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: - remove {{item:3147}} and {{item:3146}} - change Akali's kit to be more of a bruiser and less of a assassin with a bruiser design (can specify if asked), also change her w into getting dissorted when hit by enemy spells - change Fizz ult indicator to a shark moving in insteado f this weird radar thingy, as well as changing his untargetability to only apply in the moment he jumps onto his triton - change ramaining turret platings to not just fall of but get absorbed by the turrets and buff them - change champion roles away from RPG classes into somethin more fitting (can explain if asked) - giving kha'zix cooldowns between reusing his R - make teemo and Shaco's kit into something that is not reliant on the enemies acting stupid - turn Yi's true damage into bonus physical damage - rework udyr - update gragas deeault skin - add a loading screen tip to not group fight Illaoi in melee range, especially not if she ults - change Jax's e (can explain if asked) - rework conquerer - turn dragons into an actual team-objective - make the scuttle crab at the dragon put into a lizard - make pyke into more of a support champ (can explain if asked) - change Nasus w and e ability (yes, I can explain if asked) - create an actual "Blitz-League"-mode that is classic League of Legends, but designe around faser match-pacing
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What do you mean?
Like Morgana Q lvl stuns you for 0.7 (+x) seconds, x scaling with ap. Or maybe some items give you something like Ornn's brittle, since some need to scale with ad too and the problem is that Jhin's could be 10 seconds long if he builds ad (which he does). My point being that CC doesn't scale with anything that that its the same from lvl 1 to 18. So its really not punishing on players doing bad in the game, having lower level and gold. I know its not the best idea but id look into it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You've become the head of the RIOT balance team, which changes do you implement?
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Man what you are doing is wrong. If they are gonna pick it let them enjoy. The reason why you ban champ is not have it as enemy yeah. So why you ban it? I think the problem is mostly you in that equation. I sometimes open game just to play certain champs as support like Viktor, Taliyah.. And I wanna play them as support. In normal game it is my right to play whatever I wanna play, and if someone bans it, I basically lose all my interest to play. They are not trolling, from inside they just game to end, so they give no efford to try. It is different than trolling. If you would ban the champ that I have indicated, I would also play effortless. If you do not want anyone to play with certain champs, than DODGE. DO NOT BAN YOUR TEAMMATES İNDİCATED CHAMP.
Yeah but sometimes choosing a support like Viktor or Taliyah isn't very fun for your adc. I don't promote banning someone else's pick, but i don't agree with picks that are forcing the other teammates to play with a "troll pick".

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