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: Again, elo-hell does not exist. You are simply having bad luck. If you ask me, you're too focused on other peoples' attitude than your own. Seeing the bad things and not the good things will only push your attitude down. There is also the probability that you are simply at the division you belong to, hence you are unable to climb any further right now. To convince yourself that your problem has nothing to do with the matchmaking itself, please check the following link:
Hey mate, thanks for your reply. I've thought about the having bad luck part, but it's just amazing how I haven't play a decent game in the last 50 or so games. I wouldn't say my attitude is the one to blame, I'm not the type of a guy to give up. About your third option, let's just say I've played against high elo players, such as master, dia1, and won my lane against them 1v1, without mid lane being my main lane actually, so I don't think that would be the problem, especially that I've been in plat1 ever since I play this game, there's not really a way for me to get worse at this game, when I feel that I'm much better than last year, and so are my analytical skills.
: 14 days banned because our sup have no ward item and premades report me
In my experience mate, it's not worth it. Just let them be, if you lose the game, so be it, but arguing with people won't make the game any better. I know it's hard sometimes, but just let it go, probably your reputation was kinda bad, thus the ban. A short break didn't hurt anyone so far ! ;)
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: Could use some advice regarding matchmaking
Sorry for the long post by the way! :D
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: For punishments to have any use, they have to encourage improving your behavior. The only purpose of this punishment is to make the punished player suffer. If he should decide to improve his behavior during this punishment, he isn't encouraged to do that in any way, because he still gets crushed again and again, no matter what he does. What you suggest here is not a psychological punishment, it's revenge and nothing else.
Actually, it is a psychological punishment, just think about it. He most likely said "ggwp this retard team uncarriable", "report my noob team", now he can literally mean it :) Also, it does encourage improving his behaviour, otherwise he'll just keep losing LP over and over again, and idk if you've notice, but majority of the players play for the LP, not the fun.
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