Raul04 (EUW)
: Permabanning accounts for toxicity reinforces mental issues and leads to even more toxicity.
People with depression or hypersensitivity would exactly be the people who wouldn't flame, and would stay quiet. They know how bad it feels and they wouldn't want to hurt other people's feelings by flaming. I don't see how there's any correlation between depression and flaming. It's not an excuse.
PVDiego91 (EUW)
: First time in 10 years I get into gold promo
Why would you play ranked while the big red exclamation mark is active?
SayDaddy (EUW)
: why my play skills never get better
It's because ARAM doesn't give you any macro knowledge. Maybe you'll get some mechanical knowledge of certain champions, and you'll know how to teamfight, but ARAM doesn't teach you how to focus on objectives, when and where to ward, how to know when you can 1v1 someone and when not, when to roam, how to play the laning phase. Summoner's Rift games mostly depend on your game and macro knowledge, and not on your mechanics. Playing ARAM for 3 years and then playing normal with a newly bought champion is like the same as playing Tetris for 3 years and then trying out League for the first time. ARAM doesn't improve the most important skills in League, so no matter how much ARAM you play, you won't improve in normals if you only play ARAMs.
: I Don't want to be toxic!
Realise that flaming won't help. If I get flamed, I'll just play worse because I stop caring about winning the game and I'd just want the game to end as fast as it can. Flaming your teammates only makes them tilted which results in them playing worse. So if flaming only ends up reducing your chances of winning and doesn't achieve a single thing, why would you do it?
Ingênuo (EUW)
: Chest Box Per Champions
That would give you too much free loot.
: ready for new toxic event?
Where did you find those missions?
: Can nunu stun without a snowball?
You mean his E that roots?
: Bot lane roles are the worst roles in low elo solo queue
I don't agree. I climbed from Bronze 4 to Plat 4 playing support in like 95% of my solo queue games. In low elo it's not difficult to 1v2 botlane with supports that deal actual damage, and you'll almost always win the vision battle vs the enemy support, because they underrate vision and buy only 1 or 2 control wards per game. The roaming potential to secure scuttle for your jungler, follow them to invade the enemy botside buff, secure dragons, and roam to mid to get some kills is also really strong. I honestly think support is one of the best roles to climb low elo with, because it's the best role to grant vision for your team, deny enemy vision, and focus on objectives. And as I already said, if you pick a support that can basically win 1v2 botlane most of the times due to the damage output, you'll already have 2 people in your team ahead. In low elo people also don't know that you're supposed to rotate from bot to mid or top after the first tower, and knowing when to rotate and swap lanes with other team members also gives you a huge advantage over the enemy team, who probably doesn't know what they're supposed to do against it.
: mercs + cleanse= 100% tenacity?
1 - (1-0.3)*(1-0.65) = 75.5% So no.
AiFted (EUW)
: what about twisted treeline?
That's not a new gamemode that's supposed to attract players.
Rioter Comments
: I *am* Naerlyn :D
Oh and really, just opened the video in YouTube and you really are! Sorry, my mistake!
: I made Orianna play Field of Hopes and Dreams, from Deltarune
Kirian (EUW)
: So. Let me explain something real simple to you. Read the abilities. Irelia's Q cd resets if she kills the unit she Q's to. Annie's Q refunds mana if it kills the unit it hits. Same with Vel'Koz, he gets a 50 mana refund for each unit he kills with his Q.
Nukeman20 (EUW)
: Kai'sa on aram?
I don't think she's all that good. The fact that people are grouped up so close and the walls are close together makes it a little more annoying to ult. Like most of the times the only place you can ult to is either the middle of their team or at the frontline, while SR offers way more moving space. I'd take someone like Caitlyn on ARAM over Kai'Sa any day, even after the Kai'Sa buffs.
: What is your main reason why play specific champion ?
{{champion:37}} I like her design and her relationship with the Etwahl. She's like the most innocent being in the entire League of Legends universe, she just seems so cheerful despite the fact that she's mute and the fact that she grew up without parents. And there's the Etwahl which is there to protect her, and it's like the other half of Sona that makes her whole. What she can't say, she can express with music. The Etwahl also has something else that Sona is missing, which is the cruelty. I think the fact that the Etwahl killed Sona's adaptive mother out of jealousy is such a crucial tragic event in Sona's lore that brings the relationship between Sona and the Etwahl to a whole new level. I love the character concept, and I love how smooth the animations are in-game, which make her gameplay really fun.
: Recreated metro from K/DA - POP/STARS video in blender.
: are you actually for real?
From the comments, I think it's a troll. There's no way someone can be this ignorant.
Backstard (EUNE)
: I am still in silver and your whole focus is on me and not my team....this means a lot
My whole focus is on you because you're clearly only focusing on your team's mistakes rather than acknowledging the mistakes in your playstyle. You won't improve at the game if you're blind to see what you're doing wrong. In order to get better, you need to fix your own mistakes, and not the team's mistakes. Having less than 50% winrate with KDAs like 17.5, 35.5 clearly shows that your goal is getting the best KDA. Your goal should be winning games and climbing. If you would need to die for an objective that helps your team, you would clearly just back out and not ruin your KDA.
Backstard (EUNE)
: Yes control wards will prevent a troll from doing 0-10 you are right. And compared to the teams i get i do pretty good ty, at least according to op.gg that in fact works with stats not just words. I am not blaming anyone, we can't all play the same way but i do blame the matchmaking system that is completely broken
Op.gg ranks you based on stats, which is very deceiving. In game in order to climb, you need to focus on winning the game, and not on having the best stats. If you sacrifice yourself so that the team can get 2 kills, that's worth it and helps your team, even though your stats will be worse. Control wards can actually prevent a lot of deaths and help you set up for objectives or ganks. Don't underrate vision, even pro players suggest buying 2 control wards every single time you back. If you provide good vision, your team will get caught way less, they'll die less, you can catch the enemies easier, set up traps, follow the path of the enemy jungler so you'll have an idea which camps he'll take and which lanes he can gank. This is your job as a support, which you're clearly doing wrong. I also have the feeling you wouldn't sacrifice yourself to help your team get 2 kills, because you're way too focused on your own stats.
Backstard (EUNE)
: Ranked System is Broken or Rigged
In your last 25 support games, you bought a total of 3 control wards. You only changed your trinket to oracle lens in 6 games. Did you also get boosted to your elo? You buy an average of 0.12 control wards per game. I personally buy around 10 control wards per game while playing support, and I still feel like it's not enough. You're clearly not doing your job as a support. You literally would need to buy 100 times as many control wards as you currently do, and I'm not even exaggerating. 0.12 control wards a game is insanely low. Aside from that, you're not even doing that much damage for a Lux support. So let's see: you're not doing your warding job, you don't shield/heal much because you're playing Lux, you don't deal much damage either, you don't tank because you're playing as support, and you don't CS because you're a support. So basically, your team is playing 4v5 with you being half-afk. Maybe get some vision for your team, so they'll die less, roam whenever you get the opportunity to help mid and jungle, and try to be useful instead of playing only for KDA and blaming your team for not being able to carry 4v5.
saurora (EUNE)
: he said if any of those condition was ok they buff champ and sylas is 43 % wr now also they said if any of those condtion (+ 54 %) they will nerf and doesnt matter about ban rate
Did you even read what you just posted? I'm quoting: > Level of Play Nerf if ANY are true Buff if ALL are true It clearly says "Buff if ALL are true", yet you're stating it says "if any of those condition was ok they buff champ". I'd recommend going back to first grade and learning to read. > also they said if any of those condtion (+ 54 %) they will nerf and doesnt matter about ban rate Udyr's winrate is 52.37% above plat, so why would they nerf him? Sivir's winrate is 54.04% above plat, that's why they are nerfing her. I don't get which part you don't understand.
: TFT has to be its own separate server
That way you would need to wait hours on the login screen because so many people would be logging in at the same time. It's way better to spread it across all servers. It would also attract way less people, because they wouldn't get anything on their main accounts for playing TFT on another server. Personally I wouldn't like to grind TFT ranked if the progress doesn't get added to my main League account.
saurora (EUNE)
: riot u are lier about nerf or ban system
Sivir and Sona are both getting nerfed. Udyr has a 52% winrate and is below average ban rate. Doesn't have a high banrate in challenger either, and wasn't even present once during the MSI. They said buff if ALL true, nerf if ANY are true. Sylas had a 88% pick/ban rate during the MSI with 62% winrate, and has a 100% pick/ban rate in the current LCS summer season in 30 games with 69% winrate. He clearly does need a nerf, yet you're complaining. It's not that Riot is lying about the nerf system, it's just that you make absolutely 0 sense.
neropa (EUNE)
: I don't know about you, but this makes me happy.
It either makes me happy or makes me anxious.
MadeBySweg (EUNE)
Confirm with e-mail address.
Diävolo (EUW)
: I got Lux but what about the other champions ?
There are missions that reward you champion permanents. I think you need to go to your loot and activate them from there.
Ma0wsan (EUW)
: In game stats are lies
That's not how Tenacity works. If you have 2 items with 30% tenacity, those give 51% tenacity and not 60%, because CCs are 70%*70%=49% effective. 3 items with 30% tenacity is 1-0.7^3 = 66% tenacity, and not 90%. Without Sterak's active, it's only 51%. With the same math, even if you have 3 items that give you 30% tenacity, and an elixir which gives you 25% tenacity, you have 74% tenacity in total. It's not a problem with stats lying, it's just that you fail at math. Now you're claiming you had 90% tenacity and Morg Q lasted for 1 second. After seeing the problem with your math, that 90% was most likely 66% tenacity. **Morg Q normally lasts for 3 seconds, so it to last for 1 second with 66% tenacity is completely accurate.** Now with Lux. Can you show a video of what exactly happened? I don't see what kind of distance you needed to close. Anyway, Lux Q cooldown is 10 sec. If we assume that she had 40% CDR (which most Lux players have), that means she had the Q on a 6 second cooldown. You said Lux ran with 399 movementspeed (let's count with 400 because that's round and it doesn't make a difference). It means the difference between their speeds was 90. She needed to run for 6 seconds to have her Q back up again. During that time, Udyr was able to close 90*6=540 units. 540 units is really not that much, it's even shorter than Lux's range. **So with the informations you've given, if Lux shoots a Q, and at this current moment Udyr is out of Lux's basic attack range, Udyr won't be able to catch up to Lux before her Q comes back again.**
Pakushy (EUW)
: I made an Animation about Riven
THIS IS SO CUTE OH MY GOD! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Rioter Comments
Yuna348 (EUW)
: Why am i banned?
Here's a little homework for you: List out the positive messages you sent in chat, that contributed to the team. Things like "good job", "mid no f", "try to play safe and we've got lategame!". Now list out the negative messages you sent that didn't contribute to the team at all. Things like calling others noob, trash, stuff like that. If the number of negative messages is higher than the number of positive messages, it was a well deserved ban.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Note,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aKi5oel9,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-06-17T15:32:24.485+0000) > > I'm talking about normal games though, not ranked, so it won't cost me any LP. Normals are supposed to be less tryhard, so you could focus more on trying out things you're unfamiliar with, without the pressure of losing something if you don't win the game. > (The downvote wasn't me btw, just letting you know, I appreciate the feedback.) The "filled" part made me assumed you meant ranked draft. In normals I advice you just say "support or feed" from now on. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Also, what Dmitko said.
No, I meant that I put support primary and adc secondary. In ranked games I always get support and never adc if I do it like that, but in normals 2 out of 2 games I played today I got my secondary. Because support is my primary, I also consider getting my secondary as "fill".
: How hard it is to place a ward?
I remember having gold promos and our Yasuo had 0 vision score in the 26th minute. That requires some skill. As a support main, I personally almost always buy 2 control wards every time I go back to base, even while playing other roles.
Keyane (EUW)
: I know its the thing everybody tells you but you really should mute all. I always was like "maybe they can give good advice etc" but thats rare. Better just mute all and enjoy your game and you wont be so insecure anymore.
In some games though the team is so friendly and we have good talks of topics not related to the game, and it's just a really fun time. Those types of games are one of the most memorable ones.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: It's stressful only if You let it stress You. Why do You even care when bad teammates flame You? It's just words, ignore/mute and go on. If You want to try new pick/playstyle do it, do not let other people dictate what You should or shouldn't play. If You play bad and feed a lot, so be it, the other people need to cope with it. Come to think about it, flaming people remind me little of the funny montages of raging people on Youtube, just imagine it's the same. Take a good laugh out of people's stupidity instead of get stressed by it :)
Even if I mute them, I'll have the uncomfortable feeling of knowing they're flaming me behind my back. That idea would work, but the thing is, I know they're right about me playing bad, I'm playing a role I hardly ever play after all. So when I'm doing bad and they flame me, it's hard to laugh at them. It would only work for me if I got flamed while playing really well.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Because they removed rotating game mode for some reason and didn't make nexus blitz permanent for some other reason and refuse to give us customization tools on custom modes for who knows what reason. So there isn't really any fun mode available outside of ARAM. In normals people still play their 400k mastery lvl 7 yasuo crap, BM the shit out of people and flame non-stop if you go 0-1 in lane. There's legit no real mode available where you can try out stuff. Twisted Treeline when i play it is even more toxic than SR so that's not much of an option either. People there have zero chill.
Yes, I really loved Nexus Blitz, wish it was a permanent gamemode. The person flaming me in normals when I was doing bad on adc was a 1m+ masterypoint Thresh who's a Thresh 1 trick. Like I don't get why people are playing their 1 tricks in normals, and then start flaming the adc whose op.gg they even checked (he really did, in normals, no idea why) and saw that 80% of the adc's ranked games were played as support, and the rest as mid.
Aritmor (EUNE)
: Because ARAM is just about fighting, which most of the players are able to do. The problem on SR is that a lot of players just fight when there is no incentive to fight or even in situations when they should not fight at all, they do not focus objectives as they should etc. SR is much more about strategy and thinking than ARAM is and strategy is where most of the players fail.
I do think while playing ranked, but it's harder to focus on macro while playing champions you're not that experienced with, because you're mostly focusing on what you're trying to do with that champion. There are many champions I want to learn, and I also want to learn new roles to be more flexible, but people flaming when I don't do well on first try completely takes my motivation away to learn the given role or champion.
DutchPro (EUW)
: The randomizing of champions allows for lower expectations of your team and yourself, which means less dissapointment and flame. If you are worried for being flamed, playing with friends is indeed a good idea. You can also try to mute everyone at the beginning of the game. You can always add me if you want to play!
I play on EUNE. Also my main issue is that I want to play SR, but my friends are hardly ever playing lately, they started playing other games. And I was never a fan of muting people (I do it in some ridiculous cases), but I'm afraid of missing important information, like the plan on who split pushes, when do we want to approach objectives and such.
MissJJess (EUW)
: I am the same, I have given up playing SR without people I know.. I like to play Support and I like ADC's I know because random players like to tell me off all the time! ARAM is fun and it forces me to play people I would never consider playing it would be cool if there was a SR where you randomly got assigned a position and a champion it would be nice to play something new without people so much pressure!
My only issue with ARAM is that I can't play the champions that I want, but it's still more fun than getting filled in normals and getting toxic teammates, so I mostly play ARAM.
: If you get autofilled ADC and you absolutely suck at that role, you should dodge. You will lose some LP, but your MMR will stay intact and you won't be a burden on your teammates. You can also communicate with the support if they want to play ADC instead. If you go on and end up losing because you're not a good ADC, you should /mute all because the flame will be inevitable. This is a competitive game and if you don't do everything you can to secure a win you almost deserve to get flamed.
I'm talking about normal games though, not ranked, so it won't cost me any LP. Normals are supposed to be less tryhard, so you could focus more on trying out things you're unfamiliar with, without the pressure of losing something if you don't win the game. (The downvote wasn't me btw, just letting you know, I appreciate the feedback.)
Rioter Comments
: How do i play with higher elo?
I think you should learn the basics before trying to play with higher elo players. Checked your match history and you're not doing too well vs low level people either. Based on your match history, I'm not sure you're saying the truth when you say > Ive been playing now for a good 5-6 years and > my skills have been stuck in silver-gold elo Don't get me wrong, but I don't see how you reached gold when you're playing like that and average 3 CS/min. My guess is that in fact you're a new player and you think you would learn faster if you played against stronger opponents, even though you can't beat weak opponents either. No offense again, I get it that the game has a steep learning curve and is really difficult to learn for new players. Am I right though that you started playing the game in less than a year and didn't reach gold or silver?
Adamssohn (EUW)
: Letting someone play on your account even if its for 1 game.
What about my examples? Like the letting them play for 3 minutes while you have to do something and you're in a game.
Daishar (EUW)
: Account sharing is * You give your password to a friend or family member * Free RP offers (The scammers) * Elo boosting * Account trading (selling or buying)
I've heard of people getting banned because they let a friend play normal games on their accounts, which doesn't fall under any of those categories.
Rioter Comments
: I started to play 10 days ago LITERALLY! With guys like you I can just decide to quit because it is not worth my time or nerves. Iron is to learn basics for new players and not to pump ego
What did I do wrong? I just explained why people smurf, lol. Does it really offend you that I answer the question that was asked in the post?
: I see, he will have a comeback try him again, be flex.
Jungle is my worst role. If he somehow became a viable support pick, I would most definitely play him, but unfortunately jungle is just not for me.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: you don't always get that lucky
Getting "lucky" enough to beat a smurf is way more common than people trolling just because the enemy team has a smurf.
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