Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If you answer back to their automated message, you always get a human response next. Not like this will change anything, as I can see that person who not only inted in the most stupid way, but also admitted to that in the /all chat is still playing like nothing happened (and he will get his gold rewards, even if he inted before the season ended). The fact that they system that is responsible for putting penalties to players that intentionally feed does not work, does not in fact means that You are allowed to break rules also. Obviously each of us gets pissed/disappointed when we see behaviour like this, but flaming that person does not help at all (he will not start magically playing seriously) and only worsen the situation for other players who already are tilted by behaviour of inter.
You get mad/angry and you have to release it somehow. Sorry but I prefer to release it on the person that screwed me up rather than my PC/monitor/mouse/keyboard that I worked hard for
: This is it, very reason of your permaban. "I can not do a wrong thing, this isn't my fault" attitude, arrogant and oblivious of his own mistakes until very end. No one miss such players.
So he has to loose his account for it ? Btw jokes on you, if he starts inting he won't get punished unless it goes on the front page of reddit LMAO
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >I can see a policeman getting us to jail for arguing with another man on a street "sir, you were very unkind to him" as funny as it sounds it can happen...
It can according to rules but it will never happen LMAO
: > I will even declare that I will int and ruin the game for as many players as possible until they unban me. And you think this will work? You think that Riot will think "Oh no, that random dude is threatening us, better let's do whatever he wants". Riiiiiight. I am sure that is exactly how this will play out. Of course, makes sense. whatever you want, but it won't change a thing about your perma and if you want to waste your precious lifetime on a completely lost and ridiculous cause that you KNOW will achieve nothing...well...who am I to judge your life decisions? Whatever floats your goat, man.
Who even made you a mod ? You are cocky and can't take some criticism towards BIG DADDY RIOT
: > [{quoted}](name=Lücky Strike,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EQqRhRHB,comment-id=000100000000000000000001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-21T20:55:50.202+0000) > > To be honest chat should be removed from the game as a whole most of the players get banned because of the chat, and absolutely nobody uses chat for good purpose , just like in other game have limited number of phrases or quotes and nothing more or less Riot hire this man, this would literally get rid of soooo much toxicity and useless chat
Hey buddy can you make screenshot the logs from the client ? If that's all you said you will prove them (if they have a brain) how bs the ban was
The Seva (EUW)
Everybody will have these moments. Mine went as far as perma ban :) Till this day I call this ban total bs. People are running it down/trolling you and you are supposed to stay calm. IF messaging the Riot support with proof of the person that intentionally int/troll got suspensted (because their system is dogshit at doing this job) I would've been able to hold myself for these 20-40 min of torture. But instead they will send you re.tarded automated message saying that they can't do anything about it (they can, but they don't give a
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Daniel1993,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=B0FnEpMF,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-22T05:14:21.348+0000) > > Since Riot started permabanning for very small reasons (like giving a report call in the chat to an actual troll and then you end up with a ban? really? just read some thread with such complain where a person that had previous ban didn't said anything wrong but this report calling and end up with a perma?) i suggest another way of punishment. Riot can keep permabanning trolls and people that says brutal insults BUT for those who just had a bad day and did something small Riot can make a system that randomly destroys a champion with mastery 6-7 so they have to level up few times to get it back. Everybody hates when they can't play their favorite champions right? Also that way Riot won't lose so many people that can actually behave better. Riot, do not really care, if the system punish you they just don't care, the system is right and you are wrong, simple as that. They stay behind all this "we have 0 tolerance BS", which is the biggest BS ever. I have seen people wish death and stuff to friend of mine and even after i sent screen to riot support, the guy hasn't been punish( you know for wishing dead and hobo-slurs it is 14 days, but these guys kept playing), so their 0 tolerance bs is jsut that, BS. You reprot a troll, the troll keep playing( unless the troll ruined 300+ games and you make a post on this forums). And the worst part is, after 14 days ban, you get slightly negative and bam you lose your account and the message you get is taht you are one of the most extreme toxic people that are 0.0006% or something. It would have been nice, if riot cared just a little bit, to check your case and undo your perma to 14 day, just 1 time and then if you fail you lose your account(only to not so extreme cases), because a lot of people after 14 day ban do not know that whatever they say in chat can lead to their permanent ban, a lot of permaban chats are not even worth a chat restriction, but you get perma cuz , well you had 14 days. The main problem is that, we have mute button, that people don't use and then cry how toxic people are..... if we had such button for trolls, you press 1 button and the troll do not bother you, i guess people wouldn''t use it and would cry again. If only Riot could teach people to use the mute button and stop crying about toxicity, so they can focus on system that punish trolls faster, butnoo, they better permaban a guy that said "report this troll pls".
: well i agree that voice chat should be an option to communicate. but right now we have pings and we can write few words in chat and it works most of the time. voice chat is something riot is scared to add to the game because they don't know how to control toxic people, without it they can see chat logs and punish them.
true, but there are some things you can't communicate with just pings and talking is much faster and organized that only pings
: I've been invited to a lot of discord groups when play league and haven't had any toxicity towards me what so ever. Inviting some one to a discord and join pre game vc is a lot different. It your choice to join. Again there is always a mute button or just leave.
Neither have I and in s6 I did that several times and never had any bad encounters. This is why this game never had voice chat.... Because of these softies. "HE WILL HURT MY FEELINGS OVER MEANINGLESS WORDS ON THE INTERNET AND FOR WHATEVER REASON I CARE ABOUT THEM. EVEN IF I PLAY WITH THEM FOR 20-40 MIN AND THERE IS A MUTE BUTTON AVAIBLE I DON'T WANT OTHER COMPETITIVE PLAYERS TO USE THIS USEFUL FEATURE TO IMPROVE TEAMWORK AND HAVE MORE ENJOYABLE WINS'' But hey lets not risk (even tho its not a risk) it because some morons will get offended by words that have absolutely no meaning and then cry themselves to sleep ... Srsly having voice chat in the game has no negatives. The mute button is already the perfect solution
: The 'snowflakes' are people who get all worked up about people expressing an opinion. You should be glad that you live in a time when people are able to have an opinion or state that they are unhappy about something. It is not a crime to be offended, so I wonder why you think that it is ok to put people down who are?
The snowflakes are people who are living the luxurious life and are trying to change it by causing some drama and getting offended by dumb stuff. They are people that are not focusing on real problems but rather on things that will cause drama/or draw attention to fill their time. My life when I was younger was pretty bad, I got beaten by my parents when I was misbehaving ,I liked animals but I had to see them get killed or beaten by the other kids ,I had to hear that a kid that I knew got hit by a car and died at the age of 16 and I had other hard moments that I never shared with anyone (not even my parents/friends)... .And I am sitting here looking at these motherfu-ckers getting offended by a %%%%ING NAME. And no, I am not grateful to live a life in which people get offended by words.
: People getting offended over Neeko
Its 2018.... These snowflakes get offended by everything
nOthingSo (EUW)
: every now and then ? im pretty sure that 80% of the trolls, afk ,feeders do slip throught . the system worked only on ppl who flamed these degenerates inters . my point is the system is more focused on the chat, than the actual degenerates ruining the game And i am pretty sure that most of inters and feeders do not get their punishment and do slip throught i could litteraly log on an account and int for more than 25 games before getting banned (the test has been done before ) if u just run it down one game out of 10 u can easily slip throught . u could even litteraly spend ur game running throught jungle not doing anything and not get punished theres so many ways to avoid the ban that it makes me sick to see riot more focused on the chat where u can just mute a person rather than getting these poeple out of the game gratz u caught the toxic dudes getting their frustration out on the chat but i think there are some more urgent matters to deal with rather than ban somone for saying " report lucian %%%%%% feeder bot "
> [{quoted}](name=nOthingSo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qwaLJkB7,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2018-11-20T21:58:17.177+0000) > my point is the system is more focused on the chat, than the actual degenerates ruining the game This is exactly what I was trying to tell him in our discussion but he said that they have nothing in common. Even tho that's the main issue of why people are toxic in the first place
: By the way, to stretch it futher. Have you ever invited a group of randoms in league ranked to discord? i have and its not a good thing :) Try that before you speak, and im talking about several games not just one :D league of toxicness.
Already did that few times last sason LOL. Invited my whole team into the discord and none of them was acting childish. Btw this was in p1+ elo :) Not the typical silver/bronze elo.
: I've stated why they won't give us voice chat, its because they can't ban you, and checking voice messages would take to long. Riot want s to ban you for being toxic, toxic people make new accounts, buy more skins, invest more money. Voice chat removes all that, the company is out for only profit nowadays not improving are game play. You can tell by the amount skins they bring out compared to game improvements.
I think they are doing this on purpose as well but we can't be sure. They are either smart doing that or really, really ignorant.
: Sadly i have. Played everythign from CSgo to wow to overwatch :) and league tops toxicness
You mentioned games that already have voice chat so my point is stays the same lol. Pick a competitive teambased game WITH NO VOICE CHAT. And look how toxic they are.
: Riot has this thing where it wants to keep the game pg13, or else it would lose a lot of revenue. Makes competitive game, bans players for being toxic, in said competitive game.
Voice chat is a must have in such a competitive game. League is so much teambased that not having it (for over 9 years) is a joke
: Why even ban people for what they say ?In CsGo nearly no one gets banned for talking. Only in leuague players get banned for stupid stuff like saying somone is bad/shit etc. THATS NOT TOXIC that is the truth and people who think trash talk is toxic are mentally weak.
People are not as Toxic in voice chat as others think. The fact that he said that LOL is the most toxic game talks a lot. He probably never played anything other than league. He does not know how it works.
: My bad. Yeah thats so true. My friends think that is the case but i strongly disagree.... xd I really hope that riot speaks about this topic someday!!!!
Yeah, I hope so too.
: I totally agree with you. The funny thing to me is that RIOT never communicates their decision to the players. I don´t like fortnite much, but it is the perfect example how a company should communicate with their players. Even streamer skins are included in fortnite. But after 9 years of leauge there is not a single skin of a streamer. Tyler, qtie etc. should already have a skin!!! (I would not buy them, but they should have some :D) The only thing with which I kinda disagree is the assumption that leauge is filled with toxic 12 year olds. I really dont think so. I don´t have data/stats to base my opinion, but just by experience I would say that most of the players are over 16. I never played duo queue with someone who was younger than 18. (Randoms)
> The only thing with which I kinda disagree is the assumption that leauge is filled with toxic 12 year olds. I really dont think so. I don´t have data/stats to base my opinion, but just by experience I would say that most of the players are over 16. I never played duo queue with someone who was younger than 18. (Randoms) I did not meant that lol. I was talking to the people that THINK league is filled with 12 y olds and are scared of getting insulted by them.
I have over 2500 hours on CS:GO and not even once I got a bad experience (apart from the cheaters). In all this time the worst thing was when someone called my call out dumb/stupid but that's normal (but Riot probably takes that as negative/toxic since their definition of toxic player is twisted). It's sad how team based league is getting and how much %%%%%%%%%%tes TEAMWORK without voice chat... . Its been over 9 %%%%ing years you %%%%ing pussies, implement it already. I see people that are saying how toxic our community is and how bad it will impact the game to have voice chat. And to that I will laugh my ass of to their comments. This is a person that has NO EXPERIENCE with games that have voice chat (or didn't think it threw). ''B-B-B-But the angry 12 y old will scream and say meanie things to me'' So what ? Are you going to take the words of a 12 y old seriously ? You will mute him and you will continue to communicate with the other 3 teammates. Also people that are ''toxic'' are mainly doing it in the chat. When you are talking with this guy he is the opposite of what you thought (because that's common sense but I guess people don't think before they type). There are so many positives in voice chat and little to no cons (of what I can think of at least) that still having no voice chat IN TEAMBASED COMPETITIVE GAME is a joke. Edit: ''Ri-ot prom-otes'' is censored wth
: ***
> If you get depression because you get insulted on the internet, your parents faild there job. not riot or any other game company. True, idk why he downvoted your comment tho. Probably he can't take the truth
: You seem to be straying away from a somewhat constructive discussion again, that's unfortunate. No money, time or "dedication" a player has gives them the right to be a jerk to other players. The reason why toxicity gets punished is not because Riot just doesn't like it, it is because people can genuinely ruin the fun for other players with their behavior. This is not okay, and no matter who they are, or how much money/time they put into the game, if they do not respect other players, they deserve to be punished. That's nothing but fair for everyone.
As I said getting restricted (permabanned in these cases) for trashtalking is re-tarded. This is how video game communities always been and will be. I picked up the inting examples because they are the people that provoke you by tilting the living shit out of you. Are you a bad person for calling the guy that intentionally lost your time a re-tard ? People are provoking others into flaming and when you are held hostage for 20-40+ min and that happens again several games in a row you obv won't hold back.... But what do you know? You are spamming arams thinking you know about toxicity and inting/trolling like you had any experience with it.
: The violations themselves might be minor, but it adds up. Even mild toxicity has an impact on the game and should be dealt with. It's not any different in real life, for example: Imagine you get a speeding ticket for going just a few KM/H over... Not a big deal, but if you get caught over and over again, you might even end up losing your license! --- Of course everyone makes mistakes, and everyone can have a bad game. But if people are consistently negative, give up on the game even though there's still a chance to win, or simply feel the need to blame and harass other players, I think it's fair that they eventually get removed from the game, if they simply refuse to learn from their mistakes.
*clap* *clap* yeah guys, %%%% you for being toxic pieces of shit (even if its minor). %%%% your money,time and dedication.
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=StormF,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=qwaLJkB7,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-19T14:39:01.947+0000) > > , - A guy got PERMA BANNED for a re-tarded reason and the support refused to lift his suspension because the are too busy jerking off and smoking crack. > Also let me ask you a question. If the system works that good why was the Master tier nunu able to int for 50+ lost games in a row ? I've seen people inting on stream for nearly the same amount. This is nothing, recently there was a post about a guy with 92% wins with irelia(80games) and over 180 lost games with anivia( with tp and smite and total of 300 lost games in a row), but that post was deleted super fast and yes he got banned after the post was made, so in theory this guy could troll infinite games, as long as there is no post about this in reddit or these boards.... and people are getting punished for just a negative chats....
true. I remember a similar case with with a guy that played master yi (100% winrate on the champ) and tahm kench (0% winrate on the champion) from over 600 games so yeah,a similar amount of games. 300 lost games Edit: nvm it was 338 games with yi (100% winrate) , 248 with Tahm (0% winrate), 141 with nunu (1% winrate), 92 with trundle (1% winrate)
: That's because these players had previous violations. The system is scaling punishments, so if you simply don't improve your behavior after getting punished/warned multiple times, you get removed from the game. There are two ways to get permabanned for flaming if you want to look at it like that: Either you flame a lot in a very short period of time, or you only display low toxicity, but do so consistently and over a long period of time!
So what ? They have to loose their accounts because of minor things ?
: The first case you posted there is the only questionable one to me. Not lifting that suspension is a weird decision, but Riot seems to take the "zero tolerance" rule very seriously, ideally wanting these phrases to never show up... ---- The other cases you dismiss very quickly as "bs opinions". Ironically, this is also just your opinion. The arguments made by other Boards users are very valid, these chatlogs do indeed show blaming, negative attitude and giving up. This is a very clear violation of the rules. Just because you think they are "bs", doesn't make the bans any less valid. That's where we're just talking about YOUR opinion. Other players have different opinions, and they might outweigh yours. ---- >Also let me ask you a question. If the system works that good why was the Master tier nunu able to int for 50+ lost games in a row ? Apples and oranges. This is not the system we're talking about. Flaming and inting are two entirely seperate violations, so different systems handle those. --- What we are talking about here is your view on negative attitude. All of the chatlogs you linked were a lot more severe than a simple "GG WE LOST". Comparing these cases is quite the exaggeration.
These chatlogs were for Permanent suspension lol. They were not for simple chat restrictions
: You bring a lot of frustration into this I see... Maybe a little too much, because you missed the part where I said that nobody gets punished just for writing "GG WE LOST". > But getting restricted for such a reason is re-tarded lol You base that argument on the premise that people actually get restricted for that. Where did you get that? Do you just belief what the other guy said without questioning it? I asked him for proof, if the chatlogs show that he did indeed get punished just for writing that, then I'm right there with you. But you are just getting mad before even thinking about what I said. That's neither constructive, smart, let alone healthy.... --- Bonus question: I don't think I ever talked with you, what makes me seem arrogant, other than your blatantly clear bias against green colored names? , - A guy got PERMA BANNED for a re-tarded reason and the support refused to lift his suspension because the are too busy jerking off and smoking crack. - Another bs ban that got defended with bs OPINION - Another guy defending the ban with bs opinion How about UberDanger's recent example for a chat restriction because he said that someone sucked (you can check his video). , You probably won't open these links or will say that they've been edited or w/e but I still said what I had to say. Also let me ask you a question. If the system works that good why was the Master tier nunu able to int for 50+ lost games in a row ? I've seen people inting on stream for nearly the same amount. I can also guarantee you that I can do the same thing and get some of my teammates bannned because I tilted him. Do you call that system perfectly functional ? There were also people that were banned because they died a lot but kept trying, builded normally and did solid dmg. Yet Riot did not lift their suspensions
: Well you probably don't want to hear this, but the fact that you got punished indicates that the system _does_ work... ---- The system doesn't just randomly punish players, you most likely said much more than "GG WE LOST". If you wish, we can discuss your case in its own thread if you provide the chatlogs there, maybe I can help you understand why you have been punished and resolve some of your frustration.
Yeah dude, who do you think you are to say ''gg we lost'' BEING UNSPORTSMANLIKE IS NO NO here. Yeah when there is a option to report people for being unsportsmanlike obv you will say it works. But getting restricted for such a reason is re-tarded lol
Kaimetsú (EUW)
: If riot pays attention to this, there’s hope next season
I've always said the exact same things as Uber. At least he has big audience so HOPEFULLY Riot will hear it and hopefully do something about it
: Being held hostage
go in the fountain and stay afk while watching a video and move every once in a while. There is no need to loose more time than you already have
: Alright :)
I did that myself. They will send you a file including the nicknames of your friends
: idk riot has been doing this forever and never heard good things from people getting banned. and you can start off fresh and I think they just hope you to buy champions and skins again. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} u can use a tool that disables you from pressing Enter but that's extra work. if they just added an option to disable chat/enter for people who just type because theyre used to it? (ppl like me) It's so strange to me that they haven't done something like this in 8 years.. thats why I'm thinking $$$-model {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I believe it's only in Europe where they have this many "zero tolerance words" that get you banned in korea u can say almost anything without getting a single punishment. and you can happily repeat it without punishment wwww{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} this is the worst part about the game in my opinion because i have experience with it. I'm competitive and love the game but they just deny your account in hope for more money. They don't care your frustration comes from the game. They only see the words. They don't solve the game they "solve" the players. Nope they're trying to solve a money hunger. 8 years later. Same strict rules. ZzzzzZZZZzzzz idk if it's different in EUNE.. never tried. but i'm sure EUW is a **the worst** server if you like pressing enter RIOT FIX YOUR SYSTEM {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} add option to disable your Enter/ability to chat.
EUNE is the same as EUW :D Both are %%%%%%edly strict .... We are no longer playing a game here bois.
: other players flame mildly. Your flaming wasn't mild.
nope. I see people flaming like him everyday but I guarantee you that they don't get the same punishment as him. Well getting punishments for being ''toxic'' that are leading to PERMA BAN is already dumb so I am not surprised
WhiteLiés (EUNE)
: he is pretending to be smart on every single post,but he jusy re-says things that riot said
: Well you are extremely toxic so you got banned faster than someone less toxic than you, it's that simple. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Read your chatlogs again and you'll see that nothing about your attitude is positive, that explain why you got banned quickly. You can try to make it look like your ban was wrong because other players are toxic but the fact remain that you did not followed the term of use you agreed to follow, so if you don't want to be banned you should have followed it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
''Extremely toxic'' buddy you never seen anything other than league right ?
: How about to improve yourself first? I mean for your life not only for online chats. Start looking at a key of your keyboard, look at it, clean it and appreciate its own beauty. Otherwise you can still be rude to other people, complaing about things, blaming others, playing 2k games and still be gold or being one of the zombies in a zombie apocalypse.
Yeah, because that's how the internet works right ? Because we are forced to be sucking the others %%%% even when they tilt us. We can't say MEANIE words because WE ARE SUCH A TERRIBLE human beings for expressing our emotions that deserved to be perma banned. Punishments are fine BUT punishments leading to perma ban are a total joke (mainly when its that easy to get one)
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Everything about Riot and this game is haphazzard at best, directly contradictive and hypocritical, so why would their penalty system be any different.. 8/10 games I have look like your chat logs, so if my games are any indication on things, half the people in this game should be out the door.
: I never said I was going to change the rules this is an open discussion if you believe that the Terms of Use are perfect the way they are and nothing in Riots policies should be changed that's your opinion and you're welcome to it. I am simply stating i disagree with that my friends disagree with that and even some of Riot's own employees disagree with that. Listen I've stated many times that this is about more than my account, I have fully accepted that I'm not going to get my account back. Opening my case up to discussion though since I do feel it was Unfair, to me at least seems beneficial to talking about systems in place and clarifying them not just to me but to any other players who may stumble across this post.
DylxnBK (EUW)
: is that why ur still here reading posts on this board?
What does that have to do with quitting the game ??
Pathet1c (EUNE)
: Kinda agree with your first two arguments and I TOTALLY agree with the last one. Finally someone who wrote the truth.
But the fanboys will probably downvote the living shit out of it because its the TRUTH Edit: Angry fanboy downvoted our comments xDD
radetari (EUNE)
: How the code of Riot's punishment system works:
: cya next seasoin {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Look, I found another one
: blah blah blah
I found the fanboy guys
: Because Riot's knights are there to keep the truth shut, because we can't expose how much Riot cherisches the inters, feeders, trolls and people who tryhard in normals. The players who are just preying on getting someone to flame on them, so that they can get you banned instead. League has basicly become a game of provocation since season 8 and you can't do anything about it. But Riot refuses to admit to their mistakes in this season, that instead of 'solving the problem' they made a decline in the playerbase instead.
Riot's knights are full of shit most of them can't take some criticism towards their beloved company. But when you call them ''ignorant'' BAM your comment gets removed because its ''OFFENSIVE'' even tho its the truth
Ceberuz (EUW)
: It's grieving at bare minimum, so yes it is bannable.
Someone %%%%ing kill me
: You should care! Specially when playing alone, if in group. Sure most people don't care. But it's still can be a direct ban for 14 days just like you says. Now do you wanna surr a normal game who you had 100% won when there's 50% chance the solo player might get you a 14 days ban? NO YOU WOULDNT
If you care so much about winning then go play ranked LOL. Its laughable to tryhard in normals and care so much about winning and wish 14 days ban to someone. This is bs . I had games like this one in which we were getting the nexus and my team surrendered and the same happened on the opposite side in other games. In both of the situations I laughed my ass off. Neither teams were bit.ching about the way the game went since they know its normal game. None of them was that stupid to take normals seriously
: or make it you jumping over kled's traps while he's chasing you in his land
many good ideas but if srsly the client can't handle this thing Imma laugh at how pathetic it is.
: Seriously ????? he deleted his comment??? so much for freedom of speech, the guy didn't even say anything wrong {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I KNEW IT LOL. I am sorry bud, I was not the one that reported the message. Did he say ''Ignorant'' ?
Griaule (EUNE)
: ignorance is strong in this one
Yo btw xD The mods will probably remove your comment because you are somehow not allowed to say the truth and that its ''offensive''. What you said perfectly describes him
: I noticed , even the "emissary" didn't do anything :| , I mean , why is he an emissary if he's just sitting and typing frustrating and unhelpful things on players' boards ?, I'm sorry buddy, if you were eune i'd be happy to play with you sometimes, I promise no political hatred included :P :)
Why did his comment got removed ? Did the ''emissary'' got pissed off LOL ? Wouldn't be surprised since its not their first time deleting comments out of frustration
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