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: Thank you Riot! :)
There is nothing to thank Riot for, It was your own actions to stay positive, and be a good player even in the most dire situations. Well done!
: If you met your main...
Me. Braum {{champion:201}} . And vodka. No words or questions needed, only friendly songs and memories of good fortune.
: Why is everyone trying to play carries?
People want to be _The_ best. People want to be _The_ ones who carried the team. People want to have _The_ most killing blows. people want to own. And they want to make the whole world knows that they owned me , you, the neighboor and how much more skilled they are. People want to have big ego of themself. Unfortunatly this is common mentality that i see nowadays. and especially since i prefer to play support. Which i regret deeply sometimes.
RydahX (EUW)
: "Kindred has been delayed until 5.20"
> Riot Eambo (EUW) - about 3 hours ago > Swittz (EUW) - about 3 hours ago > > I'd rather have her delayed than seeing everyone pick her in ranked and feed <3 > > Soon™ Hope you don't mean this the Blizzard's way.
Drakaria (EUNE)
: Is this internet speed enough for playing League?
i play with constant 120ms for the past 3 years, you can survive with some patience, also. You can train your senses and recreate a spider sense. You will know what can possilbly happen a few seconds after and masterfully plan your actionsa head for 10 seconds at least. lag is great..
: teemo worth it or not?
> Riot Eambo (EUW) - a day ago > Are you Evil? > Do you enjoy eternally torturing your opponents? > Are you Evil? > Is your sole goal in life the suffering of others? > If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you are a perfect candidate for Teemo! :-P > > All kidding aside, I don't find Teemo super strong, but he's super fun to play and super annoying to your opponents. His blind and mushrooms...causes much salt to flow. The only thing that came into my mind is .. especially #1 fits pe perfectly teemo
: Kindred Champion Spotlight
Don't really know what to say, i don't dig that champion at all. don't feel it. Regardless if i'd main the said role or not. Almost all champions so far created a slight interest while watching them. Kindred on the other hand.. yeah _meh_
Xertus (EUW)
: League of Legends :How do you play? survey
I'd also like to add a slightly depressing thing. In the Solo Queue section/questions , on Why i play alone is mostly because i don't have anyone at all to play with... But i also feel slightly pressued to no drag others down my path.
candoodle (EUW)
: spot the female streamer
For me the more dperssing thing is the actual 3,648 people who watch this. I don't really care about the said stream, i won't click it, it's irrelevant and i'd describe with two words but i'll skip the one and just say she seeks attention as No one would question that the donation will rain. The actual community that sits and watch is just bothering... And the funny part is, she isn't the single one that does this kind of a show. There are many others. I call fools those who are attracted at this kind of entertainment in a site that ment for gaming. For me a webcam means that the said streamer will show his face expresions, interract more with his audience and overall just show his face. What this thread provides is all that and far more. But the only thing that's missing is Gameplay. I'd bet my liver that there are countless sites for this kind of web camming shows. But twitch as a gaming site only is not one of those.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Victorious vs. Championship Skins
MâdLess (EUNE)
: A Platinum IV game
Yes, it is. You may be a good player, but lol is not about being one single individual. It's based around team play. Unfortunatly one part of the team (two even) were not as good ,or were really negative. You either win as a team and lose. i'd be frusturated as well. but this kind of thins are really common.
: mid teleport hype #worlds
Trends will be trends, someone did it, and many others will follow. But you know what i'm all in for that, if this can break some metas i'm glad. I want to see the most random picks to jungle triple lanes with solo mid and solo top and what not. The standart of 1 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid and duo bot is getting slightly boring and everyone picks flash as their first summoner spell. people grow the mentality that there is no other option. The other day i was watching a few guys playing Duo top with a morde that had tp, he didn't jungle just aided the riven who free farmed, and didn't let the enemy top or jungler to approach. when needed he roamed and Tped. I'm saying is , as long as a trend can break the metal i'm glad
: Would this be a better spalshart for Ahri?
I really don't feel the ears. Seems to big, and the nails as well. But what ever. i vote for _'i don't care'_ because it's defently cool! but _meh_
: About New Skin for Braum " SWAT(RIOT) BRAUM "
You know, i'd love a russian stereotype braum (i'm russian :D) With a full grown beard. Bear cubs instead of poros. His Q would be a bottle of Vodka. His Wall would be a chair. He'd wear an Ushanka (the big russian wooly hats) []( And have a big red nose While still being jolly and happy. Wish someone could illustrate that in a drawing or something !
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: If custom skins are not allowed (cause of unfair advantage) using them at custom game ALONE is allowed? (not with other players even vs AI). If someone used custom skins from another account(lets say a new one ) he puts in danger his own account or not,even if he never used them there but IP is same however and might the "files" from lol are changed ?
Just don't use them, no need to put your or someone else's account. If you will be punished, it will not be justified. It's your own option to buy or not to buy skins which one way or an other are the life blood of riot's economy. If more and more people will start following that path of costume skins, it's most likely that a ban wave will follow. I already spend quite the amount on cash on my accout, i unlocked a lot of things, and played countless games. Why would i risk it. So i honestly recommend just don't.
Ast3R0th (EUNE)
: paysafe
It was disabled for greece.
: Can you buy the Championship skins????????????
No, but you can win them in mystery skins, 4 days ago i got Championship Thresh from a mystery skin :D!!
: Looking For Friends.
Yeah.. thanks for the interraction i guess..
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