Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: I think people use it but before they mute everyone they hope that someone will stop at the first sentence and focus on playing. But usually they don't stop... Also, it's a bit uncomfortable to play as a team when the communication is closed - pings don't tell u everything (for example people ping "enemy ward is here" but they meant that enemy is here... and you go there to destroy ward but 2 enemies sits there and kills you).
That just means people need to use their pings better. And if someone ignores 5 of my "Danger" pings, they only have themselves to blame.
: I need help.
There isn't much for us to tell you, since your request is awfully generalized. Pick 2 roles (so adc and a secondary one) and pick 2, 3 champions to play on those roles. Try to stick to less mechanically challenging champions like {{champion:21}} {{champion:51}} (neither of these is a top tier pick but you won't get stomped in lane either). You can look up builds on sites, such as - on you can see which runes and items are most common right now and what their average win rate is. One more thing - mute everyone at the start of the game. Right now, you are either playing with smurfs who are most likely leveling new accounts because their old ones got banned for toxicity, or new players who know about the game even less than you. Neither group will say anything useful in chat. I hope this helps.
: Judging system
> And nothing happens to the people who flamed and lost games by trolling are you serious?? Literally flamed all game and troll nothing happens to them thanks... And you know they did not get even a chat restriction due to your highly developed psychic abilities?
BleupizZ (EUW)
: League of Reports "What a beautiful community"
I will never understand why people don't use the mute option.
: Silver Elo is damaging my mind LUL
Wow, you are all over the place. Do you queue with fill? I don't know if you've realized this, but in the last 20 games you have played at least one game in each role. You seem to be a jungle main and have a few games on mid, but then you randomly go as adc, then you have a support game, and finally, you end up on top as well. Why do you play Shaco? You have 29 games in preseason and 38% win ratio. You won 11 out of 29 games. You lost nearly 2/3 of games you played with Shaco. Don't get me wrong, there are good Shaco players out there. They are just not in low elo. Why? Because low elo players don't know how to make an impact on a game with Shaco. My only real advice to you would be to narrow it down. Play only two roles and 1-3 champions on each role. And do not force champions you can't win with.
: Rankets in Iron
I will have to agree with anx1ety123 on this one. If you actually wanted advice, you would give us something to go on. You did not tell us which champions you play, or provide us with your match history. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Silisa,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yd6jow9J,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-24T14:09:37.943+0000) > > Take a look at this bad boy: > > > It was made 3 years ago, and it's been sitting on the first page of NA Gameplay Boards for some time. There hasn't been an official response from Riot, and I doubt that will ever change. And i totally agree with it. Every Byte of word. Promos are just cursed in some way that makes your games 10 times harder. Russian Roulette indeed.
I agree as well. But nothing can be done. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
SaulTight (EUNE)
: No i will stay here spreading the truth....more people must know about it...also join a facebook group and im uploading my games proving the pay to win theory
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} If that makes you happy, then best luck to you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
SaulTight (EUNE)
: Everything in this game is completely unbalanced and i mean everything...
Yes. I took a break for about 6 months, came back a month or so ago. I stick to normals, aram and nexus blitz. So I speak from experience when I say - take a break, go play something else, or take up another hobby. If you find yourself spending more time being angry about League than having fun, just stop playing. Go watch that TV show you've been planing to see since Season 1 came out. Read books. Read manga. Start training some sport. Whatever. Once you've cooled of and can think of League as a game again, and not just an endless circle of "must win LP", you might want to come back and play again. Or not. It's all good. There are enough things in life we have to do even when we don't want to, like school, work, cleaning the apartment, cooking, paying bills; it makes little sense for any one of us to spend our free time doing something we don't like. Just spend your free time on things that make you happy. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Helpless
Contact Riot support and explain your issue in a ticket.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: The League of Pay To Win
Without any intention to rank shame, you are playing in Bronze during preseason. The game as a whole is a mess right now, and ranked is a clown fiesta, especially in low elo. I honestly have no idea why you would think this game is pay to win. League has a lot of issues, but keeping rank climbing behind a paywall is not one of them.
: Promotions are F'ing Cursed
Take a look at this bad boy: It was made 3 years ago, and it's been sitting on the first page of NA Gameplay Boards for some time. There hasn't been an official response from Riot, and I doubt that will ever change.
FacUtVivas (EUNE)
: --The 5 win-moves Priority List--
Your number 5: Game control, is a bit vague and more a result of number 4 and 3 than a game goal itself. As for your question, the answer is: it depends. Are any allied inhibitors down? Are any enemy inhibitors down? Do we still have Nexus turrets? Does the enemy team have Nexus turrets? Where are the minions? Who has the super minions? Do we have wave clear? How fast can we push? What about the enemy team's wave clear and tower taking ability? Can we win a teamfight? If we were to ignore all these conditions and just say that the two teams are even, equally capable of backdoor and both Nexuses are open, then I would prioritize taking the enemy Nexus.
24011967 (EUW)
: So, i've made it from Iron 4 to Silver 4
Hello. Congratulations on climbing two tiers. ^_^ Keep in mind that the rank will reset at the start of Season 9, and you might end up getting thrown into lower divisions once the reset hits. As for your question. The good news is, you don't have to change your picks to climb above Silver 4. The bad news is, you are having more trouble in games because your opponents are getting better. A high Diamond+ player wouldn't notice a difference between a Bronze, Silver and Gold player, but an average player will definitely find it easier to play against Bronze than Gold players. If you find that hard to believe, I am going to try and make the same point from a different angle. A player with the most Teemo games on EUW ( is Diamond 2 in soloq. A player with the most Lucian games on EUW ( is also Diamond 2 in soloq. A player with the most Lux games on EUW ( is, you can't make this up, Diamond 2 also. A player with the most Rammus games on EUW ( is Diamond 1 in soloq. The only questionable pick you mentioned is Cho'Gath, who is currently only played top, and isn't doing well there either. And it does get harder to play with Nasus the higher you climb, simply because players on all roles (not just top laners) are more familiar with Nasus counter plays. If you want some new champions to play regardless of all this, I would recommend you some of these: Top: {{champion:14}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:86}} Jungle: {{champion:5}} {{champion:80}} Bot: (to be honest, ad carries are in a bad spot right now, with Lucian and Kai'Sa as only exceptions) Support: {{champion:16}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} I would also recommend you to chose only 2 roles to play, and play up to 3 champions on each role. Specialization makes climbing easier. Good luck and have fun! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Before I read this I already knew the best comment by far is propably made by someone who isn't a jungle main. :D The last video is gold. I didn't even know this guy but he explained the principles of general theory and the meta very well. This is the opposite of these "10 easy jungle tricks (that only work on this patch and if your opponents are bad) that will get you to challenger" videos. I'm not even a jungle main but if I see my jungler freezing my wave while i'm omw I will make sure to help him as much as a I can because I know how valuable he is. This comes from someone who tilts about his junglers a lot obviously. Edit: The video is gold in a good way. Not in a low elo way. Edit2: The whole channel seems good. Thank you for sharing.
Most of us veteran players (I think I am anyway) come from a time when maining a role wasn't really a thing, so we tend to keep up with gameplay for all roles. ^_^ I know right? I am glad I ran into it. There are not many good guides anymore, too many streamers/youtubers focus on posting their "15min flashy plays" videos. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Atlas (EUNE)
: "Are you mad?!?!?! LOL?!?"
This is why I keep my all chat disabled and tend to leave the end game lobby as soon as possible. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I'll resume what everyone told you : It's experience. Simply put, if you main your champion enough so you can know how much damage you can take and how much you can deal, you'll feel very confident when trading and fighting. And to do that, you'll have to play agressive (even if it make you lose, but you have to do it in order to learn) so you can get the "feel" of your damage and tankiness with a specific champ against a specific champ. In other words, if you never trade with a {{champion:86}} against a {{champion:122}} , you'll never know if you should trade or not and will always be scared to fight. I hope this was helpful for you
PhoPhoW (EUW)
: Yeah but sometimes they become obsolete, not a meta anymore :(.
A good number of champions are always in the middle - never really op but never completely off-meta either. And, even if it does come to it, you can always change your main. That's just my opinion though. ^_^
Yraco (EUW)
: Do keep in mind that a lot of people that get easily tilted are the same ones that might flame their team in all chat and call for reports. The smart ones might keep all chat disabled but a lot of others will have it on even if it makes their play worse.
Feederekton (EUNE)
: Thanks everyone! I have the map awareness i'm not that beginner i just never played as a jg before so i didnt know the walking paths . invading camps .. But now i know enough to try playing some draft jg games then head to ranked! Thanks Slisa/gengar
You are welcome. ^_^ Good luck! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Is saying "?" in all chat good strategically?
All chat is automatically disabled, and I assume that most people who get easily tilted by the enemy leave it that way. If you want to tilt your opponents, just use emotes. Whether it will work depends on the person you are playing against.
Nipple MD (EUNE)
: Make rankeds great again!
You seem stressed. Try taking a break from ranked games, or League in general. It's preseason after all.
Demigod1423 (EUNE)
: ADC self peeling
Buff a whole class without considering the impact on the game as a whole? What could possibly go wrong. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Christien (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Silisa,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mGAAWbIw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-20T08:28:34.927+0000) > > All Victorious skins are useless. None of them can influence popularity of the champion. Some people might give the champion they did not play before a go because of the skin, but most of us will stick to roles and champions we like playing. This ^ I used the Maokai skin for the first time like 2 days ago. And that one has been there a while now. xD
Precisely. Although, I got a lot of use from that particular skin, since I love playing support Maokai. Graves and Sivir are gathering dust though.
: Oriana end season reward
All Victorious skins are useless. None of them can influence popularity of the champion. Some people might give the champion they did not play before a go because of the skin, but most of us will stick to roles and champions we like playing.
íGengar (EUW)
: Well structured and informative comment, nice man.
{{sticker:sg-soraka}} Thank you. ^_^
Feederekton (EUNE)
: (Help) Jungle Learning?
Hello! ^_^ While I am not a jungle main, I have been playing this game for a while and have played all roles over the years. So here are some basic tips. **Learn efficient jungle pathing.** Meaning, you need to plan ahead your farming and ganking. For example, if you are blue side and starting on red buff, you **don't want** to go red-wolves-blue-crab then go back to raptors, then gank bot. You are wasting time and messing up your jungle path for the rest of the game (since camps will now re-spawn in the order you killed them in). Here are some useful jungle routes tutorials: **Ganking.** As a jungler, you need to plan ahead which lanes you want to gank and when. This requires knowledge of your own jungle match up, and all lanes' match ups. If you are new at the game and don't have this knowledge, there is no need to panic, you will learn with experience. As a new jungler, what you want to look for when you intend to gank is: lanes that are pushed by the enemy lanes with low mobility enemies lanes with enemies whose summoners are on CD. Another thing you need to worry about before you even gank is the position of the enemy jungler. You want to have some idea of where he is, because: you don't want to get counter ganked and you want to be there to counter gank him. When you gank and don't get a kill, but have forced the enemy to use flash, make sure to return and gank again in the next 5 minutes, because that laner won't have flash during that window of time, increasing your chances of a successful gank. **I have an opponent too?** The enemy jungler is your opponent, even if you never actually clash in the early game. What do I do about this opponent, you ask? Keep an eye on his position on the map, of course. You want to pay attention to the lanes while you are on your first camp. The opponent/s that come into the lane later are the ones leashing the enemy jungler - which tells you which side of the map he started on. This way, you know when he will be at his second buff as well as which lanes he is more likely to gank in the first 3 minutes. You can also keep track of your opponent by placing wards at the exits of his jungle, or, if you don't mind the risk, by placing wards near enemy camps. **Invading?** To invade without killing yourself and tilting your teammates, you need knowledge of the jungle match ups, map awareness and you need to know why you are invading. - Knowledge of match ups or "am I going to die in a 1v1"? If you know that the enemy jungler can wipe the floor with you in the early game, avoid him. You are not doing yourself any favors by trying to fight. Keep in mind that, if your goal is to steal camps, all you need to know about the match up is: do you have fast clear and can you escape if you get caught. - Map awareness or "I thought this was a 1v1, but then enemy mid and support showed up and I died". If the enemy laners are pushing your laners, DO NOT INVADE. Sure, in silver, enemy laners might be a bunch of monkeys who will ignore their jungler's cry for aid and let you kill him in a 1v1. But you cannot count on that. If your laners are pushed to their turrets, enemy laners will be able to get to their jungler a lot faster than yours will be able to follow. If your laners are getting pushed, for the love of God, gank. Don't randomly invade because "Ezreal is hard to gank anyway". Also, considering how showbally the game is right now, invades make little sense. Enemy 3/0/1 Yi who just killed your top and is taking Herald won't give two fcks about you taking his gromp. **The good, the bad and the game breaker.** Also know as Dragon, Herald and Baron. There are times when you will be able to get Dragon and Herald on your own. If you play a champion that has good clear/sustain, you might just be able to get away with it, if you make sure the enemy doesn't have vision on you (use me {{item:2055}} ). In most cases though, you will want help from your teammates. - To take Dragon, you need control over bot. Meaning, you and your bot lane need to kill 1 or 2 bot laners or force them to back to base. The exception to this is the case when your allies are obviously stronger than the enemy bot are and are pushing them under turret (your bot will easily be able to stop the enemy bot even if they try to contest the Dragon). Another thing you must not forget is - where is your mid? If your mid is in base and the enemy jungler and mid are missing, they might just be waiting for you to walk into the Dragon pit so they can nuke you. Again, if the enemy mid is behind and has no nuking capabilities, you need to be aware of where he is, but his presence should not stop you from taking Dragon. - Herald. Shelly is a tough nut to crack. Which is why you will rarely try to get her on your own. To contest Shelly, you need the conditions I just described for Dragon, only on top and/or mid. So a pushing/winning top and or a pushing/winning mid. It would also be helpful if the enemy jungler is not present to try for a {{summoner:11}} steal. Speaking of Smite steals, always keep in mind which level the enemy jungler is. If he is ahead of you in levels, his smites will be more powerful than yours, meaning that, unless he is dead or stopped with CC, he will be able to steal Dragon, Herald and Baron. - Baron Nashor. You will want to avoid this guy if the entire enemy team is alive. Taking Baron then getting aced by the enemy team is not an unusual way to throw the game. If it is past 20 minutes, two enemies are dead or on the other side of the map, and there is no chance for your team to get an inhibitor, ping Baron and get your team to take it. Again, make sure to use this {{item:2055}} **Champions to play.** These are, in my opinion, not that hard to learn yet pretty decent junglers. {{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:33}} There are others, but as a beginner, you probably want to avoid more mechanically challenging champions and assassins who depend on getting early kills. Now, here are a few words from someone who knows a lot more than me: (good tips, watch it) I hope this was helpful. Good luck and have fun! ^_^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
PhoPhoW (EUW)
: [Advice] Mid champions maining and climbing
I have seen a few "how to climb" guides, and most recommend playing as few champions as possible. I am also familiar with players who've climbed to Plat and Diamond with only one champion. The point here is - if you play a champion well enough, you will do well in most scenarios, even in losing match ups. That is what we call specialization. You need to keep in mind that those streamers play games for a living. They are both gamers and entertainers, so not only do they have an incentive to play a lot of champions (to keep their audience amused and engaged), they also have the time to become good at playing a lot of champions (since playing games is their job). Since this is just a game for most of us, you should always remember that your main goal should be to have fun when you are playing. So, unless playing only Ori and Vlad is boring you, I see no reason for you to stop. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Old player returning
There are just too many changes to go through, even if I could remember them all. Which is probably why most people chose not to respond to your inquiry. My advice to you would be: look up champion spotlights for any new champions and reworks, just so you know what you are dealing with; check out for most common played champions and their builds. As for the 'actually playing the game' part - choose a couple of champions you used to main (the old favorites) and play with them until you feel more comfortable with the game. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer them.
AllBear (EUW)
: lost
No need to despair. I have looked over your ranked games on the page, and things are really not as bad as you feel they are. Here are my recommendations: Choose only 2 roles to play. Choose no more than 3 champions for each of those roles. Once you complete those steps, just play. It would help you to watch replays of your games (watch only yourself) and pay close attention to your deaths. In most cases, dying in League means you made a mistake. It could be a simple case of poor positioning, or that you underestimated your opponent's damage, or that you initiated a fight without the knowledge of the position of the enemy jungler, and ended up getting ganked. Playing a small pool of champions in 1 or 2 roles will help you gain experience in different match ups, which will allow you to learn how to play against certain opponents. Regarding the question of guides, I can recommend you two YouTubers I follow as a support main: The Strategy Professor and Nasteey. As for your ADC games, from what I can tell, you seem to die a lot in lane. If you are dying in lane as the carry, you are either playing too aggressively and not giving your support time to set up or follow up a play, or you are playing too passively and letting your opponents herd you into a losing trade. As a Lucian, you want to play aggressively in lane. You want to constantly look for an opportunity to use your passive on your opponents. If the enemy support has some form of CC, you want to wait for them to use it, then dash into them for a double AA + Q + double AA. Try looking up some gameplay videos on YouTube for something more concrete. On another note, if you are winning your lane, make sure not to overextend. In a ranked game you played 2 days ago as Lucian 5/10/14, 6 out of 10 of those deaths were on bot lane, and half of that was on the enemy part of the map, which implies that you overextended into enemy territory when you did not have back up from your team. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} TL;DR: Play only 2 roles, play 1-3 champions on those roles. Watch replays of your games and pay attention to how you died. Each death is a lesson. Look for gameplay videos on YouTube.
Godalor (EUW)
: I really don't understand how nexus blitz can be fun, but I want to have fun, help
You are not having fun because you are doing it wrong. > "Well, I died against Brand again, I guess I'll just ban him next time and hope someone else spares me from having to play against anything similar". I literally do not have 1v1s in Nexus Blitz outside of duel events. The point is to move around the map (it is ridiculously small), work with your teammates to secure kills and map objectives (which is basically turrets, Herald, buffs and scutlers) and organize your game plan around events. Just play champions you are good with, and don't play like you are on an island waiting for a 35 min late game. Also, picking Katarina when your team doesn't have reliable AoE CC is just asking to get gang-banged. Playing a champion you don't know how to play (you do not have a single Kata game in ranked S8 and total of 5 normal games where you lost 3) and complaining that you lost in champ select because the enemy got OP picks? Really?
Qronics (EUW)
: The True Support Triangle (Disengage, Engage, Poke)
You clearly haven't played Soraka enough. Soraka has decent poke and can be quite oppressive in hands of a true main. She, however, gets heavily out damaged by actual poke supports like Zyra, Karma, Vel'Koz, Brand, Zilean, etc. In these lanes, she can only survive by - you guessed it - out-sustaining the enemy. So putting her in a neat box labeled "poke supports" is ridiculous. Against kill lanes, a heavy damage poke support like Zyra can, even though she lacks mobility and reliable disengage, win a lane against a heavy engage support by forcing her enemy out of lane and keeping them too low on hp to start a fight. Unlike Zyra, Soraka does not have the kind of damage that would force the enemy support to play passively. Yet again, she proves that she cannot be labeled as a poke support. Soraka is, at her core, a true sustain support, which goes against your theory. The only support triangle is kill - sustain - poke. This triangle is based on the core traits of supports, not their possible play styles. Maokai is mostly played as a kill lane - an engager. However, he also has pretty god-like disengage and I often pick him into other kill lanes. As a support Maokai, depending on the situation I can play engage, disengage and even poke lanes. All three are my chosen play styles and do not change the fact that Maokai is a kill lane support. A Nami support can focus on sustain against a heavy poke opponent, choosing to use her Ws to keep her carry and herself alive, because her player decided the the large mana costs of her W are better used for survival. A more aggressive Nami player could decide to use her Qs to engage against a poke support and win the lane by killing the opponent. Notice how neither of these would make sense if we were to classify Nami as a purely disengage support. A Bard support can focus on poking; or he can run with Electrocute+Ignite, focus on landing his Q and creating kill threats in lane. In the second case, Bard, even though a poke support, is played with a kill lane play style. A Janna, who you classified as a disengage support, can, if played properly, be used as both poke and engage support. By creating these unnecessary labels, all you are doing is creating limitations and causing confusion for new players.
: Best play style to get through low elo
For starters, you need to stop thinking that you are a diamond level player. You were that a couple of years ago. The game has changed a lot since then, and it keeps changing still. As for the answer to your question - find a couple of champions that suit you and main them. Play aggressively, take turrets and initiate taking of neutral objectives. Also, help with vision. It's everyone's job, and while it is not your fault somebody got ganked and died because they did not ward, the feeling of righteousness will not keep you warm after you grey-screen to an overfed Shaco. As a jungler: By play aggressively, I mean: be a source of stress for the enemy team - constantly pop around the map like a Jack in the box, scaring the living daylights out of them, making them sweat over every step they take away from their turrets. Vision got nerfed and solo laners have a hard time maintaining coverage of all the gank avenues. I have literally missed entire waves of farm because I did not know where the enemy jungler was. Keep in mind though, that randomly walking into a lane without forcing the enemy's summoners or taking a kill will only frustrate your teammates without getting you the above results. Notice how I do not mention that you should force fights with the enemy jungler (do not do this in low elo, you will just get collapsed on). Once the turret plating falls at 14 min, turrets are paper thin. If you did not gank and force taking down a turret before then, make sure to do so after. You don't even have to always gank. Just walk into a lane (if neutral objectives such as Herald or Dragon are not available) and pound at the turret with your laner. **I cannot stress this enough - taking down turrets and inhibitors wins games.** As for taking neutral objectives - you will need to use your judgement here. While both Herald and Dragons are useful if used correctly, these are not the objectives that will make or break a game. Do not force them if nearby ally laners are in a bad spot and cannot help you take it or contest it. Sometimes it's better to leave the objective alone and try to take something on the other side of the map, than go out in a blaze of glory in a doomed 2vs4 Dragon fight (e.g. you and your mid trying to contest against their jungle, mid and duo bot - better to make a run for the Herald while the enemy is wasting 4 people on Dragon). Of course, if the enemy does not have vision of the objective and you feel confident you can take it on your own, just take it. As for Baron - it is usually more trouble than it's worth in low elo. To successfully take it without giving up a pound of flesh in return, you want to have your whole team there, good ward coverage, enemy vision denial with control wards and at least 2 enemy champs dead (or one really fed one). {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} As a support player: Pick fights in lane (especially when you have vision), get kills or force the enemy to back, pound on the turret. Do not force things if you do not have information about the enemy jungle or mid. If the enemy is pushed under the turret or backed, get your jungler to come for Dragon. If the jungler won't come, the enemy jungler is ganking top and you are pretty confident in your duo's Dragon slaying ability, take it by yourselves. A note: do not sacrifice lane pressure for a Dragon. If you are winning your lane, you will take the Dragon anyway as soon as the outer turret falls. If the enemy bot is dead or backed, you can also roam mid (use your judgement on this one). I have seen supports roam top, but I would not recommend it unless your carry is playing without hands and you have decided to snowball someone else (or yourself) before bot outer falls. Once you take bot outer, rotate mid or top and push. If it's before 20 min, inquire after a possibility of securing Herald. As for Baron, same as above. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} I threw a bunch of stuff in here.
: Is it always wrong to "steal" others' farm?
It is not stealing. There is this myth in this game that CS in a certain lane belongs only to one particular laner. The laning phase (whatever that is anymore) is the only time players are expected to stick to their lane and farm those waves. After that, unless a player is actively split pushing a certain lane, those who need farm will rotate across the map in order to: pick up waves and defend towers, create a slow push, and team fight for objectives (towers, Dragon and Baron). If you notice that a teammate who wants/needs farm isn't going to make it to lane in time to actually get more than a couple of creeps out of a wave (or two, three waves) and you are already there, just take the farm - otherwise the gold and XP will get lost to the turret. This doesn't apply only to the "turret is in danger of falling" situation. **It is simply better for the team as a whole if anyone (even a support) gets that gold and XP, if it is apparent that the player in need of it won't make it in time to get it.** On another note, if your teammate has made a point to allow a push towards him, when you do go to clear the wave, **make sure to only last hit**. Blasting the creeps with AoE and clearing them all in 3 seconds will end up making a push towards the enemy, which your teammate won't thank you for.
Remmeh (EUW)
: Training CS, particular under the tower
This is what you do: you wait for the first enemy wave, intercept it and get the creeps to follow you, then lead them to your minions. Once they reach your wave, break the agro (go into a bush or something) so your wave can take it. The enemy minions should now ALL be focusing only ONE of your creeps - meaning that the enemy minions will kill yours faster end effectively start to slow push towards you. Then you just wait for them to reach the turret (might take a couple of waves tho). I hope this helps.
: Bans, punishments etc
> Plus I have been banned for a single game because Im trying to ''reform'' and be polite in games. In this game the only offensive words are : shit and trash both for about 2 times. Unedited chat logs or it did not happen. > I remember in the early years of LoL there was a different report system (i dont really remember it , it was something with Justice). There the reports were analyzed by PEOPLE and not from an automatic system and they judged if the person should be banned or not. They were people and could understand the situation. **They show empathy.** You are talking about the Tribunal. And empathy? Seriously? Is that what you people think was going on? Every single time I got a feedback report on my decisions in the Tribunal, do you know which of my calls "to not punish" were always in the minority and ignored? The cases where I could tell the flamer was provoked into raging and had a genuine reason for his reaction. The junglers who got followed around by a troll and had their camps stolen. The Disco Nunu teammates. The mid laners who had supports randomly show up to steal their farm. The only difference between this system and the old one? Power drunk teenagers who took too long to process all the cases got replaced by an objective and fast working machine. There is no real empathy on the Internet. You really should keep that in mind. Even people who agree with you only do it for their own egos, not because they sympathize with your plight. > Riot and League's problem is this. The toxic community and strict punishments. That is why many people dont play LoL and those who play are just complaining about every patch. It is no the tank meta , it is not the changes. It is because they feel trapped, confined and restricted from having fun. How exactly are people trapped? Nobody is forcing anyone to play this game. > They cannot %%%%% around with people around chat , saying some things with premades and feeling comfortable. A part of having fun and feeling comfortable is using bad language. Luckily (especially for any teammates of such premades), there is voice chat now, and you can curse your premade and call him names in private and without having to type it. Also, before voice chat, there was private messaging. Team chat is for the TEAM. It was meant to be used as a tool to coordinate. I would have considered any private talk in chat as spamming, and would have used my Riot given right to report it. I won't even pretend to understand what could possibly be fun about typing bad language for all to see during a match. > Seems Riot doesnt know what fun is. Ironic you would think that, considering what Riot is. > Seems Riot doesnt know what fun is. All these years are trying to approach the problem (toxicity) from a complete wrong path. Instead of solving the problem from its source ( ban the trolls, ban the afkers, ban the intentional feeders) they trying to solve this with quickies. There is a reason all of us flame sometimes. By that same logic, there is also a reason people sometimes troll, go afk, or feed. Should we ban all or none? There is also the League old question - how do you make an efficient system that would differentiate between trolls and people who are just going off meta? Or people who go afk due to legitimate reasons (etc, their house is on fire) and those who rage quit? Should we ban people who are just trying to play and are hopelessly out-matched by their opponent (hence dying a lot) along with those who _run it down_ mid? > A healthy community is not the one that doesnt use a single bad word. It's the one that lacks people that disrupt and fluster the calmness of the community. I don't disagree with you. However, all you offer are complaints. You don't tell us how you would remove people who _"disrupt and fluster the calmness of the community"_. And, sorry to tell you this, but after 8 perma bans, you seem to be one of them.
CoffeeNad0 (EUNE)
: Stuck in silver, how do i get out ?
1) You play too many roles and champions. Climbing is about specializing. In the past 20 games, you played top (Renekton) and lost (duh), then right after, you played jungle (J4) and lost (shocker, I know). You are forcing ADC Caitlyn for some reason, even though you have a win ratio of 33% after 6 games. You played 5 games on Zed this season, with 20% win ratio. And, I can't believe this, you played **15 games** on Talon, even though you are sporting a very underwhelming 33% win ratio (dude, just stop). 2) Since someone has already been over your CS, I will touch on another subject here - your KDA. Now, let me be clear. You don't win games by being a KDA-whore. However, as a carry, you also don't want to die for every kill you take. Which is somewhat your case with Kennen: after 30 games your KDA looks like this - 8.1 / 7.4 / 11.0, on average, you died (almost) for every kill you took. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time getting objectives when I'm dead. Doesn't matter if the enemy is dead too, once you respawn, you are back to square one. 3) Say it with me: "WARDS" You don't put down enough free trinkets (yes, free, they magically show up in your inventory even when you don't take them). And, you don't buy control wards. AT ALL. And you have the gall to play support. For shame. How do you work as an assassin without vision control? How do you know if you are sneaking up on a free kill or getting baited by a lone ADC with 3 teammates in a bush? How do you know that a bush you are sitting in, waiting for a squishy to come by, is not in fact - warded? And if it is warded, someone more likely to kill you instead is going to show up and off you. Because you did not buy a control ward. 75g, that could be the difference between you killing the fed enemy carry and ending the game, and you getting caught, dying and throwing it. Can't tell you more without looking at actual replays, so I will end it here. GL&HF.
EG snoop (EUW)
: Should i keep playing ranked ?
Since nobody has gotten around to answering this question, I'll give it a go. What you are probably experiencing is a losing streak. It happens quite often, and to pretty much everyone. The common result of losing streaks is tilt. When players are on a tilt, they usually go into games expecting to lose from the moment they get into champion select, causing them to make mistakes and usually lose games that were, in reality, winnable. What you need to do, is take a break from the game for a bit. Do something else that you like. Once you are ready to get back into the game, don't just jump in. Take the time to analyze your previous games, watch replays, think about improving your build, analyze match ups, think about win conditions in your games and how you can, in your role, influence the course of the game in your favor. **tl;dr:** Take a break from ranked. Analyze your previous games. Think about what you could change to make your experience in ranked more enjoyable and more successful. I know this all seems pretty vague, so if you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. Have a nice day.
Rockified (EUNE)
: -3 LP Bronze, 28% winrate, need some advice on how to get out of this BS.
Hello, I will try not to repeat what others have already mentioned here (C4rolijn91 shared some great advice), so this will mostly be some macro stuff: In my experience, players in bronze and silver have horrible side lane control. This means that very often towers get taken down by minion waves without anyone having to actually show up and risk their life trying to kill a tower. You can use this to your advantage by setting up a slow push in one lane and split pushing another yourself, or making a slow push in two lanes and grouping with your team. **You make a slow push** by killing only some minions in the wave (it's best to kill the ranged ones only) and leaving the rest, so that your minions can, with every wave, start to outnumber the enemy creeps. Before you know it, you will have a wave of 15+ minions knocking at enemy towers. Either the enemy ignores it, and the turret falls, or they send someone to deal with it - leaving you with a 5v4 or even 5v3 situation. When you see a 5v4, 5v3 etc advantage for your team (either 1/2 enemies are **already dead** **or** they are** visible** in the other lanes, AND your whole team is present), start a team fight. The numbers advantage should allow you to win the fight and get turret>baron>dragon after it. DO NOT chase people just to kill them, always have in mind that kills on their own mean nothing, **OBJECTIVES win games**. Mute your whole team at the start of the game, just do it. Chat will only distract you. **Do not be afraid to use pings to shot call** - either to call for a push, Baron or Dragon, or to warn people away from a fight. Do not waste your time trying to explain your opinion or why you think something should be done. Just don't type in chat. It's a waste of time. **Work on map awareness.** Do not rely on your teammates to ping warnings or answer your assistance pings - only start a fight when your allies are already there, do not start a 1v3 hoping that your mid laner and jungler will actually look at the mini map and come to your rescue. I will repeat: DO NOT RELY ON YOUR TEAMMATES. Make use of them when they are there, but don't expect them to act according to your expectations. Try helping your allies when they are near and caught in a fight (you will be surprised how many times huge advantages are created from small actions). Always keep moving, always keep looking for ways to create an advantage for yourself and your team. Stealing buffs is fine, but not very effective - a fed enemy jungler won't even notice the loss. You mentioned ganking mid - try getting your mid and jungler to help you get Herald after ganking mid, or, help your mid laner push the turret (although I would not advise doing this too early since you would not be able to push very fast, but after the 10 minute mark, go for it). Feeding teammates are like people who are drowning - if you try to help them without knocking them out first, they will just end up dragging you down with them. WORK WITH ALLIES WHO ARE AHEAD OR GOING EVEN. Meaning - go with them to fight for turrets, and other objectives. Avoid (when you can) fighting when the fed member of the enemy team is nearby. Force fights when your fed allies are there. Your main focus should be getting turrets > inhibitors > nexus. Every action that helps you achieve that goal is a good one. TL;DR: Focus on objectives. Work on map awareness. Don't expect your teammates to act the way YOU think THEY should. Work together with your fed allies to win. I hope this will be helpful. Good luck!
i HEAL x5 (EUNE)
: Lets Talk about Supports O:)
Wait, what? > **The main Role of support is to secure the area by warding over the river and specific spots.** The second role is to heal, or protect your adc or even to deal some hits to your enemies, Then go to other stuff like build and strategy of the specific character that you have choose for the game, Oh, honey, no. The main role of the support is to enable his teammates to carry the game. That means: in the early game - making plays to snowball the ADC, roam to help the jungler or mid laner, and protect the adc when engaged on; mid-late game - engaging team fights if you are a tanky support (unless you are a guardian type like Tahm or even Braum), or pealing for and shielding carries (ALL carries) if you are an enchanter or mage (dealing damage comes in after this, unless you are the one with all the kills for some reason). Vision control is a responsibility of all members of the team. Supports and junglers can do more about it because of the unique vision items tied to their roles {{item:3098}} {{item:3096}} {{item:3097}} {{item:3711}} , but vision control is in no way the main point of any role. - Keep in mind that this is a simplified description of the support role. > To play Support is the easier and the same time the most difficult job, because you play for two persons, ADC is not always your best friend in skype with up to 100 games together, talk each other and have your movements already been in the chess. **You have to see how your adc moves in the lane, what style he pick to play, defensive or agressive, and move forward with him even if many times he is wrong, "Do or Die" You choose this role, you must agree and dont be angry. If you loose your focus, you lose the game**, flame is comming, for you, for your teamates even for your enemies. The Quality of the game already died. But we talk only for supports and we have to continiue speak about them, Yes and no. The lane is important, but a lost lane doesn't mean a lost game. While having a good ADC can make your game as a support easier - other roles can carry too. Have a fed Jax top - congratulations, you are now a top lane support, and Jax is your best buddy. Vlad mid is popping up, taking names and getting objectives - he gets a new shadow trailing him on the rift and it has your name on it. Anyone can carry with a right support. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
You seem to play with too many feast or famine champions – need to get ahead to be useful, no hard CC or wave clear, usually countered by CC and utility. The end result being that: when you and most of your team are doing well from the start, you usually win if you finish the game before the enemy can catch up; and when you are doing poorly in the early game, you end up straight out losing unless someone manages to carry you. You need to focus on only 2 roles - which ever suit you best, and limit the number of champions you play, 3-5 for each role is usually sufficient.
: Sure!!! i except many.... but i love just 2 of this - nami and Janna :)
: privatization is the mother of corruption
The governments have already been privatized, it is no surprise that all the government services would follow the same fate. It is a huge problem, but one we have no way of solving in this era of corruption and foreign agents in power in smaller less developed countries. Well, there is a way to solve it, but it would require huge masses of people to unite for the same cause, which even when it happens doesn't persist.
: evrything depends of match up - that is your anserw. But i can say that : I push to get 2 lvl faster than enemy ( this depends of my support too ) im playing mostly vayne - trying to freeze lane next to my turret but out of range. i dont like to push - cuz enemy jungler., i can do it if we are able to kill enemy and we know where is enemy jungler. or Push our minions to their turret and roam to mid or back to base Vayne is hypper carry dude :) Dieing for me = i'm not able to farm for something about 50-80 secounds that is mass of Minions! it make my late game "become later" hope i answered evrything
Ok then. My main champions are: {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} . I have only recently started playing Bard, so I wouldn't feel comfortable playing him in ranked yet. To be honest, I hate Soraka, but I would not mind picking her if it's the right match up. I don't play every day, usually 3-4 days a week. Over the work days, I can play 19-22. I am turning 25 in a month, I would like to climb to plat, and I am not the raging type (although I am known to make sarcastic comments from time to time). If you want, add me and we'll play a few games. If we can find synergy and carry games together, great, if not, you can always find someone else to duo with.
: How many days a week would you play? - 7 ( exception : saturday,sunday sometimes.) 22-1 required? - No my mate :) but in this hours i play the most. approach to the game from a distance - mean it is just a game... bad games or bad people? - happens ( world is full of teenagers :D ) for me it mean: no flame no rage no blame just chill Out :)) don't talk with idiots just mute them, Sorry for mistakes ... my English isn;t very good.
Ok. Got it. You have 52% win ratio on Vayne and 62% win ratio on Ezreal, why are you looking for a support? You seem to be doing fine on your own. What is your usual play style? Do you like to play more aggressively in lane, or do you prefer to sit back and farm? Do you prefer to push and keep the enemy under their turret, let them push you under your turret, or do you prefer to keep the wave closer to the middle of the lane? My questions have a point, I swear. xD I was already in a duo and my carry and I had to stop playing ranked together because I did not play aggressively enough for this taste. Two players with different styles can function together, but it's hard and it can't go very far, since, as soon as you encounter duos with more synergy, you start losing. Your English is perfectly understandable, don't worry about it. :)
: >maybe he will be a bust. That is what worries me, and its during the summer split, when sht matters most. How can Fnatic take such a risk! D:
They probably think it will be worth it. Since we are not privy to all the factors that resulted in this decision, there isn't anything for us to criticize. It's a gamble, and we will just have to wait and see if it pays off.
: Looking For Support Gold V +
How many days a week would you play? And is 22-1 required? > approach to the game from a distance Can you explain this please?
: What is a "Tank" role?
A tank is an initiator of fights, someone who stays in the front and tries to soak up as much damage as he can, because in his team, he is the best equipped to handle it. Champions who are played as tanks usually have stats that make them tankier on their own, and they also tend to build more defensive items which allow them to strengthen those tanky stats. A tank is certainly not a punching bag. A tank is an important part of a team, because in most cases, the tank's decision when and how to start a fight can make or break a match, as well as their ability to stop the main chunk of damage from reaching their carries.
SilenceBRB (EUNE)
: Opinion about players.
Ranked is a painful struggle that never really pays off for most of us. If it will make you feel any better, grass is not greener on the other side, and bad teammates are everywhere from Bronze to low Diamond.
eCJared (EUW)
: Riot's Balancing System
> For example if you are squishy like an adc and you play against a Riven that is only decent at the champion you are still going to have a bad time against her. Because Riven is a highly mobile fighter with CC that is meant for a 1v1, and an ADC is not meant to 1v1 anyone. > Anivia's E does a lot of damage (it can sometimes even one-hit some champions) when you hit your Q and I think that it is not fair that it is a Point and Click ability. Her E is a point and click. Her Q or R which she needs to land in order for her E to deal damage, are not. Her Q is easy to dodge unless the target is already locked down, and her R goes right through her mana if she doesn't already have to mana items. If you think these and other champions are so OP, try playing them yourself.
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