: _Pardonnez-moi_, but what do you mean by "the exact opposite people"? Or don't tell me this thread is just another person who found out the hard way that fighting alleged bad behaviour with explicit bad behaviour is a terrible idea, and wants to twist the situation to make it look like Riot are the bad guys just because they think retaliation is a bad thing. The clear lack of chatlogs (or indeed any indication if you were even affected by the system) isn't helping.
Why should i even bother showing the chatlogs cause the only thing you see in the chatlogs are your own words and not the shit that is said to you. And the system is shit anyway. It's like you get spit on when you walk down the street and you have to do nothing because hey, i don't wana be toxic or the police will give me a ticket after i beat that %%%%%%%%%%%% up because he %%%%ing spit on me. And he just gets away with that. That's exactly how Riot does things. It's liek you should not swear back to somebody who swears at you or does everything he knows to make you say something bad about them. It's easier to ban the one who sweared rather than take care of the premades who will report you and get you banned even if you don't swear. But thjey are doing everything to trigger you. So %%%% this.
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: Mystery Snowball icon BUG
Maybe Riot is right and my friend already received 4 snowball icon gifts, even if i doubt that, but i also heard people who don't own any of these icons and still couldn't receive them as a gift. Strange...
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