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: Unpopular option, but I don't consider the champions you listed (outside of Yasuo) to be overloaded or poorly designed. In fact most of them are way better designed than a lot of the older champions. The issue has always been overtuning, which is unfortunately not easy to fix. Internal testing can only really do so much, and PBE exists purely for bug testing because of all the differences in player skill and latency. Since their releases though, all of them have been brought down to a much more manageable level.
How come they aren't poorly designed/overloaded and how do you measure them up against older champs?
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: Okay let's see what we got here. Ahri main crying about Yasuo being op right ? You know that in your previous lvl 4 lvls your as do more damage to him ? With ur nice Q with 300 random true damage. You cry about Yasuo but why you don't cry about another champ like Zed ? You counter him so hard that he can't even play like every time I play him . And Ekko/Camille/Zoe aren't that op you're just bad. And another point, Ahri is OP and even fun to play. So that mean you're lying asf.
None of which you just said is constructive or meaningful, let me break it down why. -Not an Ahri main -Didn't understand your second cynical question so I'll ignore it unless you are willing to elaborate -My Q is a skillshot that I have to land (yasuo has a windwall which blocks all skillshots) -So you're a Zed player and you are salty that Ahri players tend to beat you? How is that relevant? -Never did I use the word OP, I said how they are completely shit design wise. Do you differentiate the two? -I don't care if Ahri is OP that is, again, not the point of this discussion. What am I lying about? Don't comment and downvote me when you don't even bother reading properly and addressing what I've mentioned it's really fcking discouraging.
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