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: Hey, You can write a ticket to the [support]( They can help you change your e-mail linked to your account.
House x33 (EUW)
: Open a ticket
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Pink n Sexy (EUNE)
: you can get champions you do not own in ARAM, which means you won't receive chests for them.
You can always re-roll. :D
: Honestly, soloQ was terrible, and people should stop bitching about it. Riot can do whatever they want with their game, and we should support them instead of crying on the forums like a little child
Oh yeah? Riot can do whatever they want? Well the game depends on the PLAYERS, not on Riot.. If millions of players suddenly get mad and quit the game, do you know what huge loss would be to Riot games? So fulfill players wishes already Riot. And make the goddamn game great again!
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Something I use a lot, is practicing CS'in with only autos in custom game mode to get used to slow autoattack anymation. Actually, compared to ranged elise's autoattack, anivias autos are actually rather good. Against zed, well...I max w so I can create huge minion waves in the middle of the lane and shove it up his ass. It's also good for popping him on to your side of turret and then q-e combo for some awesome burst damage. Zed is extremly weak lvl 1. start with e and abuse it. You do need to start with mana crystal instead of dorans and have 17 armor+10ap+mana regen in runes for it to work properly. Q can be dodged and is slow. E can't and you can always keep your range and poke with autos. Anivia is extremly annoying early game due to her egg passive, which allows her to survive pretty much any towerdiving assasin going greedy for kill. or any laner for that matter
thanks very much.. even tho i didn't understand the W thing.. anivia's W is big wall that lasts for 5 seconds, so starting with W instead of Q or E would be suicide.
Doomley (EUW)
: learn to last hit with aa. That's the best advice as you need to conserve your mana for trading (you e+ult combo hits like a truck because ult also makes your e deal double dmg). You can also hit the enemy twice with your q. Let it hit your opponent and then press q again to do the damage another time.
thanks very much fellow summoner, didn't know the double Q thing, much love.
: IP Gains Suggestion!!!
Hm guys, does the IP/XP reward system works like this? If you win a game and it's long you get more XP but less IP If you win a short game (by short i mean under 30 min) you get more IP? Because i've been scrolling through my normal victory matches and i saw bigger amount of XP on the longer ones, but less IP, and less XP on the shorter ones but more IP.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: you would need to play a lot to be getting 800 a day, i rarely do that also i think the IP for each mastery is a bit low but yea good idea i think riot should do what heroes of the storm is doing tbh, im not a big fan of the game but they do make it better to earn champions and gold/IP, they give gold/IP for leveling up champions, also give big gold/IP rewards just for leveling up your account and they also give dailies that can give good amounts what ive felt from playing HOTS is there system makes it feel less like a grind and also gets you playing all the champions on the free rotation league is a much better game in my opinion for many reasons but riot could learn a few things from blizzard, another example is letting you try out the heroes before buying them
Hm not really about the IP part. I won a Normal blind pick game in 20:32 minutes and it gave me 226 ip. So the thing is shorter game and victory - more ip. If you win 3 games under 30 minutes in 1 day.. you can easily reach 600 ip in 2 hours. And not to mention if you are like those Korean guys that play 24/7 lol.
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Yea, so? Whats your point? AP's have Zhonya but no cleanse. AD's have Merc but no stasis. balanced.
Totally right. We don't need another copy AD Zhonya.


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