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Zavion (EUW)
: Electrocute Rune seems delayed.
It is really annoying especially on Nidalee or champions that deal damage based on missing health, I main Nidalee and I always try to proc Thunderlord's before using Takedown but the new Electrocute really makes it hard and slows down your combo.
: You should know this if you are already in plat but i will tell you anyway. Why you play offensive against a pick if you cant beat her? Adapt your build, more defensive, and keep farming, you will outscale her anyway, think of your win condition, not if you are winning or losing lane. If you cant kill her, keep farming passively and try to not die, nothing else, after that, you could look for picks on the adc or support if he/she is squishy with your team.
True, I should know that I cannot poke her at all, but I rarely meet her mid, so I didn't know. And as I responded to a member from Riot, playing in a boring way to win the lane is not cool (and detrimental to the game).
: Her Inner Flame has a larger explosion radius when it is empowered by her Mantra. It's likely it didn't miss you, you just were not expecting the bonus radius. Additionally, the detonation does significant damage. The counterplay is that it cannot go through units and is her only source of damage (outside of her Focused Resolve, which is usually maxed last and considerably shorter range). If you stand behind minions, keeping in mind the explosion radius, she can't really touch you. > with less AP than me If this were an auto attack battle, comparing AD would make sense, however it doesn't make a lot of sense when it comes to two casters fighting, because different casters have different AP ratios and different cooldowns which makes the value of AP on them highly variable. Karma's empowered Q deals 435 + 90% AP damage on impact and an additional 350 + 60% AP damage in the detonation radius if you stay within after a delay, however she can only do this once every 36 seconds at level 16 (which is reduced by her passive). Xerath's damage is lower, however it is much more frequent. Your Q in the same space of time could be cast 7 times if we assume both champions have 0% CDR and would deal 1680 damage + 525% AP damage and would go through minions. The TL;DR is that different champions play differently and have different playstyles. For mid lane Karma, her strength is her early damage, but if you stay a bit behind minions she won't be able to hit you. She's going to want to aim the empowered Q at the caster minions because it will not one shot the melee minions, so bear that in mind when you position.
I mean, of course comparing AP is absurd, I just felt that having less AP but stronger shields than my damage due to ratios is unfair. And yeah, having to play in a boring way so you don't lose the lane early is not cool, I'm impatient, if I have to sit around doing nothing then I'd rather go around and die a few times trying to make something happen, and I think Riot would also prefer an interesting laning phase instead of a farm fest. TL;DR: Playing against Karma mid with a non-roaming Poke Champ is BORING, I'll pick Aurelion Sol the next time I see her and gank bot at lvl 3.
Eveninn (EUW)
: They don't hit her and focus on wavecontrol till you outscale her. .-. If you lane vs Galio or Ahri etc you won't get damage to stick on them either. <.<
Actually, laning vs Ahri is a piece of cake, I stomp her in lane with constant poking, she becomes so useless all she can do is ask to be babysat or splitpush for the rest of the game. I find it funny how all these bad piece of shit try to counter me by picking Ahri or Zed and then they always lose the lane. And yeah, I would have held the lane, if bot wouldn't have lost against Soraka+Ziggs, and if our Rek'Sai wouldn't have been so rambo and died 1v5 (he actually did, just because I landed a Q on Ziggs he thought he could finish him off)
: > [{quoted}](name=Simsala Grimm,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JiTFuw5Y,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-10T10:10:08.888+0000) > > You just summarized what the average Board dweller is like, ignorant and quick to jump to conclusions, thanks. You let a Karma beat you at your own game, and your reaction is come here asking for nerfs. I'll say that summarized what the average player is like, ignorant and quick to jump to conclusions.
Who says she beat me at my own game? She didn't really poke me that hard only when she got her ultimate, I was just mentioning how bullshit she is. She mostly just split pushed after the laning phase. You jumped to conclusions too quickly.
Treycos (EUW)
: Then stop wasting your mana on her You have to burst her Every champ as it's own caracteristic She's balanced, you just don't know how to play against her, so you calll her "OP"
Yeah I would burst her, if I was Lux, but I am Xerath, that's how he works, I throw one Q at a time to slowly get the enemy to low hp and ult him. The only way to burst someone is by landing my E, but since she was farming with her Q mostly, going out in the open in hopes of landing my E on a fast moving Karma (because of her E) would be suicide, or at least it would be asking for a bad trade.
: > [{quoted}](name=Simsala Grimm,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JiTFuw5Y,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-10T08:42:42.827+0000) > > I played as Xerath Stopped reading there.
> [{quoted}](name=Sarchiapon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JiTFuw5Y,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-10T08:47:53.477+0000) > > Stopped reading there. You just summarized what the average Board dweller is like, ignorant and quick to jump to conclusions, thanks.
Wen294 (EUW)
: shield scales with ap. If you can only hit a spell every time when her shield is up you're doing something wrong. If she misses q it won't deal damage, if you mean you got hit by the AoE then no biggie, you have AoE as well. You're not in a position to complain about that. Xerath is squishy, karma used her ult while building ap. Then yes it deals damage. This should not come as a suprise to you.
You clearly don't play Xerath, I played it in Diamond on my old account for a shit ton of games and what you mostly do is poke with your Q, and sometimes, if you feel like wasting mana you throw your rank 1 W in hopes of doing a bit of damage, you can only land more than 1 spell when the enemy makes a bad move and you can land your E on him. Karma simply canceled all the damage I could do with my Q, and since it was promo the enemy did very few misakes. When I landed my E on her and did my combo she just popped a potion or 2 and when those were gone she would simply TP back to lane. And yeah, I am in a position to complain about that, it's not about the AOE, it's about Karma's Q works, it looks like it missed you by a big distance and then boom it hits a minion a few Teemos away and you still get damage, even though you thought you dodged it, with other AOE champions you can see the area where it is gonna deal damage and when it is gonna deal it and can dodge easily. You just proved to me that you are unable to make a proper argument, you said some general useless things and did nothing to further this discussion because your only focus was to deny the other person, like all the other people on these boards.
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