: I agree with you (apart from the ult) Her passive is okay but late game it is just useless if you team doesn't help you. Her Q is her best ability. Her Q is better than her ult. Her W doesn't provide much to her. I mean sure it is useful but only in a certain situation. So why not make it like Nocturnes spell shield. Give it a good passive so it is actually useful early game. Her is pretty basic and simple. It works and there is nothing else to say. But her ult is in my mind pathetic. Sure in early game against an assasin mid. It does its job. But the damage in late game doesn't do anything. It just becomes something to prop her E. That wouldn't be so bad it if wasn't an ult. Because i think an ult should be made to be more useful than just propping another ability. And she is burst mage and i just don't understand an area over time spell for someone who gets 90% of their power from burst. but what do you think of that.
Lategame Rod + warmog + passive is insane..
: Anivia isn't basic she takes some knowing to play but not a lot. But her design is basic.
Well thats somewhat true I though you might have ment it this way.. you werent clear
: Anivia, update.
Anivia is basic champ? While I wont say she is ultra skillcap I will just say that many people consider her highskillcap since ages She has more depth then you probably know
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: Well they took away lee's early game power and did not really buff his lategame, so he takes a lot more effort to be useful, makes ppl not bother with him anymore. I stopped playing when the v4 patch nerfs were annouced, reading trough the further nerfs just makes me mad, they should give a skin refund on champs if they destroy them lol. But he is not meta, nobrainer autoattackers are meta, gg wp.
As a Lee sin main (yes so unique...) He is freaking overpowerd but whatever Although I understand that he is really complex for non advanced lol players And the last buff lee sin got is actually really good
: Really? Tell me then of why 90% of the player keep playing him **wrong.**
Because 90% of garen players are general noobs (Not just noobs at the garen) Garen players arent as bad as malzahar players though Seriously Malzahar players cant even use 4 abilites fast while they are holding click on 1 place. They just use wr or er AND piss me off so hard that I want to tell them to DELETE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS I swear .. I never saw a great malzahar player And tbh he is overpowerd .. his playerbase is just ridicilusly bad
: > Honestly devourer twisted fate was really strong. So glad it wasnt popular. > Lets not forget kayle (she is melee champ) > > Jax and irelia are still better toplaners (PROVE IT! are you going to counter jungle those two?) > > WW kit is trashcan and wont work above gold (the kit sucks tons but i dont think it wont work 8% pick rate)
Kayle is ranged once she uses e Jax and irelia jungle are way to overated honestly. I dont counterjungle those 2 I just win the game by the time they get relevant.. Devourer only made them somewhat viable in jungle but not nerf worthy unless ww hits 60% winrate again he is not the problem Heck even WHEN HE HAD 60% WINRATE lee sin was still higher priority pick and that was not so long time ago before lee sin buffs Lets not forget that lee sin isnt even that popular anymore. He is like 40th most picked champ at lcs if I remember correctly
: devourer strange nerf on PBE
Honestly devourer twisted fate was really strong. So glad it wasnt popular. Lets not forget kayle Jax and irelia are still better toplaners WW kit is trashcan and wont work above gold
Balzano (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Windsteps,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dhcqHj6h,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-15T04:47:36.047+0000) > > ex-shyvana main, I know the feel, I hate Riot for devourer Ex-Garen main here. You could call us LoL-hipsters. Playing the champions before they turned mainstream. {{champion:86}}
"Garen main" Seriously.. I played that once and mastered it-.-
: That would be too hard to play but its a fun idea.I just want to play Doom Bots of Dom.
well atleast you like the idea I want doom bots to.. However I dont like the rng passive or the fact that we only had 15 doombot champions
Kjelldor (EUW)
: The first item gives 90 AD, which would be the highest AD item in the game. On top of that it gives you 15% of your max AD as extra AD. So it basically creates a insane power spike. Only for the fact that it has 90 AD it deserves to be really expensive, because of fear that Zed's will just start stacking that item for maximum AD.
OH it gives 90 AD didnt saw that In that case your item is absurd Seriously Ad version of rabadon with CDR? Then what will be the fucking diffrence between ap itemization and ad itemization Seriously I dont even like the idea the bruteshot is outclassed by ghostblade or the vice versa could happen.. While I agree that brutalizer needs more upogrades your idea.. is not even worth considering
Takeoff (EUW)
: What can you do with Brutalizer. It will always have grant the same stats, but ofc the Active of bruteshot is very similar to ghostblade
man this items are worth like 2500 gold..
: doran's shield vs cloth armor
Doran shield used to be overpowerd againts old fiora..
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Actually he is, like any champ withhout dash. There is plenty of champs you can choose or choices you can make or builds to build how to deal with that. First that crossed my mind is velkoz coz its kinda my main. If I play him as support. I have 70% slow on Q every few sec. I have CC on my E. Then I have spellthief edge with active slow aswell. And I still have flash aswell just in case he wants to dive me with his flash. Oh and I can pick up exhaust aswell. Thats kinda a lot of stuff how to kite him VERY EASILY. You just have to think about it guys. You cannot go your usual builds or favourite champs and then complain he beat your ass. You have to adapt to the situation. It is like when you see Zed on enemy team, go for quicksilver sash very soon instead of rushing dmg items on your midlaner.
Pick exhaust mate... Who the fuck goes qss vs zed-.-
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: > Virtual characters are neither male or shemale. So they are called as "he" or "it"¨ Say what?
: [Item-Concept] The Orange
Its actually not bad idea Cleanse might fall out of popularity but then again only high elo players use it in certain matchups so
EmEx (EUW)
: People can play whatever Champ they want
When you say I go nami top that basicly means you are trolling There is a diffrence between breaking the meta for a reason then going full retarded just because you are so UNIQUE!!!
: WOooo lota feedback, Thanks. > Are you sure you are worthy of giving suggestions to shaco? Is anyone? It's an open forum after all, and posting here helps get me feedback on even the smallest thing I may have overlooked, while I have decent mechanical skill at the game my main attribute when playing is game knowledge and have been playing for 3 years. I have a background in games design and development. I'm just tired of reading rework suggestions where players only want to buff shaco's power by 400% I actually am aware of those two tricks as well as Q>W to invis and leave a box behind you and Q>blue pill to be invisible for the first 3.5 seconds of your recall animation. His Q has an animation window of .2 seconds where you can input a command while blinking but before you become invisible so your actually using the ability **before** becoming invisible and so not breaking stealth. > EXTRA MOBILITY IF HIS TARGETS DIES > JUSTTTTTTTT NOOOOOOOOO ....SERIOUSLY NONONONONOON . I call veto on this dont even mention it ever again... it makes you sound like a bad shaco player (very bad) Could you elaborate exactly when your issue is with the change? is it too strong? is it not needed or are you just of the mind I'm a bad shaco player and an escape on an assassin is not needed? (shaco's kit is old and was created **before** riot made it mandatory for assassins to have escape options built into their kits) >W damage cap on the monsters > Again just no.. seriously Its his strenght. Dont give him limits... You ll ruin some early game dragon strats / baron strats and who knows what with this change so you don't have a problem with me adding HP to his boxes to let them fire all 9 of their shots (which is equal to 540 damage) at a camp therefore increasing shaco's sustain in the jungle and clear speed but you do have a problem when I **balance** that buff by putting a damage limiter on the boxes? you just want a stright buff to shacos W then? >E applying spell effects (Lyandri rylai ludens) > DEFINETLY I want this.. Not sure if riot wants to see the ap shaco though. When you are ap shaco its best to build straight ap anyway with mana and cdr (I dont reccomend lichbane).. sure you should buy lyandry if this changes but I doubt it would sudendly make ap shaco tier 1-2 or something again I just buffed shaco's boxes damage output by keeping it consistent now that they have scaling HP and gave them this incredibly large increase in utility power. are you sure they shouldn't have a damage limiter for clear speed in the jungle? they'll do 540 + the % current HP burn **per shot** to camps and minions in lane? >E dmg changes Just no. > its kinda pointless.You want to give him more dmg in e lategame but He isnt supposed to be good lategame and honestly he is way to underated in lategame good players ll make him work lategame. I dont even consider him bad late game champ. The fact that you would increase E cd only makes this change worse.. the change isn't to give him more damage in late game but to help shaco do any damage mid-late game if he's fallen behind early. I also don't consider him bad lategame, I consider his weak point if any mid game, Late game shaco can kick ass but only if he's gone even or fed. if he's underfed or fallen behind he's pretty difficult to use as he's so gold and item dependent. >Timer for ultimate Thanks, a lot of us have wanted it for a while, the range indicator would be a nice addition too, I'll add that to the concept. >R short stealth It is actually added as a noob friendly change. gives them time to control the clone a little more, Lee sin just got an ultimate change for players that can't insec on him late game and lee and shaco are "similar" in respect to early game strength and the noob trap that is late game. >Clone attacking if the real shaco dies The clone has to be one of the easiest things to counter. It can't blink, it can't invis, It can only run at you and blow up and unlike kog'mow's passive you can CC it to escape. personally think this should work for all types of clones but guess that's just me >Clone not following if someone gets out of vision {{champion:33}} ok >Vanish buff if your clone blinks back to you all about dem mindgames >Harder to recognize clone I think riot should look at this closely, I'm all for counterplay but his clone has several ways of revealing itself from the buffs, missing items, poorer stats, it takes more damage. The reason the buffs don't show isn't because riot intended it that way. when they tested it before his release the game ended up duplicating the buffs (anyone who killed the clone got its buffs even if shaco lived) I think riot sould look at this again and fix it. Thank you for all the feedback. this was invaluable
**So extra mobility idea for shaco sucks because of so many reasons**.. I ll just name a few 1. Shaco has insane mobility (Just build some cd if you lack escapes) 2. Bonus movement speed could make enemies recognize who the real shaco is (At which point you would suggest that clone would get ms to.. but just think how much power budget this idea would eat then on top of it not being most suitable idea.) 3. He simply doesnt need it.. you are supposed to splitpush and pickoff anyway. Picking of in teamfights is tricky.. but honestly shaco kills 1 target and keeps fighting with his clone. He isnt like zed who is %%%%%y and gets out.. I understand the riot stupid philosophy (Every assasin should have escape) but shaco is an assassin who becomes bruiser anyway (Unless you do the overated crit build > which you shouldnt) Extra tankiness buff isnt that strong mate. It would be more useful for newbie players then for skilled players so I agree with it Good shaco junglers will tank a bit and let a box tank a bit. They ll also be aware when camps are blinded by e It is a mini buff to a single box if you are ap shaco. Does he need compensate nerfs for that ? Well no **If your box tankiness buffs means they ll take 1 more hit to die. I am all up for the buff**. If its more then that then strongly no Box shouldnt be able to tank a whole camp (In late game this doesnt matter) _**I am suprised that you didnt suggest that his e should apply blind on monsters every X hit (5) since you seem not to like rng it has atm**_ I dont understand why you think shaco is weak midgame. I dont understand why you think shaco falls of easly.. LIke at all. Shaco has so many options. Limitless ganking/diving/traps/counterjungle/Getting dragon at level 4 + If you are buidling trinity/ie/shiv and other actually bad items for shaco. Then of course you ll be weak until you reach them. Thats because of items not because shaco is bad in midgame. Just avoid crit items for shaco Only thing in which shaco is underaverage is teamfights. But if you are skilled enough you ll make up for it. However of course you ll never be as useful in teamfights as amumu etc Just get hydra>Botrk>Fulltank LEE SIN is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more highskillcap then shaco So i disagree with extra stealth. Besides trust me that has ton of hiden power. And i generaly dont want shaco to be even more vulnerable to pinkwards etc . (Making him more stealth reliant eats his power budget and makes him even less viable for lcs) Keep in mind that I agree with tankier W which helps newbies already.. **Well clone should attack if you are ad shaco and it should follow if you are ap shaco. Curently it always follows which suits ap shaco** If you use my hydra > botrk > Full tank build you pretty much make your clone tanky enough which makes enemy think its real shaco. Also banshee + clone Hexdrinker + clone ga + clone .. is just extra mindgame xd I managed to completly Juke 5 players with le bl once . I kept rapidly pressing ctrl. I was controling clone and real le bl so much that they had no idea which 1 was the clone. In the end it looked for them that clone le bl was following real le bl it was opposite of that. It was truly epic.. and whole enemy team was in shock and started spaming in all chat wtf. Thing is players have to spend 1-2 sec to check which is real shaco which means they arent doing other stuff like dodging skillshots etc
: Quality of life changes for shaco [small rework proposal]
_**Are you sure you are worthy of giving suggestions to shaco?**_ since he is more tricky and has more depth then you might have think .. therefore you could easly ruin something While I mastered shaco I dont play him that often There are some neat tricks no one knows. _**If you are fast enough**_: You can Q>HYDRA (without breaking invisibility) > Imagine enemy dying and not knowing what hit them.. You can Q>E and stay stealthed better then the E>q version obviously.. _**LETS GET TO THE POINT**_ -Shaco skillset is great You can play him ad jungle or even ap and have great success . I have ap shaco main on my friendlist trust me its viable. Not to mention I am no stranger to ap shaco besides its a must go at aram and dominion -Any change could easly ruin some shaco tricks.. (I bet you didnt know the 2 shaco tricks I just said) _**My thoughts on your ideas**_ -_**EXTRA MOBILITY IF HIS TARGETS DIES** _> JUSTTTTTTTT NOOOOOOOOO ....SERIOUSLY NONONONONOON . I call veto on this dont even mention it ever again... it makes you sound like a bad shaco player (very bad) - _**W damage cap on the monsters**_ > Again just no.. seriously Its his strenght. Dont give him limits... You ll ruin some early game dragon strats / baron strats and who knows what with this change _**W scaling per level**_ > Well I agree there is no reason why his boxes shouldnt be tankier later on. If you get in the bush full of boxes against ap shaco you ll die anyway (If shaco knows how to setup properly). If you get to a single box in lategame you can just sneeze and thats gone so. Single box might take one extra hit after this change which is honestly fine _**E applying spell effects (Lyandri rylai ludens)** _> DEFINETLY I want this.. Not sure if riot wants to see the ap shaco though. When you are ap shaco its best to build straight ap anyway with mana and cdr (I dont reccomend lichbane).. sure you should buy lyandry if this changes but I doubt it would sudendly make ap shaco tier 1-2 or something _**E dmg changes Just no.**_ > its kinda pointless.You want to give him more dmg in e lategame but He isnt supposed to be good lategame and honestly he is way to underated in lategame good players ll make him work lategame. I dont even consider him bad late game champ. The fact that you would increase E cd only makes this change worse.. **Timer for ultimate** > Best suggestion you gave in this thread. I believe I also suggested this once . Any kind of timer would be great. I wouldnt have to time 17 seconds anymore for my Explosion out of nowhere Ap shaco clone delivery. Just ye to any kind of timer which wouldnt hurth gameplay clarity . While we are at indicators there should be range on all clones/pets which shows when they ll blink back to you (Basicly like oriana ball range maxium range indicator).. Except for mordekaiser dragon pet since its global anyway _**R short stealth**_ > Rather not mate... It would just be way more impactful then you might think. Shaco isnt that highskillcap anyway. Noobs dont need that help. But then again I generaly hate all noob friendly stuff _**Clone attacking if the real shaco dies**_ > I agree with this if you are an ad shaco. They should just make a system which can see based on ad/ap what kind of shaco you are. I am 100% sure they could do that _**Clone not following if someone gets out of vision **_> Its a counterplay mate so no. Not bad suggestion though but I am more on the no side _**Vanish buff if your clone blinks back to you**_ > YES!!! great suggestion!! Just great It again does have more hidden power then you might think but its ok since it would be a really fitting change _**Harder to recognize clone**_ > Again its counterplay. whether you recognize who is real shaco because of debuffs/buffs/no items its counterplay. However there seems to be incosistency I am pretty sure some shaco skins do show items on clones > But then again I could just be crazy.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Simply because the anti-smoking laws in a lot of countries are much stricter than anti-skin/cleavage laws. In a lot of countries, Riot would be required to up the age limit of their game due to Graves having a cigar. It's better to just remove it.
Its not like age limits do anything xd Smoking is not cool kids.. Well who are we kidding it is..
: It´s because the upcoming Champion has more than one form, so it appears on shaco clone. Because, simple, Shaco is also double. {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}
No its actually because shaco clone counts as champion Its not intentional... There is a chance that sign ll appear every time a champion appears (start of a game) Well champion appears if shaco uses r..
: Wolve ghost camp, is bugged.
Gamechanging? ROFL no.. It ll only be usefull with tahm kench.. Unless your syndra for some reason throws wolf there and your jungler is in place to smite it ...
Eazy AO (EUW)
: lmao someone just said fiddles is good, what u tryna imply?? ;p
Runeglaive doesnt fit fiddlestick at all Fiddlestick was bann worthy in high elo before runeglaive. Its not fun to play against onetrickpony Fiddlestick main who MAKES The cawcawcaw out of nowhere .. They dont even come close to a wall ... they are ussualy 300 range away from wall and still jump over it Fiddlestick isnt good for high elo anymore
: i was plat 3 90lp LAST SEAOSN mate :D im now maybe master or higher skilled with her ill be the best kata in the world i have 1k games zed and 1kg ames yasuo buddy :)
Master or higher with katarina yet stuck in gold ? How fucking retarded can you be??? As katarina main I bet you are nowhere near my level IN FACT IT IS FREAKING EMBERESING TO BE ONLY GOLD IF YOU ARE ONTRICK KATARINA PONY
: tilting is not knowing what to do in games, i know what to do but my teammates resist following me and arent able to play as good as needed to get carryied by me
Tilting is when your enemy survives with 1 hp and you die ..
: Im done with this game srsly
3K GAMES ON KATA AND ONLY PLATINUM sorry but you suck.. Tip: Play other champions so you can improve against them
Eazy AO (EUW)
: good ap junglers
Everything besides fiddlestick should be very viable Heck even fiddlesticks works to a certain extend
: Energy and cooldown reduction a painful combination.
Mana users > Cant spam early Energy users > Cant spam late Its intended
: You're misunderstanding. Men have an easier time building muscle. Meaning they're superior in muscle Women can potentially be way stronger than a man, but she has to work much more for it.
In terms of muscles they really cant
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Give it a time mate In next 100 years you ll be able to name Famous female scientist If that proves to be wrong Well then females truly are not as good as we are ..
healinglolz (EUNE)
: CertainlyT can you "pick" pantheon and rework him :??
Pantheon I chooose youuuu Panty panty!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Sub HeroCro,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EyU0yan2,comment-id=00010002000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2015-09-10T19:46:10.133+0000) > > Thats innacurate mate > > Seriously those FarmVille Candy crush female gamers shouldnt count as gamers.. > > IN hardcore games .. only 10% players are girls hardcore games xD
Hardcore games = Games with big replayability Stuff like Lol Dota2 Cod etc.. Girls dont play that Less then 10% Lol gamers is female the Dota2 number is even lower because there are no fluffy stuff there..
Raentwo (EUW)
: Tryndamere overpowered
"Jax counters Trynda" Uh thats like 5 YEAR OLD MYTH.. nothing more Its even matchup So reconsider what you just said
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Mate girls couldnt even get a freaking basic education
Shunpaw (EUW)
: 48% of gamers are girls, 52 % guys. There is not a huge difference.
Thats innacurate mate Seriously those FarmVille Candy crush female gamers shouldnt count as gamers.. IN hardcore games .. only 10% players are girls
: Some champions can do 1-1.5k damage with a single combo on the ADC, and they don't even have to use their Flash for that.
Adc can consistently do 1.2k dmg per sec
feuerbach (EUW)
: You guys really think it's important to play LoL well, or learn LoL or improve your LoL?
I play ranked because I like quallity games Its not fun to constantly get 20+ kills in normals
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Is Yi still good for stomping low elo?
couldnt you just pick evelynn there? Try jarvan he is simple enough and has early game preasure
: Yeah, she can stop muhflashyplaymakers, therefore she is toxic and needs a nerf.
The fact that not every champion can be a playmaker is a bullshit Fix the stupid boring designs like malzahar etc
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Stop using win rates as a reference to how good a champ is.
Champion gg looks plat + only Winrate is the only argument we have got
Serpine (EUW)
: Who's more broken, Elise or Master Yi? (POLL)
Do you even know what broken means... =?
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, This issue is known and being worked on. As mentioned by Riot Riscx: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Riscx,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=6V96lArh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-04T16:54:45.424+0000) > > fix is in progress - for now you can avoid the bug by simply not switching targets in the middle of the Q animation. The bug also only lasts 1 animation, so if you accidently trigger it youre ok after about a second Thanks for the reports! (I actually experienced this one myself, was interesting seeing a slowmo Nasus...)
Speaking of getting stuck bugs Sometimes after thresh lands q he cannot auto attack unless he moves a little. He literaly ignores your last command or something
Blue Tuna (EUW)
: Over 40% CDR
True that
: Unfair ban risk. Azir ADC. & Poll.
You guys all got baited rofl
Eambo (EUW)
: Made it to gold! :-)
What if I told you GOLD IS NOTHING.. You are playing for 5 years YOU SHOULD AIM DIAMOND.. **In the end you are just showing off which is kinda lame.. ** 0/10 since no boobs
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Lulu Mid... secret OP?
: Theres also a couple of things speaking against the Dha Ma thing: * The Dha Ma-concept is pretty new: ~4 months from presenting concept art to devs, until finished champion? Very, very unlikely (think I've heard that around a year is common dev time for a champ). * Riot has, as far as I can tell, NEVER EVER adopted a fan-made champion concept to any extent at all. * The symbol is a swirl... Its not anything unique at all, you can find swirls everywhere from ancient cave paintings and forward. In this case it seems to be used as a simplistic portal-like graphic (which more hints towards something void-related). * The wording "They are coming" is pretty much a cliche phrase for something omnious/scary/threatening arriving. Not really a fit for a pair of cute pichachu-twins (again, fits better for a possible void/shadow isles event imo). It could still be some sort of double-champ though. Of course I could be wrong, I just dont think I will be. ;P
As far as you can tell... thats the problem mate Certainly saw a post which inspired him to make thresh https://www.google.hr/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=I+invented+thresh http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=954013&page=2
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: LCS =/= Solo Q.
Asking for kassadin buffs =/= Smart
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Kassadin too weak vs AD?
What more do you fu-cking want? HE WAS JUST BUFFED He is already viable for lcs learn to play
Four Star (EUW)
: Is Lux a good jungler option for lower elo's?
Well you are better of going triple botlane or double mid assuming that your other midlaner doesnt rage quit Seriously lux has insane cooldowns and mana problems Her waveclear isnt as good as Tf-s. And her ganks are bad.. I am pretty sure Twisted fate is 3times better jungler then lux is Check my match history since I do have some experience with Twisted fate jungle Last 3 games stomped with Tf jungle But hey mate you adapted well. Thats a good sign you can probably climb (But dont use lux jungle)
: :D
It should be played on dominion
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