: Riot, Please fix the FPS issues, lost LP because of it...
Okay so I guess it's not just me afterall. I play on a very low end machine, first of all a Laptop, second of all, it's a Laptop from 2003. And I never had some great FPS numbers, my FPS peak was 55, and mostly it would rotate between 38-55 which was good enough for me, I got used to it after a few years, and when playing on 38-55 it feels completely normal to me, like it's 60+, but recently (for the past 10-15 days) my FPS dropped so hard, down to 16-25, and it just feels unplayable, it has moments where it drops down to 03-08 for a good 10 seconds, and just makes it unplayable. I thought my Laptop may have been the problem, but since I never had such a problem in my 7 years of playing League, and always played with 38-55, I thought it may be something with the client/provider itself. Riot please do something about this, people who had 60+ are going down to <60, and us with low end machines are suffering even harder with 10-25 fps, making the game completely unplayable.
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: Maybe when they release new void champ or something...
It was not available when Kai'sa was released, so I don't know really. Because Nocturne is not from the Void, he just has a skin named Void Nocturne.
: Try to get it for a chest ;)
Yeah all I get in chests are Legendary and Epic skin shards, not complaining, but my Loot looks like it is on PBE and people often don't believe me it's live server when I screenshot it to them. I really wish I got Void Nocturne in a chest over all these high value skins.
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Febos (EUW)
: [Riot Games - RP Art](http://rpart.riotgames.com/eune/en/) Don't ask me how it works because I have no idea.
Yeah I know for that site, but I don't see any 'send' or 'request RP' button.
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: Winter map
Hopefully as soon as possible, that is my favorite map, it is so much more satisfying to play than the normal one, for some reason, I just love the enviroment on it.
: How does LP work??
Git gud to climb. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=I suck at Ekko,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=pApH8WLb,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-05T17:29:11.341+0000) > > I am not a Yasuo fanboy, I only play the champ sometimes for fun because I find that champ fun to play and interesting. > I recently got him to level 7 just cuz of a joke so I can spam my level 7 on Yasuo because people usually hate it. > --- > I kill a creep I throw level 7, I hit Q on enemy I throw level 7, I make a huge missplay I throw level 7, I ward I throw level 7, I flash on purpose I throw level 7, I kill an enemy I spam level 7, now my question here is **is it bannable or punishable in any way to spam mastery emote so much and tilting enemies (mind games) with it?** *Because whenever I do it I see enemy laners tilt and fall outta shape and focus more on flaming me instead of gameplay and I just win the lane cuz they are tilted.* > --- > Level 7 Yasuo for the lulz.{{champion:157}} It is not, but if you win your games hoping you tilt your enemy, even though it works, you will forever get hardstuck, because you are not learning anything as you capitalise on bellow your current's elo gameplay :) For example, I generally play for fun even in ranked, and dont really care about winning, as much as trying to win for fun, and having a good time playing with serious people . a.k.a not Nunu adc , like you can get in normals. Some people take the ranked too serious and I get occasionally players that afk, rq or stop grouping in ranked, because they get stompped and get flamed on. Using the mastery is the same. Especially if you were getting recked and someone carries your lane, spamming mastery 7 is pretty tilting to the enemy. However, considering your enemy did not mute your emotes, it is their fault for seeing it. But for yourself if you are not like me playing for fun, and for the lulz, trying to win for fun, and you want to climb really really badly, I suggest that you try your best without trying to win out of tilt.
Nah mate, I ain't trying to climb, I am playing this game for fun, I play ranked only because my friends wanna play with me cuz I have surprisingly good vision control and I focus on objectives and macro play more than myself and I play for the team, but usually I just play for fun and I don't try to climb nor play tryhard or be the best. This game to me is just for fun and to spend extra time when I can't go out or am sick.
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: it's happening more and more to a lot of people (i saw it happen to a friend of mine in game) and that's not the only problem as there is the issue of not being able to click "accept" when a match pops up or to confirm your champ/ban resulting in a dodge. i noticed this happens more frequently when a game pops up right after a player has declined the previous queue. they seriously need to work on this and the FPS lag but, of course, the problem is the jungle, THAT needs attention now -_-
Oh, I know, it didn't let me accept a match for 6 matches in a row, after which I got a penalty and was unable to join Queue for 15 mins. But yea, ruining my main role and champ is a bigger priority than people getting banned and LB for nothing, atm.
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: i really dont know why its disabled.to me its disabled only in the morning and im forced to play that godawful blind pick.whats the reason of disabling it?
It is disabled since 00:00 to 12:00 then enabled again since 12:00 to 00:00, and like tbat repeatedly, every day. Eune is the region where Draft wasn't played very much before and Que times were like NA Challenger, or so, so they removed it permanently, then added it back but only in the time of 12-00 every day, because apparently people still don't play it as much. But to be honest I'd rather Que up Jungle/Mid every game and wait 5 minutes than wait 10 seconds to have instalocks and (by the fact I have a really old Laptop and I am the last in the CS everytime) not beinf able what I want, resulting playing my old main role again [Support] when I really don't wanna play it.
: Wasn't there a yi doing a penta back when ap yi was broken?
Yeah, there was actually, looking back a few seasons. Saw it on YouTube also, when XiaoWeiXiao was still playing and I think he played Yasuo in that game (not sure tho, sorry if I'm mistaking)
: Sarcasm was never included {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Never said you included it, just that you didn't find Sarcasm in the post, cuz this guy has 312k on Teemo and is being Sarcastic. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: You are obviously not playing against him enough {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} do you even know how much that stupid E withers you down, just because you want some cs?
*Error 404: Sarcasm not found.*
: Max Kills Record... I have questions...
Feels bad how I can't open the link because when I do it just shows me 'Error 403' and I can't see the match. I am really curious, can you like, give me another link to some other page or take a pic, would appriciate. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lonely Ekko,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=uJ8rEmKz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-18T15:55:38.046+0000) > > It also happens in Custom games, I just tried to enter it and I see/hear is: > *Clicks lock in* > 'Its not how much time you have..' > **A wild bugsplat apppears and client closes.** That's helpful, stick to customs to avoid being punished! We have quite an indepth article about bugsplats [HERE](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201761974#wq7) - I've linked to the one I think might be best to start with (Clean boot). If this doesn't work, repair would be my next suggestion if you haven't tried it yet!
It worked, i did the thing from the link you gave me and it worked, thanks a lot. :)
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Lonely Ekko, Bugsplats are pretty much League of Legends' "Blue screen of death" - something super bad happened that it couldn't gracefully recover from. First question - can you replicate this in a custom game? Or is it only in matchmade/certain modes?
It also happens in Custom games, I just tried to enter it and all I see/hear is: *Clicks lock in* 'Its not how much time you have..' **A wild bugsplat apppears and client closes.**
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: 1. No. Absolutely not. 2. No you do not. The system stays the same. (The only reason most ppl avoid playing at the start of the season is because that is when all the high elo players get thrown into matches with much lower ranked ppl before everything seperates properly again and this can lead to some pretty painful stomps (although i personally enjoy it since you can learn a lot from playing with better players).) 3. Your first 10 games have a very large effect if you are playing ranked for the VERY first time on that account (meaning you havent played a single ranked game in any season ever before). If you played ranked previously, heres what happens: At the end of the season, your MMR is roughly halved before you start playing placements. These placement games still have a larger impact than normal games after your placements, but not that much. However, you will have higher LP gains than usual until you get close to the division you ended in again. Its not unusual for a silver player to get placed in bronze V really. 4. I dont think much changed about the MMR system with the arrival of S7, but I could be wrong. But even if it did, the info rito gives on how mmr works is very scarce (mainly in order to prevent ppl from abusing it), and knowing what changed wouldnt change much about your ranking.
: 1) Your MMR get's a partial rest every season, meaning you will be placed a little lower than what you finished last season. 2) It doesn't depend on particular Month, what matters is patches. If you are comfortable on that particular patch you might be able to win all your provisionals and get into higher rank than last season. 3) Yes, your 1st 10 games matter. By every win you will get matched with a stronger enemy(higher MMR). Especially your first 5 games are really important. Now here the important thing is what you getting matched against, if you are getting matched against silvers, you will end in silver. _**I was silver 5, it put me to bronze 5 after 8/2**_ Those 2 loses might have came against people with very low MMR, and all your wins might have came against lowest MMR's as well. 4) Ranks are also not the clear representation of MMR. An S5 can have an MMR of B3, your MMR gets higher and higher if you keep winning against enemies with higher MMR as compared to you.
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: In-Game Name
You could be my Lonely Thresh, boiii. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{item:3682}}
: Profile
I have Kindred on my background and some {{champion:238}}{{item:3751}}{{champion:203}} would be so nice to see there. (Sorry for the bad pun :v)
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Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Options "meta" provides
*A forgotten Kindred main appears* People often accuse me for picking Kindred, they call me troll pick because 'She is too weak for ranked', and then I carry. ._. (Not on this account obviously, but this is my account I usually use to search around Boards. ---- *Stay safe, don't be afraid of the darkness, you can always ward your bush to feel less scared. Here, take one with you* {{item:2055}}
MacDeath (EUW)
: Let's pray Riot gives us those sweet statistics about ourselves at the end of the season!
Yeah, that thing was actually nice, it looked cool af, and I got to know that I am a God of warding. :'D
Rismosch (EUW)
: Wait, untargetable means that he can't be hit by anything. He can be damaged by abilities he got hit before, like Ignite, Karma E or Morgana Ultimate, but those have to been hit before he uses his Ult, right? Or do I understand something wrong? I mean just like Zed R, Yi Q, Fizz E and Vladimir E, you simply cannot hit them, unless you cast ignite, morgana R and so on before they use their abilities, right?
> [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VLymg7zx,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-18T07:40:12.328+0000) > > Wait, untargetable means that he can't be hit by anything. He can be damaged by abilities he got hit before, like Ignite, Karma E or Morgana Ultimate, but those have to been hit before he uses his Ult, right? Or do I understand something wrong? I mean just like Zed R, Yi Q, Fizz E and Vladimir E, you simply cannot hit them, unless you cast ignite, morgana R and so on before they use their abilities, right? Yes, but it's really not easy to predict whenn they are going to use those abilities, so it makes it extremely hard for you to actually do it before dying to them.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Eh; just play if you want to climb, but a ranking goal shouldn't be in your mind. Eventually, you'll climb. Most of Silver is exactly the same as Bronze, the only difference being that these players play more time. Trust me, player stupidity-wise it won't get *any* better.
I'll try my best, but the thing that tilts me the most is when you try to communicate and they flame you for that, and when they take every advice or suggestion as a flame. I say 'Don't go in solo, wait til we group, we can win' and they are like 'Shut up idiot, %%%% your mother' and all that stuff. ._.
: talon can also end his ult early
But Talon can be hit during the ult, and he can be cc'd while his ult lasts.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: > Why are people in **this elo** acting like that? Why don't people in **this elo** adapt to more than just one/two role(s)? Why do people in **this elo** flame so much? There's your answer. The fact that their behavior is as such is a very big factor as to why they're in "this elo". And the fact that you aren't like that just goes to show that you really are better than them.
And it's killing me that I will never probably get out, becasue of the people I just described in my post, really, I know I can do more, and I know I can go further than bronze, but I am just too 'scared' to even start a ranked game and try to make it to Silver/Gold or more one day, because I know what will happen in there, I was thinking about making a new account, but I have too many skins and champions and all other stuff here that it would be the worst thing to do.
: Well if something is op and wins you games easy it is clearly meta, if it would be a pure joke they surely wouldn't have so many kills :P
Oh well, Idk, its not rly meta to paly lethality on every single champ you pick... Getting on my nerves kinda.
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: Im sorry for this Janna... needs to support 4 brainless meta slaves
Meta? This isn't even Meta anymore, this is a pure joke and kids being thirsty for kills, instead of playing for the team.
: can't you refund it?
I play League for 3 years, I spent my last refund in 2016 when I was not happy with Ivern. (I bought him with RP as soon as he came out, that's why I refunded him, if it was IP I wouldn't refund)
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You know you're playing League when...
You talk and understand with your team and find solutions on how to win a trade or a game, together. Wait...{{item:3751}}
: Riot explain please im confused
If my game has problems, and I need to repair it, or my internet is really bad that day and I am not sure if it'll disconnect me or not, I just go into a Custom game against bots to try out if everything is fine and will I get disconnected or 1500+ms'd, if after 1 Custom bot game, or at least 20 mins of it (if I am not rly having fun playing it) I queue up for Normal to play with others (My internet overall is bad, so I never que for ranked, last time I did it was December). ---- Be safe next time, and try this method out, it works for me mostly. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ThePikol (EUNE)
: How to lose 5v4 game in Silver guide
Recipe* (I hate myself too) Much love, pls no flame. ;-;{{item:3682}}
: Go from wireless to a wired connection. Also make sure your uncle and babushka aren't watching porn while you play.
Hell why did I never think about that, I know I have the cable. I'll try that out! And Thanks for the advice, and also for making me laugh. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{item:3682}}
: Dude, seriously it's impossible to have so shit internet that your ping is 300+ default to your region's server. At least 10/5, 10/10, 20/5 internet, heck even 5/1 internet connection is enough for <60 ping. (first number is download rate and second is upload).
1. My internet connection overall is bad. 2. I live in Balkan region, so worse internet than other countries is expected. 3. My PC is the device that is the most distanced one from the router in my house, there is no device with longer distance from it to router. (Illustrated, if you imagine they stand in a straight line - Router {{item:2055}} > Random devices and pc's {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3340}} > My pc {{item:3649}} ), and while every other device stands on 4/5 5/5 connection, I sit on 2/5 and sometimes 1/5, that's why, maybe. And, once again, **I AM NOT** complaining, I am just explaining why I have bad connection.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Well...then bad for you with that kind of internet, I guess. Reminds me of good ol' years when I was waiting minutes for a single picture on the internet. Btw is it because you have crapy provider or simply internet in your country is crap at all?
I think it is the second one, because in those 3 years I changed 4 internet providers, and none of them brought me to less than 500 ms, and loading a video on Youtube in 720p60 is just a dream for me.
: that doesn't make up for the games where you dc and your team has to 4v5. ofc you carry in low elo sometimes because there's so many players like you with shitty computer/ping/mentality (no offense) and its mostly about who %%%%s up less than his opponent but your winrate is still below 50% and overall on your op.gg you have 45% in last 20 games which is fine if your ping is like that. its just that people who get into the games where u lag out are affected and might lose their promos because of you or whatever without it being their fault. if they only meet u once ofc it wont affect them that much, but there's probably more people like you and if you put yourself in their position you might understand why it would be frustrating if you drop divisions because in every single game there's a person like you that randomly dcs at crucial moments. good approach to stop playing that day then though.
I haven't played ranked since December, because I just gave up cuz I didn't wanna go lower than I already am and I hate to fck up other peoples ranked games, I only play Normals since December because I just wanna have fun until I one day fix or buy a new internet so I can come back to ranked. So no promos were lost during this period.
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