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: It shouldn't say you're in game because you've finished. How long do you have to wait until the honor system appears because if its over 3 minutes long then there must be a problem with wifi. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Like i said, it wasnt my wifi. It was over 10 minutes like that until i closed the client and opened again, on the corner it was showing green ( wich means not in the game ), but it also said game is still in progress", i was able to message my friends still, open pages from google etc. Just a client being buggy and everyone are complaining about the client once a while
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: Lets talk About an Santa Ornn Skin
Can we just take a moment, and realise that SOMEONE down voted this, what a scum
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: "Don't die before 7 mins"
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: Stop blaming the game, the only one to blame is yourself.
He wasn't blaming the game itself, but the players who trolled, went afk or just didn't play well enough.
Shamose (EUW)
: Riots Punishment system is godlike. (Feat. TF Blade.)
Yeah riot is %%%%ed, i myself got 14- day suspension by saying "i dont speak braindead", i feel like if you send a ticket to riot support person, they just copy paste what the robot picked from the game/games, and then says the classic smth like "thanks for lettin us know bla bla bla", and doesnt do anything, why would they? they can do their job in 17 second and continue eating donuts, or do their job wich may take 10-30 min a person, riot doesnt care.
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why is this community so toxic?
Dude, you're making a right choice, Lol is like a drug for many people, you play it, you enjoy and it play more but soon you notice that you're not anymore enjoying the game, you have already spended some cash into it so its harder to quit, you're always thinking that "this time i will do good", soon you notice that its pretty much impossible, one person alone can ruin the whole game for rest of the team, you say something you get banned, you get banned you decide to make a new acc and start trolling yourself or start being really toxic. Some champions are meant for jerking off to cash, so its unfair to some people who like to play unique and not top tier champs in the current meta, that also spreads toxicity, How riot is trying to fix this? ban as soon as you say even some minor thing ( in my case, this was just over 1 game. never before gotten punishment, most toxic thing i said was "i dont speak braindead" to a toxic person and a flamer he was 1/4 yasuo, 20-ish second after the match i got 14 day suspension) And then the riot support team doesn't care. But the ban may help some people to let go of the game, the game may ruin your life/ days, also you can be angry for the rest of the day because of some match. How riot could fix this? 1. punish more inters, afkers, 2. add 3 and 7 day bans for better punishments. 3. Into your suspension converstation add other players texts also, so you cant take stuff out of context and abuse that. 4. Maybe add a "gamemode" ( 5v5 ) wich is meant just for learning new champs/ lanes, so other people wont get tilted when you are trying to learn them on blind pick/ draft pick ( even tho draft/ blind pick is kinda meant for it, but people treat them the same way ranked games ). 5. CENSOR the most toxic words, LITERALLY every other game has this feature, 6. If you spam too much/ say toxic words, you will get AUTO-MUTED ( so you cant spam anymore IN THE CURRENT MATCH or the next X matches )( like 2 to 15, )and ruin the mood/ game for others ( its like league is wanting to keep the community toxic.... ) This would really really help players to focus into the game instead of typing/ looking into the chat and responding to the flamer/ toxic person. 7. Add somekinda record feature or you can MARK the current time when someone is inting/ being really toxic/ using hacks/ or you see bugs. ( ik you can rewatch a match and there record, but maybe if they would upgrade this system to work faster.. 8. Some champions have and will always be in a really good state. So some people already can get toxic just by seeing that champion unbanned/ in their game. I understand that its really hard to balanced over 140 champions, but lets be now for real, they keep some champions overpowered so they can make more money from them, ( they also buffed kha,zik without anybody asking/ he didnt need, because championship skins coming back for limited time ) You aren't missing on anything by not playing this game, this is a tilt-mansion. It can be fixed of course. Thanks for reading this, have a nice day!
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Sadly the response wasn't what we hoped for. But don't give up, I call to aid all community members to help out and get riot's attention towards his case . *cough cough* "Players discipline past punishment or history are taken into consideration when bans are applied" How did i get 14 day ban over 1 game without being even that toxic, most toxic word i said was "i dont speak braindead" never gotten any punishments before, oke {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Spearki (EUW)
: UNjustified baan riot won't remove it!!!!!! Read my post, i was acting little "toxic", my most toxic word was "i dont speak braindead" when 1/4 yasuo was flaming and being an ass with me, so i i was also little ass towards him, I did send i ticket, cant get a human in touch, never before gotten any warnings, straight up 14 day ban but your ban, was just straight up unfair, riot employees are so high on their disney charaters.. Well bud, the ban may also be a good thing, for some people, barely anyone enjoys the game, its addictive, this may help you ( and me ) to stop playing this, if you wish so yourself. I hope your thing gets sorted out. Have a nice day and hang in there. ( Also riot should add other people text's into the chat log. would be really usefull )
: u got 14 day ban after 2 chat restrict lmao.
Never before have had any warnings. My first warning/ suspension ever in my league history. there is the post, i said couple "toxic words" but those we're aimed at someones grammar when he himself was also acting in the wrong way, still i should had not acted the way i did. But i didnt say any really toxic words what you see almost in every game. Feel free to check the post out yourself.
Holub217 (EUNE)
: Why i get Chat Ban?
Well you we're acting in the wrong way, i was also and got 14 day suspension for what was little uncalled for, chat restriction woulda been fine by me completly, you should be happy. Remember to keep it cool and ignore or mute others if they are making you feel uncomfortable.


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