: Irritated by rank after placements
Platiunum 4 to Silver 1 in solo/duoq :((
: Placements make sense Kappa
I had so many trollers in placements and my MMR was plat 1 and I got from plat 4 to silver 1 fml
: Soft reset or hard reset this season?Placements are bugged.
I gained 1 division last year and dropped 7 divisions this year, fuckk riot
: You last season's S4 MMR is currently B4 MMR. Think about it. The system placed Diamond, Master and Challenger players in Plat. Imagine how this changes the mmr in the leagues below. If you play you'll climb back to where you were.
I was plat 4 with plat 1 mmr and I got silver 1. -.-
Elijen (EUW)
: I am Bronze 4 after winning 8/10 placements.
I went from plat 4 to silver 1 and I putted so much work into last season. Fck riot and their stupid ranked logic. My mmr was plat 1...
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: to clarify the current issue: Everybody got reseted to the rank they were BEFORE they played any placements!! So its a very low rank, lower then the one in the placements! But now the games should be atleast better balanced.
No just no, everything is wrong with flex queues. Matchmaking is retarded, placement games are retarded, 11th placement game is retarded. Not being able to queue up as 4 is retarded. On 3v3 I won 8/10 and got plat 3 (my solo/duoQ rank is also plat 3) so I was pretty happy then I won 5/10 on 5v5 cuz I was unlucky with riot's stupid matchmaking and I got silver 3 then I have to play 11th placvement game and I got silver 3 again. Stupid riot. Can riot sell this game to Valve please.
TheCurSADer (EUNE)
: Mates, MMR is what it is and as Eambo told you, this was essentially a soft reset and you all know how that goes - you play 10 placements and based on your MMR you get placed in a League where your MMR is within the average of that League. It pulled down all the diamonds, masters and challengers to Plat 1, so it's pretty natural for a silver 1 to land in bronze 3 with 5/5 placements. It's the same every year and the same for all the 100 million players so it's high time you just accept it. Furthermore it has been 1 week so all the cries by people that "really earned their rank" is not serious. Regarding the other complains - this is what the preseason is for - roll out all the new stuff, fix all the bugs caused by the new stuff and balance the new stuff. Again - same as every year. See it more like a live beta test and that what you experience is monitored and used to make League great in the next season and you will an easier time accepting it.
My solo/duoQ rank is plat 3 alright? I first won 8 of placement games on 3v3 and got plat 3 and I won 5 on 5v5 placement games and got silver 3 Then we now had to play a 11th placement game and I WON the 3v3 one (so 9 wins out of 11) and I got placed in....Gold fuckin 2 Then I was like: Well it has to get better from now. But no. I played my 11th placement game on 5v5 and lost cuz I had afk...Got silver 3 again Sooo maybe we are crying for a reason? It takes forever to rank up to plat with those 2 ranks and I know that cuz I went from bronze to plat in 2016 and if I have to put all my work on the flex ranks I will not have time to get diamond on solo/duoq. Just because u maybe got good flex ranks then u cant say our "cries" aren't serious. fck rito
Wârrod (EUW)
: i played 8:2 went gold 3 , today i played 1 Game was remake cuz our janna was afk and went bronze 1. Really riot are u kidding ? what a bullshit is this gold 3 to bronze 1 ? fix ur shit.
I went from plat 3 to gold 2 on 3v3 and silver 3 to silver 3 on 5v5... I hate Riot so much, I wish Valve was making this game, would be so much better.
NidaleeeGG (EUNE)
: I got placed at plat 1, after 10 placment matches i got 8/2 i went to diamond 5 allmost diamond 4 with the winrate 60% So after (re)placment games one to be exact whic i WON against HIGH DIAMOND players, next i ve seeen was U HAVE BEEN PROMOTED TO GOLD II ?? Good game well played riot.
I got placed in plat 3 in 3v3 and I won 8 out of 10 too then I won the placement game we had to do and I also got to gold 2... and the placement games I did I met so much diamond players and even a fuckin master guy that we won against O_o and on 5v5 flex I got silver 3 first then I lost placement game and got silver again and I won 5 of the first palcement games My SOLO/DUOQ rank is plat 3 btw. I am so tilted, I did so much work for nothing.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Thumbs up for fixing, looking forward to diving into ranked again. ^^ And thanksies for giving something to refer to, as I struggled finding something state the replaying of placements till now. \*hugs cus you might need it*
The thing is, they didn't fix it, they just made it worse for me.
Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
TY RIOT YOU ARE SCREWING UP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW, FIRST PPL (ex. me) DOESN'T GET OUR REWARDS BEFORE NOW CUZ U FCK UP THE REWARD GIVING SYSTEM, NOW U FCK UP FLEX RANKS EVEN MORE TY JUST TY U RUINED EVERYTHING NOW. YES I'M TILTED. So, my SOLO/DUOQ rank is Platinum 3 k? I won 5 in placement games and got Silver 3 on 5v5 Flex Queue, that's bullshit. Then I won 8 on 3v3 placements and this time I actually got a rank that I deserved: Plat 3. NOW YOU HAD TO FCK IT UP EVEN MORE. Now u remove all the flex queue ranks including the plat 3 one that I fuckin' deserved. So I WON my stupid placement game that I had to play on both queues. 3v3 flex rank before remove: plat 3. 3v3 rank after remove fuckin gold 2...Wtf riot so counting in all placement games I won 9 out of 11 and I get worse rank? Wtf? Well then I thought I would get a good rank with 5v5 flex queue but no... 5v5 flex rank before remove: silver 3 Ok so I actually lost the placement game but anyway, I lost cuz my toplane heimerdinger ragequitted just cuz I told him in champ select to not pick heimer cuz we gonna lose cuz of him, and then he started feeding and then ragequitted. 5v5 flex rank after remove: silver 3 Ty riot, u fcked up both my flex queue ranks, now I have to work on my flex ranks and I will never get diamond. Riot if you don't fix this bullshit soon, I'll quit, for real. So please fix this cuz I don't want to play with retards cuz ur system suck.
: Flex Matchmaking
Well, I'm plat and I have also played flex queue. Every game I check everyone's ranks, I have seen people from Bronze to Master in my games. I see Diamond and Gold in every game. You can check ranks on people on for example op.gg or lolskill.net or lolnexus.com, I also seem a lot of Silver players. Hope that helps u to understand a little. ~Sincerely, greedy Katarina main {{champion:55}}
Oglaf (EUNE)
: Reward Distribution Complete my butt!
having same problem, maybe they have sended the rewards but eveyrone haven't recieved them yet
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLUCKYfighter,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZhlLnkJx,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-11-11T13:13:33.618+0000) > > Hey Oglaf, > > That's indeed a bit weird. I've just checked and EUW is still in the process of distributing rewards. It seems like all other regions, or most of them, are done already though, which might have led to a bit of confusion and be why they're stating all regions are done. > > Anyway, for now EUW is not done yet ;) What about EUNE? I still haven't gotten my stuff... http://i.imgur.com/mCsH2pP.jpg


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