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: **No, your idea is old and bad because individual performance can't be measured objectively. The current system is fine and if you don't climb it's because you are not good enough.**
On the one hand, if I agreed with you that individual performance can't be measured objectively, then what is MMR? and why they don't publicize the exact MMR calculation process? On the other hand, this is supposed to be the most popular game on the world in 2015, and in my iphone that is also the most popular mobile in the world i can have a whole conversation with Siri, who is "the best algorithm" running for "the best mobile". The science and the knowledge to make the best algorithm for lol exist. An algorithm that would make riot proud enough to publicize it to everyone who wanna know exactly how the calculation rating system work, and not a system that riot hides it like the current one; that's what i ask from this topic :)
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: quite a bit of raitonalization gonig on here htis is just blaming the system for personal failure
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: > [{quoted}](name=Skotonopoulos,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=ZF3UbXJy,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-16T23:25:20.494+0000) than a rating system invented in 1900. Euclid invented (more or less, or at least describen and proved) a geometrical system that we still use these days... in 300 BC. Disproving stupid arguments aside, adding any more factors trying to mesaure player performance and modify elo gain/loss accordingly would make the entire system significantly more inaccurate and prone to faliures, not to mention unfair. It would also distort playstyles a lot: for example no one would splitpush because despite the pressure they put on a lane, they end up with lesser KDA, meaning less elo gain and more loss. No one would play tank/supportive junglers, for the same reason. Late-game farming and scaling would be overtaken by agressive earlygames. I could go on and on but it's easy to see why this is a horrid idea, shot down billions of times it appeared on the forums.
If people answer with so much misinformation as you did just cause they disagree(or can't understand), then it's very possible every topic like this to rest in peace!! But even the fact of the existance of so many topics discussing the same thing as you mentioned, should make you think a little deeper. And to close my answer, i will share here the infos about the elo system and trust me, there was no chess world championship in 300BC! ;)
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: Right on point!!! Not only that matchmaking and elo system don't make a sense there is so much i can add to this.How in earth is team balance if you have silvers and gold in your team and vs is platinum 3 guys platinum :) So my personal skill is making enemy team platinum but my team must be unskilled and 10 divisions down so we have a balance :) I would be at least high plat by now how many matches i lost because i have lower division (they just simply don't know to play better so i don't blame them).All in all it's not normal that you play with any division higher then yourself.If you were silver 2 play all 10 guys silver 2.If you are silver and enter a game promos for the gold you get even platinums there.... That is not normal,fair or have any logic that system supports you to fail..That's in my opinion made to force you to play insane amount of games in order to eventually enter your highest achive division you deserve :) Matchmaking and elo is a joke and you are 100 % right for this topic but the problem is they will never change it because there is not enough people to understand how bad it is in order to do something about this.......
: WOT. My eyes... include a tl;dr please But to answer your question: Yes, there are issues. But the issues are not with the ELO system. The issues are with matchmaking, which i will explain later. 1. The ELO system doesn't calculate all players the same. It is divided into a hidden MMR which we can only estimate, and the visible LP you get at the end of the game. 2. The MMR, tough subject to many speculations, is calculated not per-team, but per-player. Just as you demand so **heavily**. If you are a player with a low MMR and win with a weak team against a slightly stronger team, your hidden MMR will rise dramatically. If you win with a strong team against a strong team, it will not rise as much. And if you win with a strong team against a weak team, there won't be much MMR added. The system takes this into account, as Riot has elaborated often and in detail. See here: 3. LP's are depended on MMR insofar as you get more LP's if you win against stronger teams. You can use them as a small hint on how your MMR was compared to the enemy team's MMR, but they may vary depending on the MMR difference between the two teams.
Hello and thanks for the answer. I didn't know the exact details you mentioned in the 1st part and thanks. You are right that the MMR rating for every individual does exist, and my thoughts are not far away from this concept. The fact is tha riot doesn't let us know exactly how the mmr is calculated, and what i want to say with this topic, is that a nice shared algorithm is a possible solution to solve the rating problem as I say, or to make the rating system better and more fair. And RIOT should have done this upgrade a lot time before as they did with the gameplay, the champions, the skills and the maps, if they respected theirselves, and the millions of people who play this game worldwide. This is just my opinion.
: Be careful the silver 4's will get angry and pretend league is perfect and balanced in every way where nothing has ever been strong or weak and patches don't exsist
You are right, but what will happen is silver 3? Answer me fast cause maybe I will ask you what about silver 1 soon... ;)
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