: If you say so. The most of the games i win, i win them because i pick tanky champs (because my teams usually pick none) against glass enemy teams made of {{champion:238}} and other assassins. The result is that we have damage + some engage and CC, against total damage. And since assassins players very often tend to focus whoever get in their range first regardless of who it is, they focus me, i survive, and then my team can walk in and slaughter all of them while they have nothing but maybe AAs. It's not always like that of course, but still quite often. Which makes me believe that in 2018 most of the players STILL disregarg team composition completely. Today as yesterday. So it's not like this supposedly huge meta shift changed things THAT much for me.
I play tanky often too, but if my ranged ADC thinks he's a tank and jumps in front of me or in the middle of a fight then the trouble start. They get killed and because I don't have much damage I get killed, specially when burst damagers have lifesteal that heals then faster then I can do damage and believe me they get that fast. Just a blade of the ruined king and a phantom dancer will often do the trick.
NoobStory (EUW)
: To be honest, if you're bronze 4, you probably don't understand much about the game. I've had bronze accounts, but I just couldn't keep them there as I kept winning games. And this is coming from a support main who played both healing supports (soraka, nami, lulu), engage/tank supports (leona, blitz, alistar), mage supports (fiddle, zyra, xerath, taliyah, syndra...) and 'troll' supports (garen, camille, zac, singed). If you're better, you'll climb easily, just gotta work your knowledge and mecanics a bit :D
I was up to up to bronze II, for 2 year ago i played Silver II but due to a long period of sickness I was placed back to Bronze this year. I do understand the game. I don't understand players going AFK. Yesterday 2 of my ranked games a player went AFK halfway the game while we where in balance. The third game a player went trolling because he had got his 2nd choice lane and the other player didn't want to swap with him. The 4th game we won because the opponent had a player that went AFK (not really a great way to win either. Today we won and i get 18 points due to the crazy system. So I loose more points when I loose a game (-20) then I win when I win a game.
: Sadly you're right. It has been scientifically proven, that there is no escape from bronze 4 ELO. You can play on a challenger level, you will still lose due to your teams, who drag you down. I have an idea. Once you create a new account, and get it to level 30, you're hovering at around 1200-1400MMR, that's mid-high silver. You can then use your skill, without being dragged down by bronze 4 team mates, to reach high-diamond in under 200 games. Good luck ! Hope this trick works well for you, sure did for me !
Then I hope I can take my skins with me. Played 4 ranked games today and lost 3 due to players going AFK.
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: That has nothing to do with what I said, but yes that is true. But that's also the way it's supposed to be. A lone support _should_ die when he tries to fight someone else 1v1. And yes, towerdives did get easier with the nerf of heal and shield supports, but again, there is no problem with that. Shielding supports were way too strong. Now they're at a reasonable level. And most of the nerfs like Janna's don't actually impact you all that much if you know how to play janna. All you have to do is time your shields right and you're just as good as before. What might be something to consider to stop towerdives from happening too frequently and give some safety back to weak laners is buffing tower dmg a bit, but tbh, I don't think that is necessary. After years of comps focusing around the adc role, i don't see a problem with them having to step back and adjust their playstyle every once in a while.
I think the towers have 2 problems... 1. If you don't have a lane halfway the other tower, some laners can take your tower before you come back from a base stop and that already in early stages of the game. Mana dependent players have more problems with that then those we can go without and go on for ever, or have a very strong/fast and fat basic attack. 2. Towers react to slow on divers. Yi can crush in on a tower kill and get out in about 4 seconds, that means he get max 2 tower shots, with heal from attacks that means effective maybe damage from 1 shot, does he get gear shielding, almost nothing. Same for Yashuo and Tallon.
: First off, latency and computer strength matter jack shit in competitive since everyone plays under (nigh) identical conditions. What would matter more might be mechanical skill and reaction speed, which i don't think is principally a bad thing actually. But if you think about it, the game is now actually more strategical than ever. Because games are decided earlier and its almost impossible to turtle and wait for a lategame comp to scale, both the drafting and the ability to rotate and cooperate as a team to be in the right place at the right time became exponentially more important, since you can now no longer afford to make mistakes and still come back the way you could when late game teamcomps were a thing. Waiting and praying the enemy team doesn't end before your champs inevitably become late game monsters isn't very demanding in terms of strategical skill. Always making sure that from minute 0 onwards you are always ready to collapse when high stakes teamfights go down is a very tactically intense way of playing the game and it's also more entertaining to watch. So i really can't see how exactly competitive league is supposed to have gotten a downgrade with regards to strategical complexity. Of course things are a whole different story in soloQ, but as far as YoloQ is concerned, it has always been a complete shitshow of 5 ppl doing random things for 20-50 mins without any idea what their overall goal is or how exactly they plan on winning the game as a team. So nothing has really changed there.
Problem is that most supports level slower then rest of the team. That means they fall behind and get in trouble when ganks under towers and asassin shields are strong and stuns and shields for sup is getting shorter and less frequent.
Zefirez (EUW)
: Here's the braintwister i had. 1. Our **adc** goes {{champion:56}} 2. everyone in champ select begs me (support) to pick **real** adc. 3. I go {{champion:51}} 4. Now...who's the supp? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Turned out no one - i build adc, he build damage (no supp item) and we competed for farm. Somehow we won this, but let's just say botlane wasn't our team's strongest side and me and noct hated eachother's guts. Yeah i'm in the "screw this bonkerville" camp. From personal experience - best supp i have for ....weird shit happening in botlane is {{champion:555}} I can handle enchanters, can bypass/escape tanks can take abuse and land a kill on mage supports.
I'm a mayor support and I've started to play my own game like you say. I'm no lomger intrested in my ADC. They can do whatever they want, I build a strong damage support mage or a Makaio and beat the shit out of my opponents, get gold and gear and try to keep a good playing ADC alive. If they just start doing stupid things I let them be and don't spoil any manna on them anymore. One of my last games my ADC was angry at me because I used my ult/e (Morgana) in a teamfight and killed 3 enemies. She also didn't quit understand that my spell-shield didn't saved her from Yasuo's damage…
: Game through me out of ranked even though my connection was completly fine during the whole time
There are a lot of disconnects, not connecting etc since the last patch. I've reported it at least 3 times now. Some things are strange in game lately.
: Now that botlane have been opened for other champions.
Why should every champ be usefull in any lane/jungle. I thought the fun of the game was that their where different champs with different roles. You could choose them and use them in their roles. If you wanted another role you used another champ. This is getting more boring. One champ that can do it all, best one that you can keyboard bash through the game. It starts looking like mages in WoW :-) you could kill everything just by banning your head on the keyboard.
: Because shields were really OP and lasted too long to reasonably counterplay them. By the team the shield wore off the shielded adc had ripped through your team (since most of them were 5 seconds) and the shield probably only had 1s downtime. :P (obligatory I'm not on the balance team, please don't quote me, reddit)
Then why not doing anything to the shields of Yashuo? He has shields that let him tower dive kill and jump out without problems right now. Before I felt somehow save under my tower. Now I need to land my skillshot on an extreem fast moving champ (Yi/Yashuo). If I miss I'm dead whereever I am. ADC's aren't ripping that much anymore, its the assassins that have become a mayor problem. I see 1vs1 kills of same level players that take less then a second. The lowest I got on me was 0.81/1648 damage as morgana from a same level Veigar that came outof a bush(lvl 7). Explane to me how I could have shielded or stopped that?
: Oh noes, LCS games are more interesting and innovative again... The horror, the HORROR!!!
Do you think that is intresting? If I want that kind of gaming I'm gonne watch CS, and honestly I think it's boring to see a team get killed in 2 minutes. I thought the fun of LoL was the time needed to get things done. Not 1 second kills. It makes the game too dependent on latency and computer strengh. And for that part on the quality of your connection. The nice thing of League was that those things not always played the most important role. It could, but not in a way it does now. By the way, I'm not against innovation. A lot of good things did happen the last seasons, just the last patches have changed the game in a way I think will ruin the game and make a lot of long time players disappear
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: > [{quoted}](name=MarineSoldierMC,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wRyk87WO,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-20T14:42:34.568+0000) > > i just played another one lost because of my bot lane fed their adc so i couldn't done shlt. 11 in a row now. Or the pseudo shit yasuos going 2/11 in 5 min.
Had a Yashuo against me that hit me with 1200 true damage… hard to counter that while he is healing. The fasted dead from 100% to 0% was by a Veigar at lvl 5. He killed me with an 1148 damage combo that killed me in 0.81 seconds. Fun gave that way
: I can't stop losing ranked matches
I understand the feeling. It seem that there are more and more players in bronze that go afk, are late at start, solo around with champs they don't know etc. Beside that as you can see in the pro matches, the game is ruined by RIOT. Thy made it a CS with funny figurines. League of Legends is dead… Sorry RIOT, you did it yourself but you will probably never admit it, too much commerce and not enough balls.
: They're not really a problem, you just have to land some form of CC on them and they go down, as most squishy hyper carries do. Morgana really isn't the best pick into either, as both can get out of soul shackles by dashing away, and your Q is relatively difficult to land against mobile targets such as that. You'd be better off picking someone a bit less dependant on skill shots, or someone that can lock down a bit easier - Lissandra is a great counter to both Yasou and Yi. Build morellos if you want grievous, taking exhaust isn't a terrible idea either. > I want the game back that was build on tacktics, smart moves, deception of your enemies, laughs when you managed it and teamfights that took longer then 5 seconds. Except it is in higher elo's. In bronze you have a bit of a skewed perspective of the game. I have fights that last minutes frequently and I'm not exactly high elo in plat either. >And for those who want these very fast fights? make a permanent URF old school so they can get of with they puberty adrenaline… :-) It's not usually "fast fights", it's more punishing people for their errors. If you make a bigger error, you'll die faster.
I would love that you look at the last game I played and won with Morgana. It's not my play you have to look at, just look at the Yashuo that plays in out team. Even though we won I think the game is no fun at all. Teemo who countered him top isn't bad but at lvl 2 Yashuo can already take him without much trouble. That sets the tone for the rest of this game. Then when he is lvl 7 things spin , according to me, completely out of hand. 2 kills under the tower and get away with it etc. That's not skill or something that is mechanics going wild.
: > [{quoted}](name=subhumansupports,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sOOvwWf7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-06-18T06:41:41.383+0000) > > Unwilling to adapt of getting backdoored (if you know what I mean) every game playing some squishy champ People prefer to play squishy champs because they tend to deal more damage, and most players still think this game is about chasing kills and flashy plays where the rest of your team does not matter because some idiot said that "you must solo carry and tanks can't carry". Cue someone smart in the other team picking a tank (because his team is behaving the same way as the other...) and giving himself a more balanced team from the very start. Not to mention winning every TF because the opponents will focus him (the tank) and waste 5 ultimates everytime he engages because they will be crazy to get that kill first (and sometimes they won't because, surprise suprise, they are focusing a tank). Cue the other team calmy walk in from the backline and slaughter them all. If this is "getting backdoored", than by all means most of the players get themselves backdoored without even realize it...
As a support "backdooring" of my ADC is my biggest problem. Lately Master Yi as a jungler is terrible. He can jump my ranged ADC with his Q and kill it of in 2 seconds. Then he has all the time to kill me as a support with low damage. If I choose tanky and lot of health I even help him heal himself while killing me. Yes I might stun him for 1-2 seconds but without any help he will after that kill me anyway with his basics.
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: This is my first time in a long while I visited this forum and I just gotta reply to this thread. I agree with absolutely everything OP said. I've been playing this game since season 1. I had several accounts with the judgement Kayle skin on them. I can tell all of you that the last good season was season 4. Everything that came after that has been a slow descend into hell. The thing that kind of marked the beginning of the end of LoL was in my opinion the new fancy map. I personally prefered the one before, but I can't say that this one doesn't look good. The update itself wasn't bad, but everything that followed was just worse and worse and worse. I don't know what happened in riot after that update, but it seems to me they just wanna make everything look "cool" instead of actually taking care of what the game plays like. They think that if they put in new "awesome XD" features like emotes, chests, summoner icons or whatever, people won't notice/care that the game is unbalanced and sucks to play. The development/balance team is flat out a bunch of f**king idiots. I don't have a single nice word for them, a bunch of stupid f**king idiots. I'm 100% sure that it consists of middle aged men and women who play very little if any league and if they do they play like 3 normal games a week on their silver accounts and call themselves "gamers" (I'm not saying I'm a gamer I hate that term). They make a change to the game just for the sake of change, so it looks like they're doing something, they test it very poorly, release it, someone finds something they can abuse, they start abusing it and the word spreads, everyone has to adapt because it's completely broken, the meta changes, people start playing the 20 at the time good champions, riot "fixes" the problem, something else becomes broken (because they have no idea what they're doing) and the cycle continues. As someone playing this game from basically the start, I've seen it develop over time and when I tell you it's the worst it's ever been, it's not my biased hipster opinion just so I can cry about how it was better before. It actually was 10x better and more enjoyable to play. And no gold V, 14 year old, season 6 'veteran' will convince me otherwise. I think the thing that pissed me off the most, are the champion reworks. Why? What kind of an animalistic urge makes these imbeciles in the development team ruin every single champion I enjoy playing? In season 3-4 I had 15-20 champions I could rely on. Before there was the "choose your role before the match" thing, you'd ask for a role, if you didn't get it you'd play what's left unclaimed by the people picking before you. I could play everything besides ADC. And I had a few champions for every role and I was confident in my ability with them and knew I would be useful during the game. You know what I'm left with out of those 15-20 champions now? Jax. The only champion that hasn't been ruined by a rework ( irelia being the last one ) or that isn't complete garbage in the current meta. I play Jax, that's it. If he gets banned I play Kayn. Everything else I used to play is now reworked or worthless (rest in peace Talon). People call me a Jax otp, and I don't wanna be a Jax otp but I don't have any choice. If I wanna win a game I have to play one of the 20-30 champions that's viable and that gets picked game after game after game. When was the last time you saw rumble in a game? Or gragas, hecarim, kalista,Kayle, amumu etc? I loved playing assassins, but that role is now dead. If the enemy team is a bit skilled, they'll just buy one of the shield items, the support will heal shield it and throw a redemption and the target you wanna assassinate will live with more hp than it had at the start. The games last like 15-25 minutes on average. It's decided in like 5 minutes. I play a game where I jungle and I actually HOPE one of my lanes gets shit on so that there is a chance we might play for longer than 20 minutes. When I see my botlane get a double kill, and top killing his opponent and I gank mid and kill it, I know it's gonna be a 15 min game and it just so unsatisfying. It's boring as hell. You guys might not know, but in the old client when you chose ranked game, the estimated game time with i think 30-45 minutes. Now it's 20. If that doesn't say something to you, I don't know what does. Team fights are over in seconds. I don't think the solution to fixing the game is to stop updating it and trying to add new stuff, but they need to hire people that know what the f**k they're doing and not a bunch of balding 40 year olds that just came to mooch of the company and don't give a shit about the game and what they're doing as long as they're adding emotes and chests. Hire people who play the game, who play it at a decent level and who actually spend time in game and know what's broken and what needs to be fixed or changed. As I said, I've been playing this game for 8 years. I've been playing in high diamond - masters for the past 4-5 years and I got permabanned 16 times. Yup, sixteen. I'm not gonna say it's riots fault completely, but let me just say that I got 15 of those permabans in the last 3 years ever since the new "instant feedback system" took place. One wrong word, boom 2 week ban. Another wrong word, goodbye account. Why? Because people get offended by words on a screen. I don't know what kind of a soft, sadistic, sad little p**sy ass f**got, that got bullied in school and decided to take it out on others implemented and thought of this system, but he should be lynched. I'm not the guy that will spam surrender votes when he gets caught or dies, I'm not the guy who's gonna cry about everything and blame everyone else for not calling ss after he dies, I am just gonna tell those people go shut the f**k up. If they keep talking and being annoying, i mute them, if they decide to go afk or feed I get a bit more vulgar. Now please note that I get banned only after I reach diamond and higher. And that's because I honestly don't care about normals or any ranked game before that point, but when I get to high diamond and I get these god damn morons, that's when I lose it. Yea, a note to the lower ranked guys who think diamond, masters is heaven and that people never flame and troll there, they do. If you do something admirable, I'll say "good job man", if you something stupid, I'll call you out on it, if you say "yea ik I messed up", I'll say it's all good and try to help the lane. But when I call you out on a mistake everyone saw before it happened and you say "reported" or "I go feed ff20 afk base", that's what pisses me off. I don't tell people they f**ked up just to try and provoke them, I wanna stop them from repeating that mistake, and if someone is too big of a b*tch to take constructive criticism, then they can go f*ck themselves. And sadly the game now consists mostly of people like that. Stupid little kids that got participation trophies and never had anyone say something negative to them or call them out and then when their little safety bubble bursts they cry to mommy and riot about how their feelings got hurt in a video game so riot constructs a wonderful system that will prevent anyone from making their (currently) biggest audience cry (which is little kids, it wasn't always like that). I literally did not know there was a report button for about 2 years after I started playing. People were talking shit left and right, screaming at each other, calling each other all sorts of things, no one gave a f**k. We had fun, we'd start another game and enjoyed the game because I could let go and unwind. Now I have to be careful I don't accidentally say one of riots 'buzzwords' and tip toe around every feeding trolling piece of sh*t, because one wrong word will get me a 2 week vacation. Anyway, to sumerize. League is the only game I've been playing for this long, I enjoyed it from the very start, I still enjoy it to a certain extent, but nowhere nearly as I much as I did before and anyone who played as long as me will tell you the same. Even OP who's been playing since season 4 thinks the same way. I think the game is slowly but surely dying and becoming worse. It's not horrible yet, but it's not fun anymore. I think it can still be saved, but riot needs to wake up and hire new people, primarily in the development sector. I'm sure that if they made a poll and released it on EU servers, they'd get a very like-minded opinion from a lot of people and that is that the poeple in charge of developing the game are %%%%%%ed. Stop reworking everything, stop adding unnecessary changes to the league money system, to items and runes and masteries. I'm not saying the game should come to a halt, because that's not the solution. Add new champions, add skins and all that, maybe a new game mode etc , but stop changing the god damn meta every month because no one wants to keep up with it and change their entire Playstyle just because someone doesn't test the new update more than once and releases it to live servers. It's exhausting and it's not fun. Make more champions meta. I'm tired of seeing the same 20-30 champs every single game and not being able to play anything but those same champs. I don't know how you should do it, but that's your job not mine. I hope someone from riot reads this so that I just didn't spend 30 minutes of my time typing this in vain.
Good comment, Just that not all old is bad. I'm almost 58 and a gamer since 1986. Started with a Sinclair ZX. I love development but agree fully with you that RIOT has lost the game and right now just seems to go for cosmetics. Respect
: I guess I should have quit when a kog lulu could 2v5 me and my team, with no actual counterplay, on equal stats. Guess I should have quit when tanks came to the toplane and my bruiser picks became obsolete for more than 2 season. No1 gave a single shit about me back then. Guess I should have quit when bruiser junglers became obsolete, and the jungle role was just a glorified support role for the ADC. Guess I should have quit when they buffed assasins in the lethality meta, and all my control-mage picks became useless. Why is everyone bi#ching about the ADC nerfs? They weren't touched since Since season 4-5, and they were the highest impact role around. Why must I lose a game, without any comeback possibility just cause Riot gave ONE ROLE 70% of the power and impact? Why must I be another player's buff and peel-slave, instead of trying to enjoy the game a bit? Guess I don't really understand.... Can't wait for changes to get reverted, I'd rather suffer ingame than listen to all this whining of the ADC mains on the boards. **_EVERY SINGLE ROLE WAS PLAYABLE BY VIRTUALLY ANY CLASS OF CHAMPIONS - EXCEPT ADC._** Remember when twitch/ezreal were the best junglers? I do. Remember when lucian/corki were the best midlaners? I do. Remember when people took tank galio mid to roam with his ult ? I do. Remember when traditional supports were getting changed up with control mages ? I do. Remember when mages/marksmen were played top ? I do. Bot role was 99% of the times a ranged auto attacker AD based, and a support. We get ONE F$#KING WEEK... ONE, of changes, finally every champ-type can experiment, the game is fresh again, guess what...Everyone loses their shit. "How dare you touch our precious little role, go make bruisers obsolete or something, we can't easily 1v1 them midgame ... yet" This is starting to get a bit annoying.
It's not that that I'm against change, but right now I don't know what to do against damage bursting, super shielding, super healing assassins that gank my lane whenever they want. I can get vision but not every time everywhere. Getting killed under your tower by a jumping yashuo or Yi with weapons that shield, heal, burst damage, give magic damage, extra speed, crit etc and that adding over their normal shields and abilities is crazy. damage between 1600-2800 with 600 of it in true damage within 1.2-1.8 seconds is not a fight anymore. That while servers in the latest patches have become more unstable and give kick-ups. I want a game back that asks for tacktics, thinking, teamwork. Not a game that just makes screaming 14 year olds happy.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Did the enemy have Mountain Drakes? Did the Yi have Rageblade? EDIT: Yi had Berserkers, Bloodrazor, Rageblade, Death's Dance and majority of Essence Reaver. With those items, almost any champ can take Baron quickly :D EDIT2: Why on Earth you didn't have a support item? You lose on so much gold it is not even funny.
There is hardly any use in taking support items, support does always loose against any other player in Gold. Added to that, out jungler was terrible which gave Yi free play, he had dubble the amount of gold the rest of the players had.
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: WTF Has This Game Become?
I agree, though I must say that i played Brand just for a while ago against a Master Yi jungler who had a Ravenous Hydra, Blade of the ruined King, Phantom Dancer, Blood Thirster, Static Shif and an Infinity Edge… It was impossible for us to kill him. Even with Zeke's convenant and bramble vest I was killed by him in 1.65 sec with 2645 damage under a tower. Then he jumped to a jungle NPC and was healed to 100% while killing it in 2 seconds. and ready for the next attack.The sum of extra damage and at the same time shielding and life steal has become crazy. Even tanks can't survive this anymore. As you say, Riot has ruined the game. It has become some sort of bad quality Counterstrike. So if your designers want to make such games let them go to the Counterstrike design team and have fun there in 3 minute matches. The power of LoL has always been tacktics and teamwork. Not crazy solo stuf with overpowered killers.
Werdx (EUNE)
: Support
I know your feelings, have the same problems and believe many supports have them. It's getting worse in ranked, at least in a part of the games. Sometimes you meet a great ADC, try to add them to your list, together you can do great.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Shield supports are still good but simply require you to use brains to time your shields instead of just continuously puking them on your adc, essentially giving them another health bar. Ofc, shield supports are best used with crit adcs which are not exactly popular atm. So yes, mage supports are generally a better option right now.
Welcome to join the ultra supports like bliz. Damage mages are the new support. Ranged, high damage (over time). Support get on average 20% less gold then rest of the lane and need to invest almost as much as the rest in gear. With low damage output and high mana consumption they are a soon extinged.
: Sadly, people in LOW-ELO don't understand how the game works. I've seen 3 people go into my botside jungler to arm golems and wraiths after we aced the enemy team, instead of listening to my baron pings. And this wasn't even in bronze, this was gold or plat, can't remember. It's good tho, that you understand the general mistakes that are being made in your games, it shows improvement on your side, and I'm pretty sure that you'll climb out in no time ! Good luck
Thanks, I try and watch games om Youtube and I have Esport channel at home where I can see the pro's. LoL is a great game when you know the tacktics but I have more and more a feeling that it is changing into a first shooter game. Same happened to WoW and see what has become of that. I've played WoW many years but when the quick fix stuff came up the fun was over. Maybe I'm getting to old for this (58)?
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Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Irelia, Jax, Darius, Warwick, now even PYKE - that champs are crazy. In one game we had a Jax who was attacked by 4 people and his hp was always more than 50%. When he got Lulu's ult he was unstoppable. Wha... Same goes with my team. I started to play duos with a good toplaner and I can tell you - if team will support this guy game is 99% won. It's sick, it's sad, it's scary af. And I feel you, dear adc. I try sometimes with all my heart to save adc but my 2 shields and 2 heals sometimes can't save him from Kayn or Kha. He dies in 1 second before you can even click 1 thing.
And I feel you, dear adc. I try sometimes with all my heart to save adc but my 2 shields and 2 heals sometimes can't save him from Kayn or Kha. He dies in 1 second before you can even click 1 thing. As a support I know this problem. I've seen a 50% assasin dive my ADC under the tower, kill him in 0.65 sec. and run away with growing health and just 1 tower shot on him. They are gone before I can hook or stop them.
Zefirez (EUW)
: Most does not mean all. Just make it clear you're looking for mature non-tilting adc and you're good to go! If you're in low elo, and let's be honest - you are (else enchanter supports would work if you play them well) you should also aim for more carrying supports. Either via damage {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:555}} , or by hardcore engage/snares that last for ages, so that even most brain-dead adc will catch on and get few shots in, before cc chain is over {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:14}}
Believe me Zefirez… there are even more braindead ADC's that don't understand CC. I'm a decent Nautilus /Blitzcrank/Morgana player (lvl 7/6/6) and they manage to attack the player that isn't stunned or hooked, most of the time following him under the bot tower and dying screaming that I didn't save them…. lately I see a lot of bot with a ranged in combination with some of the players you show. Let me add Veigar and Annie to the list. Veigar, Annie, Brand and Ziggs are quit high damage compared with Nautilus and Blizz. These 2 loose fast when the ADC isn't allert. This means that My support is very dependent on the quality of my ADC. Even a little braindead is a problem then, even more when they start running to other lanes or into the jungle...
: Though the story of 4 losses and going down from B2 to B5 is funny as fck - I think you have more trouble with understanding the season reset. You were B2 last season - so naturally you will get placed lower after your placement matches. So if you were B2 last season it's natural that you get placed in B4 or B5 afterwards. At best, B3 - no matter how many games you win or lose during your promo. Happens to everyone btw. And since you had 2 wins and 18 losses well... maybe that's what threw you into B5 - not those 4 afk players. PS: You don't perform with any champ you ever played in Ranked. Maybe work on that rather than looking for excuses and blaming others.
I said it wrong, what I men is that I get so many bad games with players goint troll or afk that I loose more then win en due to that go back instead of forwards. I'm not talking about games where I loose due to a better team on the other side. This is pure games lost due to ADC trolling, going AFK or leaving the game. There are a lot of players that think that while waiting for the first jungle NPC is a good time to go to the toilet… It's not.
Saibbo (EUW)
: damn 4 loses fro afks got you to b5 from b2?
nope, but it happens several times, after a few good games with dedicated players, you get a range of games you don't loose due to bad play or an excellent opponent but due to players that go afk halfway because they ...go to the toilet, had to eat, or just because they are pissed because you didn't save them from the ult of 3 opponents. Then you get in lower rank and just when you start climimg there again you get another bunch of these nitwits
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: Yasuo
I believe Yasou is OP en many occasions. I played against him with a Kai'sa and was instantly (1.32 sec) killed under the tower at lvl 12. He just got 1 block damage and healed that up within 2 seconds on a minion wave with just 3% live steal. that while i had a bramble vest. He could ignore almost all my dage with shields.
: Katarina
In mid I keep her full-time busy with Morgana's 'W'. Get a little magic res and she has a real hard time getting anywhere. otherwise Nautilus can give her a real hard time interrupting her and just eating up her damage
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