: Riot games saved my life ❤️️
Hey man, that's great news! It's really good that you got better and your friend helped you through this difficult time of your life. However, I feel it would be also a really good idea to visit a professional therapist that works on this stuff, in order to get a bit more usefull and additional help. Again Congratulations on your achievement and don't forget to always stay strong!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: How is it abused? A person takes exhaust; that's not abuse. If you're laning against someone with exhaust, bait it out and trade when it's on cooldown. Exhaust, like other summoner spells, have a long cooldown providing you with a big window to trade after it's been used. If you get exhausted, just back out from the fight for now.
Exhaust has a long cooldown? First, off exhaust doesn't have a long cooldown, second of all with ionia boots and insight mastery, its cooldown gets reduced to 157 seconds. I am not really sure what's your definition of long. Furthermore, you can't just back when you are exhausted since you get slowed down and also vs sticky champions like yasuo you are most likely dead.
Allosen (EUW)
: Exhaust is not a Support Only spell
That's what im saying, it should be only a supports spell since it's easily abused by other laners
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: Woaw... There goes my money.... Do you think its better than DJ Sona? Hopefully she get new voices tho.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Alpha Client Question
This has been added on the updated client...
CryGods (EUW)
: Can't write in chat... can't ban a champion... can't go to profile... WTF
Happens to me 2-3 times a day. The combination of a bad client and shiity servers brings this kind of results. I feel you.
1lifter (EUNE)
: EUNE is a mess.
I'm having really frustrating problems right now. For example, sometimes my ban won't be locked during ban phase because the client or the server doesn't respond. Instead, what happens is that I press repeately the "Lock in" button and after 1 minute the queue crashes and I'm back at home screen like nothing happened. Also, there are other times that I try to communicate with my team during the pregame chat and the text I type shows after a few seconds after I hit the enter button and not immediately. Also, i get these messages " Uknown server error..." and I don't know what to do. Furthermore, the client is so laggy and sloppy. Especially during role selection. There are times that a role slection bugs out and stays there loading. Things like that are super annoying and make the gaming experience less fun...
: i've got the old client after doing the update 6.12
Shadow XIX (EUNE)
: FPS Drop Issues
: The problem is not the premades, it's the longer queue times in higher elo.
When I say that people want to get rid of the premades, I mean they don't want to play against premades as solo players (I didn't explain cause I was bored to do so). Also, the main problem about Dynamic Queue is the high MMR difference especially in high elo and the recent feature they added called Autofill, which made many pro players to essentially "quit" ranked. Although, most of the problems are spotted on the high elo, Dynamic Queue has been affecting low elo too. Foe example, I am currently ranked at Gold IV and my average queue time is 5-6 minutes, which isn't significant enough to compare to the times of high elo players, but it is still somewhat annoying. Also, people complain about premades not because they lose against them but because it litterally makes the game unfair. And that's because premades have superior communication compared to solo players. They can easily make calls and they can react much faster since they are connected to a team speak (Skype etc.). Also, knowing your premades' playstyle, you can adjust your playstyle like his or even help him to get fed etc. Solo players not only don't have that type of communication but are frequently ignored when there are 3+ premades on their team. Also, they don't know their teammates' playstyle which makes coorporation even harder. And lastly, as Riot has stated when people are matched against premades the system makes sure that they have slightly higher MMR than the combined MMR of the enemy premade which means that they get even more punished as solo players since they lose more LP on losses and gain less LP on wins. Meanwhile, premades get even more comfortable since they win more and lose less.
Grimzy (EUNE)
: I'm trolling this is a smurf account.
Some people do say it and they are actul smurfs but the majority of people who say it aren't :)
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue is destroying the game we all love. I suggest we all stop buying RP.
So many people think that Dynamic Queue and new Champion Select are the same thing. They are two completely seperate things. When people ask for SoloQ to come back, they wanna get rid of the premades and not the new role selection.
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: This would make last second bans impossible meaning people would get kicked from lobby even more than they are now. Really not needed. Just deal with it and play another champ
So, you suggest that it's okay for people to ban their teammates' picks as long as they manage to ban and don't dodge? Ummm, excuse my silly question but why on earth did the new Champion Select be implemented apart from picking roles before queue? Let me answer. It was implemented as a result to see what your teammates pick and try to work around these picks and of course not to ban them. Just because some careless people do other stuff during the pregame lobby, that doesn't mean League shouldn't provide a warning. Countless of times I write "Don't ban X champion" and of course I pick him so that can be clear that I want to play him and there are still people on my team that ban him. This is very frustrating and has to stop.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=karolmo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JLjaHZP6,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-27T15:59:28.854+0000) > > "Premade excuse"? > Well, 99% of high elo players actually say that dyq sucks... And i don't think the're stuck lol 99%? U mean 11 streamers? High elo is considered from lets say Dia 3 up to master. There are like 1k players per server in high elo. 8 servers= 8000 high elo players (number is much higher). Where did you see 7500+ players say that DYQ sucks? Also not to mention how many high elo players play DYQ and enjoy it. Qtpie domi and anniebot. Then Meteos and his possy. And many others. Trick, sirhcez. None of them are complaining about dynamic and they are all high elo.
What are you talking about, both IWDominate and Dyrus have complained about Dynamic Queue characterizing it as a really easy way of boosting your elo. Just because they have fun playing together, that doesn't mean they like Dynamic Queue.I 'm pretty sure QT has along the lines the same opinion. Also, If you checked Reddit and NA Forums, you would see that most of the high elo you are referring to, are against Dynamic Queue. So before you talk, get some evidence first.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
not true, i had the same punishment and it only for about a week with approximately 5 games a day
MOON 1v9 (EUW)
: Don't waste your time for ticket. I wrote ticket when guy flamed me while game from cancers etc. I had like 5 screenshots and guy from support said only (he copy pasted actually) smth like "just mute him and report after game, we are not banning people, it's case for tribunal" :)
: if you only put this much effort into your gameplay and people would start honouring you instead of flame. I hate flamers, but I have solution for that, I can mute them but what I do not have solution for are feeders. Tom, i guess I will feed one game and start a post here how my teammates tortured me with flame, and gain some sympathy which I definitely do not deserve.
So, basically what you are saying is that if someone is having a bad game, then the flaming is well-deserved?
: Yes the system records after game chat
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: This isn't the full change, just a stepping stone. Riot needed to remove QSS's debuff removal in order to give them more room to balance these champions as QSS could easily render them useless if they get nerfed so they had to be kept strong to balance it out. Now that's happened riot will observe the affected champions, figure out who needs changes *cough cough* zed *cough cough* and then they can go back and give some hard nerfs that the trouble cases deserved but could never receive till now. So we will get the follow up to this soon, riot just need to know who they actually need to target and who is currently fine as is.
In my opinion, Zed does need nerfs but not hard nerfs like you mentioned because then he will be absolutely useless. Probably, the best solution is to rework him.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Zed has 50% winrate, I think I would agree that he is a bit broken but not much, they could, like you said lower the dmg a bit or w passive, but the thing is... People will always ban him, whether he's op or shit, they are just afraid of playing against him. For comparision Twitch is the top winrate champ right now with 55% winrate and 0.2% ban rate (which is basically nothing), galio the same. Zed Has a 50% win rate and 78% ban rate so yeah...
I get your point but especially now that QSS got changed, people have gone nuts over Zed to the point that if you don't ban him, they will start flaming you in the pregame chat.
: Morgana and lux hitboxes
Another broken abillity's hitbox that Riot already knows that has to adress it and still haven't done anything so far, is Nautilus' Q. I can't count how many times I think that I have dodged his Q and suddenly I am pulled back to him. It's really ridiculous. Also, as you very well stated, except for Morgana and Lux, Amummu and especially Blitzcrank have really bad hitboxes on their Qs. When you think you 've dodged their Q, suddenly the abillity connects to your champion and you get caught. It's really frustrating.
: Or, just keep QSS the same but give the old passive to Merc Scimitar, voila, problem solved.
He still had a high ban rate before the QSS changes though...
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Brocks91 (EUW)
: If you want to play Vayne in Bronze or lower Silver, just don't
And who are you to judge what people play and also tell them "Don't play this, play that"?
Dravayne (EUW)
: Best champions to carry with in SILVER ELO!
This might be shocking to you but I believe that a very good champion for this elo that so many people underestimate and almost neve ban is Gankplank. Here's why: * He has pretty easy laning phase, great farming potential and good wave clear, and all these due to his E-Q combo. * He is pretty usefull at teamfights since 2 well placed barrels can hurt squishies for almost 3/4 of their life. * He scales really well into late game * He has a really good ultimate that can be used not only to help your team in a teamfight or to catch someone, but also to secure kills on the opponents that thought they got away. * His global presence due to his ultimate, can have pressure on the lanes which is really important. * His W is a 20 sec QSS And finally the most important reason, **HE IS A GODDAMN PIRATE!**
Shadow XIX (EUNE)
: A weird bug about LP gain.
You guys are right, now that I remember I didn't ban in one game and this counts as a dodge so...
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: Zyra rework
Don't worry because she is hella OP right now...
: > [{quoted}](name=JayHog1992,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3rRTZ3AJ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-04-19T21:12:15.190+0000) > > Wonder if the old sated effect is still nerfed for ranged? I mean if it takes 4 hits instead of 2 to proc it? > > MIght be good for Teemo personaly. Again, Sated looks to no longer exist, and devourer has been replaced with Bloodrazor, which does % max hp physical damage on hit.
Umm, Sated still exists in the game, but it's a Guinshoo's effect, and it's pretty damn powerfull, so don't get your hopes up...
Coltrane (EUW)
: RIP Devourer
Sorry to break it to you guys, but Devourer may got removed but the effect of Sated Devourer is still in the game but in a different item and it's name is Guinsho's. Also, now Guinsho's stacks with 6 attacks and everyone can have it meaning Kog' Maw with a devourer effect on bot lane. Cheers!
: Why is riot always putting me up with noobs...?
Why didn't make the post from your real account in order to search you up a bit and see what the problem is. PRO TIP: I used to be like you, but then I realised that I was as bad as everyone else and then I started improving and not blaming others for my losses.
Mikelish (EUW)
: Dynamic Que is ruining my Experience
There are 2 points that I want to make: * First off, you are absolutely right about the communication part. I mean, let's leave aside all the threads about toxic premades or premades that are bad ets etc. The communication is a major advantage when it comes to win a game. Even, 3-man premades can have control almolst all over the entire game. I mean, if they pick Mid, Jungle and ADC, they pretty much control the game for their team. I 'm not gonna bother talking about 4-man or 5-man preamades, since we all know what's happening. Although, as a Solo player, I tend to deal with 5-man premades quite rarely, I can't say the same about 3 or 4-man premades. Especially, 3-man premades are all over the place. Even 60% of the games that I play, I can guarantee you that I get 3-man premades. Commnication is so much easier when you are in a Skype call. You make calls much easier and the majority of the times you know your premade's playstyle and you can adapt to it. On the other hand, a Solo player like me has to type in chat every call that has a potential to be made. Also, he has to learn the playstyle of his team and try to adapt to it. And lastly, if he gets queued with 3 or 4-man premades, most of the time he is getting ignored or the premades don't even respond to his calls. As you can see a Solo player has to put so much more effort in order to win a game compared to the premades and instead of getting a reward from Riot that decides to play Solo, he gets punished with not only losing the game but also with less IP since he is not in a party. * The second point I want to make is that this system is so easily abusable. You can go watch Dyruses video, where he explains how one can abuse the system in order to gain elo and rank up. You can even watch the pros like Imaqtpie, IWDominate and Dyrus that almost fuck every game and yet somehow win, and that's only possible due to the DynamicQ since they get better communication than the enemy team. This is all I got to say and let's hope that Riot will realise their mistake and bring SoloQ back.
: Tank meta op ? i dont think so.
As you said, Tank Assasins are the main problem here, but let me tell you something. Tanks are supposed to tank damage as you said. The thing is that with the current tank items, Tank Champions with overloaded kits like Nautilus, Amumu and so on, can build full Tank and still deal tons fo damage, which to me doesn't sound right. I mean, you choose to be tanky and tank damage for your team? Fine, with me but you shouldn't be able to deal this much damage as a tank to the point that late game is a nightmare for squishies if they come even near you. The cause of this problem is the base damage of the abillities that these specific champions have. So, except for the tanky items that need to be nerfed, Riot should consider to lower the damage of some tanky champions that are way too high for their kit.
Samsuddin (EUNE)
: For all dem zed mains.
You complain about Zed, yet you don't complain about the Ezreal who becomes extemely broken with just 2 items (Manamune and Gauntlet). Of course you wouldnn't complain about Ezreal, since you are spamming him since the beggining of this season. You know when i see long posts complaining about Zed, I immediately assume that OP is an adc main. I looked you up and i was right. Now, lets discuss the points you made: 1) Yes, Zhonya's may be a high cost item, but it's super efficient vs Zed. It denies his ult, plus gives you 100 AP and 45 Armor. Now for these stats, its price is pretty logical. Also, you say that Zed will have dominated the lane before you even buy the item. Now, that's not true since you can play passively and not give him any free kills or you can ask for help from your jungler. 2) QSS is one of the best items ever and it's pretty funny that, you as an ADC main complains about QSS. QSS later builds into Mercurial which gives you Lifesteal and AD. What else do you want as an ADC? Plus, QSS, except for the fact that removes zed's ult and ignite which 90% of the time a Zed has, it's also a great item vs teams with lots of CC. Let me remind you that full AD teams can have a lot of CC. 3) That's not true at all, if a Zed is underfarmed and doesn't have kills till mid game, he is basically useless late game. You can suck with Zed but i guarantee you, you will be absolute garbage late game. Now if he gets ahead with lots of kills and farm, you already know the outcome, but that happens with every champion in the game if they get fed. 4) He had been strong for some time and immediately received nerfs not only on his W but on his R too. Also, Riot said they are planning to nerf him. Plus, with this new assasin tank meta and with the variety of tank items, he is having a rough time. 5) Yes, you do complain about Zed. Now as far as the skill goes, it takes skill to be a good Zed. His Q is quite easy as you say but his combos are not easy. You can;t spot the difference between a good and a bad Zed player when they are ahead but im sure you 'll understand that a good Zed can pull of combos much harder that you are able to think. Now as for the E, you mention that it is an aoe slow. True that but it's like you are referring to him as he is a tank or sth. Have you ever seen a Zed to go in first in a teamfight just to slow 4 people around him? Also, he offerrs little to no cc. His slow is there but it's not that great. As for his ult, a Zed hardly ever uses it as an engage tool in teamfights. As an assasin he uses his ult to take down squishy targets but not to engage. Also, all his ult damage comes from what he does in these 3 seconds. Now, a good Zed can do a lot but a bad Zed can't do s**t. Also, late game is just a pain in the ass for Zed. If the enemy team has a lot of cc, plus zhonyas or qss, he can do practicaly nothing. And that's because in order for him to get a kill, he needs to follow on his ult with damage abillities. However, in late game teamfights are more compact and teams almost always protect their carries which gives Zed very few options to kill someone. Now all i get from this post, is that a Zed in your game maybe carried the enemy team and you lost. Especially, in lower elos he has quite a big ban rate and as you said you can ban him every time you decide to play. In general i believe Zed maybe has no risk or punishment if he fucks up, but he is one of the most countered assasins in the game, and you can itemise well vs him as AD or AP. PS.1 My English isn't that great. PS.2 Yes, i play a lot of Zed and he is my favorite champion, dont search it up...
: Done "TESTING" and this what i came up with, Have you ever gotten an S this easy? i figured it out!!
Bad Photoshop is bad. If you look closely, you can see that the farm number is altered...
Nalenthas (EUW)
: Set up for disappointment. Draven-Day instead of URF
I 'm suprised that none of you that made the "i 'm dissapointed in Riot..." posts doesn't remember that Riot said and announced that U.R.F will be a part of a rotation of game modes including Ascencion and Poro king too. This means that U.R.F will be available way more time than the previous years and more people would be able to enjoy it. As for the reason, that it didn't come out today as opposed to 2014 and 2015, take in consideration that since the last URF 1) new champions have been added to the game that need to be tested, 2) the new mastery sytem has been implemented, and Riot needs to make sure that everything will work just fine ( They explained it in a PBE post) and 3) U.R.F is going to be tested first on PBE this year after Ascension to for reasons 1 and 2. So, just be patient and wait. (Sorry for any mistakes i made, English is not my native language).
Skere (EUW)
: I do :p I really don't get why people hate it. My guess is that they blame it for not climbing
So, is it ok for you to be queued with a premade of 4, that sometimes are not very good and just play completely randomdly and experiment with different builds just because they are 4 and can help each other/ communicate better while on the other hand the enemy's team premade play with tryhard mode on and are willing to win the game. I 've had countless of games, that a premade of 4, 3 even 2 would fuck up so bad that we would lose the game. As a soloq player, i wanna play against other soloq players and not premades that have better communication and generally can work better together since they know each other. I want SoloQ back...
: Snow day Malzahar glitched Poro recall.
Dont worry this has been reported on PBE and received A Riot response i think
Rioter Comments
: Because most players got their gift and don't care about others. We must insist and insist until a Rioter finally answers us!!
: It is the same for me. I sent in a ticket on Monday but i haven still not got an answer ;_;
I sent a ticket on Sunday, but still nothing. I fee you bro...
: I'm on the same boat. I didn't receive anything (I checked carefully), and yet I am sure I met all of the requirements for the gift. I contacted support last week and I still didn't receive an answer! Are they going to ignore it? If this is what I got for behaving good in LoL, then I should behave bad... :P
I think they are going to ignore it... :( Like for real, why doesn't anyone give a shit about us?
  Rioter Comments
Orlox (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=XIXTeo,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LXW1Olgp,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2015-02-15T11:18:29.264+0000) > I ll give you an example. I have been put in low-priority queue way too many times due to **my internet connection**. The thing is that everytime I get put on a low-priprity queue I have to wait 20 mins. It's so painful that I decided to try not to leave games anymore( I am not leaving out of rage or anything, I leave games due to technical issues). I** managed to play almost 100 games without leaving an**y. However, before 5 days I couldn't help it and left a game. I immediately got put in low- priority queue and the 20 mins was there. I had to wait for five more games one eternity to play. This is absolutely, terrible. Proof that system is working. You were leaving games due to yourfalt and now you dont. Client is crap though
I don't leave games at all. I only leave games when my client disconnects or crashes. I don't leave games because I rage nor because I lose, I am not an afker and that proves that system doesn't work...
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