Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Make a game mode where every champion is a poro
Woaah {{sticker:sg-kiko}} .Nice idea
AllBear (EUW)
: Help
I say you to this like brother to brother, ranked sucks.I mean, I am playing lol since s6 on different accounts.When I first played rank games, everyone flamed me because I was _bad_ .I tried another one, where I had a pretty nice kda, but again, after my jungle dies because he goes to the turret, it's my fault.Ranks stress you, play a draft, like me.Choose youre primary role, and that's it.You don't have to win, just to have fun. That is the purpose of a game.As a support, go a tanky support, who has slows and stuns.I recommend leona and braum, 2 easy supports.Also, you don't need kills, just assists.You can start fights with leona, with e and q, with braum you can hit enemies with your Q, and after 4 shots they are stunned because of his passive.If you want to discuss more, tell me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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