Frozen379 (EUNE)
: I have big champion pool and I never swap with anyone, because nobody has big champion pool...
oh, i do not mean swap ingame with another person. I mean change favorite champ, or something like that :)
: Congrats man, I think this is something more people should try. I've adopted a similar strategy and seen amazing results. I recently had over 80% wins in about 25 games a few weekends back because I focused my mind and stopped raging at others... having a small champ pool definitely helps too! I did my amazing run having only played Diana for about 2 weeks prior to my win streak on Diana.
ou yes, small champion pool helps you to climb up. But then... The higer your ELO is, harder is any champion swap, or trying new hero. And you need new champs. Otherway it falls into routine and you stop enyoing the game.
: Super Mario Mordekaiser [Skin]
> [{quoted}](name=Lukankata,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=tG5wh2N1,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-13T16:16:06.936+0000) > > The more I think of it , maybe he should be themed on Luigi since we all know that Luigi is the less popular one :d That's not true. I have always liked Luigi more, than Mario.
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: Position-Reward system suggestion
I enjoy playing any role, but not supp. I am willing to sometimes play it as necessity. Rarely I enjoy it too (for example, with uncommon or new champion). Maybe if there was some combination of current system with random role (you will have shorter queues and you will play role what system allocate to you). Fill option is good one, but in current state, choosing fill option means every time support role.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Yes, I know I can improve, but I don't know how to, the only thing I can really do is play only one champion to really max out my abilities but I'd get too bored of that, I know this might seem very dumb but I skip a lot of cs by roaming on the map but jungler usually picks it up anyway so it doesn't go to waste but yeah I'll try to roam less and focus more on csing ;)
well money are everything in this game (OK, almost everything). Doesnt matter from which source. I consider myself as good player too :) (what a surprise), but sometimes (sometimes often) i meet players which outplayed me so hard, I have compulsion to exit and cry in corner of my room. But i cannot. I am trying my best until the end. btw, this is reason why I never flame on bad players. Maybe really good oponent, maybe bad luck, maybe bad day. And to the point, when your skill is not enough to make really strong impact on outcome of the game, maybe you reached league, where you belong. Because in silver, there is none really bad. People mostly know what they should do, mostly know how to play their champ and so on...
Anraton (EUW)
: AFAIK the time window for that is really small ... so it is either luck or a high amount of timing/skill while you can't prevent luck .. i don't think you should reject skill (sorry if i picked the wrong translation)
well, it happend 3 times in one game. He charged one of our squishe, imediately ult the rest and then execute him. The rest of teamfight was 5v4 I tried to prevent this by suppresing him, and here we go. No chance to make this.
Anraton (EUW)
: what i expect what happened... you started your ult just half second after xin and so his ult went of while even so you were suppressing him as he "allready was in motion" similar things can happen i.e. with malzahar ult
Yes, that is possible. And there is new question. Is that supposed to be? He can interrupt my ulti, but I cant interrupt his? (okey, his ulti is not channeling, so it is uninterruptible. But still his ulti make effect while he should be suppressed, therefore he shut down suppressing effect and he continue in destroying my team). I want to say, its not very fair.
Brolando (EUW)
: One time I was playing adc and the other team had a Fizz mid and a Rengar jungle and these two knew what they were doing. My tanks pretty much dove into the other team and blew their cc during the engage and so of course Fizz and Rengar could dive me freely, I was playing Jinx and had no mobility, I had a tiny bit of self peel, but that really didn't help me much, especially not against Rengar's stealth. But I still tried my best, my in the post-game lobby my team started to complain about me not doing enough damage. And yeah, maybe I could have done some things better, I still had nobody to protect me while they had 2 assassins who could freely dive me while I played an immobile adc. I'm not trying to blame them in return, but I just don't agree that the reason that we lost the game was entirely my fault due to my lack of damage.
Well, I love to play Talon. Talon is a assassin. Assassins are made for assassinations. Every time, when I jump into the face of ADC, doing my assassination work and succes, I am asking myself: what a flame must be right now in enemy chat. Poor adc player. But I want to win too. And yes, I know this from oposite side too. And there is no way how to clarify this to people that assassins **are designed to** assassinate squishy targets like ADCs. howg
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