Fransiee (EUW)
: Yea I know and I completely understand and those guys are just straight up assholes. But the only thing he can do is straighten his back and don't let these guys under his skin. Riot may potentially ban these guys, but come on dude...
Everything's ok now :D I'm still going to take a break after I get platinum awards in order to study. Thanks for the support :)
Práedyth (EUW)
: tl;dr, it seems like theyre more effective if you write down what that person has done wrong and give examples in the comment section of the report
Yeah, I've done that. I tried to write this story but in a more simple way :D
Fransiee (EUW)
: Dude... You play LOL since season 2, have over 1000 hours, encountered 1 troll match and now you want to quit the game, isn't that a but thin skinned? Looking at that you are one if the lucky ones... There will always be a fair share of players being toxic or trolling in every game ever made. I bet if you start a game up you will find a game... This is just... Well... As I said very thin skinned
As I have said earlier, I had tons of afks in the team, salty people and stuff, I am not that easily offended, but when it comes to this kind of arrogance it just hits hard. The main purpose of a game is to make players enjoy themselves and if I cannot enjoy it then why the hell should I stay in it? That was late evening, so probably I overreacted a bit because of exhaustness :DD
Estti379 (EUW)
: First of all, even the pre and post-game chat is recorded and judged when someone gets reported. In other words, riot would be easily able to spot what exactly happened in that game^^ 2) Even "small offences" will lead to punishments if done consistently. Meaning, if those players keep doing it, they will surely get a little surprise at some point =P 3) Report calling is an offence too. Asking other people to report someone is considered toxic behaviour. Meaning, because those players asked the enemies to report you for "trolling", they gave you even more reasons for you to report them and made it more likely for them to get punished. As a side note, you yourself did report calling in that game (in your screen capture). Avoid doing it in the future =/ Having others people report someone has no benefits at all anyway if you are going to report that someone yourself. More reports =/= better. 4) >I know from experience that most of the salty, angry and aggressive players sit in Bronze, Silver and Gold and I thought that if a player has a higher rank, he is more tolerant and cooperative. Not at all. In all ranks you will find toxic people. Just look at Tyler1, he is Diamond. Even during this seasons worlds there was one proplayer who got punished because he was toxic in some of his accounts... ([source]( So higher ranks doesn't mean that there is less toxicity. 5) Picking an off-meta champion is not an offense that you can be punished for. Meaning, even if it was your plan from the start to play Bard ADC, they had no reason to report you and riot to punish you. In the end, if you end up again in a similar situation, just mute the players who are bullying you and don't even bother answering or reacting to what they say. Once the game ends, just silently report them. In this particular case, I would have reported them for at least "assisting the enemy team" and add a comment with that report explaining what happened. BTW, blur their names on you screnncapture. It goes against the boards rules (naming and shaming rule).
Thanks a lot :D Yeah, I did some mistakes as well...
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