Timarius (EUW)
: Mmh, change champ pool?
Top: nasus / pantheon both are good and both are cancer as nasus you will have counters until you get shen, then you can soak up the poke and get the lost hp with 1q with shen proc, Panth is god of early game and has a good map pressure but you must finish the game by 25 mins or else you will become to be really useless Mid: talon, you gotta roam, roam a lot, he has good early game and has a really big burst which is underestimated by a lot of low elo players Jungle: heca, the only champ you will need in jungle, good clear good ganks and he can 1 shot while being tanky and with a good sustain due to conqueror Bot: i have no idea since i dont play bot a lot but miss fortune is really good if u ask me, her ult is perfect to turn a teamfight in your favor Sup: if you think that your top laner will get fed i mean your top picks jax, he gets fed, an teamfight is about to start he jumps in and as yuumi you do some support stuff, keep him alive and watch him faceroll the enemy team
: I'm back in the game, and I need help
If you want to climb fast play free elo champs like {{champion:80}}
: As an experienced Fizz player: You know what messes with fizz really hard? {{item:3027}} {{item:3102}} Insanely good vs AP assassins 1st back: {{item:3010}} 2nd back: {{item:1057}} 3rd back: {{item:3027}} 4th back: {{item:3102}}
Well i was playing Zed when he ulted me i ulted him so i dont get 1 shotted, then i will just make a shadow clone jitsu through the wall and cya, but nobody in my team didnt knew how to play againts him so that might be a reason why he did really good and have a score of 24/2
HdtvSK (EUW)
: {{item:3157}} or health stacking from offensive items, or don't get hit by ult, all you need is to survive the all in, then hes useless. He may feel unbalanced in low elo because no one has even the slightest clue how to play the game, how to itemize, etc.. And don't get your hopes up, low elo is the biggest elo, you will probably never get out of low elo considering it stretches from bronze to probably diamond 4 or 3.
He is still too damn op after the ult, Zhonya will just give me more time to look at my allies dying to that stupid champ
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