: This is way too good not to share
Noone of you can top my story. So it was an 80 minute game, approximately, right? Our midlaner was afk for the first 10 minutes. Amazingly no one actually flamed or said "report this" or "report that". So after reconnecting we told him to just focus on farming and experience for now. I camped him so he could do that. We were down by alot because of the roaming midlaner at this point and the moral was pretty low. But even when our midlaner died a few times no one flamed him. This was probably the first game, since I started playing LoL, that this had happened. A team with no flamers? Probably just as rare as those gemstones am I right? We know that we can't contest dragon or baron so we let them have it and focus on just defending. We somehow managed to only lose 1 turret during the baron buff. So I decided to start splitpushing. Luckily I assassinated their, conceited, adc and managed to safely back. At this point we had about 40 seconds to push midlane. We got an inhibitor and a few kills out of it. We realized that this was a comeback and kept pushing and splitting. We communicated really well with pings and comments. I even got some constructive criticism. It was wonderful. Probably the first time I had gotten one. So rushed baron and managed to kill all of them. It was only me and my adc left at this point. So we went to end the game. Felt so good. But here's where it gets crazy. We look at the map, and there's an effin Udyr backdooring our nexus! I look at the name and it's Trick2G! He had somehow raided our game?! He completely deleted our nexus in no time and he was gone before any of us could report him. Rito plz
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: LMAO, I got like 5 gemstones out of 6 cases. goddamn, Iæm either VERY lucky. Or you are seriously UNLUCKY
Pic or didn't happen, and while you're at it send some nudes
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