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yasuo - report xxx me - id rather report you ;) Perma ban material
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: So basically you're telling us that you have been banned for being ultra toxic, but now you've changed? Sounds pretty convincing, at least that's what you think so. I guess you figured that no one would believe you if you just show up saying "I've been perma, but I changed", so you decided to come up with this: "I've changed because I'm aware that I would get perma, I'm reasonnable, although I did not take into account the previous warnings." Meh, seems legit. Plus it's funny how you didn't explain many of the lines in your logs. Is it because you don't think this is flame? Quick example, how do you think telling "x9 rengar and yasuo" will help? Or maybe you don't really want to win, you just start games just to flame people? I'm just asking questions here, just curious. I don't think you're interested in this, but know this: flame is not only insults, but all sort of negativity reactions that can lower your teammates' morale. I hope you'll understand that if you start a new account. And be careful when leveling it, you will find hard beginners that are building a solary cap on Leblanc. Do not say anything, otherwise this new account should not last long as well...
Comparing me to most of league players i'm not even half as toxic as they are and heck yea i've changed, after my 2 week ban that's the only game i've been talking like that as you can see, there's only one game as you can see on gif, that my behaviour was wrong, i don't deny that but still, that's not the behaviour i should be permanently banned for that dude, what is this... "x9 rengar and yasuo" - they were inting, literally inting, yasuo was dying every single 2 minutes like no joke, same did rengar but not that often :) Anyway, who starts new accounts nowadays, money is the key.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinniovsky,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gN6REjHb,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-06T19:54:40.894+0000) > > system doesn't check how my team mates did in game, it doesn't check what they write in game, if they are feeding or not. > Correct. You know why? Nobody cares what your teammates did, how well they played or what they wrote. If they are toxic or trolling and they get reported they'll also get banned at some point. Which is what's happened to you. Brilliant. Lets break it down though so you can see where you went wrong..... EZ, or any variation of is antagonistic and deemed unsportsmanlike. It is supposedly a keyword the system scans for, along with other toxic phrases and words. "u dumb". You even say it was rude, but follow it up with "but" and then your poor justification. " id rather report you " Report calling is a reportable and banneable offense. "will make sure you get banned " See above. "just ff" Counds as "being negative/Giving up" in the report categories. "the bad stuff i said but is that perma ban material?" i said "shut up dog without secondary school exam". It's punishable material, probably not "straight to permaban" level though. But you were on your last chance. The only punishment you can recieve is a permaban now. The best advice I could give you is this. If you are going to have to use the word "but" to explain something you said, don't type it. "But he did it first" "But he was trolling" "But they were feeding" "But they were flaming me" All might be good reasons to report someone (Silently, without announcing it to the world and picking up a ban for report calling.) None are good reasons to be negative or abusive. Avoid "but", avoid ban.
That's my point lol, system chat scans for words but doesn't check what's the point of that, when i wrote "ez money" It was in the first minute of the game i got first blood before minions spawned and i said that to my team, not on all chat. Toxic as hell, ban material punish him! "id rather report you" - i just answered to yasuo when he said that we all have to report our mid laner who was the real toxic guy on our game, as toxic as yasuo and rengar premades ;) And you know what? I reported them for their bad languange, being toxic as hell and they're still playing the game, hail riot ban system! "just ff" - lol 3 inhis down, open nexus, non of the enemy towers are pushed, were so behind we can't even kill one guy in team fight, enemy jax oneshots everyone. All i did i answered to my 9/16 yasuo that said ironicly , laughing in our face that we can still win, so i said we only ff.
: Hello Sinniovsky I am sorry to inform you that your behaviour was totally ban-worthy, that your teammates 'fed' or 'flamed' does not change the fact that you shouldn't flame them, if they flamed you, and int feeded you are free to report them, but responding in such mean behaviour practically means your account reached a literall 'dead' end. If you plan on creating a new account, i would suggest you to never say anything mean, or toxic in the chat, because it will give you a second ban in little to no time if you always behave like this.
So this behaviour was that bad, that i deserved a permanent ban? Like someone said already, even monks have bad times. That's not the 'toxicity' level that deserves a permanent ban.
CoopA826 (EUW)
: If you weren't hiding anything you would actually upload a screenshot instead of copy pasting. Whatever you posted might aswell be edited. Also you haven't played on this account for exactly 14 days. It's obvious you're lying.
I did not lie about anything, i was banned for 14 days, propably that's why i didn't played. :) That's a proof of my game chart.
: You didn't get instant perma-banned JUST for this. You've either had chat restrictions before this and have learned nothing.. OR You're not openly giving us the whole story, here. I trust the system far more than I trust someone that seems to only be sorry for being caught rather than their actions. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now so here's a recommendation: Submit a ticket [Here]( When your ban get's lifted feel free to correct me.
Yes i have been chat restricted once, only for 10 games. For some reason i didn't get 25 games chat restriction, so this ban would be a 2 week punishment instead of permanent. ;) I am not hiding anything, if you want proof i can send screenshot from the game chart when i log in. I already talked with a support bot. 2 tickets, same bot. That's why i posted on forum.
: This is one of those clear-cut bans that are completely deserved. You were toxic and abusive, and defeatist throughout your examples.
Yes, he's my duo partner i don't deny that lol. Let me say that again, you didn't see whole chat, with person that i talked in game typed more than 50 long sentence msgs in that game, i don't even write that much in a week. If you think that this toxicity and abuse is at level where you get instant permanent ban then more than 70% of players should be straight up permanently banned.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinniovsky,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gN6REjHb,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-06T19:54:40.894+0000) > > Game 1 > Sinniovsky: u dumb <--- ok that was rude but yasuo kept saying that jax is op and they should nerf him after he gave him few kills on top early on (really early on) > Sinniovsky: id rather report you > Sinniovsky: well at least im not inting like you > Sinniovsky: typical yasuo > Sinniovsky: will make sure you get banned > Sinniovsky: its over > Sinniovsky: rengar bought an account > Sinniovsky: just ff > Sinniovsky: well ure feeding since the game started > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ > Sinniovsky: 13 deaths > Sinniovsky: not inting > Sinniovsky: now tell us that you did that on purpose > Sinniovsky: so the game wont be that easy > Sinniovsky: am i right? > Sinniovsky: x9 rengar and yasuo > Sinniovsky: premades > Sinniovsky: both inting > Sinniovsky: XDDDDDDDDDDD > Sinniovsky: WE DONT HAVE INHIS > Sinniovsky: ARE YOU BLIND > Sinniovsky: AND YES THERE WILL BO NO LATE GAME > Sinniovsky: HOW ARE YOU PLAT > Sinniovsky: EAST PLAT > Sinniovsky: FORGOT > Sinniovsky: XDDD > Sinniovsky: ill die 16 times > Sinniovsky: and say that jax is op > Sinniovsky: XDD > Sinniovsky: thats a perfect example of yauso mindset > Sinniovsky: i wish you could see our teamchat > Sinniovsky: LOL > Sinniovsky: XD > Sinniovsky: top jungle duo > Sinniovsky: XDD > I think that the ban system is really really wrong, that's a perfect example of that. Especially because system doesn't check how my team mates did in game, it doesn't check what they write in game, if they are feeding or not. > I have been playing league for about 6-7 years, in season 2 i was like top 200 on euw ladder, this game has been everything to me, especially that account. After these all years i feel like you treat me like a rubbish. Do you really know what treating someone like rubbish is like? That's an odd statement. You must have been conscious of how you were treating people then, so there's no need for this post. Weird that: > [{quoted}](name=Jamal282,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gN6REjHb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-06T20:05:07.621+0000) > > Rito unban him ! Is Jamal's only boards contribution. Not only that, but that you are premade's together in games as listed on his profile on
Well, actually you might be right but you didn't see team chat, you can see only what i wrote in game. Anyway that doesn't change the fact that the ban is nonsense.
Sublime (EUNE)
: I agree, that is an unfair ban. Try sending a support ticket to RIOT, maybe they'll face the fact that this is nonsense. But remember, very few permanent bans have been lifted, if any.
I already talked with a bot, the same ctrl + v msg they were sending 6 years ago. :) I wish actually real people were banning players, not the system that is completly wrong and only rely on how many msg you were writing in game and how many reports you got for saying word 'useless'.
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