Jazggz (EUW)
I Agree with everypoint ... The problem with league of legends that it's a realy famous game ... So Rito doesn't realy care about thier player base or competitive level as long as they are famous And got alot of Money.. Today ,Elo boosting and Selling account is just too much ... Rito knows about every elo boost website , about ebay accounts, so on , so on But they never do anything about it And they wil never do anything about it ... As long as they are famous and got money.. League of legends isn't cmpetitive at all diamond + You only find like 1% decent players .. the other are elo boosted , bought thier account , Can't farm , don't know basices You even sometimes look at some players and go like " did he play intro " and wonder ... by the way you are talking about euw , that's onw of the best servers i played on .. go try eune or Na .. You will realy find what elo boosting means there. The whole ranked system Needs a Reset ... And a update.. Dynamic system is a failure .. it just alows people to elo boost each other , it's unfair to every solo players , put people in high elos division that thewy don't deserve ... it just making elo boosting too much easier ,increase the scale of selling accounts .. Some elo boost website sites Just boost about 5 accounts at the same time then sell them for $ .. MMR system is just messed up ,a totall failure MMR system just match you people that's not of ur skill .. or division .. For example if you are gold 1 with high mmr , you will be matched up with plat 2 or even diamond that got low mmr and doesn't deserve thier division , it's like system is punishing you for having a high mmr .. games qualilty is so bad and trash ..... About toxicity ... People are just fed up with game , cuz it's too frustrated to play ranked or normals right now .. so they express their boredem or anger with trolling or flamming or iten. feeding or trolling their team mates with new champions .. Report system is just a failure ... Ranked system Needs A reWork on every inch of it starting from MMr system to Report system...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Recently i got 2 messeges that my reports banned 2 people(at least). So it looks like it works. Q time looks pretty normal, yesterday i went mid/support, got 1 support and 2 mid, max i waited was the estimated time, which was around 3 min. While i admit during weekend i had few longer Queue's, but i think even that was around 10 min max. I feel like you're being extremly biased and judging game situation from few really bad experiences you had. Btw some statements look so wrong that you probably made them up. Are you trolling? I bet you're trolling.
> [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WAOdQLP9,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-06-09T08:47:09.790+0000) > > Recently i got 2 messeges that my reports banned 2 people(at least). So it looks like it works. > > Q time looks pretty normal, yesterday i went mid/support, got 1 support and 2 mid, max i waited was the estimated time, which was around 3 min. While i admit during weekend i had few longer Queue's, but i think even that was around 10 min max. > > I feel like you're being extremly biased and judging game situation from few really bad experiences you had. > > Btw some statements look so wrong that you probably made them up. > > > Are you trolling? I bet you're trolling. No try now to flame about 30 games and if you get banned i will give you new account with rp
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: > you will find about 70% of plat + players that farm like 30 minnions in about 20 min Those are called "supports" ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Nakoruru,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WAOdQLP9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-09T04:59:09.469+0000) > > Those are called "supports" ;) i Realy hope they were support , They are actually adcs and midders .
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:35}} Because you can controll fight with a shaco that you can brust down the squishy adc or mid in secs which allows your team to kill rest of them.. {{champion:77}} Because it's the best champion to spilt push with zz portall , always make enemy team do alot of mistakes , udyr has perfect early ganks and objectives potential. {{champion:104}} Because Graves can brust down the whole team and he is tanky as fck :)
Santirande (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SuddenDeathOo,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=nWh9tZkO,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-29T22:30:46.074+0000) > > i play on both servers . :) i also play on na . still, you mentioned eune and euw servers several times, stating they both were wronged
yea cuz they both have some problems with the bugs,dc ,etc , but just euw got a hard hit? :D becuase euw is the biggest server right now.
Santirande (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SuddenDeathOo,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=nWh9tZkO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-29T21:54:54.834+0000) > > that's not the point :) , the point is They just don't care about us . but you are eune player, not euw. eune had dynamic queue enabled since day 1 of s6, and we had our party ip bonus enabled too, only euw was "discriminated" in this, specific, situation
i play on both servers . :) i also play on na .
Oceancroc (EUW)
: What we also have to understand is that they did test the ranked systems in NA and the "DC problem" is sometimes caused by us and not by Rito. Even if, this is programming. Codes aren't always perfect and unexpected glitches and bugs can occur, so we shouldn't go flaming Riot, just because they could not foresee the future :)
the dc problem is from rito if you was on board like 2 or 3 weeks ago , you will find alot of posts spamming for dc problems . it's not a dc problem from people cuz all online game works fine , even Na server , bpe servers works fine but not eu server . what i mean is i can login Na with no problems but i can't in eu . and they told us they are working on it but they didn't :x
: No, that's just so bad English, i'm not going to hurt my eyes on this post.
Infernape (EUW)
: >Dc Problem. THAT problem started like months ago from the start of season 5 , After each patch riot make , Dc problem comes after it . And we got fcked trying to solve it we got afk penality , bans , losing promos , ranked games ,etc . You remeber the dc problem happened one month ago and riot told us they are working on it but they didn't? After we all send our ips ,etc , the ip test , files so on .. Dc problem stayed there but isntead of dcing every game it become dcing every 5 -10 games that was before patch 6.2 , after patch 6.2 game worked fine for all ppl for one day . then next day game starting dcing , crashes liek crazy to most people . Now even vpn lags most of the time cuz Riot don't even allow vpn . And if you read support page " you will find that vpb gives you Packet buffering which cuz game to lag" . So we can't connect to the game or even use vpn without lags? Where exactly are you playing from? In the 6 months that I've been playing, I've never disconnected from a match since I upgraded my Internet. My old provider's internet ran like a potato. You shouldn't use VPN's like WTFast etc. because a lot of them increase your latency by routing your connection through numerous servers. The chances are your disconnections are caused by your broadband connection. >Na 2 years ago was the biggest server riot had . but Now eu is biggest server of all servers . But they tested New ranked system on NA , Tr But they didn't test it on Eu the biggest server right now . Most of Riot's workforce is based in NA, so it conforms to their sleep schedules/work hours. Also the game itself is developed from NA. If something went wrong during the testing, most of the dev team could easily fix it. It was tested on TR because the TR servers have the least userbase. If something went wrong it would affect the least possible amount of people. >then they disabled it on euw,eune till yesterday , we got to start actually playing ranked after 1 week from when all other serves started . So why a Big , Famous company liek riot do such a mistake or a mess up ? did they even removed the games that we had bug on ? or afks cuz of new system ? or so ? but we had lsor alot of games cuz they didn't test it before they realise it on eu ? As far as I know, this is what happened. Riot did not compensate for the volume of games EUNE/EUW would play when the Dynamic Queue/new champion select was enabled. It couldn't handle the load and as such stopped working. >Bouns ip system on Euw,eune. It got removed cuz they removed dynamic system , etc , and we didn't get even play on the ip bouns 2-3 days whiel all otehr servers played on it for 1 week or so ? and then they removed it on new patch while we didn't even get to use it cuz of them ? Because of the aforementioned Dynamic Queue problems the bonus IP was extended. >Na never had a dc problem , they got to test new ranked system before new season , they got free biginner package that have about 10 champions , ip , xp , etc but Eu don't . ? I wouldn't say NA has ever had a DC problem. Before the server moved locations, a lot of people got constant DC's as a result of the location of the original servers. They tested the system first because Riot are a US based company, their engineers are based there. That beginner package is provided by Amazon. While I do think they should roll it out to other regions, ultimately that's the decision of Amazon/Riot. >Just want an answer is that a failure " maybe it's just riot campony is bad " and they are a failure? OR maybe it's racism they had eu so much so that happens? OR maybe IT's carelessness . ? Well you can't call them a failure when they own one of the biggest games in existence and pulled in a revenue of $1.5 billion dollars. Racism is the wrong word to use.
yea dc problem happened is alot fo regions connected to eu , maybe you aren't one of them . *Well you can't call them a failure when they own one of the biggest games in existence and pulled in a revenue of $1.5 billion dollars.* Excatly what i meant how a big company liek that can't fix a simple problems liek that? If they tested ranked system that wouldn't happen , right? if they work on dcing problem like they promised us , we won't be dcing ? .
Oceancroc (EUW)
: Riot would have no need and no right to "discriminate" Europe. If it is something, then it's just Riot not taking enough time to notice that some regions are being treated worse than others. I do agree that it isn't right and they should really do something about it. After all, if it is supposed to be a worldwide game then they should allow the whole world enjoy the same content and benefits
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If at all, it's discrimination, not racism. Since Europe isn't a race.
that's not the point :) , the point is They just don't care about us .
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Husker (EUW)
: Squad Goals for Season 6?
Easy steps : 1- don't play ww agian and you will get out of gold :) becuase ww is so useless and don't offer utitly to ur team , easy to Qss his ult and he needs a rework more than shen and taric :x . you can't gank till lv 6 , when you get lv 6 you can't gank without ur ult. 2-start playing jungler that do tons of dmg or offer alot of utlity to ur team liek sej , rengar , shaco , graves ,etc . 3-don't main jhin cuz he will be banned in every game then nerfed . 4-ward . 5- play smartly aggressive , cuz you can't play passive in a game that ends in 20-30 min . 6-ward.
: 1 - Did you read? You can't queue with diamonds if you're bronze. And if you're talking about smurfs, well, what keeps an elobooster to play on the eloboosted's account? 2 - Same. 3 - There's no reason to not do improvements just because the community is a pile of ****. 4 - Well sounds good for me and my friends. Assembling a 5-man team was not really possible, dynamic queue makes it easier. 5 - Heard about duoQ? Also same as 2 and 3. 6 - I have no idea where you get that number from, and that would really surprise me. Also, you can play ranked when you are solo, either in dynamic queue, or in solo queue. Again, did you even read the post? 7 - Yeah, they could. Also costs nothing, if you have a Teamspeak/Mumble/Curse Voice/whatever, to ask your teammates to join in champ select. You can even make some new friends like this. 8 - Well if gold = challenger, I'll get myself to gold to get that nice challenger border. No seriously, do you think it's worth the effort to make a skin for 10% of players? They are working on the eloboosting/account selling issue, but it's not that easy to solve. It's not like Marc Merill can say "Hey! Eloboosting's forbidden guys!" and all eloboosting websites will close and think about what they've done. Finally, the last point. Do you have any idea of the amount of games played each instant? If I remember correctly, it goes up to millions of games each day. This will have no effect, or require the whole Europe's population.
1- yea i read but i meant if my higher elo freinds went on lower accounts to elo boost thier freind ? but looks like you didn't read. 3- yea there is a reason and you just stated it " the community is a pile of **" 4- then just go prove urselves in ranked teams " that's why it's called ranked team " , the other called " solo Queque" 5- handling 2 monkeys is hard but handling 3 or 4 monkeys is impossible . 6- i can't comment on that becuase uare dumb . 7- do you know that even the game don't want you to use skype ,etc cuz of packet buffering ? seems liek you never read support page . 8-i didn't mean it literally but looks yet again , you didn't read I meant that border is nice and all but if they added something cool like a skin or ip prize or so will make ppl even work harder to get thier ranks . i mean why all gold + ranks take same prizes? can you campare someone that played over 10000 games i nranked to reach challanger or less or more to someone that just played 10 placement games then entered gold ? No ,they aren't working on it becuase you already know that they can close thsi sites or take it to the court but looks like yet agian you didn't read Agreement when you jioned the game . yea i had an idea about howmuch games played per day . but also they removed tribunal " did you even notice that? " , reporting syste doesn't work . Do you know gold account is 10-50 dollars now ? which means anyone can be gold ? that's why gold rank is full of feeders or players that you can even explain how they passed from lv 10-20 ? and those ppl become plat , so on ? go try ranked on small server liek eune , you won't find a challanger that can farm or play cuz of the problem of elo boostign ,etc istated before . by the way i went to check your rank to see what's ur knowlegde is based on but i found you silver3 . Look i played in bronze to diamnd in eune . i played in plat ,diamond , gold in Euw .. so maybe when you go higher in rank you will see what i'm talking about from my point of view .
Ymir (EUW)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Ok here what your dynamic queque will mess up : 1. did you do anything about elo boosting or buying accounts or so ? "don't tell me you don't already know the sites that sell accounts and eloboosting " 2. so what if three or four challanger players elo boosted some account in low elo then sell them ? so low elo will have to play vs 4 challangers players ? . 3. We all had that bad 2 premades that went auto feed or reporting whole team , etc , Now a solo players will handle 4 or 3 of them ? 4. Yea that's maybe a good experince for high elo like diamond + or so , but what about lower elos ? 5. it's called solo que for a reason what's the point if i'm bronze then had my higher elo freinds carry me to diamond ? 6.So ppl that liek to solo or got no freinds , you don't them to play ranked? becuase almost 70% of league of legends are solo que players with no freinds . 7.premade team means they will have to commincate through skype or so . then why not just make a mic service liek dota 2 ? 8.About the ranked rewards , ranked rewards was always thrash in all seasons . cuz gold = plat = diamond = challanger in rewards . why don't you add something like plat gets a skin for msot played champion , or ip or w/e . diamonds gets ip or maybe rp , so on . Just think about it what's the point of Dynamic que , if you didn't solve the ranked problems frist like ebay account , elo boosting , actually skill required for a rank for example " Now from bronze - silver- gold are all bronze " .. why not think about ways to get rid of elo boosted players or players that don't deserve thier ranks ,etc , or higher the competitive play ,etc .instead of making something liek dyanmic que that will solve nothing or new champ selection that will lower trol precentage by 10 % or lower. about elo boosting part can't you hire spectators to ranks ? liek hiring ppl to just sit there and watch ranked games ? and if they spotted an inten. feeding or elo boosted they casn just lower hem a tier or give them a punishment won't that be easier to solve the problem ?
Zeus36 (EUNE)
: http://www4.0zz0.com/2016/01/15/18/604847319.png this is what im talking about. and by the way we are actually benefiting from releasing new champ select on NA/TR first cuz if u went to NA forum you will see that they are facing many bugs so they are testing the new changes on them if you wanna try the new system you can simply create an account on TR server because it sounds really stupid to release an update on 5 different servers then you realize your new update has so many bugs and you have to reupdate 5 times so instead they did it on 2 servers, fix any bugs then release the new patch on all servers and by the way they will release the new patch on 20th of january so its not really a big deal.
frist of all only vip,wtsapp,etc are disabled . that's not from tedata , it's disabled from NTRA ... But ports for online games works fine . Ports for skype etc works fine .
noobIord (EUW)
: patch day issues are different than this one. and please be grateful that they responded relatively quick. it's not easy for them to troubleshoot something which is localized far away from their operating grounds :/
riot company is the biggest company all over the world right now , and they got enginners every where . the problem with the eu servers only ,they have enginners there . so that problem shouldn't have happened i nthe frist place , if they are doing thier work correctly. but ti happens ever patch right? it's not liek that's the frist time .
noobIord (EUW)
: Red pls help
if tedata blocked that port you willn't be even able to use vpn .
Braia99 (EUNE)
: i talked with tedata they are saying thats the country gov disabled is for no reson !!
they disabled vips , wtsapp , etc but that has nothign to do with online gaming .
Zeus36 (EUNE)
: man just calm down people are reporting that theres issues with other online games too, im sure Riot staff are looking for a solution even tho it may not be their fault. lets just cooperate with them, they asked for netlog files and stuff give it to them and let them do their job.
dota works , hots works fine , all online games works fine . what are you talking about? Even if you looged on Na server it works fine . the problem is only with eu .
Riot tmx (EUW)
: We spoke to TE Data on their Live Chat and described the problem. At this point we believe they deliver internet to your homes using IPv6, while they should do it on IPv4. ISPs can switch you from IPv6 to IPv4 if you asked them to do so, and I believe you should contact your provider directly and request this change. We had few other ISPs also facing this issue and the switch to IPv4 resolved the problems. TE Data customer support didn't help us as they wanted to know the telephone number to further troubleshoot. If you contact them directly please specify your phone number and see what they can do. Separately we're checking on how is this traffic routed to our servers and maybe find something else. We believe though that it's not related to the network paths as we know it's also present in other games, eg. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1370754-HIGH-PRIORITY-ISSUE-Error-2-0x00000041?s=816eb22b7006b7c1946e327e3f1bd48e.
Frist of all that can't be true cuz Tedata don't supports ipv6 , all egypt working on ipv4 .... that's not the frist time this problem happens . it always happen when you reaslise a new patch . but this time you guys don't even care about it .. you even started considering the problem after 48 hours of frist post while we spammed your boards with the problem . your reaction is too slow to our problem that you guys don't even care. The problem is from ur side i'm sure 100% cuz that's not the frist time it happens that's like the 20th time it happens cuz of ur patch . The problem can be solved if you cared enough to consider it at all . Cuz All online games works just fine , even ur Na server works just fine ... we had already ping problems we had like 90-130 ping on euw , eune servers but now we have to use Vpn too? so ping rises to 160 -180 ? ... and we have to pay for it ? Your company is of the biggest companys all over the world ? Your game is of the msot famous games all over the world? and now Eu is the biggest server you have , it's even bigger than na now ? so how you guys are so careless about Eu's problems? Why i'm so harsh in my msg Cuz: 1-you guys responded to our problem like after 48 hours of spamming . 2- you realised champ select on Na/Tr but Eu is garbage. 3-All what you just said and did proves that you guys didn't even start working on solving it ...
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: Are u serious? I played most graves games when season 5 started god damn... i didnt play mf in ranked but in about 20 normals and i were in a dia 5 ranked team this season we played vs master adc there... season 3/4 mean nothing everyone was once low elo and that doesnt have anything to do with my knowledge. mf q doesnt deal half hp unless a normal aa does that much ... And the q is avoidable early because a normal q deals less dmg then a last hit q. Her ult halflifes u even with flash? Then you have a bad reaction time mate, i can dodge her ult even with a vayne tumble not even taking 30% of my hp. a good mf ult is a ult where the enemys are stunned and in a narrow space without any kind of counterplay same with jinx rockets tho ... If she killed u with just her ult in a 1v5 YOU FUCKED UP HARD she needs a full channel to kill a full life bruiser. plat isnt bronze at all... There are many bad plats and low diamonds but u cant say that when i have a 65% win rate in soloq as adc ... If u are dia 1 and get killed 1v5 by mf u dont deserve that ... Ah yeah mf is bad in 1v1s because of lowest base ad + passive not procing often (and ult being bad for 1v1) a vayne getting killed by a same skilled enemy? i cant see that much enemys who can do that, later on a zed would need a pink to even kill vayne because of 2 lifesteal items (qss + another) vayne aint the duellist adc for nothing, with full build only some rare can rly kill her.(since pink trinket remove) most mages have skill shots which are dodgeable but even point and click gets countered in a 1v1 by invisability. champs who can 1v1 her all of the infinite stackers (Thresh 1 aa hit) veigar anything nasus q (skill match up he only needs 1 hit) sion same as nasus (only 1 hit with titanic hydra) jax Lucky crit draven (only adc who needs 2 hits with crits)
Frist of all that mf was in my team . but looks like u didn't read well . w/e the enemy team was bad or good or trash ... i was talking about the dmg i don't care about the penta .
: Sry to say this but ... U have no clue about adc playstyle. mf slow isnt that good of a cc every assassin or fast bruiser just ignores it. Her ult is easily avoidable and her speed boost only needs 1 tick of dmg and its gone. Dashes are no escapes ??? Lul what say that to a lucian kiting a very mobile riven or a vayne kiting 4 players. Ah yeah tris has a long range escape too... mf has no 1v1 potential late game cause of the lowest ad of all marksman. If she 1v5 pentad a team she either was like 30/0 so the ult killed them in 1-1,5 sec (and next point) or the enemys just were stupid af to not cc ir engage on her or move sidewayd out of it. ah yeah and a good vayne can 1v1 most champs but loves to stay in teamfights. Thing is mfs strong point is her ult and q dmg but both are avoidable. vs her q JUST DONT stand behind minions problem solved force long trades vs her if she cant swap targets her dmg drops. her ult is rly strong in a good set up but she cant use it recklessly. if u fail to lane against her u just messed up. im saying this as an adc main who plays against her and as her.
Frist of all i checked ur profile ,You don't have any games with MF In general . How do you talk about a champion that you didn't even master or try to play . Her ult is easily aviodable means That the player playing with MF is bad . cuz ult deal tons of dmg , you would lose half your health if you had flash . any fight in jungle or baron , dragon , is narrow places is MF specialty cuz she can just desotry them with slow and ult . SOrry to say that but there is dif. between escapes and kitting . lucian , garves E is for kitting not escape .. but tristana W "it resets", Ezreal E got alot of range and realy low cd so they are escapes . MF has no lategame potential are you kidding urself? MF Q is aviadable is her Q a skillshot that you need to aim? She wasn't 30-0 when MF penta , she lost her lane , had normals fed about 10-15 kills. Yea good vayne can 1v1 most champion but if the players controlling the other champions as good as her . then got no chance for example : Bad zed will just ult and use his combo on her and she will just use her e and it's over for him . but good zed even she got Qss will kill her easy . any mage in the game can brust down vayne in 1 shot . like syndra , even ezreal ap. i saw alot of matchups where vayne got destoryed vs lucian with new items or mf that can one shot vayne if fed. Vayne got highest dmg in the game but still the squishiest of all champions . that's how i called it "high risk low reward" .. Vayne need to get close to the target to kill it and she si realy short ranged , don't forget that . while MF don't even need to be visible to ult . MF Q isn't aviodable cuz in late game Q can take 50% your hp without bouncing . maybe one hit if bounced . + in 5 v5 fights MF Q bounce isn't aviadable and deal tons of dmg . MF ult is only aviodable with flash , or a jump and that's after you lose 50% ur hp .. unless the one playing MF is realy bad and can't use her ult . MF in low elos are freelo , like realy freelo from bronze - plat .... You can't call urself Adc main with graves most played champion . you don't even have one MF game . and you Just hit plat this season , but you was bronze in season3 , season 4 gold . By the way graves isn't actually and adc even after rework . he is considered a spell caster not marksman . And we all know that plat isn't excatly plat this season . plat season 5 is just 90% bronze bought thier account or eloboosted . SOrry please before you talk about something u never tested And maybe most of MFs you said you played aganist was bad , it's plat baby . Most plat are bad . I know you will go like who are you to talk or what do you know about the game . i'm not experinced , i only played Diamond 1 account , plat 3 , i have account in silver , gold for fun and trolling . maybe when you play in higher elo you will know what i'm talking about and what i see from my point of view. :) have a nice day . by the way there is Something you forget about Games doesn't realy reach late game anymore , it's short games that depends on lane phasing and winning lanes , MF best for that . in high ELo most of games take about 20 -30 min max , but in bronze - plat games maybe stay longer . that's why i said " from my point of view in high elo " ..
: Playing vs Miss Fortune is all about -Positioning -Having the right support -aggressive playstyle in the early-phase... And no, Miss Fortune isn't "OP", she has some weaknesses for sure -No Escape -No CC/defskill -Ultimate can easily be interrupted -Her lategame is shit compared to sth like Vayne/Varus/Kog or Tristana
-Sorry but you are wrong or actually not good with MF ... MF now got highest bully dmg in lane cuz of her Q bounce dmg . As long as mf is in lane with minnions no one can beat her becuase she got slow that deal alot of dmg ,Q that crit half ur hp ,ult that can kill both botlaner if they stayed in it's range without any skills. . -Yea , MF got no escapes but she got a slow . Overpowered kit overall . by the way most of adcs don't have escapes . The dash isn't a escape , Lucian , graves dash is too short . cd is realy high . The only adc with escapes is ezreal . -No CC/defskill ? wtf man the rain that sudden'y fall on ur head and slow the fck out of you isn't a slow skill? and mf movespeed . -ultimate can be easily interpted ? please man you won't be even able to interpet it before you figure out , you died. -Her late game is shit ? are you kidding ? I remeber that game that mf ulted and killed all with just ult without even using skills or help from the team . 1 v5 and penta . Vayne is strongest adc in lategame but vayne actually need to walk to you to kill you , vayne just get one hitted from any champion . if you campred the two champions late game : Vayne got no escapes , shortranged , high risk low reward MF got no escapes but got CC , highranged ,big ult range , ult deal dmg depends on lvl now , almost close dmg to vayne in late . safe and not risky . cuz Mf don't need to walk in the fight , she just need to hide then ult. SO who got better Lategame? Adc that dies fast deal too highdmg ,short ranged Or Adc that's longranged ,deal highdmg , dies slow , don't need actually to be visible to enemyteam in fights . After the new patch Every Adc changed . there is no weak adcs anymore . ALL Adcs are now good at early mid ,late except Ezreal bad in late , vayne bad at early cuz they realy no changes done to them.
Stell (EUNE)
: ***
Frist that's how eune works ... Second howmany years did you play on eune ? . Third if he was Your Great and Awesome Freind Why the fck are you blablabla about it in boards? By the way you didn't metion in ur post that he gifted you or anything liek that . IF you wear glasses and look at comments . You will find that ppl understood "your post" as he was trying to scam you .. But sorry smartass. You are still Naive .
: Had this problem was my ISP (Internet service provider) so the problem is you not riot servers or else everyone would have this issue i suggest not playing and call your ISP and tell them that your having this problem in more than 1 game they will probably fix it for you.
but If the Problem with my isp how does other online games works fine? I'm not the only one with that problem 40 out of 41 of my friend list have the same problem ...
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: This makes little sense. A movie just wouldn't be worth the effort, I highly doubt a movie would come out to be as good as some people seem to expect. Of course a movie wouldn't even be anything they give, I mean they get money for it. Who makes a movie just like that, without selling it? It's quite rare. And I wouldn't expect it from anyone. Furthermore, what's wrong about the fact they want to make money? I don't feel like riot is trying to suck out every last penny out of me. Personal perception ofc. But the game's free, the content you **need** for playing is free. Skins are premium stuff.
Man they need alot of Money to pull that off , movies cost millions ... But here is the different LEague of legends movie isn't 100% profitable. cuz it's an online game at the end.. so if it didn't succed you will lose mills for it... and Riot will never put any money in it.
Sayainji (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SuddenDeathOo,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ObucbOOm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-28T05:31:59.367+0000) > > actually report system doesn't work in Eu servers ,Only in NA,Korea servers .... The only report works in Eu is the afk , verbal Only ..... rest non-existent .... Who told you that? proofs?
if You need a proof that means You are a new player to this moba... And if you don't believe me ask any old players or beta players ... Actually try it urself ... when someone Auto feed on ur team like 0/20 or something liek that or say'd somethng racist or hate speeech or so . report them and make ur team report them too ... then stalk them on op.gg .. or add them on other account and ask them if they actually got banned or so , and You will see it for your self . Notice: Riot Don't give a fck about Eu servers.. Only thier dear NA servers.
iSasQuach (EUW)
: Sad beta player story(banned for scripting)..
i Guess you don't know what hack means? Frist of all what happenned to you isn't hacking ... You been playing for 5 years now , you wana convince me you made no freinds , non of your freind in the 5 years logged into ur account? You never played Lol in a cyber? No one in ur freind list or ppl close to you know your passwords? + why would a hacker hack your account? what he gonna benefit from that? he would go on ur account and play ranked? or spend ur rp to buy skins for ur account? , Even if he can hack ur account, why ur account espically? he can actually hack some challanger account that have a big value or big name streamer or so .. That makes no sense bro. IF a hacker aimed for your account , he would sell it the momment he gots it that's if it's worse something. he will change pw , everything , ur name ,etc .. And how did the support help you? i know alot of ppl that lost thier account or pws.. support ask them stupid questions like what was the frist champion you bought ,etc LOL... but they never get it back, Unless it was someone of thier freinds or family changed their password .. what i meant is if you account got hacked ,the support will never be able to get it back.. but you got it back? so in other words it's someone close to you. Believe me man ,You are totally going wrong about it ... Your account didn't get hacked .. Just look carefully at ur whore freinds and if you used your mind ,you will know who did it. About the part you got banned for hacking ... maybe You used mjLOl or w/e .. maybe somehing liek wtfast.. or so on ... Yea it's like 10% to get banned from this stuff... but u are unlucky and that's about it... and riot won't bring Your account back believe me ... So you have two options .. Quit the game ,do something usefull with ur life , or go play another moba... Or Just make a new account and Get OVER IT. Yea it's hard that You lost ur account .. But come on what did you expected , Your account will be forever there for you??
Sayainji (EUW)
: Should riot let us know about the outcome of our reports?
i like it but they can't do that , becuase Report system is just to keep community together ... actually report system doesn't work in Eu servers ,Only in NA,Korea servers .... The only report works in Eu is the afk , verbal Only ..... rest non-existent ....
: Riot pls make movie on League of Legends !!!
Are you Crazy? Riot , The Riot Pay "Money" to make a movie? :D that's so Stupid man... Riot Don't Give , Riot only take. Riot is a Money whore Campony ..... They will Never Ever put a Cent in anything... RUN MAN RUN BEFORE THEY BAN YOU FOR THIS IDEA ....
Bombardox (EUW)
: Lets write some lol jokes here
riot cares about eu servers .
Bombardox (EUW)
: Lets write some lol jokes here
Bombardox (EUW)
: Lets write some lol jokes here
riot will fix ranked system
: My nicest games were actually in bronze. There's so little pressure because, heck, it's bronze. Most of them seemed to accept the fact of where they are and so don't get bothered about not climbing. It was only when I got into silver that I noticed the majority of the matches had ragers and flamers. Gold was even worse, with people thinking they are way better than their current elo and blame their own mistakes on teammates. To OP: My best bet is to duo-queue with someone you trust and never rages. Then there's at least -1 rager in your team. Also, this is pre-season. There are a LOT less people actually "trying" because ranked rewards have been given out now. Once the season starts, I suggest doing ranked then. This was my experience last year and so I just enjoyed normals instead and took my time learning the new items.
Always in the preseason it's a whole new world , where even good people start not to care anymore... ppl that bought their account or elo boosted starts playing cuz they took the rewards and they don't care becuase they know verywell that in the new season the 10 games will get them low silver or bronze..so for them it doesn't matter to being with cuz they bought their accounts...And they will buy new ones with the start of the new season :D , so they can show thier golden Penis or plat Penis to thier freinds.
: THIS IS MADNESS. Ranked games are no longer playable on Gold division.
LOL welcome to the real league of legends where bronze is higher than gold... Silver have ppl better than plat. Riot ranked system is all messed up in every way possible. Eu Servers are made from selling accounts , elo boosting because no bronze is actually in bronze. When Gold accounts is 10$-20$ what do you expect? Yea ,riot know about it ,they know about the sites that sell it but do nothing about it.. becuase all they care about is thier money increasing not game experince. You think if you get plat or diamond? you will find better players LOl uare dreaming... i played in bronze,silver,gold,plat,diamond on alot of accounts...i smurfed some too. PLat is the worst tier of alll .... you think gold full of troller and elo boosted? you didn't see plat division yet... or diamond 5 -4 You can't even call them elo hell . it's named "Autofeeding ,trolling at it's finest" in plat you will have bard mid ,auto feeding top , Teemo or orianna adc ,janna ad people that still learn how to basic attacks. people that you will look at and say who smurfed you from lv 10-20?... Welcome to the real league of legends My Freind...... And riot only CHanges grafics , realsing skins but fck game experince as long as thier is cash in their bags...
Luis Sc (EUW)
: All this crying and whining will eventually stop...
i'm thankfull for that i can autofeed, troll , pick teemo and never get banned ;) {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
Oimmena (EUW)
: About report... (I need a RED answere... really)


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