Smerk (EUW)
: Flex is harder if you're playing solo there. With full premade it is easier
Thank you, that explains it!
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: Everybody who also have 100 Lunar Revel tokens (from red envelopes only)
Me! I had to buy the ticket just to get a chroma.
: Oi how come I got perma'd
Why do you want your account back? Didn't you just say you wanted to get banned so you don't have to play this game anymore?
: Getting Account Suspended for 14 days straight with no warnings.
The funny part is that you're one of the children playing the game, because only immature kids think that flaming benefits them in any way shape of form. Oh the irony.
: 1080p is not blury. but 1080p on a 1440p screen is. the upcaling isnt clean. Clean would be 1080p to 2160p- for every pixel in 1080p there would be four on 2160p, so it just looks like one pixel. but when there is not clean upscaling, edges look unsharp, textures blury usw. for a big company as riot there is no excuse for this.
Mine is 720p on a 1080p screen, which also isn't clean upscaling.
: The new loading screen is embarrassing
If you think 1080p is blurry, you should probably have your eyes checked. I play in 720p and the resolution is perfect for me.
: Well does most of the Akali community agree with you? They don't. Most want her dashes and her heal back not her broken ass designed shroud. Yeah that's a shit design, That's more of a passive not a basic ability. They don't put stand alone passives in a champion ability slot these days. Mastery points don't mean shit if you don't play her anymore. I can say that, because I don't play Kennen anymore and yet over multiple accounts I have 300k MP. Your WRONG. Normal games are easier, because of many reasons that I'll list. 1) People don't try hard as much as in ranked. 2) People tend to NOT play their best champions and they often play roles they are not familiar with. 3) They tend to want to have fun and build stupid shit on their champion. 4) Ranked players always try hard and play their best champions + Roles. 4) If someone is Gold 3, he'll get matched against gold 2 up to plat 5. Sometimes even hitting as high as plat 3 or as low as silver 1. If I listed more it could be annoying to read. "Easy to climb" Then climb up to plat 3. It doesn't matter if there are more AFK'rs or inters. If you say it is easy to climb then climb. Just because you play ARAM and normals 24/7 and say stupid shit doesn't mean your correct even if you have 100k MP on Akali. You don't play her regularly at all. The last 10 days you only played ONE Akali game.
Then how do you explain that my winrate throughout season 8 was way higher in ranked than it was in normal? 1) I strongly disagree. Out of the 8 ranked games I lost this season, 3 of them were because someone in the team gave up and started afking, even though we were a lategame comp and we started outscaling them and won teamfights. The enemy team gets 1 pick on us, then someone afks out saying it's unwinnable. The other time our jungler missed smite on the blue and the scuttle, our toplaner got tilted, started LITERALLY running it down top because he was tilted from the missed smites. In the meantime our jungler caught up, I won midlane, bot lane also won, so we were winning everything but top, then our toplaner started running it down mid and bot also. In the end the enemy superfed Riven solocarried the game, even though it would've been an easy win if our toplane didn't start inting. And he was blaming our jungler for missing the first 2 smites and losing the game. Yeah, people in ranked must be trying really hard... 2) The same is true for ranked. I remember having a Nasus that had 9 stacks in 10 minutes in ranked. I doubt that any Nasus would have that few stacks if they were at least a little familiar with the champion. A lot of the times I got first time Sylas players in my team in ranked. Also, just checked people's mastery scores in your match history, most of them only had around 10k mastery points. That's like playing 15 games with the champion. I highly doubt that's one of their best champions. 3) But that can backfire too. For example in normals I sometimes buy dark seal on Sona, archangel's staff and frozen heart, depending on the matchup, and high elo Sona players also buy those quite often. But in ranked I'm too afraid to build them, because my team may not know about the fact that it's a legit build and I may get flamed. So I end up not building them even if I find it more effective in the current matchup, because if my team gets tilted due to not knowing that my build isn't troll, then they'll just play tilted, start flaming, and that'll reduce our chances of winning. So while in normals people may try new build, which sometimes work, sometimes they don't, in ranked you're kinda limited to normal build in low elo if you don't want the team to freak out. 4) I think I explained it in the first and second point. 4 2.0) In normals I've had many games where we had diamond players in the match, sometimes even Masters players. In ranked, you won't get opponents from much higher elo. Why would I climb to plat 3? It doesn't give me new victorious skins, there's no point in climbing after you reached gold unless you are going for challenger. I couldn't care less about the color of my border, that only shows for 2 minutes before the game starts. And yeah, I don't play Akali regularly, because ever since the rework, I don't enjoy playing her. I used to play the old Akali a lot, but I don't quite like the new one.
: It understands the context of what you say and what you describe someone else said. It's not a "bot". It's more similar to a neural network. It learns with each report.
Wait really? I had no idea this system was like a neural network.
: I haven't been banned yet. Done it at least 10 times. Not for telling they said such a word, but because the reported players were the incarnation of those words.
So you were flaming other people in the report card with blacklisted words, and you didn't even get a chat restriction? Thank you, that also answers my question!
: It makes no sense. If you are using it do describe what they said, you shouldn't get punished.
Yeah, but the system is automated, so I don't know if it checks everywhere if a player said a bad word.
Èclair (EUNE)
: Why would a system designed to analyse chat logs not pick up on a blacklisted word? No, it's not bannable but pretty pointless.
Because there have been many times when someone said the n word or the k word, and after I reported them without writing a description, I haven't gotten any feedback. I actually haven't gotten any banned player feedback in around half a year, even though there were some people who really would've deserved it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Note,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=NgIG1Evx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-14T15:04:02.435+0000) > About temper issues: play normals. It's like impossible to get tilted by normal games. i have to disagree, i have even yesterday people making me life treats in a urf game xD
Urf is actually way worse than ranked or normal if you're looking at toxicity. Urf is the most toxic gamemode I've ever seen.
D33pVibes (EUNE)
: Does Riot think our life is surrounded to this game?
While climbing I literally got 30 LP for a win and lost 12 on a loss. Not Riot's fault your MMR is %%%%ed. About temper issues: play normals. It's like impossible to get tilted by normal games. About flaming: most people who feed aren't doing it on purpose. They are just having a bad game, like everyone does every once in a while. You flaming them only reduces your chances of winning, because they don't want to try anymore. You should comfort them instead to help them stay calm and not tilt. If it's a troll and not an uninentional feeder, then you're just giving them what they want by flaming them, which is attention. If you and your team ignores the troll, they'll lose their interest in trolling because they're not getting the attention. And I don't think I have to explain why flaming an AFK is pointless. All in all, there isn't a single scenario where flaming others would benefit you in any way shape of form. It only makes things worse.
: sry but im supp main soooo -1
You make no sense. I just posted about how I disliked the recent support nerfs. If you were a support main, you also wouldn't be happy about the nerfs, and you would agree with me. Why do you enjoy your main role being nerfed if I may ask?
: well as support main i dont suggest you to go relic shield i mean you can go on tank supports but i pref going Coin or frostfang its easier to uprgrade especially in solo q :)
I'm a Sona main, so going relic shield isn't really a good option.
: It's a temporary nerf to combat the top lane spellthief kleptomancy exploit. They will most likely revert it when they find a permanent solution.
I hope it's just temporary, I was quite shocked seeing it.
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gergi2000 (EUNE)
: Urf not random.
I've played around 100 games of ARURF, but haven't seen a Sona once in either of the teams. On the other hand, I see Tryndameres and Garens like every second game.
: incompetant players
If course players will be incompetant, they're new to the game, and possibly new to the whole moba genre. League has a really steep learning curve, so of course people on low level aren't going to know what to do.
: Shroud wasn't the core identity of Akali, not sure where you going at. Champs have similar identities, nothing new there. Just because she is the only person that has shroud doesn't mean she's Akali, you can slap shroud on a new in development champion and remove it from Akali and bring back triple charged dashes + heal and most Akali mains will be more happy than sad. No she isn't, since OP.GG is down I checked (and LeagueofGraphs) and you don't even play her not once of your recent games you played her. Stop spouting bullshit. Nice lying skills, you almost only play Sona and Ahri. Ranked = Skill and game knowledge. If you don't play it at least half of your games than you don't have as much depth about Akali or most champions to that matter.
I still strongly feel like taking away her shroud would take away way more from her identity than taking away her healing. I'm pretty sure if Riot took away her entire shroud and replaced it with something like "your next basic attack will heal you" instead of taking away the healing from her Q, most Akali mains would be more sad than happy. Nice lying skills.. And the thing about ranked is not true. Normal games are more difficult than ranked unless you're above diamond, because in ranked, you're playing against people around your elo, which is really easy to do. Meanwhile in normals you are matched up against high platinum and diamond players, sometimes even masters. While I was playing ranked, I found it ridiculously easy to climb. There are also way more afks and inters in ranked, which makes the entire thing even worse.
: Placements this year is weird.
Maybe your friends friend's MMR was really good.
Voidner (EUNE)
: My current issues with S9
1) I actually think this season is not as much of a coinflip as some of the previous ones. 2) I get my primary role almost every time. 3) I mostly played Sona, Ahri and Diana, neither of them are meta, and have around a 60-70% winrate on all of them.
muzza1875 (EUW)
: Does it get better at 30?
It still happens sometimes, but not too often. Like once in 10 games.
: Nope. Her identity was never the shroud. Her identity was the heal + triple dash. The shroud currently is unrecognizable to the old Shroud. You don't play Akali, and you don't play ranked.
> Nope. Her identity was never the shroud. Her identity was the heal + triple dash. The shroud currently is unrecognizable to the old Shroud. Her identity was always that she could go invisible with the shroud in the middle of teamfights. Do you know who comes to my mind first when I hear "heal + triple dash"? Ahri. Not Akali. Do you know who comes to my mind first when I hear "shroud"? Akali. And I bet you that if you made a "Guess the champion" post here, and gave the word "shroud" as a hint, 95%+ of people would recognise you were thinking of Akali. > You don't play Akali LOOOOOL, Akali is literally my second most played champion. > and you don't play ranked. What does that have to do with Akali's identity?
: They removed her identity.
They didn't. Her identity has always been her shroud. Her old shroud didn't have true stealth either.
: also to put your mind at ease heres what your smurf did in the early stages before he went afk under turret for a couple of minutes
Maybe he was lagging and when he afked, he just went to fix his connection? Riot would detect if any program interacted with League, so if you reported him and he did script, he'll get banned either way. If he doesn't get banned, that means that no scripts were detected, hence he's innocent.
: Because the matchmaking is more... flexible. :P Are you talking about solo queue ranks? Flex MMR is its own thing, solo queue rank doesn't affect it in any way.
Yeah, it still feels unfair though. I'm fine with having 1 or 2 smurfs in a game, but when the entire enemy team is smurfing, the match kinda feels pointless, like the game is literally decided before you even leave the base.
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Indig0 (EUW)
: Need clarification on Lunar Revel Event pls!
You have to buy the pass, I bought the pass just to get a 150 token chroma, so I get how you feel. On the other hand I bought orbs from the remaining tokens, which awarded me with some good skins, so I'm not really upset about buying the pass in the end.
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: You can actually do that.
Wait, really? How can I do that? Thought I could only mute user pings/emotes/chat.
: can you mute an ability?
I would rather mute champions sometimes. Sometimes the enemy just keeps spamming an annoying voiceline all game long and it can really get on my nerves.
: Why is flaming a person who deserves it bannable?
Posted in the wrong category. Should've posted it in "Jokes".
On sites like that, you usually have to invest days to get enough points to buy RP for cheap skin. If you just go to work, you can get enough money in a day that you can even buy an ultimate skin.
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: Icy Ahri build
Not that unusual, around 5 months ago it was the default Ahri build that everyone was using.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Silent Note, Have you tried relogging? Sometimes when you first patch up this issue can show, but a relog should allow you to download the correct versions.
Thank you, now it works! Just out of curiosity, may I ask what would've happened if I had played a replay from the previous patch, in which the crit item changes make a difference?
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: well, depends on the rank you were on. thresh (or any hook champion) counters healing champions like sona or soraka because they have no escapes and aren't tanky until mid/late game. you also need to consider who was playing adc, the thresh could have hooked you a thousand times but if the carry is dumb you won't die anyway
It was in gold promos, Thresh was Gold II. Their adc was quite good, probably the best player on their team. For me it just felt really easy to play around his hook. I remember having difficulties against Thresh players in the past, but now it just feels easy to not give them any chance to hook me.
: They were obviously bad Thresh players, because a half-decent Thresh will zone you from the minions. Blitz players will do the same, if he is hiding behind the minions then he is basically countering himself...
That explains it. Although isn't it a little risky for them to zone? Like if they do that, they become very vulnerable to ganks. And they'll also fight while being aggro-ed by minions.
Infernape (EUW)
: The very second Thresh hooks her, she has to blow all her summoners or die. She's very vulnerable to any all in champion.
Yeah, but I didn't get hooked once in lane.
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: But, how about a rollback to s4?
Runes still costed a lot, like I had 3 runepages while having only 1 of them full and another one around halfway. You also weren't able to switch runes in champ select, so the more runepages you had, the bigger your advantage was. I'm glad they took that out, because that was just ridiculously expensive. Some runes costed 2000 IP, and each runepage costed 6300.
: Petition to revert runes and masteries
No, it was way too expensive. Also I see no problem with the new runes other than aftershock.
Voidner (EUNE)
: What would you buy with 50 RP?
Let's say there's a 50% sale for a 750RP skin you want, which means it costs 375RP. Now the packages you can buy are: 350RP, 750RP, 1580RP, 3250RP, 5725RP 8250RP. Normally you would need to buy the 750RP package to pay for the skin that costs 375RP. But if you have 50RP, it's enough for you to buy the 350 one, because then you'll have 400RP, so you can buy the skin for 375RP.
: how about an option to exchange rp for be?
Why would you exchange RP for BE? RP is way more valueable than BE.
: Ain't the akali nerfs going a bit to far?
Riot said they wanted to kill the champion, and then buff her slowly in order to balance her.
Ðeathmarkx (EUNE)
: I want to have Smurf without leveling
You aren't allowed to buy/sell accounts, based on the Summoner Code.
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