: I found a bug! When you buy item and than undo. You health is going down a bit. Plz credit me
No offense dude but you should like you would kill someone for 1 rp lol
Doomley (EUW)
: stalker (the blue one) already has a movement speed steal. Would be too similar and having wards in that item is already powerful enough.
oh,i thought it only slows,thanks but still it feels really dumb that tracker's knife doesn't do anything
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XIC Wolf (EUW)
: One thing is sure, this guy is a savage. You dont need LoL in your life m8!
Riot is doing all these changes to the champions,items,skins etc.yet they punish 1/50 people that are very toxic/you report,that is the reason i quit league myself,league itself is a fun game but some of the players are just too toxic
grammos2520 (EUNE)
: I finally did it.
Congrats!Actually,the more time you spent in bronze/silver,the easier it will be for you to climb later
Stell (EUNE)
: Your rating is not your stats vs. ekko's stats. You are being compared to other zed players.
okay thanks,but as much as i've seen usual amount of kill for a zed doesn't go over 20
: Your Cs is way to low. for a 40 minute game.
i agree there,i suck at farming but still it doesn't make sense,ekko had like 20 more farm than me
: Riot EUNE Servers is f*cked again
I got the ''Fck you there is no queue right now,you will have to wait your leaver buster again for no reason'' few games later i got the first blood,went back to base and boom!my game froze,we would've won so easily since their mid was afk whole game,i couldn't lauch league for some reason and when i got in my team got destroyed,top tower is down 0 3,bot my supp was 0 5,and of course tower was down,even though their mid was afk,our mid(yasuo) didn't push even half like 20 mins in
: we are all being laughed at by riot
i had the same thing happen to me and we lost because i didn't know it was problem with the client
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: [RITO PLS] We need notification or warning before we ban champ that teammate wants to play.
I agree but that shouldn't restrict us from banning that champ,because we all love to ban our friend's main xD
Najns (EUW)
: Well, it IS a punishment...
i agree there,but at least we should be able to message someone to let them know
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