: Bugged client.
Same here, cannot talk in lobbies, picking/banning champions take 10secs, pathetic...
: Usually it is said as a joke by the worst player in a team to let everyone know that he is fully aware that his team carried him and he was little more than a commando bannered minion in the game.
Thats kinda funny lol
: It is within your perspective isn't it. If you want to call me an a$$ that's completely fine :) That doesn't mean I am one. Maybe within this certain topic we might not agree to eachother, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad human being and all I'm saying is wrong
I'm not tryin' to say that you're a bad person or something. But your attitude towards me is just disrespetful, and i think the moderators could agree with me.
: ***
Your attitude towards me is just as disrespectful just as the "GGEZ" after the games. _> Think about yourself before you think about the others_
King Lego (EUNE)
: According to riot, it's reportable. Though it's reportable, it can add to the argument of "league community is such a snowflake." But for a game that is an esport, it's already unsportsmanlike as taunting an opponent in a football game. To be honest, i never bothered with that term much. Never did report really. Can show how insecure a player can be when he loses lane yet wins the game anyway with a 2/10 kda or something. Are champion taunts spam (ctrl1-7) even reportable? To me, these are more tilting than saying "gg ez." Like wow, you are level 7, no need to spam it on my face, it won't automatically win you the lane/game if you spam it enough.
Yea the level 6,7 spams (Usually on Zed and Yasuo) are so goddamn tilting. But as i know right spaming taunts isn't reportable and it's not unsportable or disrepectful, but on the other side, GGEZ is Unsportable and disrespectful on the same time.
Kuling (EUW)
: ***
I don't want to harass you, But you're just another plat who's saying the same. And the thing is You was inting in your last game, sooooooooo. The thing i wanna say is You probably do the "ggez thing" so thats why you're trying to say something to defend yourself.
: ***
I was about to say "another plat who's act like a hater on this thread" then i noticed that you're G5 right now, meh. So, first of all, i'm not that sensitive, but as you could see the most of the comments are positive towards this post, not like yours. That means, the problem here is with you, not with "us".
: No I don't know that feeling. Stop being a cat League players are so sensitive I love it! And no, banter isn't punishable
Another plat who's acting like a hater, coincidence?
: GG EZ is a part of this game just like gameplay
Maybe for the toxic side of the game.
: Im sorry but a guy who was been perma banned shouldnt have an opinion on toxicity.
Maybe... But i'm reformed. Yes it's possible.
: Are you sure that it does pile of up or just an assumption?
> [{quoted}](name=NegusInParis,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pnquEPEY,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-07-03T17:26:13.976+0000) > > Are you sure that it does pile of up or just an assumption? I hope it does. The group of players who's saying it unironically say it every time.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > My classmate is a real toxic guy with 6-7 permabanned accounts. Which is quite clear evidence that the system does indeed catch flamers, isn't it? > But his new one didn't get any punishment yet, while he's flaming, leaving games because of "bad team". Yet. That's just a matter of time. > I've got banned for flaming a guy who started to blame the whole game on me. It doesn't matter who started it, we are not kindergarten.
Yup, agree with that.
: No because this would just spam our screens with unnecessary information. It's why it's currently only a small percentage of the time. Also; the IFS notifications never include names (though I'm pretty sure when we see them we all know exactly who received them - so I understand your last bit even if it's slightly incorrect).
Yes, I always knew who was banned, (or maybe not? ) But i'm kinda unhappy when i don't see the feedback after a reported "feeder".
Leyruh (EUW)
: Had a game in which we got stomped, and the ennemy Garen said _"Are we against BOTs?"_ This kind of behavior has only two motives : - Tilt you - Make you feel like you've done badly Whatever their reason is to say stuff like that, it doesn't justify it. Yes, trashtalk is a thing, but I'm not ok with it. I'm sorry, I don't want the ennemy midlaner to say "Mid is trash" when talking about me. It's downright disrespectful. I know that they were talking about how "trash" I am as a midlaner, but isn't it like calling me, as a person, trash, in a way? Trashtalk is here to tilt you. Yes, we got that. Does it make it right though? I don't think so. The same thing goes for "GG EZ". Good players : - Don't flame - Always say "GG WP" at the end of each game, even if they got crushed - Don't troll - Don't int It's sad that it's not the norm. Everyone should be respectful, good willed and...kind? Sometimes kindness is really missing. Friendliness. How I love to joke with the ennemy team when I do dumb stuff, or fail stuff. It's cool! -------------- I personally never reported players for saying "GG EZ" or "You guys were easy", but perhaps I will, now.
Nowadays i'm getting queued up with Plats or even Diamonds and "we" usually loose these games. But i'm always trying to be friendly towards them and my team. But it's kinda hard when the ADC blames me for everything wrong he does.
KagureNai (EUW)
: Sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you don't... That's why I always play with my premade. At least I have someone I can rely on, even in defeat. Makes things less worse, in my opinion. I didn't mentioned it, but you seemed really keen on being positive and not flaming. It's good! I hope you can find people to play with!
After my first ever account got a permaban, (which had the peak elo of mine) i knew i need to do something. Thats why i choose this name. I can be very toxic if someone blames me. But i'm trying to not flame them, i'm trying to take it easy, or sometimes i try to roast them in a funny way. Some of my "new" friends can't belive that i was permabanned, and it was just 2 months ago. The thing i wanna say with that is If you want to reform, You CAN.{{summoner:1}}
KagureNai (EUW)
: I feel you. It's kinda...well....it's annoying. I never knew i could report someone for that. I guess you could mute, but it's not like it would prevent people from saying that stuff. Best of luck in the future games you'll have! For my part, I just shrug it off, since I noticed that a few players are saying this. I have better things to do than focusing on some kid that need to type that to make himself feel better. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Well, Thanks, you too. I would be happy if my teammates would have an attitude like you.
: You don't always get feedback from reports. Infact, more often than not, you won't hear anything regardless of whether they were punished or not. It's something like 10-15% of the time iirc. Just because you don't get an IFS notification doesn't mean they're not being punished.
I think they should "fix" this because I like the feel when I see the flamer guy's name on your screen within a feedback window
: >but sometimes i "have to" No, you don't. -------------------------------- I'd recommend removing the name as naming and shaming is against the board rules. There's a possibility they may have faced chat restrictions, or a 14-day ban, and since reformed. There's no way anyone but them and Riot are privy to that information though.
It's not his name now, it's just example, {{champion:17}}
KagureNai (EUW)
: I think this kind of behavior is just a way to tilt you. To be honest, if the ennemy team says "GGEZ"/"ez" when they had to fight until 40 min, it's a joke at this point, and I feel sorry for them. They have to say that, that's kind of a shame. If someone says that, I'll think less of them, I mean, think about it : - You're in a video game - You did your best/tried to win - You weren't toxic - Most likely the people that were doing badly say "ez" --> Best way for them to look good. In a video game. It's sad, isn't it? It's just a game. To make you feel better, try to think about this : " how sad is it to say that when it's just a video game? and you were the worst? " You can laugh about it, maybe even joke about it. If the game lasted quite a while, you can even bring that up. But you must be nice! Last thing : I completely understand how you feel. I hate that kind of players, and when i'm in the winning team and someone says "ggez", I feel ashamed...but I can't control what they type. Although I would like a feature for that kind of disrespect. Something hitting them, called "Karma". Even if it's a game, respect your opponent. Also : some people that are typing this are doing this sarcastically. It's a few, but they do. Never know who does that though. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
I don't get tilted on theese "guys", it's actually funny sometimes. But if it's the 5th in a row, it kinda makes me angry and tilted a bit, but as my name says, I'M REFORMED, So i'm trying to not flame anymore..... (trying....){{summoner:3}}
: > I've met a lot of toxic players on that account and some of them wanted me to die. And guess what, They're still unbanned and having "fun" in the game. If you report these people it's very likely that they got a ban, if what you said was true. Do you have any evidence indicating otherwise? >I've got banned for flaming a guy who started to blame the whole game on me. But the fact that some players want you to die is still unbanned, but you're banned for "defending yourself" heh. The "defending yourself" argument is nonsense. If you see a fire, do you put it out by lighting more fires? This is essentially what you're doing when you engage toxicity by replying back with it. It doesn't make the issue better for anyone involved, and just tilts everyone that hasn't already muted both parties, ontop of the two flaming back and forth spending more time typing than playing. Other peoples poor behaviour doesn't mean you get to behave poorly too. Instead, put that fire out by throwing a bucket of water on it - by muting and reporting them.
1st: Yes i know the "defending yourself" is nonsense, but sometimes i "have to" (Maybe i should try muting them) 2nd: No i doesn't have evidence because i don't remember their names, maybe one called **_low{{champion:53}} onetwothree_** I've blocked him on my first account like 2 years ago. I've played 4-5 games with him, i remember he's saying things like "I hope you get cancer", "jump off the roof". But i'm not sure he's still doing it. I think he's worth a check.
: Amazing system. 10-2-15? Int feeder. 0-20-0? Hes just having a bad game.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > Can we even report these? Yes. In general you can report ANY kind of (anti) social behavior you disagree with. And this particular behavior is also reported by other people and is often part of the chatlogs of punished players. > but "he" didn't flame and "he" wasn't toxic. Being toxic = being a jerk. Behaving unsportsmanlike IS being a jerk. So yes, saying gg ez is toxic. > As i know right some "other" games has a system for filtering out (or trying to filter out) these words and it punishes the player who said it. So does Riots system. Well, it doesn't censor it, but it punished bad behavior automatically as long as at least one player reported it (more reports are not necessary and change absolutely nothing).
I don't think Riot's system is doing a great job. My classmate is a real toxic guy with 6-7 permabanned accounts. But his new one didn't get any punishment yet, while he's flaming, leaving games because of "bad team". But at least, it made me banned (lul). I was toxic, my ban was deserved. But not just mine. I've met a lot of toxic players on that account and some of them wanted me to die. And guess what, They're still unbanned and having "fun" in the game. I've got banned for flaming a guy who started to blame the whole game on me. But the fact that some players want you to die is still unbanned, but you're banned for _"defending yourself"_ heh.
Kuling (EUW)
: I do that all the time, didn't get banned yet so I'll keep going. Ez.
You're just a typical platinum player, Omegalul
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
1st. That's nice. But i don't know which category should i choose for it. I think i've used "Verbal Abuse" because of the "harassment" category. 2nd. Why didn't i get any feedback about "them"? I've got 2 report feedbacks on this account yet, but theese 2 was an "inter" and flamer premade around level 7-10. But since then, i never got any report feedbacks, even about a **"real" ** flamer who wanted me to die. Or i don't get feedbacks for every punished players i reported?
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