: Read your own comment again. Now realize that you're just a same asshole as them, and complain about assholes like yourself. Also have fun showing them that they won't get away with it, and wasting 40minutes on 99% LOST game. Your CURRENT TEAM, will avoid him for this time, you saved THREE, ALL THREE people from having to deal with cancer, simply dodging is MORE than enough. You don't care about other people, you care about your whole team, you, and 4 other players, at this moment, that's how it works. If you can't do that, have fun losing quadrupled amounts of LP and wasting 10 times more time than you would if you dodged. If you disagree with me, I don't really care, you know why? Because you are that one kid who presses -1 button whenever there's a person who disagrees with them. You aren't any better than ranked pre-game trolls, sorry to say that, but you clearly don't know how to give some things up, for the better of 3 more people. Based on your mentality, those 3 players would deal with TWO idiots instead of one, because you'd have to "show someone that they can't get away", "muh justice". What would you do? Lock the same role they go to and troll just like he does? Must be fun for the rest of your team, huh?
You're calling choice of trying for long term solution in expense of some time and rank "being an asshole"? What's with you? Seems kinda selfish call to me.
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