: Maybe you should quit the game if it gets you this upset. You clearly don't enjoy it, and anyone who comes to these boards crying and hating on riot because they can't play for a few hours probably needs some professional help.
Sorry that I don't enjoy NOT PLAYING THE GAME xd
llÐrake (EUW)
: Blood moon event
My fav one is Doom Bots. It is actually challenging and has a lot of depth.
: WTF is your problem
I made a horrible post and I am getting upvotes. That is how much you %%%%ed up RIOT.
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Zedant (EUW)
: Riot made 80 skins last year,time to use that money to fix the game
The client doesn't even %%%%ing work. And I am getting a chat ban for being frustrated. YES I AM FRUSTRATED WHEN YOU %%%%ING WASTE MY TIME
: Guys, seriously
Every single %%%%ing patch something must go down. Who works for this company? Who tests this shit?
: For taking our time out of the season while other servers can play the game. Literally for that. Also compentation is a good way to do PR and they just don't do that even tho a key and a box cost them nothing since it is all virtual. Also since it is just something that little that wouldn't even be a problem for them. Well, I would prefer this game to actually %%%%ing work tho. EUNE server is burning.
And you think that it is just this one time? EUNE is the worst, buggiest server. It is always %%%%ed. You play on EUW so u don't get that.
: Thats not a mobile game and its not pay to play/ montly sub. Its free game , no reason to be compensate.... And compensate for what? xD
For taking our time out of the season while other servers can play the game. Literally for that. Also compentation is a good way to do PR and they just don't do that even tho a key and a box cost them nothing since it is all virtual. Also since it is just something that little that wouldn't even be a problem for them. Well, I would prefer this game to actually %%%%ing work tho. EUNE server is burning.
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SwayZeee (EUW)
: Friendlist is bugged.
Yeah. Riot is actually %%%%ing up everything right now xd
OddOwl (EUW)
: My thoughts about Twitch and his current state in the game
I hope they kinda buff him because he is pathetic rn. I love the champion, don't get me wrong here. It just hurts when I see him getting oneshot in late game because he can't even get close to anybody in this damage meta without getting completely destroyed. Everything that deals incredible amounts of damage counters him because of how easy to kill he is and his damage also lacks.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Yet even tho adc gets deleted by evryone riot still nerf items related to adc.Like adc is "op" LOL.What morons. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Im telling you man riot is sleeping and people on forum are blind and defend them on evrything.I feel like s10 will be even worst then s9. Riot need to wake up fast before its too late.To be honest i prefer tank meta then this clown fiesta with no skills who one shots first to win the game.Or stupid champs like {{champion:84}} that have mobility-high dmg-invizible-and tons of healing.But still adc is the problem.
The sad thing is that by protecting Riot they contribute to the destruction of this game. They are trurly blind.
Câstiél (EUW)
: > So is there something unhealthy for the game in saying that "damage is too high and should be lowered" That't like a special case. First off: What does "damage is too high" even mean? That some champs have ratios which are too high? If that's the case, a nerf should be considered. Thing is, that the people who are saying that don't really talk about damage, rather about the overall pace of the game. It's more about the gamedesign as a whole, since 'high damage' means you die fast, while low means that you die slower. Both variants offer a different overall playstyle. You need to make different decisions when you die quickly as when everyone is 'tanky'. And that's not something which is crucial in terms of balancing, it's the whole direction in which League is going. But there's only two options: * You like it * You don't If you don't, you should stop playing. If many people do that, RIOT will eventually realise that it was the wrong direction, and change it again.
It doesn't have anything to do with this. Damage is too high overall. The game can be closed faster even if damage is lower, because there are other game mechanics that can be adapted to manage that. For example towers can have lower hp or shields can be removed. I just hate the meta in which everything oneshots everything. I don't enjoy this fiesta. It isn't something normal people should play. Damage meta was bad enough but what we have now is like a super damage meta. Every single champion is annoying because it does more damage than is normal. For example in season 5 I had to lower the hp of the enemy during the laning phase to even think about killing him. I had to calculate the damage and if he is in my ignite range of damage then I can go for the kill. Now I am just jumping at the guy with full hp and deleting him if he doesn't flash.
: Game has turned into a question of who can delete who the quickest
Feel ya. I also have the same problem but as an assassin player and my whole team is useless coz they don't oneshot anybody so we are 1v1 in the game with some other guy or if enemy team has good champion then its 1v5 or something. It is really anoying to get oneshot by 0/5/0 as 13/2/5 sometimes as well.
Câstiél (EUW)
: Because even if they did, why should they listen to one single player? Your opinion may not be the only opinion one can have. Maybe your opinion is something which is really unhealthy for the game, but you just don't see it yet. Maybe your opinion is quite nice, but pretty hard to implement and not really necessary. But maybe your opinion is even really crucial for the whole game. You need to exchange opinions with other players, see what the rest of the community thinks and maybe you can "drag" someone to your side, or maybe you realise that your opinion wasn't that great at all. In addition, you might motivate some other players and **together** you may be able to actually get riot to listen.
So is there something unhealthy for the game in saying that "damage is too high and should be lowered"? Because I think all the champions are anoying now, but with a lower damage just some champions would be anoying and the game would overall be a better experience. Many people are yelling since season 8 that the damage is too high and Riot started S10 by adding more damage and more rng. Two things that all players hate the most.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
I have a bad experience as well but because I can't have fun in this meta. I dislike champions oneshoting other champions all the time, because I cannot even save my teammates. They get blown up in 1-2 seconds. Back in S4-5 I could at least go there and save those braindead suicide bombers but now they just walk somewhere and die instantly. In this meta damage is too high.
Câstiél (EUW)
: No, constructive criticism has nothing to do with the context. If you're unsatisfied, just list the points why you are and offer some points of improvement. Just blaming RIOT will do exactly nothing. For my part, league right now is mostly fine. They made some nice changes. I like the current state. And I love the jungle right now. You see, we're both stating our opinions. No facts whatsoever. If you would've listed some points, you could discuss with other players, but you're just here to rant.
And why would I do that when nobody reads it from riot xd
: Ok first off you performance in games has nothing to do with the MMR you gain or lose. There's no way of realistically quantifying the stats of a player with how that impacted the game. One game a player dying a lot could lose them the game another game a player dying a lot could have been to get pressure in order to win them the game. It's not possible to accurately use just the stats from a game to figure out their impact. Honestly I think the starting MMR is just fine. Winning 11 games in a row should allow you to get into games with plat players as realistically it's extraordinarily unlikely that players from gold or below could pull this off and if it is just down to luck you'll lose a couple games and your MMR will tank you right back down to playing with golds. Whats the alternative? Every time a master tier player makes a smurf they play 30 games with gold players destroying bad players and frustrating people in those games? I'm D3 and I can sweep through gold almost as easily as I can sweep through bronze so imagine if a truly good player makes a smurf and spends dozens of games playing against lowbobs.
Master or challenger players wouldn't make new accounts if we were always starting from iron, because that would be a waste of time and would be frustrating as hell for them. Even plat players would only play on their main accounts. I wouldn't want to start a new account if I had to start from there and if that account wouldn't be my first and only one. Now we have people with 10 accounts coz they can hit plat by playing on a new account and having fresh mmr. Lp gain is too insane then. I think Riot shouldn't change too much but base MMR should be a little bit lower and Lp gain at the start a little bit higher. It would balance things faster.
Thornhub (EUW)
: Convincing title. Enough to fish for upvotes.
Fish for upvotes? For what reason? I don't think anyone here gets paid for upvotes xd
: No you don't. You get matched on your MMR. Not your winrate, not your rank, just your MMR. Winrate means nothing when comparing two players unless literally everything else is exactly the same. You could have a player who started in bronze and got to silver with a 60% winrate and a player who started in gold and demoted to silver with a 45% winrate but the player with a lower winrate could still be far better.
Base MMR when you start playing the game is too high tho. We often get new players in %%%%ing gold elo. Like, we have Iron, Bronze and Silver but we get them in Gold for some reason. On my new account I have got matched with plat players while being only 11-0. 4 of those matches were just lucky coz I didn't carry in them. In one of them I was dying all the time coz they had 2 assassins. I can dodge shurikens from Zed but I can do nothing against Nocturne with my champion. Especially when both of them want me dead at the same time.
: Add more bans
There is too much dmg in the game. We just oneshot each other with no way of outplaying the other person.
: What happened to this game ?
The game is just bad now. Riot wants everybody to be able to oneshot. I also would like long games with a laning phase that would be longer and more important. Assassins and damage dealers are really too strong. Damage overall is too overbuffed in this game. You don't outplay things anymore, you just blow them up. My advice is, don't try to come back, just play better games. Path of Exile or something of the sort.
ƒrasse (EUW)
: Everybody heals
Like, what happened with supports being the ones to heal and protect you?
: Well they aren’t free... you can’t get reliable skins and not for the champions you want... and who really cares if players are getting skins from my experence everyone had a few anyway, because even if it’s free to play most people are willing to support riot... so it’s not like they ever had s feeling of individualism, skins just made you look cool that’s all... and others having skins doesn’t stop you from looking cool. > The game is free to play, doesn't mean that we don't pay them for their work and if they get paid by us then we are right to desire a better product than this shit. And yet they do... they are constantly improving the game, and constantly trying to solve the issues we have... only issue is that everyone wants their issues to be solved and a lot of issues Riot can’t solve... seriously a lot of ‘server’ issues are people’s internet or computer not riot, and many balance issues are stupid and boils down to players not wanting to improve to overcome. Riot has to cater to millions of players, of course they won’t please everyone. > And above all we pay with our time, we sacrifice it to stay tuned for another season, even tho we hate the current state of the game. Every sane person would have ditched them long ago. No we don’t. We don’t pay with our time, and we don’t sacrifice anything... if you generally think that then why the hell are you still here. We play this game for fun, we don’t play it for anything else... if you are having fun then it’s never a waste of time nor is it a sacrifice or payment... and if your not then go play a different game simple as that. That isn’t riot’s fault, that’s your own for wasting your time on a game you don’t enjoy... it’s really not rocket science
"Amazing. Every word of which you just said is wrong." The skins were giving a sense of individualism because there were a few people who had them. If you met one, you were amazed and they were proud of the skins. Also those skins had their value in money so you could even sell an account for a lot of cash later on but now that doesn't matter anymore. "Improving the game" doesn't really sound right. They are changing it. While trying to solve issues they create new ones. Balance issues are so huge now that it is better to play op champions than stay with your main champion. Many people say that there should be more bans and I can't agree more, there is too many broken champions now to even ban them all. There are some things that you cannot overcome by simply improving, when your champions does dmg such low that even a support can easily solo you and you still need to gank to win the game while being 3 lvls behind solo lanes. Over time Riot forgot that 1 lvl is worth over 300g. Something near 400-450g. It is a sacrifice of time, whether you enjoy the game or not. It is a big investment and if you want to get high in the ladder you have to dedicate even more into it than you already do. For example with my 100-150 games I can only hit plat. I could hit higher if I played 1-3k games. They also get paid by us when we buy things and a client is right to demand a better product when he pays for it and I do. Now, I will give you some rocket science. This game has been made into e-sport, which means that balance issues are really important and need to be fixed. As an e-sport the game also needs to be less RNG and not more RNG, because luck cannot be a determining factor if this game wants to be a sport worth of olympics, which they do want to happen. Also if it is an e-sport then people don;t need to enjoy it to play it, if they want to get some rank, which this game is all about, they need to play it even if the game is shit. There are multiple reasons to do things in every situation that you can think of and here there are multiple reasons to play this game even if you don;t enjoy it. There is also nostalgia, because of which at least some % of people play this game, even tho only S4 and S5 were good. If the original fanbase is mad at the current state of the game then it is completely rasonable. Also the main factor why your point is invalid is that I said "the current state of the game". I didn't say that I hate the game. There are some good things in the game. Less and less of them with every new season. They get changed by the new Riot Games. If there was the old staff working there, then I am pretty sure this wouldn't happen. If only Tencent didn't buy Riot Games, the old crew would still be there and the game would be better. The new Riot Games doesn't understand how the game works, which is not surprising considering that the engine of the game is stolen from Dota 1.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Figured out Riot was the worst company in the gaming industry like... 8 years ago or so. When they banned people for "abusing" the report feature they had put in place to displace the burden of moderating their community onto the own community, seeing it wasn't enough and the system was a mess. Without any rule about it, without any warning, arbitrarily picked the X most reporting but also reported back people and shut them down for a week. This was before thinking about the Tribunal. Good times.
Not the worst but they are bad. Far from the worst tho. Activision, EA and Bethesda are probably unbeatable atm with Tod Coward as the main villian.
Câstiél (EUW)
: You know, instead of writing some constructive criticism, you chose to blame riot. Why?
Constructive criticism is only needed when people don't know what the context is. We are all League players. We know what this is about. I am mad at the current state of the game because of nostalgia after S4 and S5 were almost perfect and Riot chose to change things for worse. They made all lanes less interesting but they failed the jungle the most. They were trying to do good but the effect was opposite of what they desired.
: Riot's goal is to make money, you don't make money by hurting your playerbase, all the opposite in fact Riot has no reason to hate us and they certainly don't, riot has some of the best relations with their userbase out of nearly every multi billion company i've seen and I personally have yet to hear riot complain about it's playerbase so idk what you're on about with that first statement Riot can't please everyone, but they certainly try; personally I hated the new preseason changes at first but after a few weeks league is back in a state that I enjoy
I left the game because of those changes. Played a lot of Binding of Isaac and Path of Exile instead. Current state of the game is even worse than S8, which was the worst season ever. I kinda feel like I am staying in an abusive relationship. I get promised that Riot will change and in 7 years of playing this game they never change. They always do the opposite of what they say.
: They let us play this game for free, they give us plenty of free skins cutting into their project, and all we give them is grief and accusations... I really wouldn’t blame them if they did hate us, any sane person would have ditched us years ago
I kinda hate that skins are free now. There is literally no worth in them now. There was some individualism when only some people had skins, but now that everyone has them I don't care about them anymore. The game is free to play, doesn't mean that we don't pay them for their work and if they get paid by us then we are right to desire a better product than this shit. Even I paid a lot of money for in-game content in this game. And above all we pay with our time, we sacrifice it to stay tuned for another season, even tho we hate the current state of the game. Every sane person would have ditched them long ago.
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: The problem with autofill is those trashs that get autofilled in a role they have no idea how to play and they know that and they dont dodge expecting to get carried. Those garbage are the problem with autofilled.
Even if you dodge you will get autofilled next game. Doesn't matter that you dodge, you will ruin a game for other players anyways. People can learn up to 2 roles. That is why we can pick 2 preferable roles. The rest is too hard for us. We are not pro players, we don't have the liberty to learn every single role and every single champion. Autofill makes no sense in my opinion, because when somebody plays autofill he will ruin the game for 9 people, which is the same as inting. Autofill = inting.
Rioter Comments
: It was like this before and I didn't whine. I am cool with waiting. I can watch some anime or read manga. 15 or 20 I can wait. I just hate autofill. It doesn't make sense when 4 people in your team are autofilled and don't know how to play their roles. It feels like having 4 yasuo mains in your team. Not a single game is enjoyable. I can wait even 30 min if the game would be at least a little bit enjoyable.
Also you would think that autofill would give somebody support if there are no supports. Guess why there are no support players. Because I get 3 support mains in my team.
: there were not 5min where like 15m, 10m+ in every case, also you and others say will not mind but if it will happen you will come her and be first to whine
It was like this before and I didn't whine. I am cool with waiting. I can watch some anime or read manga. 15 or 20 I can wait. I just hate autofill. It doesn't make sense when 4 people in your team are autofilled and don't know how to play their roles. It feels like having 4 yasuo mains in your team. Not a single game is enjoyable. I can wait even 30 min if the game would be at least a little bit enjoyable.
: Remove autofill on ranked
I don't mind waiting another 5 min to play if I get my role.
: Critical Error
I have the same issue but with tft only atm. Wtf.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you don't care about being good? so you only care about climbing? go buy a boosting service then and demote yourself out of the boost 1 week later because you don't know how to play in that elo yes there are people that don't belong in their elos do you want to be one of them?
Where did you get that from? I said that most master players don't deserve to be there. That is all. I didn't say ANYTHING like "i don't care about being good". I am saying that most master players aren't good. Dude, by mmr farming even I was plat 1 and was about to hit diamond and then I didn't want to play anymore so I started playing Yugioh instead. Getting good enough is only accessable for a small group of talented individuals, not for us so I don't even try to progress anymore. Most I can get is probably diamond. I wont progress more than that. I am just not talented enough. My talent is on plat level coz I am shit at the game.
Î Ram Î (EUW)
: TFT is too RNG
They are changing it. Wait a lil bit. Also it has to be a little RNG because this game mode is based around RNG. It will be more balanced next patch but still will have a lot of crazy rng moments. You were unlucky as %%%%.
: Which 4800 midlaner is better
Diana is shit. Irelia is more rewarding and has complex combos and gameplay. Diana needs a rework and riot works on it. If Diana will be in meta, it would be only because other champions are shit. Irelia is in meta in almost every season.
PrototypeV8 (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench
The nerf is comming this patch.
: why do i win 17 lp but lose 21 lp?
Your mmr must be bad or you get enemy teams that are worse than you and you lose to them. If you lose vs weaker teams you lose more lp and if you win with better enemies then you win more lp. Or as I said you mmr might be shit and you get less lp coz of that. You need to win more in a row.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=PANTS+GAREN+ONLY please stop with the conspiracy theories yes it's easier to climb on a fresh account but you are just as capable of climbing on your main boosting services exist for a reason because it's possible to climb any account out of any elo
Yes. My point was that its longer to do it on a bad account. And pants is a good player but most of master players just abuse mmr farming. They are trash. You can easily see who is a good master, grandmaster and challenger player by looking how they play. Most of master players are worse than platinum players, they just abuse the system correctly. Of course there are people like pants, dom,tyler, qtp, scarra and many other challenger players, ex-pro, that can do it whenever they want, but there are also people that don't belong there. That is why Dom and Pants are so frustrated. They have to play with boosted monkeys that don't belong in that elo.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: everyone from the 1tricks of every champion have created smurfs that are at least in diamond that excuse is invalid pants has smurfs and last season i think he was actually climbing higher on his smurf
yes he did on a clean account, as i said, making a clean account and farming mmr is the easiest way to climb and they do that
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: there are masters+ players on every role with almost every champion if not masters every champion is capable of reaching d2
Their way there is shorter than ours from gold. They start from plat 1. Their mmr is so high that in 10 matches they are diamond 3. Then they just play 20 more and get to master. Not really challanging is it? Those who do unranked to challenger know this the best but mmr farming is the most efficient way to climb and if you get a clean account its really easy to get high. Its more difficult the lower your mmr. On a gold scrub's account you might need 100 matches to even reach diamond if you win all of them. Of course they can maintain their rank each season as their route there is short. They need to tryhard in 30 matches and then they are sitting there. If you get there one day you will stay there.
: Oof, I know jack shit about jungle haha The only thing I know is the ward trick where u go ward their raptor and then recall to buy sweeping lense before getting your first buff that way you can get your can clear wards on your first gank that should be on the opposite side of where you started clearing, while also knowing if your enemy jungle is clearing his camps first or rushing a gank
I think i found a way of winning. Its still inconsistant and need polishing but it might work in this meta. I focus on enemy jungler and making his life a hell.
: Do you not have to go triforce with Jax every game? It seems like one of his core items
No you don't. There are many builds for Jax. Triforce is the best one. That doesn't mean its for every match-up ever. And even if you want to build it, sometimes it doesn't work well as the first item.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: and yet some are climbing and others aren't what is the difference between the 2 groups of people?
: I did it
Now an epic fall to 0 lvl xd Just like me xd
: Spam shaco and you'll climb.
Maybe. Just ... I get Jax players in my team. They build Triforce in EVERY match-up. Even tho it doesn't work in EVERY match-up. It seems that people don't build resistances anymore.
: What role you even play as ?
Jungle. I know its a shitty role now but I still want to climb with it. The thing is this meta doesn't seem consistant to me.
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