Psycpus (EUW)
: Victory/Defeat Screen is Pixelated After New Patch
I fixed it by turning up my graphics to atleast medium
Psycpus (EUW)
: Victory/Defeat Screen is Pixelated After New Patch
Omega W0lf (EUNE)
: Yi needs a nerf
not a nerf but a rework
Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
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Àgony (EUW)
: So After i transfered my acc to euw u decided to bring draft back to eune ? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
SupaSteak (EUNE)
: Brand or Cassiopeia? (4800 IP)
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SupaSteak (EUNE)
: Transfer to EU WEST.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SupaSteak,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZhlLnkJx,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-11-11T16:22:06.236+0000) > > It seems also that the EUNE region has also not received the the rewards just like EUW unlike the others so have they received their rewards for this season. Some of my friends on EUNE got theirs like one or two days ago.
It seems different for everyone, my brother got it too on the EUW server while my friend didnt get it on the EUW. What's going on?
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It seems also that the EUNE region has also not received the the rewards just like EUW unlike the others so have they received their rewards for this season.
Kurama085 (EUNE)
: Somebody hacked my account please help yesterday i was able to connect in lol and today i try and it says wrong password then i go to google chrome at LoL site and i was logged in my account but in the settings i saw that the email was changed and it wasn't mine please help that's the email that i sawed ******** **PLEASE HELP GUYS !!!**
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Let me tell you a story about broken heart. So I was happy waiting for preaseason, overall all changes made me smile, I finally reached diamond, couldn't wait to get my rewards. Everything was beautifull till few days ago when I noticed something. This something was normal draft mode gone "Ok they probably need to turn it off, and it will be up and running when preaseason starts. Meanwhile I'll play some bot games and try new champs." I thought, and oh boy how wrong I was. I read the last article about ranking up with sneaked information about draft never coming back. What the hell is this? What is the purpose? Do you really want to piss off your palyer base that much? I refuse to play that fucking toxic blind picks, where everyone argue over roles, and flame starts in lobby. Long queue times? Nice joke. I rather sit 2 hours in queue, than play that shitty blind picks. And you know what? I've found the salvation for your long que times, little player base at drafts, here: REMOVE BLIND PICK! And everthing will be perfect. People will play draft and the toxicity will go down. instead of forcing us to play either that shitty mode or AI game. This is a fucking joke. I hope you will bring back DRAFTS. I really hope so.
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Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft & Ranked in 2017
This is just sad, you go downhill if you at Riot keeps making these dumb decisions, No one likes blind pick, REMOVE THAT INSTEAD!{{item:3070}}
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: Who should i buy.. ? Help.
Taliyah has a very low win rate and a unique play style, very hard to play and even harder to master. Orianna can be a little bit weak against strong midlaners. I think you should go with Brand as he does have great farming, easy to play but hard to master. You should start with him and maybe get any other such as Corki which is easy to play or if you like AP champs go with Orianna or Lissandra.
Potato013 (EUW)
: What champon do I buy
If you like stealth, mobility and likes to gank go Rengar or Kha'Zix, Warwick is good for new players. Lee sin and Matser Yi is also alright tho.
SupaSteak (EUNE)
: Renekton or Riven?
Still doesn't really know who to pick. I think I will buy riven, but not really sure.
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HDinis09 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SupaSteak,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Mz3ucwT8,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-27T12:45:25.860+0000) > > I was wondering if I should buy Kha'Zix or any other champion since I am only lvl 11 and I don't have all the rune pages and masteries. What do you think? > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I also have this question, in youtube videos and streams such as NB3 he is a very good champion if u like that assassin type jungler. I think i will wait for september´s sales because kha´zix will get a 50% off discount, so worth trying i guess
Thought it was on Februrary 2017
: Runes are very good... buy runes first than buy 1 really strong champ. 1- Buy 9 runes of bronze coulor 2- Find your role ( Top/Jungle/Mid/ADC/Support) 3- When you choosed your role find your style (Fighter/Assassin/Mage/Marksman/Support/Tank) but the style most play in your 2 main roles 4- Choose the stronggest champions of that style! Example: fighter irelia assassin zed... 5- Buy 1 champ that u choosed 6- And then buy 9 gold runes... and do 5step then buy blue runes... then the big ones ( max:3) then buy only champs that u like...
1- Done! 2- Jungle&Top 3-Figther-Assassin 4-Riven, Kha'Zix, Rengar etc. 5- Kha'zix, Riven, Renekton & Rengar (Not rengar that much since nerf) 6- Bought all runes I will save all my IP tills the champ that I main gets boring or nerfed. Gonna main Kha'Zix & Riven. Thanks
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