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: is DR mundo Balenced???
Balanced from word BALANCE. NOT BALENCE
MilkyWÒy (EUNE)
: But why would EUW to EUNE work, but not EUW to OCE or EUNE to OCE?
Small Indie company proggers {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
MilkyWÒy (EUNE)
: Help with transfer???
Well RITO transfer feateru is always messed up for a long time and seems like they can't fix it.
: Is it only me or Riot Trolls during the last ranked match ?
I usually get trolled on promos. Like getting afk people RQ people or just running it down people lul
: support ticket?
Yaya it's weekend tough so until monday you won't get any reply
: Lux needs something done about her...
Ye increase the CD to 22 and add 50% ability scale
: Where's the Money, Lebowski?)
You can wait up to till next birthday if you made a post in here and waiting for an actual reply from Riot. Go make a support ticket. BTW if you didn't play Camille you can refund it yourself
: why r some "mages" seen as troll for support=,,
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: Is it possible for us community to write a petition and make Riot giving the game to another Company
Lol How about making a pettition to take away your house? xD Sounds the same. Let's give it away to some1 from the streets {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Korean BB (EUW)
If you aren't flaming them back - no. If you aren't running down mid or just going 0 20 in 26min than no
xLegacy (EUNE)
: Mate,i asked like half of my friend list did they got the new launcher..and they didn't.Since we are sitting on the old launcher this only one friend is on a new very confused
It did auto-update so idk why ur using the old one
SepharU (EUNE)
: Pls make this thread the most downvoted Thread ever!Thx!
Downvoted. Reverse psychology works only on monkeys.
: What the hell do you need to do to actually get punished?
Indeed ur toxic. Why rito he's still playing?!
xLegacy (EUNE)
: New Launcher,is it bug or?
Idk what r u talking about i'm playing trough new launcher everything working just fine
: EXP Boost, is it possible to see how much time is left?
U need 3 days boost to get from 0 to 30lvl
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: is euw ranked working yet?
: Levels has nothing to do with how high elo one has. (Story + topic)
Account level has alot to do with it. Just lol players like to create smurfs and their account level would be higher if they would play only on 1 account
Xylve (EUNE)
: Getting Perma Banned
Congratz! Now you can focus on study.
: Riot actually mocking us
Prestige ward for 100 prestige points
Fedairkid (EUW)
: League trying to connect me to a non-existent game
How about first trying to look at simillar posts? It's riot fault i'm stuck also. Actually alot of people stuck just go to sleep and wait until they fix it
lnfy (EUW)
: Stuck in a game that does not exist.
Oggy33 (EUNE)
: no smurfs here xD, just a fiesta game like everygame is lol, if there was smurfs in a pre30 game you'd see 30+ kills with 1/2 deaths max xD
You are strange if smurfs are killing smurf outcome looks like this...
: but do I get the LP that is the question I got 9LP I should get 10LP more and I have a feeling riot will not give me extra LP even after re opening the rank
No you won't get any more LP.
: rank score bug
It's becouse ranked are turned off for maintance
: If well done u will wait the same
Nah i wouldn't play a game where i have to wait 1 hour to play 20min
: Change Matchmaking to fix some INT and TROLL playing with SERIOUS players
HavickPT (EUW)
: can riot make other anthro animal champion please?
: ye keep telling yourself everyone is smurf ;) will eventually make you better ... oh wait ...
: almost everyone has double diggit death numbers ... even those who dont are at 9 ... now tell me again how everyone is smurfing in that screen ...
I won't comment this, cuz rito will anyway remove the comment due to insulting messures {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: looks like a nice, even game :)
Hell yah. Rare thing to happen lol. Both teams lost all inhibitors just jax went backdoor with those tanky items while adc sup and top was fighting illaoi lul
: Im done with this shit game
So how many BANDS did you made? xD
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: About KDA and tryhard.
I would like to see Die hard type skins series something brutal like Bruce Willis xD
: Day 4 reminder that matchmaking should be looked at.
I see balanced games once in 100-200 games
MissJJess (EUW)
: Honor 5 Token shop
They have no expire timers it's on their description
: Chosing our top 3 champions to be shown on our profile
ipv (EUW)
: Why do I always get S, but no one in my team or enemy ever get S??
Emia1 (EUNE)
: when ban Feeders?
Naming and shaming isn't allowed remove the name or moderators will remove the post. Just go and make a ticket to riot support about this
: I read that u want pre 30 but they wont see a point in doing for only one level region, and if they increase in ranked then it would become a lot harder to farm lp, cos dodging is one of the best things in the game tbh.
Talking about normals only. Dodging too much, have a feeling of being unpunished
: How many honors do you need to get your honor level up?
You don't need them the system gives you honor just for playing if you are not getting reported often
: How can you say if it's still running... I remember it even closing down. I even checked it and it closed in 2017. It's not like it closed half year ago :D instead it closed over 2 years ago...
I played it long time ago lul and didn't check if it's running or not
Shamose (EUW)
: > Welcome to~~ League Of Legends community.~~ Welcome to any online community.
Nonono this one is special. Try out Marvel Heroes if it's still running it's like a Unicorn puking with rainbows
: Who the %%%% cares about that? There are no new players, only smurfs. And dodging games ain't a problem in my experience.
Try creating a new account on Euw there's alooooooot of dodgers and afk like 7x more
Zee Zone (EUW)
: Where can one have a legit discussion/ argument about sth. league related?
: 10years=10K-Rp
I would like some fun mode like Ascension or Poro king. Something relaxing
: if you are in a select group of ppl you also got an invite to the event though i don't know what's gona happen there as i did not get one the things that will be avalible to everyone is a stream of the history, preseason patches,tft update and their plan for the future. maybe they plan to do something in game that they don't plan to announce since it would "ruin the surprise"
I remember in the old days they atleast would give you a skin like Riot Kayle
: why u want free stuff on someone else's birthday?
They have a birthday literally cuz people support them by playing their game. No players - no birthday, just a Graves with a sign R.I.P. Rito Games.
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