: 'Fixing' Sol Rework
I disagree. With the current values sustained damage like that would be incredibly strong, and the only way to balance it would be to hit the damage values of his w. They can't really hit the base values since that's already worse than it was, and they can't hit the ap scaling; part of what riot wanted with the rework was to also make his late game more viable. Riot's solution was to up his w damage, but gate it behind a short cooldown. The need to reactivate his w allows him to keep applying pressure because of it's miniscule cooldown and it also allows for windows of opportunity for the enemies inbetween the w casts. Then again, that's just my 2 cents.
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: Well there you go, then it's been altered.
https://i.imgur.com/Cavw6ee.png It hasn't been altered tho, it has never been the case. Again I asked the rioter if what you claim has ever been the case, and they reply that honor resets always take place at the start of a season. If functions the same as rank when it comes to resets. Always has. There's no shame in admitting you were wrong bro.
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: Riot would have written it somewhere.., yes, cause Riot is just known for providing intel on their systems. Ask them any time you want.
I actually did! https://imgur.com/a/dlEX3CW As you can see, it's only possible for your honor to reset at the start of a season. Riot has confirmed it.
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: I dont need to offer a link to it as I experienced it myself from season 8 into 9, and my honor was reset at the begining of pre-season, but still excluded from the "rewards".
"Same thing was stated before season 8 ending, and nothing has changed since." You claim that it has been stated. Where? Give a single example where riot has stated that it is as you claim. I'm sorry but "it happened to me" is not enough. If what you said would be the case, then riot would have mentioned it somewhere. As the one making the claim, the burden of proof rests on you. I'm sorry but anecdotal evidence doesn't cut it. Either you provide proof just as everyone else has, or you're full of shit. Do you believe that if I ask riot on if this reset happens, riot will say it does?
Chrysies (EUW)
: This applies if you fall below honor level 2 during pre-season, not when you are below honor level 2 at season ending where your honor level resets.., so my previous comment stands. Same thing was stated before season 8 ending, and nothing has changed since.
If you're below honor level 2 once pre-season begins, you will still be below honor level 2. The start of a pre-season does not reset anybody's honor level. If you think I'm wrong, please offer me a link where it says that being below honor level 2 before pre-season resets your honor to 2 once pre-season begins.
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: Yes there is, once a season ends and a new one begins, your honor is restored to lvl 2.., doesn't matter if you are honor 0 and locked, as I already said once before.., jezz these boards are draining the life out of you!
As somebody already said before: ''Your Honor level resets at season start just like your rank. **Unless you were below Honor level 2 before the new season**, everyone starts between Honor levels 2 and 3.'' Source: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148-Honor-FAQ This means that YOU WILL NOT RESET IF YOU ARE BELOW LVL 2
: Flamed for one game, got permanently banned.
This has to be a troll right? Nobody can be this stupid...

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