: The balance is out of the window,give up on expecting it
The problem is not in the champions/Vayne, Riven/ It is the items and the changes Riot are doing, they nerfed the crit items and then buffed Vayne and other ADC's because of the Item nerfs then they decided It was not good and they reverted the Item changes but they didnt revert or nerf most of the champions they buffed because of it and the reason Riot refusing to remove some items from the game that make some champions pain in the a$$ like Spear of Shojin, Guinso's Rageblade, Duskblade of Drakhtar...
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: Why ban your teammate's champion in ranked?
There is literally no reason at all when they ban someone's declared champion, they most of the time ban an allies champion If It is Yasuo because they hate Yasuo and thanks to that meme "my yasuo enemy yasuo", people are so butthurt with this champion and don't even realize that Yasuo is just a champion like the one they main... some will do good sometimes, some will not do as good, I have seen 0/9 Jax Mastery Level 7 at top going afk after dying so many times but I didn't started banning Jax because of a few accidents in games... For those who think "he has low win rate on that champion" do you prefer him play that low win rate champion he is going to pick ( btw win rate is bs, maybe someone played the champion 7-8 times and did good at nearly all of them but lost because of someone else, low win rate doesn't show how bad he is with the champion but how much games he has won with his TEAM) or you prefer him to troll pick and lose the game for you, you probably know the answer while If he can't play the champion good and so you will start losing on the long run if you can't carry it, but when you ban the champion you are just throwing your early game advantage and the advantage to win the game, because believe me, If someone trolls me I would do the same, I don't care about -20 lp or whatsoever...
: You can, just buy a spot in the LCL.
Haha thank you for the info, not that I wish to give even 1$ to Riot anyway tho, this "company" deserves dog-shiiit
Elybia (EUW)
: Ghostbride Morgana
The whole VGU is trash at all what do you mean hahaha, they could have just updated the face and body a little instead giving her back-diccks-ball-sacks
Hansiman (EUW)
: Even with surrenders included, the average gamelength in the elo you're in is 30 minutes.
In the elo I am ? Ssssh dude what's that disrespect ? Please don't include me in "that" elo, I'm Silver because I hardly play you can look at my op.gg, I play for fun at all since this is another account of mine otherwise easily high gold low plat :), If you wish come EUNE we can play Duo, I like playing AP Yasuo in Ranked.
: New Morgana
{{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:25}} - literally different champions than they were before... Aatrox from Demonic/Godly being with a deep frightening voice to - today's joke Riven v2 with stupid voice Urgot from a fat disgusting dude to a jacked up bully with shotgun knees Morgana as you described What's next Riot ? Muscular Gragas with 12 abs ?
RazerX (EUW)
: Vaevictis eSports all female roster
For everyone thinking that It is not big deal, Imagine the teams that play against them - how they feel ? Probably confused and upset or even disappointed... What would you think as a Challenger playing competitively expecting to play against someone that you will have fun instead of just playing 15-20 minutes of games against all "female" team and not providing even excitement forget about challenge... Isn't the purpose of eSports to showcase those who are good? If this so called "female" team made up by golds and plats can exist why can't I make an official team with me being gold alongside with a friend and 2-3 silver and bronzes...
Rena (EUW)
: A little story about why it's better to be nice instead of being Toxic
Being nice may seem good on paper but It is actually not for your in-game experience I know a lot of people will probably down-vote me but I don't see a reason to be nice with someone in my team that is probably 0/10, what i do ? Do I tell him "Don't worry you are only 0/10, you are not holding back us at all don't worry, you are doing great, keep up the good work" ? am I supposed to be nice with everyone? No! Some people deserve to be called "%%%%%%" "noob" "feeder" in their faces if they are actually playing like braindeads... So NO! NO! Thank you, I'm toxic and I like it {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Smerk (EUW)
: Your last 3 games lasted for 30:07, 34:04 and 25:09. You managed to reach level 16 in all three as well. I guess further discussion is meaningless
Yeah I played 3 games where I was 16 or higher but this is not my point, these games were not 1 sided that's why they lasted long basically If u get fed early game enemy will probably surrender 15 or 20 that's my point...
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realKano23 (EUNE)
: you seem toxic as all hell lmfaoo. Why u complain about others when ur just as bad?? Also what do you mean by "self defense"????? its not like you would be in hospital if you just kept your mouth shut and ignored him, but you enjoyed it as much as him. enjoy your ban
I complain because, If you consider what I said as toxic you should see what they were writing in chat for 30+ minutes, your jaw would fall, I bet... compared to what these 3 idiots were saying mine was nothing and still after calling me mongol or gipsy for like 200+ times and calling me slave and dog and etc etc... I'm the one getting punished while those flamers didn't got anything...
: i was sympathizing with you since your logs were toxic but fun, then i read you had locked in yasuo...
It doesn't have anything to do with Yasuo... I wanted to play Yasuo I declared mid and Locked Yasuo what is the problem in this, why people always have to troll others because the champion they play is Yasuo? Maybe It's the only thing I still enjoy about this dead game ?
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: It's a zero-tolerance word, meaning you shouldn't ever use it, in any situation/scenario. So yes, it is bannable absolutely.
If you would kill ys because someone online told you then you are very lucky to be still alive if you ask me...
: Ok Riot, real talk
How come bounty is a disadvantage If the enemy is worse than you, It makes no senes... Also I don't agree with you, farming is important but no one would enjoy a game where 10 people are farming and when they see enemy they just both run from each other for 35 minutes straight and then one team takes baron and ends game...
: AFK should be punished more.
You had me until the > honor drop.
noobitup (EUW)
: SHEN is a tank , he got worst base damage than all bruisers , less damage when building tank items , 0 wave clear , worst base stats (armor , mr , hp ) an irelia lvl 0 has more hp than shen lvl 1 and so are most bruisers , and finally shen loses most , if not all matchups , and can't farm undertower due to his nefed Q so he is obliged to build tiamat instead of sustain items , and on his lore shen is based on balance , (welcome to the balance ) :D
The damage and wave clear part is right but the worst stats part is quite exaggerated don't you think? I don't think anyone plays him top as well, he became more of a support than top laner...

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