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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yes dude, but there is always one big BUT. If you get warning it can pass over 1 year after you break summoner code again, and breaking summoner code is big philosophy (for you can only say someone to back off and you recieve perma). What that means? That means you should suffer from start through entire game to the end and hope that abuser is gonna be punished. That is not an easy task. And what about the players who have not made a single offense, where are their rewards for that? Also there is big consideration about my account was perma banned without 2 chances, no 7 days no 14 days for talking crapy to one game ruinner. That was my promotion, i worked hard with other players to win the game, and some jerk who was adc started to feed intentionally enemy lanes cause his support was taking his kills. When someone is perma banned there can pass unnoticed many things that tribunal can't see in chat log. Best thing is for you to be psycho person who does not care about anything (win or lose) and i will start my own discussion for this all. Do you know how big stress to sportsman player unfair conviction can be? Player can die from rage stroke even through game. After his death, nothing is important so far, he lost his life m8 for . And that game ruinner can easily go without punishment and he can do it again to someone. And what good is your heart if it doesn't break? I'm done with this conversation.
MossCarry (EUNE)
: even tho i got no excuse i have gotten banned many times ago, i also think i am able to reform
M8 if you got no excuse then you got no real card in sleeve to deffend yourslef. My mistake is that i never contacted riot. I play on different account since this day. Yes two months overpast. That is how long i needed to comprehend the situation. I now play for fun when i got time, no more leveling and wasting time on that, i create my own life paths instead of being salve of riot game like before. You decide now what to do, you got great chances now to start smth new, or being a slave. Poy.
MossCarry (EUNE)
: damn its the only game i didnt have skin spotlight replays on cause if i were to upload a replay it would clear things up, for the better or the worse
I was banned with no warnings, just suddnely permanent ban occured. Since februrary this year, yes i was toxic and i was an idiot i regret it, i got so many right law excuses, but system does not care. It is very easy to convict someone, I even think that people in this community intentionally condemn you to be perma banned beacuse they like to see someone suffering. There is many players in tribunal system who want to ruin somebodys life without a reason. Ice cold hearted players and haters.
MossCarry (EUNE)
: Perma banned..
In my opinion I think you deserve a second chance. When someone is banned, he can instantly change his ways of life.


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