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: Why is It So Hard For Supports Go Get An S
farm whenever you can, if your adc couldn't get the kill and you can go for it, try to die as little as possible, if took me months to get 2 Sona S- token shards thingys to get her to lvl6 and whenever you see a team fight go help and get as much assists as you can without sacrificing yourself too much
jejkob1902 (EUNE)
: i am midlaner i play ahri zed ekko syndra orianna. my main is mid add me pls?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Sure i will! soon as i get on ^^
: Ok, I have an offer. Good club, sorry but not here, but a group of friends?! We are always happy to welcome a new friend ANY level. Currently our group has 4 members that are lvl 20-30, Yeah, I know, lvl too low but they are my friends and I appreciate it. Anyway as I said we would be happy if we can recruit 5th member. on LoL add me, whiteinfantry and we can talk about it. Thanks in advance! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > {{champion:10}} + {{item:1054}} = {{champion:80}}
sure i will add you as soon as i get on thanks! and i really don't mind the lvl so dw c:
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Rismosch (EUW)
: > what's the difference between flex and solo/duo Q? In Solo Queue you can only play alone or with one premade player. In Flex you can play with multiple players. Note that in the community Flex isn't taken that seriously, also the matchmaking is not that great. > what is LP ? When you win you gain League Points (LP), when you lose you lose LP. When you hit 100 you get into a promo.When you have 0 and lose one or more games, you will be demoted to the lower rank. > what are promos ? When you hit 100 LP, you will have to win 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 games to rank up. When you don't manage to do that you simply lose LP. You can climb back up again and play the promos again, but then you gain 1 free win. > what does Elo stand for ? In the past, League had an elo system, where a number represented how good you are. However Riot got rid off it and replaced it with the current rank system. If you are more interested about elo check out wikipedia. [[LINK]]( Also people may use elo in a loose term, describing with it the current system. When they say they are in gold elo, they mean that they have the rank gold. Technically this is the wrong use of the term. > does my rank go up and down depending on my Wins and Loses or does it stay at Silver IV till the next season ? You rank up by successfully finishing promo games. You will get demoted if you lose one or more games at 0 LP.
thank you so much for your help i appreciate it, one more question, why didn't i get a silver border ? and like silver 2,3 is like better than silver 4 ? so the numbers go down not up ? ( stupid question bare with me )
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Yoshukin (EUW)
: Pay with IP for (Autofill protection)
wouldn't the Q take ages then?


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