: It would be too easy to get champions. And Wadud, You can get champs faster now. Rito made a thread on NA where they do all the math. Also are you aware you get 2k+ essence every 10 lvls? As of now you also cannot get less than 810 BE per lvl up. If you do, its a bug.
was aware of the math but did see 2k essence every 10lvl, thx
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Perilum (EUW)
: Then play a melee with mobility or CC if you want. You play a bruiser. Low mobility, high damage, tanky and a bit of CC. If you don't understand your champion's role, then it's the wrong champion for your gameplay. And ranged champions outtrade melees not just since yesterday.
Still there were mechanics to even out the ground like buying phage and rushing boots for mobility, but now even if I did i still couldnt catch up to ranged champions as a melee character
Perilum (EUW)
: Same whining every season. LEARN the new system and you get better. Like EVERY season. You're bad. You can't adapt to a new situation. You don't understand what is happening. So you blame the new system instead of sitting down at start to read what runes do and what not.
Yeah, like every previous season update had big changes to gameplay like that one For now it looks like melee champions on toplane have no chance against ranged if they get movement speed runes
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