- Also, from the looks of it, you were intentionally feeding, but, at this point, it comes down to whether or not the players know nidalees hard counter matchups. Renekton is hard counter, you don't lane against him, but around him. Same as pantheon, only more devastating. Only way to know for sure is to see the full replay. That can only be done by support. --- Any tickets to live events can not and will not be refunded unless the event has not happened yet, no matter if it's esports, soccer, hockey, olympics, band tour or whatever else. --- Edit: As a nidalee main, I have had this experience before 8 times(I had to count the tickets I made, hence why edit). All the times my ban was lifted, since the game replay proved that I was not intentionally feeding. Then again, i have playstv to record every single one of my matches.
Antenora (EUW)
: You managed to die twice to Renekton within the first 3 minutes.
As a nidalee top you will be dieing alot against any rene that makes you consume mana. Way to circumvent that is to stay on the map rather than in the lane
: wtf is wrong with you
Ask the same thing yourself. The analogy is correct
Boop chan (EUW)
: Is it okay to abandon your ADC?
Depends alot on game at hand. Will comment later, now at work
: Zoe was supposedly "broken" on release because RioT underestimate the number of braindead players that won't even try to dodge a skillshot and even less try to play around it. It's was surely a design error, but not for the reasons you think.
Aqualyn (EUNE)
: New Talon lore
I actually like Talons lore and talon for this sole reason: he does not know his origin. Same is with me, altHo on a different level
Tikchora (EUNE)
: Man you repeat same over and over, you brain just locks on brand's mobility and "combo". I just pressed 1 button here and u call it freakin combo. Yes i have no boots and yes this is late game picture where he deals 8k+ damage, when no1 except cho gath can have this much hp but you can test early game only with liandrys torment how much damage he can deal. I don't know if you understand that this is team game and after 15 min there will be a lot team fights where people group together, if you are not bronze 5 running like lost child in enemy's jg searching for kills. I can not dodge brand's ult in team fights, stop talking this bs about his weaknesses, i was 14/2 as yorick with 3 mr items, you understand 3 fcking mr items and when we started team fighting he just rushed in hit us ult and died, my adc, my mid lane my support were all dead from that, i was left 30% hp and my jg 10% hp vs 4 man. And you wanna tell me that brand can not change game by 100% if you shut down him early? The guy was like 2/10 before team fights and he won that game. With your logic i need to finish game before 10 min to "counter" brand's late game power. I never said you can't kill him in 1v1, but no one in this game can affect team fights so much as this stupid broken champion at this moment and this game is 90% team fights. 1. BS there is very low chance that u shut down brand in 5v5 before he clicks 1 button 2. BS pressing 1 button isn't combo 3. BS it's ideal situation but even if you take half damage is like 4k hp, when 3/5 of your team will have max 2.5k, it's just for damage demonstration not "mechanics" Your whole argument is BS !
So is yours. you are choosing to ignore one huge weakness: SPREAD THE HELL OUT OF HIS COMBO.
: sadly, i suspect there are no easy fixes for this situation. Either hyper long therm ones or really unfair ones. (we might as well wait for the wireless ball kicker)
There isn't. Something that takes a bit longer to respond is better than nothing, cause it will be a good base for faster system. Tribunal is the base of IFS
Voílá (EUW)
: Client doesn't stops downloading files after the given size of the patch
resurfaced bug. I have same issues on my oce pc(I know because my friend patches my client for me) but everything is fine here. We filed a bug report again, but well..our boards also tend to be more responsive to critical bugs
Zyzyx (EUW)
: 1+2+3 is basically what Riot already does. Riot Supporters feed the Feederbuster with manually judged cases to allow it to learn. 4 is easier said than done. What do you think Riots Player Behavior team is doing all day? They are already trying to improve the system every day. 5: Not sure what you mean.
Sauce for 1,2,3? 4. Well aware. 5. Basically reposition people where the sources are most needed, something riot is already doing
: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcasm i admit, it wasn't my best as i was in a hurry when i posted the original comment XD
: > The results would not be even seen in the first 2 or 3 years, but then it would suddenly improve. > and that's the problem right there. it would take too much time to be usable as 2 or 3 years just to gather information are too much. the best choice would be to bring the tribunal back (the tribunal was that thing that evaluated games, wasn't it?) so people would submit the games they think are "trolly" and the team would then decide.
Same thing happened before the instant feedback system started giving out permabans
Zyzyx (EUW)
: If you were in charge...how would you do it? Let's play this idea out. Let's say Riot implements a "Trolling"-report for you and you are in charge of setting up a process to check those reports. What would you actually do?
1) Check what current system detects. 2) Find 5 volunteers to check 10 games a week(2 a day at average) and ask 2 player behaviour analysts to help out at first month, after that just a monthly check. 3) Use that data to improve the current system over time to narrow down the grey areas 4) Ask help from player behaviour developers to improve the current AI in handling increased workload with least data severage/overload 5) Reposition the rest of the team that was earlier used to improve the current AI system.
: if you want to scare people you must enforce a harsh punisment, meaning you must be 1000% sure that the one you are punishing actually deserves it otherwise you end up with people demanding apologies and the immediate unban, faulting the entire system. problem is, how exactlyu are you going to find those people? either have a small team that looks at recorded games ( watching the same one 10 times, once per player) and then they decide if someone is bannable or not (highly impractical and time consuming) or hire hundreds of people to spectate the game directly/watch the recording later, still too expansive. also, thanks for flaming in a post about bannable players XD
If you call that flaming, then I have no surprise that you totally missed my point. What I was suggesting was using the impractical systems as secondary installations to deal with specific behaviour, while maintaining the current system as primary. This would give options. 1) The data from impractical systems then can be used to polish the current system in place, making it more effecient on catching trolls. 2) Possibility of people becoming more aware that they will be punished rather sooner, than later. Not indimidation, but education. 3) You only need 3 teams of 5(which is already a huge expense) to monitor the teams of hundreds. Key part here is using volunteers that are taken specifically for that task, while keeping the demands at reasonable level. (I'd start with 2 games a day or 10 in a working week per volunteer, then see from there based on optimum performers.) At 5 people, thats only 50 games out billions. It is literally nanoscule margin. However, it will allow RIOT Player Behaviour team and volunteers to gather the data what is and is not punishable and narrow down the edge on edge cases. That's when instant feedback system can act accordingly, as it now has enough data to judge the cases on it's own, over time reducing the need for human aspect. The results would not be even seen in the first 2 or 3 years, but then it would suddenly improve. Right now, there is just no data what is troll and what is bad game. What I consider bad game may be troll to someone who gets ticked far more easly. There are some certain rules already in place where instant feddback system can act, but those cases are so rear, they don't fall under grey area. And even then they mostly fly under the radar for a long time(The reddit top page trolls). --- TL;DR Use the less effecient systems to improve the more efrecient system by narrowing down on grey areas. Results will not be immidiate, but long term. I didn't flame you, I just got emotional by the fact that people totally overthink everything.
: sadly, there is nothing they can do. the playerbase is too massive and there wouldn't be enough manpower to be able to check every single game. even if they implemented a "perma block" mechanic where you could block someone to EVER be in your team again, that would backfire immediately making queues painfully long even with autofill. Trolls like that will have free reign until scientists develop a way to kick people in the balls via wireless.
YOU DON'T NEED TO CHECK EVERY SINGLE GAME GET THAT THROUGH YOUR %%%%ING HEADS PEOPLE. Aknowledgment of punishment leads many people away from toxic behaviour. Aknowledgment of no punishment(which is particulary true in the case of trolls) leads to more toxic behaviour.
: PLEASE can we get some manual account checks?
The fact is you dont want a new system which is less effecient. You want to combine more effecient system(instant feedback system we have) with less effecient system( old tribunal+some volunteer ingame mods) to lighten the load on dealing with less clear cases. Problem is: "too much work/ investment" seems to be the moto of this %%%%ed up sociaty and is very well represented in this community as well, mainly by volunteers (and rioters not even appearing in these kinds of topics) at that.
Tikchora (EUNE)
: Brand's damage
Aoe(Brand, ori, karthus etc)? Spread out.
: I can buy executioner's... but when I am the fed carry of my team I need to rush my Essence Reaver and Phantom Dancer first... I can't stop building them because then the enemy ADC will catch up... after them, yes, I can buy it... but my problem with Swain was way before that... Swain's E Q combo is even easier than his old one... also, no, you're wrong... to be a GOOD Swain with the old Swain you needed to pick your moments, be very good at hitting your root and use your ult without overdoing it and dying... not the ULT gives you so much power, survivability and dmg that it's not even funny as a joke... you're a walking death dealer... I don't get it why there should be a champ that you have to move away from him while he ults... I mean, there is Tryndamere ult... but at least tryndamere's build is paper... he's practically a melee ADC with no death button... he is annoying as hell, but at least I kite him easy and kill him... Swain has range, not to mention that huge range W to make you move wherever he wants... WW, is not OP overall... but he is ridiculously OP in jungle clear and early-mid game... he can get so far ahead with his free kill ganks that you can't even touch him... if you manage to survive for 35-40 mins, then ok, you win... out of all the reworks, the only one I think is a good one is Poppy who is now a legitimate tank instead of that ridiculous ult that you did it on the supp and got a pentakill... They reworked Katarina and gave her about 3 times the dmg she had before... now her old W is a passive that she can do 3 times in 2 seconds... and W was her biggest dmg skill besides her ult... they reworked Talon and now he can jump over every single wall in the game with literally 0CD... just don't jump over the same wall twice... big deal... LeBlanc rework was good too, ok I give them that one... Also, they rework Swain, but not a joke champ like Nasus who makes no sense at all... if he gets ONLY TANK ITEMS, 0 offensive items, he can still do like 50% of the team's dmg in a teamfight with his Qs that do like 600-700 dmg each with 1sec CD while he is in ult form... why don't you rework that???? simple... PEOPLE PICK HIM!!! HE IS OP AND EASY TO WIN WITH... he's surely no fun to play and boring as hell since you do NOTHING all game long... just Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q... but why rework a champ that actually needs a rework... let's rework Swain and make him so OP that people pick him... Urgot needed a remake, ok, sure... I agree he did... have you seen his dmg? I don't know his skills well since I hate playing as a blob of mashed meat, he has a terrible animation, but I've noticed that with tanky items he has huge burst... people suddenly pick urgot... People want OP champs, not a balanced game... they want less chance to lose... not to get better at playing... and RIOT gives people what they want... they want their dope... so they give them doped up champs... like this Swain... a champ that is easy to kill everything with and hard to die...
You can delay them. Want my advice? Since you're on eune, watch how vsec aurora deals with his current loss streak.
: I'm sorry, but how the hell does this make his dmg fine? If a Malzahar can't one shot me, why can a Swain? If a Syndra can't one shot me without ult why can Swain??? Sorry but it still doesn't make sense... I didn't have time to buy Executioner's because I was still trying to complete the first two items, the core... I know how to build against healers... but when you're fed, trying to carry for the team is important...
Because he would not have a sustain to 1vs5 you and gets dps,d down in a matter of seconds.
Always has been around botlane. Right now, they aren't broken but games are played around botlane. That said, people have not discovered counters because they have had no time. If LCS season would have been postponed to say march, then stuff like assasin irelia(who gets a rework:( ) and shredder vi would plague the league. Yes, the shredder like TMNT xd
: My team just lost 1v5 from a Swain...
Let me guess, none of you bought {{item:3123}}
: Riot system working as intended!
I think it's time riot introduced id ban on larger populas
: useless supp main player
Lmao. Don't cry over counterengage item when you have the option to build this {{item:3157}} {{item:2423}} {{item:3026}} on jax, ww, shyvana, irelia and many other hybrid assasin/fighter champions. Not to mention {{item:3091}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} on ww for ultimate penetration. Black cleaver on vi who penetrates armor and deals %maxhp damage, rendering shields useless, and my favorite, the crit talon who just q's you once and you are dead. Doesnt even need to worry about anything else as he can use ult-w on another carry or support, efrectively taking out 2 in one combo.
: Riot buff my Ivern
He may get some buffs later in the future, but right now, ivern is in a odd spot. Too much becomes opressive, too little becomes useless.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Rights? You have no RIGHT to get your DESIRED role. Fill is an option, and you have NO RIGHT to remove it, ignoring your team is against the summoner's code, you have right to cry about it, but then bear the judging of others, bc THEY HAVE RIGHT to do so.
Dont mess autofill with account data. This acc is purely for communication purpose. Nothing else. Ignoring your team is also hard to catch, cause they may not know what they are actually asking for. That said, when 4 people say "don't play nida" and you just lock it in anyway, thats ignoring. --- However, optional autofill rejection would not be ignoring your team. However, it would create an enviroment of constantly increasing queue times, since the people who would like short queues, also get hit by long queues. While I would like that option as well, it would only have barely decent effect only in low elo, where most playerbase resides. --- Whether or not my account is lvl 15 communication account or level 30 ranked account, does not influence this topic, which is that at one point the queue times would just go stupidly high, and that some of us would like the option, even tho it's not optimal. That's where my privacy rights come in. I dont need to share any account data(Including summoner name) or achievements with forum community, which is a discussion platform, not "who has the highest rank" arquement podium where 2 kids yell "mine" all the time.
Hagtorn (EUNE)
: Nothing positive comes out of thrash talking someone else. You might feel proud for figuring out the latest snide comment, but the whole point of it is to make the other guy feel bad. Just can't see the point of doing that in a computer game that ppl play for fun (?)
Actually no. Trashtalkings point is to lift the game spirit of all participants, when negative things start to stand out. Flaming is to make the other person feel bad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrinnid,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3cw5WEQl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-20T12:01:14.177+0000) > > There is a huge difference between trashtalk and being a jerk. > Riot officially states that they don't care about trashtalking, but if it crosses the line over to the flaming, then yhea. > > Trashtalking is reflect by emotions, that can be reflected by simply "You're trash:D" once insxtead of spamming it whole game Really though Lol, you try typing " you're trash :D " to someone having a bad game and tell me how that unfolds with this community, not even worth writing anything tbh. You say something like that leads to player on the defensive, " I'm better than you, check my history etc bla bla bla " or even feeding/trolling. Trash talking not worth it in any form imo with this community in such a competitive game.
DEMONSTRATIVE BAD LANGUAGE. DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. --- "Dude, chill, we all go full garbage in this game" *died to jungle camp* "...." "Like I said... all including me xd" ---- You need to know when and how to say it. If you spam it like regular flamer, people won't take it as a joke. If you however are not only fair but also show correct emotions(not anger), then trashtalking may very well be what gets you honored, since you light ip the mood of everyone while not being deconstructive. ---- If you say "we have all went full %%%%%%" people take it personal, because "%%%%%%" is an offensive word used offensively by community. Same thing with "gg ez" and "noob", which got used wrong or overused crossing the line in gaming communities and then became insults rather than just regular banter. "butthurt" is new termin that is rising. But, while in VC universe it is offensive and makes whole alliance jump on you, here it doesn't even tickle most people. Thats why the line between banter and full on hardcore flaming is thin most of the time, yet clear when it comes to certain words. If they get used as insults long enough, they became insults. Same way as "%%%%%" is now racism, when before it was just short for negro, aka black guys, aka people with black skin.
: Yeah I get the same sometimes, also I love the irony that I just got put up vs a challenger smurf in ranked and got fu**ing destroyed XD XD XD
Everyday life here. Since..well..not many people are masters xd. When you get to play against rank 1 challenger main as autofill masters...that sucks
TheArin (EUNE)
: Does filling in normal draft actually stop the ranked autofill?
It's a if. I noticed that sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt. So can't say for 100%, but i think there might be a bug
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Lul lvl 15 guy, only wanting to be the hero of the anime. But League is not an anime
Lmao, sorry that I know my privacy rights and you don't like it.
: And when i say just get better I don't mean it rudely. I just mean like.... chill, find out what mistakes you're making and see how you can improve on various aspects of your game. So dying less getting more CS your role in the team champions strategy when and how to take objectives when and how to defend objectives Implement a "could have, should have" rule when you play. So every time you die, look at what YOU could or should have done to not die in that situation, even if that is basically "i shouldnt have really been there in the first place" "I should have come back for that pink ward later when I knew they'd gone back" "i knew their tri was pinked, so it was obvious their jungler could be ganking" Do that for things like wasted summoners and cooldowns and honestly, your gameplay will improve tenfold in a short amount of time. Then you will climb, smurfs or no smurfs
Ironicly "should have dodged" is becoming so frequent that once I followed that rule, i ended up with a whole day ingame ban
: "Skill Culture"
Dont give a %%%% and play. Otherwise I would have never made it to masters as nidalee:)
: absolutely not! autofill cuts down the queue time A LOT. if you disable that, you could spend even half an hour looking for a game and you are literally THE ONLY ONE that would prefer that. Learn how to play different roles or play support willingly once or twice to get your autofill protected and stop bothering people with these meaningless rants
> [{quoted}](name=MirirPaladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=roIGXf49,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-20T15:04:49.324+0000) > > absolutely not! autofill cuts down the queue time A LOT. if you disable that, you could spend even half an hour looking for a game and you are literally THE ONLY ONE that would prefer that. Learn how to play different roles or play support willingly once or twice to get your autofill protected and stop bothering people with these meaningless rants not literally. i prefer the optional autofill removal as well, but only in low elo. plat+ the queues times really get %%%%ed up with up to 4 or more hours xd
LongbowNL (EUW)
: Autofill should be deleted
you have 3 ways to deal with it: 1) Dodge 2) Fill in normal draft 3) L2p so you can atleast keep yourself alive, even if you're useless
: DShield+Bone Plating+Second Wind+minion aggro made this playstyle no longer viable. Unless the new Fervor actually suits him well I don't think the old poke playstyle is coming back.
He is more reliant on mana now. However, tear or essence reaver both work well, it's just cost ineffecttive. However, minion management now matters a lot more. When you have a mass of minions behind you, you still win trades. You just can't poke now when enemy is pushing in, thus pantheon actually gained some form of counterplay. Still, pantheon can use the same runes, and to be honest, resolve tree is kinda bonkers at this moment, even on him
: Buff kata
Hagtorn (EUNE)
: Calixto: Talking Trash
There is a huge difference between trashtalk and being a jerk. Riot officially states that they don't care about trashtalking, but if it crosses the line over to the flaming, then yhea. Trashtalking is reflect by emotions, that can be reflected by simply "You're trash:D" once insxtead of spamming it whole game
: Trash talking/ banter just doesn't exist in league of legends, you could easily say something lighthearted with no intent to annoy someone and they could take it the wrong way and f*ck you're game up. Baby community.
because people dont know the difference between trashtalk and actual shitholing. it,s what you get for sitting on the net 24/7.
: Why is Pantheon not getting a compensation buff?
He doesn't need it. He can easly go back to old poke em till they die playstyle
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrinnid,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MIat5OWv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-19T21:42:45.317+0000) > > pbe changes are all tentative That's a lot of work to just scrap. It'll release.
They canceled URF the Manatee and 4 ohter champions. They were even in the coffin in one of the harrowing maps. If they need to cancel, they will
: Wow didn't even know it was that derogatory. Like people can joke about russians by saying 'cyka blyat' and french by saying 'baguette fromage omelette', all you're doing is imitating sounds I had no idea this was an actual thing.
More knowledge, less problems.
: What is the leblanc revert date?
pbe changes are all tentative
Antenora (EUW)
: It won't be in patch 8.6. It is returning for testing in the 8.7 PBE cycle. Release will either be 8.7 or 8.8
> [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MIat5OWv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-19T20:51:47.244+0000) > > It won't be in patch 8.6. > > It is returning for testing in the 8.7 PBE cycle. > > Release will either be 8.7 or 8.8 or 8.9 or never
Pharcon (EUW)
: looking for a high diamond ADC main to 1v1 me
in all the lategame builds you literally dont build any penetration to bust the tanks
: Is Hecarim still a viable pick?
He diislikes the peeling teamcomps that currently rule both LCS and high elo soloq. Hence, hecarim there does not fair well. In low elo, where peeling for carries is concept mostly unknown, he does fairly well: Also vision. Anyone can build a gp5 and sit on it till it starts giving out free wards. Vision is cheap enough to make hecarims jungle nightmare. Thankfully not many use it. He is strong, just hardcountered by meta. And ofc most soloq watches streams and then just copycats what they see
: Confirmed on her twitter that its her.
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} oh well.... Edit: Googled it. And well...holy conoly people these days.
: i'll "M'pengu" you to death XD
: Celestia vega is now a pornstar lol wtf
was it under community section? if not, then you have no idea about the makeup artists in porn industry. they can even make random male look like bruce lee
Tôm (EUW)
: I've quit League for Fortnite
Dude, if I'm playing in OCE with 2k+ ping rather than in EUNE, it says alot about the difference in community by regions. OCE has a smaller playerbase, so some volunteers do immidietly forward any troll, flaame and intentional feeding cases to player behaviour team. Thiis combined with the usual aussie attitude means not much blaming and crying there. Banter tho...A LOT OF BANTER and Badmouthing everybody just chills. Here...everyone should need a chillpill...or go outside more xd
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Riot stop pretending they made the emote system for anything other then to increase toxicity?
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