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: "Low elo chase" at its finest :D.
Too bad it wasnt a singed there :D
: So... It comes more down to you being unaware of the enemies :) or as others may point out: TANK ITEMS OP
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: his early is good but his late game still sucks. you cant one shot the back line unless your like mega fed
He'd be too easy if he could just jump in and oneshot people with a single skill,right? Try playing him more often and smarter I guess,and you'll get used to him. He is insanely strong right now tbh
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: Tank Kassadin Top Guide!
This is quite interesting, I really like the fact that people like to step outside the meta and try something new that might actually work due to the fact that the enemy doesn't expect how well you might be doing. I'll sub because I'm looking forward to seeing more of these ideas since I tend to use those too. I personally tried Blitz jungle with devourer and I did pretty well. There's my channel. Keep up the good work!
: What champion to buy?
Try Illaoi for toplane Kha zix for jungle And WW for jungle All of these are pretty simple and easy to get used to but still rly strong
Death Ray (EUW)
: This tank meta is tilting me
Play {{champion:19}} . He can outduel any tanks with ease once you itemise him right
danceinlife (EUNE)
I feel ya dude. This is what happened when went to gank her even tho I misplayed a little.
: kha'zix buffs to late game plox?
Why would you buff his late gane when his early game is amazing? You can literally snowball into a win if you do well early
danceinlife (EUNE)
And Illaoi.
: Tank meta op ? i dont think so.
How about Illaoi? Have you ever tried to gank her and got completely destroyed?
Xrozz (EUW)
: Nothing is broken
Really hoping they nerf Illaoi
: How 2 LoL
Aaaaaaaaaaaand get crushed by Illaoi since she's broken
: @ Riot. Will Devourer and guinsoos still be viable on AS Jglers after the MYMU?
Champs mentioned above are really strong junglers once they get sated and that might be a huge problem. Hell,Warwick can oneshot a carry wih just his R and red smite. Jax once sated,procs his ult every 2 attacks instead of one,which is a huge gain. Even tho I enjoy playing ww with devourer, I still think he needs a nerf since it's unfair when it comes to how much he can do even when being outnumbered. Too see what I'm talking about just watch this little "funtage" I've made
Nabzor (EUW)
: Broken piece of rock
I you think maphite is broken try playing against Illaoi. You'll get my point after you've watched this
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Good junglers below level 30?
{{champion:19}} Really strong and can oneshot most of the carries with just his ult and challenging smite {{champion:121}} Just look at this and you'll see what im talking about
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Overloard99 (EUNE)
: He is so popular due to his lower cooldowns buff.
Yep,that's why he got so strong
: So is riot doing anything about the tank meta?
I feel like Illaoi needs a nerf too. Went to gank her and got destroyed in 0.6 seconds.
: League ranked is completly broken and unfair for me
I feel you. Try playing what currently is strong,such as Kha zix Illaoi or Warwick
: Xin needs nerf!
How about Illaoi? She can 1 vs 2 at no problem! see what happened when I went to gank her? SO BROKEN
coolruah (EUW)
: how to carry in bronze if you have afk or feeder
Play Warwick. With the right setup he can easily win you a teamfight even if you are outnumbered since you can oneshot a carry or a mage. How to do it? Just follow this short funtage and you will see what mean. :)
: Need advice on winning more games
Try playing kha zix in jungle. He is really strong and yet a simple champ which is easy to learn. Too see what I'm talking about,check this video. It will prove my statements. Kinda
smerducci (EUNE)
: Elise | Graves | Lee Sin | Kha'Zix Kha zix is rly strong right now
In my honest opinion,just buy Warwick. He is a pretty simple champ who can literally oneshot anyone if he ults and activates challenging smite while having devourer bought. Too see what I mean,watch this simple funtage and you'll get the idea. I ain't even kidding. If you plan to play him,make sure you take {{item:1415}} {{item:3153}} . For runes and masteries anything will work,I've used magic pen reds and quints. Fervor of Battle is also A MUST HAVE mastery,since it greatly increases your damage on your ultimate. Also it makes dueling a lot easier. Hope this helped :D
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Azure9861 (EUW)
: Imma play Blitzcrank AD Jungle
Try it,I did it myself but I based my build around devourer. You can see it in this "montage" that I've made few days ago
: + the build rely on AS devourer and botrk , what runes do you use? Flat dmg (red) or AS(red) and AS (quint)? or MS quint?
I took magic pen reds and quints,I know it might sound retarded but having +14 magic pen from runes means you will reduce your target's magic resist by 14 every time you do damage. Just think about it;your passive eternal tirst does magic damage,stacking up to 3 times. Magic pen runes will increase the damage of your passive,your w,your r,your devourer-on it damage and possibly your rageblade or wit's end if you build it. If you don't have these runes,don't worry,you can use both ad and as quints,as well as MS quints since they both fit WW pretty well. With any kind of setup you should be able to one-shot most of the enemies just as long as you have Red smite and devourer ^^
Skere (EUW)
: y u no titanic hydra
Cuz it's a waste of moniz. Doesn't really help in oneshoting stuffz.
Gorratil (EUW)
: Need some tips to stop being called feeder ;)
Play Warwick jungle. You can't die due to his amazing sustain and you can 1 vs 1 anyone once you get the red smite,your ultimate and devourer. Check this vid for more information
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Keinname7 (EUNE)
: What champion would suit me the best?
{{champion:19}} ,Because he's really strong with the right build. All you have to do is press R on the enemy champion and red smite while you're ulting and it will do a lot of damage. Check this video to see what im talking about
KCloudK (EUW)
: Which champion do you main and why?
{{champion:19}} Cuz he's strong and mechanicaly easy. Here's the proof
: try out characters
Warwick is good for new players. Check this little "montage" and you'll see how well he does. Have fun ;)
ZedRanGeR (EUNE)
Here's the way you can carry 1 vs 5. Just play WW take red smite devourer and baaaam you're riding the free elo train to the top
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: I bet you have not tried Vi support against othet all inners
I haven't,but thanks for the idea. I'm gonna do it when I'll be forced to support again :P
: Blitzcrank is a very onedimensional champ. His whole kit evolves around the grab and the aoe-silence. Going devourer, botrk and rageblade works on every champ. Better on those with an inbuild as-steroid. Besides that, blitz is an immobile aa-bot with an debuff on his steroid. Might work in some games. But so does jungle leona.
I agree with everything you've said and you're right about going devourer on every champ with AS steroid,and sadly the debuff on his W has a huge impact on his mobility. If his W remained unchanged like it did like a year ago,this would have made more sence. But the main reason why I even made this post is to motivate people to try out something new and possibly fun in normal games,not on competitive level. Thx for your opinion
Larry (EUNE)
: what about rune mastery setup?
I think I've placed them in the video. Just pause it at the right time to get the information.
Larry (EUNE)
: awesome mate, im gonna try this right now
Thank you :) And go for it! Itemise what fits you the most,even tho I highly advise you take BOTRK as your main damage and sustain source. ^^
: I am really a fan of blitzcrank jungle, his ganks are pretty deadly with the huge amounts of cc he carries But somehow my team always doesn't approve of this :(
I've had this case,but I proved them wrong by doing well. And even if I didn't do well I honestly wouldn't care about their opinions since I'd be playing in the blind pick where scores don't really matter. It's sad to see that the ammounts od tryhards in normals grew due to those mystery chests thingy,so I highly reccomend you play with your friends. Good luck ;)
: played him with runic echo few days ago, 10/1/7. The one death was by jungle camp lol. Might actually practice this. cuz tbh he crazy ap scales and for ganking you have speed and a pull i mean wtf!
I'm glad to see you doing fine with one of my favourite champions :D I agree and don't be afraid to try out something new!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's not an on hit effect and description doesnt say that it scales with AS so it shoudn benefit from it.
His W gives him a huge AS buff for a short period of time,and combined with items like Devourer with challenging smite he can pretty much stand toe to toe with the greatest duelist out there right now. Nobody expects you to be doing that much damage because they are not used to it. Not to mention once you get sated,if you time your E right,your on-hit effect from sated devourer will actually work-dealing double of your base AD. Soooo,if you do the math,fighting for example an Udyr,Rengar or Vi can turn the brawl in your favor since you've got-damage from your R's passive (which you don't wanna activate unless it is necessary),you've got DOT damage from your red smite,you've got your AD,you've got on hit damage from devourer and you're naturally tanky + your mana barrier will soak up some damage. And before the enemies realise it's too late for them to run,you can always pull them back to finish them off. That's how it should be played from my perspective,but I mostly tested this to have fun with my friends.not to be that competitive,even tho in some cases it might actually work. I've had success in a few ranked games with jungle blitz,mostly because of the element of surprise I was carrying. Having that extra knowledge may be critical in outplaying your opponents. Thank you so much for commenting this post :3
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