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: It wont be totally random though, otherwise the chances of getting a ultimate or legendary skin would be higher, when riot coded it they would have set odds for things, also got no BE because you earn it soooo slowly now, IP was earnt far faster, new accounts would now take much longer to unlock all champs through in game currency, thus promoting purchase of RP.
Wait. You mentioned you've got 55 champion tokens? You do know you can sell those for BE? The idea is, you don't get as much BE as you did with IP, but you get tokens that count as discounts towards buying champs with BE or can be disenchanted into BE. So all in all you get as much as you used to get with IP.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: When you get instagibbed over and over by fucking Rengar, Kha'Zix or Shaco, and there's nothing you can do to prevent it, you just don't feel like it's even worth trying. Just to see "you have been slain" 10 seconds after you leave the base.
If it's just a single fed assassin that can always be countered. Group up. Don't leave that support behind. If he jumps in just cc him and blow him up. One would have to have an astronomical lead to actually 1v5.
: Not trying to be toxic, but this is my biggest problem atm (This is the latest game I've played when posting this):
To be fair, you didn't give a lot of chance to yourselves with that teamcomp. Not a single tank, it's an assassins wetdream, really.
: 3 bans in 2011 and 4-5 bans in 2012. It was actually when they released a patch in 2012 with a "buffed tribunal" when I got my last 3 or 4 bans in a row that killed this account. I can look for my reform card if you really want me to so you can look at it. It is somewhere in my emails. Long story short, I used to flame quite a lot in ranked because I really wanted gold in s2 and I would let my emotions get the best of me.. I finished silver :D EDIT: To justify my flaming just a bit you should know my max elo was 1498, 2 elo away from gold. I remember winning one then losing one then winning losing winning losing, it happened a few times and I only needed 1 more win to get into gold, I never got it though. Serves me right tbh XD
Do post tha loggs if you have them. It would be interesting to see from where you started.
: why all the hate on flex Q?
Well, I'm plat V in solo, got placed into Silver 2 in flex. 5/5 placements. The weird thing though is that in my 3 consecutive promos to S 1 I never got an enemy lower than plat 2, while my team usually had at least two golds. I've beeb getting stomped hard. No idea how the mmr is getting so strange. I'm not really enjoying it, so I'll just play normal draft. oh wait, that's gone. F...
: That's the opposite of what they're doing. Rengar can no longer oneshot, Katarina now needs preperation, Talon has been given more utility, which would usually end with less damage (though he can argueably still instakill) and LB has gained delays.
Looking at it, Rengar will be able to oneshot still. His combo looks really fast on the passive video. I will miss the swiftness of Kat though. Resets with super fast skills was her signature. She looks like a draven mage now and rather clunky. Vayne having pink ward immunity worries me the most. The rest is just different. I preffer them the way they are,but I don't mind the changes that much.
: the V border = always trash since u cant fall back to Plat/gold/silver/bronze, 4 is k 3 is good 2 is perfect and 1 is sad u didn't make the next tier
You can actually fall back tiers. Once I hit plat V I stopped ranked since I don't have the time to grind to diamond presuming I could, and all I wanted was a skin and any border really.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: that either you stomp or get stomped
Games tend to snowball. The definition of stomping can also be broad. I have been having quite challenging and even gamea almost all the time. Even if we seamingly stomped it always takes some great calls and outplays to take the lead.
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Trolling in ranked is fun :)
Good luck in beating tyler1.
: You would need a win in order to gain LP, like it is now. It requires teamplay to win. Now you reward good play and *punish bad play. The heavy stones such as feeders and afk just wont drag you down as much with this system as it does with the current.
Stats do not represent skill, they often reflect it, but consider the following: A Nasus gets camped out and dove so hard he goes to 0/6/0, simply because I decide to help bot mainly as jungler and take drakes and bot mid towers. We get to late and I start to fall off as the jungler. A teamfight breaks out when Nasus tps in behind them and tanks their dmg catching out their adc. We finish the game. He's 1/7/3 but won the game with that tp for all off us. I wouldn't want him to get less lp because we neglected his lane for drake and bot lane. He kept them busy even if dieing a lot.
Applekami (EUW)
: Too much unblanced games
What do you even mean by that?
: Ranked 1v1
Ranked is not about skills on a champion. It's about mechanical knowledge as well as game knowledge. You need to know when to go where and how to deal with enemy champs as well as how to cooperate witb your teamcomp. Individual ability to play a single champion is a very small part of it all.
JustZekis (EUNE)
: Hacked account
Send a ticket to Riot support. Noone here will be able to help you.
: What is your Zen Champion?
Rengar (365k), Diana(168k) and Katarina(152k). I just feel their limits and know when to ham and when not to go in. I always feel in control ans as tou sait at home.
Weelah (EUNE)
: TOP LANE - {{champion:85}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:68}} MID LANE - {{champion:136}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:112}} BOT LANE - {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:67}} Sup LANE - {{champion:201}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:37}} JNG LANE - {{champion:104}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:24}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3363}}
O.o That was so elegantly informative. Wp
: "People who report others for saying 'ez' are just salty."
So which punishment did you get for saying "ez"?
Kadenza (EUNE)
n0nsense (EUW)
: league is dead atm
What do you mean? I honestly see no inclanation of the game getting less popular or anything besides the people stating it's dying because they are frustrated out of their mind for one reason or another.
: last week i was plat 3 but i got on a losing streak and dropped to plat 5 so yes ur right XD
Honestly what's the point? I figured I don't have time to grind it out if I could make it to Diamond, so why bother witb divisions at all?
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Then dont make the match so ez for me ;) Feels bad that you get offended by words :*(
I love the fact that that comment comes from a person with a higher than 9 average deaths in ranked. I don't think I have seen a person with 23 deaths in a single game before. That game must have been "easy" for you.
Ziovi (EUW)
: wait, so everytime i talked to an ezreal calling him "ez", i could have been reported?
I've been making sure to type it out lately for that reason. Fk knows how the system differentiate words.
: "Unsportmanlike conduct", or whatever rule this falls under, is ofc a very arbitrary term, and saying "eZ" is just a very very minor offence. Whats next? Saying gg if your lane opponent had a bad game CAN be considered an equally grave offence of "Unsportmanlike conduct". Also, letting minions finish off the nexus instead of ending the game asap, flashing, teleportering or entering enemies healing platform just before the nexus explodes can be seen as minor "wink" of "Unsportmanlike conduct". And what about spamming dance or taunt? Compare this to the all other sports. Will an athlete of any given sport be punished for saying a game was easy? NO, and thats your answer if this is a report-worthy offence. Actually this is just ridiculous. If you are that sensitive and easily offended, just insta-mute your entire enemy team as soon as the game starts. 99.9% of the things said in the All-channel is not necessary for the game so you wont miss anything.
If you watch sports they never condecend. They alwas point out in what aspects was the game difficult. Even if it's a stomp. I believe the fine line is between saying "I was good." and you "you suck." Ez translates to "you suck". The sole reason people type ez is to be insulting. It's the same as calling people "noobs".
KotaraSzopa (EUNE)
: Mark system improvement
I'm pretty sure it would just tip gameplay towards selfish and greedy plays rather than safe teamworm oriented ones. It would also give even more things to frustrated about for many players.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Really? I have read that one. Should have read that twice ^^.
> " The major differences from 2015 are that you'll be able to select two preferred positions and veto your least favorite (when autofill is enabled or if you choose fill)." I'm really excited about this as well.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Fill with limited roles
This was already listed in the ranked update for the next season.
OwOlaire (EUW)
: What's your favorite skin?
Dragon Trainer {{champion:18}} is just the best skin of all time. Of all time.
Strikerz99 (EUNE)
: Thank you. Although Ekko is a little bit like Yasuo, he is either an elite carry master, or goes 0/8 then afks.
In some cases yes. But I've seen quite a few Ekko comebacks. The few times I tried to play him mid, I always died a couple of times and then started coming back after the 2nd item. I've had games where I went from 0/4 to 12/4.
Strikerz99 (EUNE)
: Which champion should I buy from these?
Depends. If you wish to invest a lot of time and practice go Azir. Otherwise, I'd suggest Ekko, because he's very addaptive and surprisingly fun to play.
: But i don't understand why i'd get paired with people that haven't even one 5 games let alone 300 compared to the enemy team. And i don't want to be ranked under them, i sometimes play with my friends who vary from silver to plat and i can handle silver and gold players with no real issues, i win some i lose some either down to some bad mistakes or they just had a better player to help carry. Plat is usually were i get stomped hard if i'm not playing support. But like i've been trying to say its not my skill thats the issue its the teammates i've been getting, and there doesn't seem to be a role where i can try and carry without someone else feeding hard or trolling causing us to lose, Everybody goes on about saying either your not skilled enough or just carry but you can't carry 4 people who don't know what there doing compared to he opposite team and no amount of skill will help in that situation.
If they are still low bronze after 300 wins, they still have the same amount of skill like a person with 5 wins. Also someone with 5 ranked wins might have played a lot more normal wins.
: Allow me to shutdown your statement, 1- you didn't mention ahri's score(11/4) or the rest of my team or the enemy team, although if you did everybody could easily point out how it would be difficult when on your team the score is 30/31 My team (Me 13/6/6, Ahri 11/4/12, Trundle 1/5/14, Tahm 0/8/12, Pantheon 5/8/3) their team (Yi , 12/7/6, Yas 11/4/6, Karma 0/8/15, 5/7/9, Jhin 5/7/9, Veigar 3/4/6) So just looking at that you can see that they 4 high damage dealing champs all with kills spread out with 2 obvious fed players, My team however only 2 fed players and 1 with an ok amount of kills. So putting all the pressure on me to carry seems rather ridiculous and idiotic, 2- They had more gold that us, hell Jhin had more gold than me and 1 completed item above me too and i have twice his kills! and he had the 3rd highest gold in that entire match so even more of a challenge especially seeing how it was a yi and yasuo who were fed, some who specializes in nuking carries and another who counters them with 1 spell. So tell me again how i'm supposed to have "chopped them down"?. And i'm not even including that tahm that was trolling most of the game (Takes tp, has fevor as keystone, uses devour to stop me from farming/take me out of a teamfight for no reason, throw me into a fight at low health or just use it to take farm). And i would say that would have been a completely fair game if it wasn't for tahm , it wasn't unwinnable but he sure as hell didn't help much in lane or with his antics. So please delete that poor excuse for a comment cause i clearly showed for that game that there was a reason that we lost, They had the right people get fed (yas and yi) and seeing how yas counters ADC's and skillshot champs like ahri it did make for difficult teamfights with him and yi being able to take us out of a fight if caught out and veigar stopping any advances with his wall, jhin with the long range damage and karma with shields and the speed boost, my only complaint with that game was the clearly trolling tahm (seriously look at his runes, masteries and summoners and you can't honestly say he wasn't trolling) and the ahri flaming quite a bit but that didn't bother me as much as the tahm. So you might want to delete that post cause all of this ^ shows how simple minded you are in your appraisal of that game and seeing how you've been looking into my match history you'd also see how rarely i play carry roles, so that particular game i would say i did pretty well for barely playing that role in recent months.
The only constant i your games is you. That's the only thing you can affect improve yourself and you will rank up. Keep looking for excuses and you'll stay right where you currently belong. You had range advantage on a late game hyper carry. Learn the champs and roles you wish to play if you want to take them to ranked. All in all 12 games isn't even close to enough for you too form ideas about matchmaking. If you don't belong there you'll climb no matter what. It's simple as that.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mortify,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=kdtA1jOT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-30T14:08:44.253+0000) > > ohm for me i obsessed with the visual things. i buy the pink chroma cait and i go with full tank runes and an exhaust. > > my build is ; > > {{item:3056}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3512}} {{item:2015}} > > dnt upgrade the shard because it is pink enough. or replace it something pinkier > > u can always buy pink wards, before finishing an item like Wit's end u can see {{item:1043}} or such as {{item:1031}} never give up because when u reach the full pink build, it wont irritate u anymore > > Fun part is they are trying so hard on you and all u gotta do is basic attack and your ult already has high Base stat and u are tanky. Coloured themed builds. Interesting. Do the colours mean anything?
: So where is the Mystery skin and chest?
It's in the store? What are you talking about?
MadClown (EUNE)
: So where do I belong if I am plat and think I suck?
Oh I wasn't qualifying, I was quoting what people usually say in certain divisions. I'm plat. I most likely suck more than you do. So I think we're fine where we are. My personal problem for example is most of the I fail to predict the enemy jungler. I should know where he is most of the time, yet I'm usually clueless.
MadClown (EUNE)
: So where do I belong if I am plat and think I suck?
Oh I wasn't qualifying, I was quoting what people usually say in certain divisions. I'm plat. I most likely suck more than you do. So I think we're fine where we are.
: But how bad are the teams huh? my last game everybody but me had died at least twice before 10 minutes, and the trend continued till we surrendered, THE ISSUE which everybody seems to just flat out ignore is the fact i'm getting complete garbage for teammates thats the problem, playing in normals i rarely get anybody thats this level of bad and when i do its usually only 1 player not the entire team!
Most of the time you died at least as many times as your teammates. And then there is the icing on the cake: You were 13/6 on Tristana! The most fed person in the game. That means it was up to YOU to win that game. And that is the hard truth. No matter how hard your team might have fed, you should have chopped down the enemy team like cheese while they kill your team. That game you were the reason.
Okuma (EUNE)
: #Greetings! Your mmr is on the same level as bronze players, I guess.
He actually got like one or two bronze teammates in 3/20 games. Also he's winrate is dropping currently at 48%, so he's about to see even more. I don't kbow though. I would actually enjoy a few bronzes on myand the enemy team.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: A Good Mid Lane Assassin Counterpick?
I personally just pick Kata. Even if they take my Diana. I know her well, I care not to feed her and just try to snowball off sidelanes. Works out a surprising amount of times.
Rkai (EUW)
: warning
> i saw no isult from my part Not watching as you type insults doesn't protect you.
MamaKi11 (EUW)
: ranked......what it should be
I can't even. Is this real life? He's just baiting right?
MadClown (EUNE)
: Yeah statistically it is.But I know how I play and it's not good at all, and I wouldn't call platinum elo good either, it's really overrated. My personal goal is high diamond next season, since this is my second season playing.
Bronze - I'm so good, but teammates Silver - I'm not the best, also teammates. Gold V - I'm God. Gold IV-I - wow I suck Plat - I didn't even realise so far how much I suck Dia V - I'm a God Dia IV - II - I suck less. Dia I + - well I have only met like 2 in game so I'll stop here.
: Individual elo can be done in teamgames. It's only utter lazyness that rito doesn't apply this. I don't have issues when i play mwo getting -rating for winning a game doing pisspoor. The reason is more the keep climing the ladder more grinding then actual skill wich means profits.
What grind? My first season it toom me 100 games to get from bronze 2 to gold V. That's not a lot. Next season I got placed back to bronze. This time around I had a better idea how to play. It took me 105 games in total to go from bronze 2 to plat 5. Same amount of games but since I had a year of experience it took me less to climb. This year I toom the scenic route and took my sweet time to climb. But I didn't care as much. 100ish games from Silver I to Plat V, but I was duoing a lot with my wife which was more important than climbing faster.
: Mastery Level 8 and how i would make it truly representative of the player's skill.
As they said below me, 60% is not sustainable. Also the amount of one trick ponies would skyrocket. It would also add to the frustration of ranked games if you have to worry about mastery stats. It would perhepa even make people play less effectively. Let's say first three picks aren't promising, so I might opt out playing my main as to preserve my mastery and up losing due to a suboptimal pick. Not to say normal games would become something with a risk too. I like the way you are thinking but ao far I don't see this working at all.
BläckLotus (EUNE)
: my main:
Why are you not posting from it?
BläckLotus (EUNE)
: "this is just a feedback to riot games based on my own persoanl experience". LMAO at least read the entire thread before hate-posting,i know a lot of players in EUNE dont even speak english like polish people but at least try to read the whole thing.
Firstly, I wasn't hate posting. I simply summed up your post. You were actually implying that what worked for you would surely work for everyone. Secondly, is making presumptions about my ability to speak English really the best "comeback" you could come up with? Or lets say you weren't talking about me but the Eune playerbase in general in which case you were assuming and generalising too much. Again. I am not surprised you have been struggling not to get banned.
kiwidk (EUNE)
: When Will genuine players have Their chat restriction swiped?
It sort of sounds as if you were asking after 3 months of playing nice when can he go back to proper flaming.
BläckLotus (EUNE)
: what the hell dude? i got the solo badge on my main account with over 1200 games on it,i play solo and i enjoy playing solo i just made this thread because i have noticed that i dont flame when im playing with friends.
So you took your experience and went ahead to assume everyone is exactly like you and made a thread about it? Interesting.
: Why I get a bad team?
As some people have been hinting before and as it is black and white in the match history, you are simply doing just as bad as any of your teammatea. In 2/3 even worse. It's time for a reality check and start improving on you weaknesses. Firstly start csing. Find champs you can play well and stick to them. I don't think it's Talyiah or Kled for you. Lastly wartch some guides and once you can farm start roaming more.
: ***
That is simply not the case. Read up on mmr.
: But c'mon, let's face it, online games used to be primarily designed to make you play as much as humanly possible. I don't understand all this sudden shift towards casual gaming (vide WoW and League). And by the way, It's just cosmetics... So I'm not buying this "being fair towards casuls" crap, It's most likely Riot wants to slow down the process of opening chests as much as possible. Some people are impatient ergo $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I really used to think Riot is not greedy but just look at the sheer numver of skins released every month and the state of the client every patch... Even hextech crafting - they seemingly give something out for free but still very much creating an opportunity to earn shitload of money.
I don't know dude. Never before did we have the option to loot skins. This season I played less than past seasons, yet I managed to craft out: Dragontrainer Trist, Pulsfire Ezreal, some random Olaf skin, Lotus Irelia, and the deepsomething thresh skin. I think that's pretty good.
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